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Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / [CoA] Lands of Auralon IC
« on: October 19, 2011, 06:00:03 pm »

Arc 1

You All Meet in a Tavern

Dartterkirk. That was the name of the town that had taken to feeding off the nearby Sky-Giant ruins some time ago. Dartterkirk wasn’t always a big town, it was just a simple village before, at least until the first relic hunters had ventured into the ruins and actually managed to return. And return they did, with priceless artifacts, works of art, lost technology, and other dood-dads that would make a nobleman jealous. That was when merchants, archeologist, and people of a learned nature began to flood to the quiet little town, all hoping to cut themselves a slice of profit, knowledge, or whatever their addiction was. Dartterkirk soon transformed from a sleepy little village of mixed race to a center and staging area for relic hunting and adventuring.

Today, and recently many days before, however, a darkness had fallen over Dartterkirk. The town simply seemed… quiet. A gloomy air had overcome the town’s very nature as shops laid locked up and empty, doors and gates where barricaded, people looked as though they where plodding through muck (which they where), and an ever murky sky loomed above them. It was obvious that for some reason, Dartterkirk was losing its former prosperity. Throughout all this gloom however, there was one beacon of hope, one location that would remain a shining light of happiness for this town…

The Giant’s Mug  AKA: Where people drank their troubles away until they passed out.

It was perhaps one of the largest buildings in the settlement, large enough to accommodate a variety of species that usually passed through the town to hunt for relics in the old giant’s city. Like the rest of town though, the Giant’s Mug had seen better days, its woodwork look like it was rotting and its structure was full of improvised patchwork repairs. Despite the establishments haggard appearance still, the beer was flowing, which meant business was good. Inside the drinks flowed, stories where told, and better days where remembered.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / [CoA] Lands of Auralon OOC
« on: October 17, 2011, 07:36:45 pm »
This our first attempt at creating an RP in the new setting. New players and vets are encouraged to join/rejoin. After all this probably the biggest shift in genre this sections ever gone through.

For information about the new reboot go here. Feel free to contribute.



Badger Man 22: Yuta Frimen
Crazen: Castur
Groxglitch: Vor'kera
SimplyNecro: Arcold

Spore: Creation Corner / [CoA] Chronicles of Auralon *Bring it*
« on: October 15, 2011, 03:37:59 pm »
Before anyone says anything, I was at College about to majorly fail an important subject and had only one more chance to save myself. I had devote alot of time to it and have succesully dodged a bullet so to speak.

I know we have tried resurrecting Spore RP’s before. I know they have failed. So I want to try one more time. And I want to try something completely different. *Sigh* The hard Sci-Fi people are going to freaking put my neck on a guillotine.

The Chronicles of Auralon

“In the beginning, there once existed a great race Sky-Giants. With their intellect, technology, and sheer might they carved a great empire across the four corners of the world. From the jungles of the east, to the plains of the south to mountains in the north, no region was left untouched by them. Gods they where…

And then they vanished…

How did this happen? The scholars and intellectuals debate endlessly about that. Some say they destroyed themselves in war, but then someone else points out that their cities, while in ruins, lack the trappings of damages caused by war; indeed, they look more like the Giants just up and left. Some say that some great and horrible plague killed them all, but then someone points out that while Sky-Giant remains have been exhumed, there is just not enough evidence to suggest that disease was what done them in. And then of course the Order of the Pure has a conniption and blames it all on “The Evils of Magic and Witchcraft” and eventually go on a tangent on how an evil group of Giants sinfulness of practicing sorcery and magic doomed their entire race.

Personally, I don’t listen to all that mumbo-jumbo, because right now partner, we are sitting in the middle of some type of Sky-Giant treasury or something… and where gonna be freaking rich!”

-Vok-Tara: Relic Hunter

So basically what is this new revamp I’m suggesting? Well, we have tried countless times to resurrect the spore rp’s in the same old sci-fi universe. The Novus Cluster tried to make it so they could avoid the ridiculous back story the main universe. The Alpha Cluster tried to heavily lower the tech level and place more emphasis on politics and exploration of the unknown. Kosmosis was a general revamp that failed, and others I’m probably forgetting. So I got this idea while playing RAGE and occasionally looking at Warhammer fantasy miniatures and from UFO King’s Yerxe thread and got the thought to see if we could start a new “Spore” RP in a type of Medieval/Fantasy/Post Apocalyptic world.

Of course there are a few things that need to be discussed now, while the rest can probably be settled later…

The World and The Sky Giants:

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Auralon is one planet basically inspired by your average Fantasy Setting, (countless creatures, both sapient and non sapient exist alongside each other). This isn’t Sagan 4, the echosystem is balanced enough and we’ll leave it at that. If we could make a monster manual, we could easily fill it up with countless crazy beasts.

Now, the kicker to all this is that Auralon is actually Earth and the Sky Giants where Humans (Common-Folk call them Sky Giants, the educated call them Humans. And the reason Humans gained the nickname “Sky-Giants” was because apparently where much taller than we originally thought. A full grown Photos would only reach up to a just above a Humans kneecap. This is subject to change if no one really wants this.)

As said before the Humans of Earth supposedly disappeared long ago, leaving behind nothing but their ruined cities and remnants of their ancient technology (Said cities look like the early episodes of Life after People). Why this happened is a complete mystery, and everyone has an opinion. Said cities are full of countless artifacts (What counts as an “artifact” is subjective) that people will pay big money for.


Diving into CoA with a race would be an easy thing, you could make a new one if you wished or you could bring in an old one and give them a Fantasy paint job (Heck I would subtly encourage this for the sake of nostalgia).

Like the mystery of the Sky-Giants, the appearance of all these races on Earth is also an unknown. For the answer, go visit your local priest, I’m sure he or she will be happy to teach you your creation myth :D. (You can allude to the fact that your race may have come on an ancient colony ship or something, BUT you are not allowed to have 100% accurate knowledge of your origins or access to any of your advanced technology. It all got destroyed or something)

Making your history is hardly a problem, by the time any of our races started developing a civilization, the Sky-Giants are already long gone, and whatever event caused Earth to change so radically has long passed. (The event I mentioned is some form of subtle cataclysm or radical change that caused Earth to become like this)

Now, seeing as this is Earth, I suppose that means most types of super alien races (biologically I mean) are kind of at a disadvantage or out of the question… so I would see why some people would be turned off by that…

Also, NO. TERRITORY. MAPS. Not now. Just name the general region your civilization inhabits and leave it at that. For my two cents though, we should all start somewhere in Europe, Asia, or Africa, and then later we can open up the Americas and other places.


Technology is at medieval levels, perhaps borderline renaissance with minor elements of steam-punk. Little to no magi-tech.

Human technology (electrical generators, motors, ect) are considered artifacts that no one has capacity to replicate. However, there are people who specialize in getting said artifacts working again.

Fantasy Gun Control is in effect. Cannons, and maybe tactical flintlocks and primitive rifles are ok, magic powered rockets are way too out there… And no nukes. Basically, when the giants disappeared they apparently took most of their working weapons with them...

Technological sterility could be attributed to elements of magic and perhaps minor overdependence on salvage.


Oh boy, here’s the big one…

Being I like fantasy, and I like magic in my fantasy, I want magic. I don’t want low fantasy where there’s some small council of players gets to decide how much magic’s aloud. So for my two cents, I think we should use a combination of Dragon Age/Warhammer/DnD rules for magic. In other words, the general theme of magic should be that power demands sacrifice and that it easily corrupts people (We can go into more detail later). So any type of race or Order with a knights templar “Kill/leash all mages” attitude is at least partially justified.

In other words, magic is available to everyone, but it’s not a casual thing.

Also humans did use magic. So you can actually look at this as a “Life After People” Superpower world rather than modern Earth.

So yeah, go ahead and strike me or something, I’m ready for you. This was just a thought I had and I happen to like it…

If enough interest is shown, I think we can start off with an RP about a group of Relic Hunters going to Washington DC or New York and searching for artifacts.

Also, if you are interested, please, please, post a suggestion, start a discussion, ask a question, make a complaint, or something. Don't just post "I'm interested" and leave. That doesn't do anything for my confidence or attention span

Basically a little RP that follows the: "Pick a race, come on in formula."


-If you decide to join, I would say it would be better if you used a [KSM] race, but it's not exactly an iron requirement.

-All races have at least heard of the Vrin, even if they have sketchy details. Some may have even fought raiding parties or some warlords army.

-I would suggest you not bring a massive army into this RP, a small task force or even a single ship and it's ground team will be enough for this. (When I say single ship I don't mean one ship for all the players I mean the amount of firepower and forces you are bringing.)

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / [KSM] A Darkness Amongst the Stars
« on: August 27, 2011, 09:37:45 pm »

Charlon was a world located on the furthermost sectors of the Source’s territory. Near, no, past the borders of civilized space. Considered isolated and remote-not because it was a backwater, rather, it was a lush paradise. Charlon was a world of faith, a great temple dedicated to the Source, a bastion and beacon of hope for the otherwise bleak and savage existence of wild space. It was considered by many the first step in finally enlightening the many uncivilized races that dwelled past civilized space-poor souls who had not yet witnessed the Source's glorious light, potential beings that could yet repent and finally join the chain of progress that guided the Sources’ teachings.

Charlon was littered with temple cities dedicated towards conversion and enlightenment, so full of faith was this world that other nations would have thought it a bit excessive. But to the Source’s higher powers it was just what was needed. Charlon sent out missionaries to every unenlightened sector it could, and results were seen quickly, thousands upon thousands of converts flocked to the world to learn the Source’s ways, and they quickly moved deeper inspace, increasing the religion’s following and thus the Source’s power.

This cycle of glorious conversion had continued for several years since the temple’s founding.

Until now…

At least one standard galactic month ago, Charlon had ceased sending transmissions, and the almost unending stream of converts moving into Source space from the planet had ended. Many have attempted to contact friends, relatives, and acquaintances on the planet but they receive only silence. It was as if the entire planet had suddenly been abandoned…

Wild Space: Temple World Charlon

Charlon laid naturally in its orbit, but the once lush world seemed changed somehow. On spots of the surface, an unnatural ice age seemingly took the grip of several continents. A strange and unholy glow occasionally showed its self in the atmosphere, yet conventional scanners could not determine what was causing it. The entire world just seemed to give an eerie feeling. The world few artificial satellites remained in their orbit, yet they were completely silent and transmissions to the surface where met with mere static…

But amongst this silence one signal broke through...

A distress beacon...

Everything Else / What class do you belong to? (Quiz)
« on: June 17, 2011, 09:15:28 am »
This is a pretty cool little quiz I took.

Your result for The Fantasy RPG Class Test...
The Abyss Knight

27% Strength,83% Bloodlust,28% Intelligence,12% Spirit,17% Vitality and22% Agility!

Eeek! Abyss Knights are the ultimate warriors of death and summoners of darkness. Some of the most feared of all warriors, Abyss Knights are savage and evil fighters. They will kill anything and everything that crosses their path and will not hesitate to lop off your head and hang it in their living room as a trophy. Don't be surprised if you see them laughing as they mercilessly chop through enemy after enemy. They live for battle, blood, and death because killing is often times the only thing that makes them feel truly alive. Although not the swiftess warriors, their sheer power, endurance, and skill with weapons more than makes up for it. They also have the unique ability to summon shadow creatures from the underworld. These dark and mysterious creatures that they summon are able to aid them in battle and wreak havoc on the world. In addition, Abyss Knights are masters of dark magic and will not hesitate to launch deadly blasts of dark energy at their foes. They can even augment their weak elemental magic with their powerful dark magic to produce deadly new magic combinations, such as black fire and black lightning.

Congratulations on reaching this powerful class!

P.S. Please don't hurt me!

You have not mastered any Hidden Power granted by the Genie.

I'll take it. Entertaining.

Forum Games / In my evil secret lair of evil secrets
« on: June 15, 2011, 06:08:30 am »
Soon my domination will commence, no one can stop me!

None shall be able to find my evil secret lair of evil secrets!

None shall be able to penetrate it's defenses!




Spore: Creation Corner / [KSM] The Vrin
« on: June 14, 2011, 11:53:27 am »
The Vrin

Inspirations: Chaos Space Marines, Mandalorians, Ing, Deadra Cults, The Covenant, The Scourge, Mordor, The Sith

*pictures pending*
But for now, just take this and combine it with this

Call us savages because we do not bow to your pathetic and weakening ideologies. For we are the Gods chosen warriors. We seek only their gifts, through blood, through victory! Why do we sack your colonies, why do we burn your worlds? -  To earn the Gods magnificent glories that they may bestow upon us. To earn their favor as their chosen, to inherit our rightful reward – Despair! For your heretical world is coming to an end, such is the will of the Gods!
-Ar'nagg the Blooded

The Vrin are a mysterious and hostile warrior race living outside of civilized space. Vrin life is dominated by two things: War and religion. With a doctrine stating that combat is the only way for a species to strengthen itself and faith is the only way to remain disciplined and attain the favor of the gods. The clergy and the military are basically one in the same. Vrin frown upon pacifism and coddling, believing that such things are for the weak.

Vrin territory is centralized around an area called the Oblivion sector. Here is where the most powerful Vrin warlords dwell, each ruling its own empire. Around the sector there are countless other smaller empires, each ruled by more tyrants and warlords, all who tend to compete with each other for slaves and resources. The Vrin’s habit of constant infighting tends to reduce their activities to lightning raids across border colonies at least, to rather large but localized warbands that can cause major trouble to smaller empires at best. However the inhabitants of the galaxy know not underestimate the Vrin, for every now and again, a powerful warlord can arise amongst them, gathering the normally fractious warriors together and form a powerful horde, turning the scattered warbands and raiders into an organized and formidable army.

Culture: There is only one way to describe Vrin culture: Violent. Vrin are down to their core a savage warrior race, combine this with a religious intolerance of other ideologies makes them one of the more hostile folks of the galaxy. Vrin believe that fighting, and constant conflict is what strengthens a race, while passivism and an unwillingness to fight leads to stagnation and weakness, and it shows in their culture; with countless deadly trials to adulthood and bloody sentient sacrifice rituals a daily thing.

The Vrins violent behavior goes further than simple philosophy. Parts of their religion seems to worship war its self, their culture holds their warriors in high regard.

Society: While Vrin do seem to retain a certain sense of unity, their society is generally viewed as a combination of feudalism to borderline anarchy, perhaps even a confederation of tribes or clans. Individual warlords rule bands of warriors, their influence varying from petty planetary tyrants to powerful conquerors in control of their own empires. Colonization is not pushed by any type of central governing body, but rather happens when a rather successful Vrin decides to break off from his current society, gathering a large enough host warriors to follow him and then goes out into the galaxy to look for a habitable world to conquer. In absence of a world, it is not uncommon for such individuals to become nomadic raiders, periodically returning to the Oblivion sector with the spoils of war to gain honor and godly favor.

Because Vrin are divided between many lords, chieftains and tyrants, it’s difficult to associate them with any form of supreme authority or central government, but one particular element comes close.  The Vrin’s dark home world of Caraash is ruled by the most powerful warlords, who act as the disciplining hand of the Dark Council. The Dark Council is a group elderly Vrinish prophets, their position is maintained for life and their divinations and prophecies are taken very seriously by the Vrin.

Warlord: A warlord is considered a ruler of a large enough group of Vrin. Their influences ranges from one world which they rule with an iron fist to an empire which they have carved out for themselves. Warlords maintain their position by eliminating rivals and generally being the strongest one around.

Warrior: The Vrin’s warrior caste makes up the second rank in the totem pole, and is one of the most respected. Vrinish warriors are Vrin who swear their allegiance to a warlord, usually in return for shares of the spoils, slaves, machines, and fiefs.

Slaves: Vrin are a race that practices slavery. Whenever they assault worlds or raid colonies, Vrin are known to take survivors and civilians as slaves and make them work for them. Being a slave in Vrinish society is a harsh and brutal life, where you’re whipped and worked to the bone. However, one must understand the Vrin run on a meritocracy, so even a slave is not stuck in their position. A slave who rebels has equal chances of being punished for his insolence or rewarded for his bravado.

The Faithfull: The Vrin are not as racist as outsiders would lead you to believe. The Faithfull is a catchall term for the many minor nations and empires that have taken up the Vrin’s ideals and made them their own. The Faithfull are made up of many different races and come from many different origins. Some are rebels and powerful pirate lords who have decided to join the Vrin for better reward, others are slaves who have pleased their masters in some way and earned their freedom. While the Vrin do not necessarily see these defectors as equals, they view them much more highly then the weak scum and heretics they see everyone else as.

Technology: While the Vrin are indeed considered socially backwards, they are still surprisingly advanced in certain fields of technology.  At first glance most of their craft looks bulky, unwieldy and primitive, but anyone who has ever held a Vrinish weapon knows that not only are they easily on par with other races technologically, but also they are built tough.

Vrin are a very psi-active race, and where they truly shine however, is the largely unknown field of psychic engineering. The Vrin possess many mysterious technologies that interact with psychic power, some so advanced that Vrin themselves hardly understand it! These particular technologies have questionable origins…

I realize this probably has TONS of holes and errors. I'm getting everything straight now.


Also, they will run purely on rule of cool and some beyond the impossible

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / A Voyage Through SPACE!
« on: May 02, 2011, 05:27:32 pm »
A Voyage through SPACE!

"As long as there is man, there will be violence."
"As long as there is violence, there will be war."
"And as long as there is war... we will always have a job."

— Anonymous

Do you seek adventure? Do you seek fame? Do you seek profit? Then welcome aboard the Astral Veil! Why you chose the life of a mercenary is known only to you. You came looking for work, said you could shoot straight and here you are. The galaxy is a rough place my friends, and as long as someone wants something or someone shot, we are never going to be out of a job!

Yes yes, I should be working on Demons against Devils….procrastination for the win!

But, I’ve been having this idea swimming around in my head for a while and I decided that I might as well share it, what harm could it do?

Pathetic title I know.

A Voyage Through SPACE!

A Voyage through SPACE! is basically meant to be a Sidereal Hour/Perihelion esque RP, with villain slots and the whole nine yards. I personally thought those rps where very fun and stopped before they truly had a chance to shine. So I thought why not try again? This is basically meant to be an RP for fun, the only reason I'm posting it in the Spore Corner is because people won't hit me here, and that it's kinda based off the galaxy, though of course I expect and encourage liberties to be taken (It's a clean slate thing, don't stick to the lore like glue). Sidereal and Perihelion had us working for corporations, so we could try working that angle, or we could perhaps be a mercenary crew, taking contracts where we could get them, or perhaps even a group of pirates! There are a lot of ways we could work it through.  

In short: A ship, a dysfunctional crew, and an a-hole of a galaxy that likes screwing with us, which we respond to by making things blow up.

Anyone interested?

please don't hit me

*Braces riot shield for a brutal beating*

Information Station

GalacticWarrior: Ozzy
GroxGlitch: Kar'eese Var'kasi
Kenotai: LeNig/FeTe/ZuChu, Vaxx, Riko, PaNi/LuKa/ShisTan, Barada-dara
SimplyNecro: Valzoroada
Yuu: Xaros

Forum Games / Witch Hunt
« on: January 17, 2011, 08:10:15 am »
Instructions: First, state that the poster above you is a witch, then put forward evidence that you believe confirms he or she to be a witch, then suggest a punishment. Wackiness, idiocy, and general stupidity is encouraged.

I will start...

She's a witch! I saw her tending to her stuffed dolls, BURN HER!

Because one of these are necessary...


"Truly is it not better to use demons to fight devils?"
                                                                -Chairman of Oslosis

Open Space: En route to intercept Assault Node approaching Talsenreave: Super Dreadnaught Aracknash

The Aracknash… the flagship of Supreme Commander Scourge, the Overlord appointed dictator of the Core Combines ship absolutely outsized and out armed every other ship in the Combine armada, armed with enough weapons to arm a small alien empire, and enough size and armor to dissuade anyone from so much as even looking at it funny, it was a sight to behold... sadly the enemies ships where still bigger, and perhaps even more heavily armed.

"Finally" The Supreme Commander thought in contrast to many odds, finally, the Core Combine could fight these Nameless head on. Talsenreave was a valuable and irresistible target; one whose importance the rest of the galaxy possibly failed to realize. It was a piece of technology that scratched, perhaps even broke into the boundaries of type-4 tech, something the Nameless would definitely wish to secure… not if the Core had anything to say about it.

Today, unlike their other battles with Origin, the Nameless would fight an enemy of which the concepts of fear and mercy where completely alien to them, an enemy that simply did not give up, one that would continue to fight until either they or "Them" where all dead…

As of now, the fleet was on the move to intercept an Assault Node reported to be heading straight for the Talsenreave station as predicted, there was no way the Core could allow it to reach the station first.

Among them however, where not only Combine ships, but a group of certain GPA vessels, flying alongside the Combine fleet, these craft along with some of there own where carrying a very specific and unique payload.

A new channel opened and a transmission was sent. "Approaching Nameless Assault Node, ETA: 5 minutes." The harsh grating cybernetic voice of one of many Skrall on the fleet spoke. "The experimental weapons are operational?"

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Swarm
« on: August 15, 2010, 03:34:46 pm »
Its top of the morning, or at least what could be considered morning, actually, it's more like the start of the work shift for you. You are Jack Narracks, top of your class in engineering and quite the ladies man…. Ok you wish you where but that's off topic. A few weeks ago you where stationed on the Helix, a medium sized space cruiser whose purpose as of now is not important to you, what they do on this ship is of no concern, the only thing you have to worry about is simply keeping this tin can from breaking down. So far nothing to big has come up, a tightening of a screw here a little routine maintenance there, as said before, nothing big. As of now you where headed down to the ships lower levels for some aforementioned routine maintenance. Your something of an early riser so you where getting there mostly before everyone else.

Several stairs and one elevator later you finally reach the lower levels, time to get to work, taking your fusion cutter and your trusty old wrench you headed in. As you walked in however you began to hear something... a hissing… but not a machine hiss or a loose pipe hiss, this was a weird animal hiss. Holding up your torch and your wrench as makeshift weapons you activated your helmets lights and scanned the area. The hissing had not stopped, and it sounded like it was coming from…. BEHIND YOU! You quickly whirled around and-


Ok….I lied…

You're not Jack Narracks… you never where, He's dead, forget about him, actually don't, but forget He's alive. Jack's body slowly made its way up, but the terrible sentience that had taken over was not Jack’s, it was YOU.

You are a strange and virulent alien parasite. For now your memories are rather foggy, you can't seem to recall exactly how you got on board this strange metal craft, a spaceship it's called. But none of that's important now, this creature, Jack, a human, is now your host, and now you can no longer ignore your instincts: to infect, to infest, to evolve, and this spaceship is just chock full of prey…

*BEEP BEEP BEEP* “Jack? Jack you there? I think I heard you yelling! You alright down there man? Should I send someone down?” You where startled by this sudden beeping and the following voice, but you quickly realized it was just the humans radio, apparently his comrade on the other end had somehow heard your short struggle with your host…

What do you say?


For now simply say what we should reply and maybe a few actions, as the game proceeds I will reveal more and more elements about the game.

Then again... anyone who has played the Warcraft III mods Metastasis and Parasite probably know how this works, its not exactly the same but it's similar.

Forum Games / King of the Hill
« on: August 03, 2010, 06:54:15 pm »
The concept of the game is quite simple. Take the hill away from the poster above you… by any means necessary. I'll start.

I walk upon the grassy plane and find a hill, I run to the top of said hill and place a black flag with a skull on it and claim the hill. I then dig out a bunker and amass a stockpile of weapons to hold it.

My hill.

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