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Spore: General / Creature Ownership discussions - merged topic
« on: March 18, 2005, 01:12:19 pm »
I wonder...  ???  I assume that you surrender any kind of control over your creations as a part of the license agreement - that allows EA to copy and distribute your creatures.  Heck, they would probably throw something in the EULA that assigns the copyright in the creatures to EA or Maxis. 

That being the case, I wonder how easy/difficult it would be for EA to take, say, a couple of their favorite creatures, and make a new game based around them?  We're creating where "games make themselves", so what's to keep them from taking stuff from this game and using it in different ways? And would gamers mind if their Spore creatures turned up in, say, a new RTS or FPS from EA? 

I'm a law student, so I wonder about this kind of thing.

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