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Spore: General / The game is stealing my creations!?...
« on: October 08, 2008, 05:11:24 pm »
Ok, I think everyone who bought the creature creator had the problem, after installing Spore, where your creations didn't register in "My Creations."

But, the game is now stealing "My Creations" straight out of the Full game!!!  :'(

I looked in "recent downloads" and there were some of my things!
I looked in "My Creations" and all those things were missing!

It was a few tribal creatures, and a few cells... I thought "no big deal." I wasn't using them anymore.

Well today, the game did something I can't forgive.... it stole some of my favorite vehicles!!!
They no longer appear in "My Creations" but only appear in "Everything."

Why would the game do this to me!?!? That's MY STUFF!!!

Not only that, but when I check the Online Sporepedia and search for myself, I only get 80 results... but I have a total of about 160 creations or so uploaded!!!

If I go to the web-browser Sporepedia, I can click "My Creations" and that is the ONLY place where all my stuff is displayed correctly!

What's going on!?!? Has anyone else had this problem?
And does anyone know how to fix it???

I can't let my stuff disappear like that! ARGH!!! >:(

Spore: General / The Creature Phase Needs to be Improved...
« on: October 08, 2008, 12:54:46 pm »
Spore was designed to be a game where you 'create your own story' and it was designed to allow creative freedom.

And one of the most important design choices you will make in your game is what your creature looks like.

The only problem is... the creature phase is, in my opinion, extremely redundant, boring, and takes WAY too long to collect all the pieces.

In every phase, I spend about 30 minutes or less and I'm DONE. I did everything there was to do, onto space.
In the creature phase, I spend a whole of about 5 minutes and I reach 'maximum brainage' and then I spend another 55+ minutes searching out fossils and rank 5 alpha creatures to socialize/annhilate for parts.

It's a tedious and redundant task that makes me want to quit the game right there.

But not only that, but people's freedom of expression is basically destroyed because of two things:

1. You can only choose mouths from 1 section, depending on if you're a carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore in the cell phase.
To Note: The omnivores even with an extra row of mouths (4 as opposed to 3) AND I'm pretty sure they begin with rank 2 mouths as well. It simply limits creativity too much!

2. Each part is given stats. If you're in anything other than easy, and even then sometimes, you'll need the highest rank of parts you can put on your creature in order to socialize/kill the other species.
This causes everyone to put the same few of everything on their creatures in order to 'max stats'.
This leads to people using those same parts at the end of the creature phase... attributing to 'max stat' parts being used repeatedly in almost every creature/tribal/space phase creature you see.
What's the point of the other 50 or so parts, if no one ever uses them for anything but stepping stones!?
The only way to avoid this, is to edit your creature before moving on to tribal and 'back-track' parts, which will also hinder you slightly in the tribe phase. But not many people do this I've noticed.

Not to mention those problems, but I've also noticed a lot of glitching in the creature phase, especially with the way the game changes the 'history-line' in all of my games. And I know other people have experienced worse things. But I won't get into that right now.


Basically I have a few solutions for these problems that would make the creature phase a lot more fun and CREATIVE.

1. Instead of limiting mouths, simply limit food. If you end the cell as an herbivore, all mouths become herbivore mouths. (E.G. Who cares if you have sharp teeth and don't chew the fruit well? I want to look like a freaking shark to scare my enemies away! OR, maybe I'm a strange carnivore and I want to look like a gluttonous pig.)

2. Remove stats entirely from the parts. Instead perhaps have the skills attached to the parts and depending what 'Brain Rank' you've received up the stats to that rank. OR have some sort of stat-distributing system. ANYTHING is possible, just ALLOW MORE CREATIVITY, PLEASE!!!

3. Instead of forcing people to find ALL of the parts from fossils (ARGH!!!), when you 'Brain Rank' up, open all parts in that rank immediately. Instead, the fossils will be used to upgrade parts to the next rank or two before your brain gets that far.
This gives you an advantage over other creatures if you search for the fossils, it gives incentive to search for them, but mainly it IS A LOT LESS BORING!!!

Anyways, I hope Maxis sees this topic and decides to improve how the creature phase works.
If any of you have any suggestions to improve the creature phase, feel free to post them.

P.S. I know there is a suggestions thread, but I thought this was too much to post there, and would probably get lost in the 18 or so pages...

Ok, Over all the problems with Spore and being overhyped and all that...
I still think Spore is awesome, but I think there are a couple things missing.

I've come to the conclusion that there are a couple things involving space trading that are severely lacking in depth.

1. You can't research technologies?...
I fully expected to be able to research technologies and then be able to buy them for a discounted price...
I mean you have to earn everything through badges, and then you have to buy it for TWICE THE COST, or find a random species that has what you're looking for.
It's a basic concept in any space RTS-style game... the space phase needs more depth and this could have easily gave it some.

2. Why does it cost more to buy from your own species?
It goes along with the above problem... but it really makes absolutely no sense.
Why would your own species mark up the price of it's own stuff for you?... or why would an All powerful (maximum badge) species not be able to make it cheaper than the other races?...

3. If I can BUY technologies, why in the world can I not SELL them!?... I should be able to find an underdeveloped species and offer to sell them my technologies and speed up their progress (do they even HAVE progress!?)... OR at least make a slight profit off of them from species that might not have them yet...

4. The ONLY thing you can sell is spice (and an occasional artefact)? You should be able to sell plants/animals for at least a few sporebucks... and technologies for a million or so, like they force you to do. >.<

5. THE BIGGEST PROBLEM WITH THE SPACE PHASE TRADING - You can't buy more than 1-2 of a single item at a time!!!!!
How can I even begin to say how stupid this is!?
If I want to buy 100 health packs, I should be able to buy as many health packs as that planet has in stock, and I KNOW they don't just have 1!!!
I can't stand going to each and every of a species 5 or so planets, over and over again, just to buy more colony packs. >:(

5 and a 1/2, Conclusion: This goes along with the above, but why can't your factories produce some of these things for you, instead of making you buy them all from other species?... AND why can't they research anything?.....

COME ON MAXIS, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? How could you guys have left these SIMPLE things out?

Spore: General / Glitch with Sporepedia?
« on: August 28, 2008, 11:33:48 pm »
Ever since the Sporepedia was updated, I can no longer vote or download creatures.
I had no problem with it before it's update...

I simply can not click on the voting buttons. Nothing happens, it acts as if they aren't there.
If I try to right click the creature, it acts as if I'm clicking on the background or something, and doesn't give me the image file.

Is anyone else having these problems?

It hasn't bothered me much, because I stopped creating creatures, but one reason I didn't go back to the creator was because of this problem.
I thought that they would have fixed it by now since they were still updating it at the time, but apparently not.

Hopefully the full game's Sporepedia has all the features of the web browser version, but if not I'm going to be very ticked. >:(

I bring to you... M.U.L.E. creations!

For anyone who doesn't know about MULE, and even some that do, it is one of the first big games by the company under the name of "Electronic Arts." And one that helped the company rise to popularity.
And it was one of the first multiplayer games, ever!

(You know, 'humble' as in, before they became the murderer's of video game creativity! ;))

Anyways, I painstakingly took every detail out of both the original Atari 800 version and the NES version of MULE. The characters were obviously not very detailed, being from the Atari days and all, so I had to add my own spin on things.
Some were impossible to do in the editor (the robot and human) so I had to twist things up a bit there.

So finally, For all you Atari oldies like me out there... I present to you 8 MULE characters, and 2 original Mules.










If anyone can please tell me how to get the LARGE creature image links from the sporepedia, I'd appreciate that. All I get is a blank.gif.

You can see my other creations at:

:) And if you like any of them, please vote, Thanks!

Spore: General / One of my creatures won't upload...?
« on: June 22, 2008, 02:51:10 am »
Ok here's the story:
I uploaded a creature I made yesterday, and just realized that my sporepedia only lists me as having 20 creatures, when I am supposed to have 21.

I looked around, and found 1 creature that I've uploaded, which does not appear on the Sporepedia.

So I go and mess around with the file moving it to other folders and stuff, trying to get it to appear in my "everything" list, in order to save it and upload it again - well that didn't work, it simply didn't show up.

So next I had to drag and drop it into the editor... works fine.
But, it is still listed as being "Shared."
So now I had to slightly edit something so that it allows me to share again.


Do it all over again, change the name of the creature, just because there was another with the same name on the Sporepedia, and even though I've seen many creatures with the same name, I thought I'd do it anyways.....

Nope. Still didn't work.

What is wrong with my creature that makes it so I can't upload it!? :'(

Has anyone else had this problem? Or does the Sporepedia just not like me?

So now I found out it is on the Sporepedia......... but it's still not in my profile or my list.
Searching for it doesn't work either.
I can only find it because in-game I left a comment on it, and in my profile the "update" leads me to it.

This is a weird glitch.....

If anyone is interested:

I'm hoping it will eventually show up...

Spore: General / Creature voting...
« on: June 19, 2008, 12:53:12 am »
Did you guys know you can vote for your own creatures? Because I just found this out... :P
You can make all your creatures instant green smiley.

Kinda weird that you can do that... think it's a glitch?

Also, does anyone know if you can delete a creature you uploaded from the Sporepedia?...
When you click a creature it has "[Remove Creature]" but that is directly under "Report this Creation"... so I'm guessing that's the link to report it. Which I obviously don't want to do.

Spore: General / Full Version missing parts?...
« on: June 18, 2008, 01:19:50 pm »
I know this sounds strange but....

The full version doesn't have all the parts!

In the trial there are a couple of tentacle looking things, which look like they came from the cell phase, and I had previously used some on a couple of my creatures.

Now that I've got the full version, those tentacle looking parts aren't available to create anymore... I still have them on the creatures I made, but I can no longer make anymore of those.

There are no parts that are still "locked," they simply just aren't there.
There is only one left, which literally looks like a tentacle... but there WAS about 2 or 3 more.

Anyone else notice this? ???

Spore: General / Is anyone NOT experiencing problems?
« on: June 17, 2008, 07:58:14 pm »
Am I the only person who is able to run the editor perfectly fine?

I still have the Download Manager installed and everything.

I had my first creature disappear, which I fixed and I haven't uploaded any since and none have disappeared since then.
But otherwise, my editor works without problems...

Is anyone else NOT experiencing crashes and stuff?

Spore: General / Official Gaming Steve tag.
« on: June 15, 2008, 12:32:36 pm »
Okay, I see some debate as to what exactly should be used as a tag to identify creatures made by Gaming Steve members.

Option 1: Long but with accurate results. Capitalization doesn't seem to affect results.
Option 2: May or may not work correctly since it is two words... did anyone try this one out?
Option 3: Two different words to search by, but will also result in extra finds of anyone tagging creatures with just "Gaming" or just "Steve."
Option 4: May result in a few extra finds...
GS Options: Short and simple but may be confused with GameSpot.

For option 7, please post!

The poll will run for 5 days, but you may change your vote in case you change your mind.

WINNER: My poll never even made it to day 2, yet there is already a very clear winner.

When using the creature creator, tag all your creatures with "gamingsteve" if you want people to be able to search for them!

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