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Spore: Creation Corner / [NC] The Vacilions
« on: July 01, 2009, 07:00:13 pm »
The Vacilions - Vacilion Relations
Home Planet Info: Vacilia

Home System Info: Airlia IX

Biology / Appearance: The Vacilions are an intelligent species that live for approximately 200 years before they die. They are best suited to live in cold, moist areas. At first glance, this is suggested by their moist, shiny skin. This skin is the same reason that they are extremely heat intolerant. While in very hot areas vacilion skin dries out really fast. If they lose too much moisture in their bodies, they are likely to die due to overheating. Their skin normally appears very pale with skin tints ranging from light blue to light purple. Their bodies are shaped similar to how humans are except for their pointed ears and their long, thin tails. These tails are used both in the water and on land to improve their balance and control. Hair can come in a variety of lengths, though it is common to see more wealthy vacilions with long hair. Their hair colors are almost always either white or black. Their eyes can be almost any color, but commonly consist of bright colors such as pink, yellow, green, and light blue. Most vacilions range from 5’4” to 6’0” and weigh between 120 and 160 lbs. at adulthood.

A Female Vacilion (Work In Progress)

Infant: 0 – 2
Child: 3 - 12
Adolescent: 13 – 19
Adult: 20 – 180
Aged: 180+

Culture: In the vacilion culture, the most important thing in your life is your education. If you have a poor education or put little effort into your studies you not only belittle yourself but you insult your whole family as well. The most sought out job in their culture is a scientist. Being a scientist in vacilion culture gives you fame along with a profitable job and even more access to education. This fame is equal to that of popular actors on earth.

Religion: Most vacilions do not believe in a higher power because of a lack of proof. While this might be the case, they keep an open mind and listen to others ideals.

Technology: Most of their work with technology goes towards knowledge rather than war. Most citizens of Vacilia use a device known as WriCOM. These are wrist bound computers that help keep track of data, allow you to communicate with friends and family through speech, and serve as any other basic function a computer would have. These are all connected through two networks, a public access network and a private network. The private networks are used to store classified information and are normally only accessible by high ranking officials and scientists.

The vacilions also have several survey devices that encircle the planet. They scan the planet for any new data involving species of plants, animals, and other natural resources. This information is directly forwarded to a temporary network. From there, the data is sorted between public and private information and the data is sent to the respectable network. These surveying units double as defensive turrets and hunt down invading ships with their heavy blasters. They defend from enemy fire with large reflective barriers surrounding the turrets. The turrets own attacks may pass through these barriers, but the enemies attacks bounce right off.

While most of their technology, as stated before, does go towards knowledge they do have a set of basic defensive and offensive weapons in case of emergencies. Most of the ships have basic blasters and missiles to defend themselves. Along with the previously mentioned survey devices, there are also heavily armored ground turrets around the major cities of Vacilia.

Special Abilities:

- Shape Shifting: There is a genetic disorder that runs in Vacilion DNA that enable some of them to change the shape of their body, normally through copying another races DNA. This gene is very obvious however to their own race because, unlike their fellow Vacilions, give off a faint glow. This is a really rare gene, as less than 1% of the total population has the ability. Because of this, little is known about the actual gene. Furthermore, there are a set of more primal shape shifters that can be more closely related to the origins of the race. These shape shifters are often more hostile than the vacilions and tend to attack anything that they see. Because of these primal shape shifters (known as blotches), many of the normal vacilions fear these “Adepts” and tend to either run away at the sight of them or attack in a form of retaliation.

- Skeletons: While the normal Vacilions have a human-like skeleton structure, the skeleton structure of the shape shifters are different. The skeletons of the Adepts are almost gel-like and can be manipulated to extend and contract along with their body as well as shape into different forms. These bones are also highly resistant to areas of extreme pressure. The blotches however, had no bones to begin with and are actually made up of highly compressed cells.

- Breathing: Vacilion lungs are capable of filtering oxygen out of water and taking in normal oxygen as well. This allows them to live both underwater and on land.

History: For several thousand years during the vacilions evolution, the vacilions and the blotches were constantly at war. While the blotches didn't know the difference, the vacilions still needed to defend their villages, livestock, and families on a daily basis from the blotches. During these times, the adepts stepped forward and used their abilities to defend their towns and families. As time progressed, the vacilions began to research these blotches. They came to a startling conclusion that a large portion of the vacilion and blotch DNA’s are identical. This discovery both fascinated and startled the researchers. They wanted to find more information on the bizarre shape shifting that these blotches were capable of and try to decipher the mystery of the adepts.

They decided to start their research by comparing a vacilions body with that of a blotch. Through extensive research, they found that the adepts were closer related to the blotches than the normal vacilions were.  After this discovery, the adepts began to be persecuted for their special gifts and were hunted down by the majority of their civilization.

Several years passed before anything was done about this and by the time a bill was finally passed to give adepts the same rights as normal vacilions, there were hardly any left to speak of. While several millenniums have passed since then, the population comparison of adepts and normal vacilions are still vastly different, with adepts making up less than 1% of the total population. While their civilization is much more advanced than it originally was, prejudice still normally occurs when these adepts are exposed in public, their glowing eyes giving away their identity almost instantly.

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