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Everything Else / IE6ify Bookmarklet: Troglodytes, be amazed!
« on: July 30, 2009, 08:01:11 pm »

If you haven't used a computer since 2000, prepare to be amazed by standards compliance.

It's time everyone stopped using IE6. In fact, people, stop using IE at all. There's no reason for it. It isn't standards compatible, is very vulnerable, extremely slow, and just all-around blows.

Spore: General / Parts Wishlist
« on: June 22, 2009, 09:03:15 pm »
I know there's a suggestion thread, but I thought spinning off a parts thread would help keep things organized.

Not to mention the fact that I'm trying to stir up more than five posts here a day... Place has really slowed down.

So, as the title says, what parts would you like Maxis to add to the game?

Personally, I'd like to get some crustacean parts. Crab-like exoskeletal eye stalks, and different sorts of pincers would be sweet. I also DESPERATELY want tentacles of different sorts. Little sensory ganglia, tentacle limbs on which graspers/feet can be placed, tentacle graspers and feet, flexible eye stalks...

I also want some properly "broken" parts, like the sort of things you see in Dead Space.

PC Games / The Second Browser Wars
« on: June 18, 2009, 10:48:28 am »
This topic has little, if anything to do with computer gaming. On the other hand, it has everything to do with computers. So I figured here would be a good place to put it.

So! The browser wars! What side are you on?

Internet Explorer (6, 7, 8?), Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Opera? Or something else entirely?

Personally, I prefer Chrome. It's fast. Like, really fast. It has a clean, compact UI and all the features I need a are built in. Sure it'd be nice to have Firefox's extensions, but I can wait for that.

My problem with IE8 is that it's bulky, slow, has poor rendering (regardless of how much better it is than 7, it's still very poor), and I feel that by not using it, I'm doing my part to help the web evolve past this little screwup.


Spore: General / Neck Animation Help
« on: June 12, 2009, 11:19:55 pm »
YouTube video explains it all, please help me make some changes:
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Spore: General / Need help! Can't convert tribal to creature!
« on: June 04, 2009, 03:22:58 pm »
How can I take a tribal creation, and demote it to the creature editor? I've tried everything I can think of; I even tried stripping the creature and then dragging it into the creature editor! I want to make a few changes, I don't mind having to rework the clothes!

Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / REQUEST: Can someone make me a sapient?
« on: June 02, 2009, 05:46:52 pm »
My skills in the creature creator are lacking, so I'm looking to contract someone to make a sapient. Just a humanoid with four arms and moa-like legs.

In more detail:

Arms, head (though without those weird eye tentacles) and torso like this:

Legs and feet like this: (Yes, I am aware that the picture is of a secretary bird, not a moa.)

I'm a little unsure of how well bird legs will translate onto a humanoid frame. Animation is a priority here, so if it's too difficult just default to something normal.

I'll color it myself once it's done, but feel free to experiment!

Thanks in advance.

Spore: Creation Corner / The Dromae, Parkour Proffesionals
« on: May 12, 2009, 12:29:35 pm »
A new reptavian species. In a hurry right now, info coming soon. As the thread title suggests, they're stealthy and agile, great at parkour. Need pictures.

Spore: Creation Corner / Kalbin
« on: April 25, 2009, 01:55:22 pm »
I've been lurking here for a long time and decided to make an account to post my new creature and maybe RP a bit if people like it.

My creature is named Kalbin, they are crustacean-like semi-humanoids that evolved on a snowball world that has many oceans. The Kalbin are dependent on water, but can live outside it, like the Mon Calamari from Star Wars. They also are implanted with advanced cybernetics systems at birth, like the Irkens from Invader Zim. They depend on these to survive, and they also carry many special features and extras, including communications devices and other things. They're like Swiss army knives. The Kalbin also eat very little, and are addicted to direct energy uptake to power their cybernetics. This is because the original purpose of the cybernetics was to allow this in order to ease a food crisis when they were in the civilization stage. Since then they have become addicted to it, and it's like a drug to them. Think Blood Elves and Fel magic from Warcraft. They are very small, only growing to about four feet tall.

Without further ado, here is more in-depth information about them and their planet:

(Section 1 -- Biology)
Type                 : Amphibious
Appearance           : Aquatic Humanoid
Gravity preferences  : Low
Temperature pref.    : Arctic
Atmosphere breathed  : Gills and oxygen lungs.
Body cover           : Spiny, hard-shelled
Body color           : White base with mottled gray spots
Hair                 : none
Hair color           : none
Eyes                 : three small bulging stalked no pupil
Eyes color           : black, iridescent
Body characteristics : small tail, stalked eyes, hard shell, nippers, tentacles
Diet                 : ancestrally carnivorous, but later adopt technologically aided direct enery uptake
Sexual reproduction  : two sexes, communal spawning season
Reproduction method  : eggs
Limbs pair n 1 : Lithe but long arms with three fingers. Think General Greivous.
Limbs pair n 2 : Same as above. Both pairs connect to the same set of shoulders.
Limbs pair n 3 : Legs with three clawed small feet. 
Mass :  100 lbs
Size :  Four feet tall.

(Section 2 -- Culture)
  Militancy       : 5; Protective, but not aggresive. Prefer a small standing military.
  Determination   : 1; Fluid strategies that follow what will do best at the time and for the future.
  Racial tolerance: 20; Very tolerant and peaceful.
  Progressivness  : 15; Enjoy change and embrace it.
  Loyalty         : 20; Extreme patriots. Treason worst crime imaginable.
  Social cohesion : Hard to scale; loyal and patriotic, but accepting and understanding of others; encourage individuality.
  Art             : 5; Art is appreciated, but rare. Not a major focus.
  Individualism   : 20; Less about individual success but about helping the species overall.
  Body            : 10; Though small, possess baseline strength. Not prone to using it, however.
  Mind            : 20; Very intelligent, to the point of actually overheating their brains in average climates.
  Speed           : 10; Quick reflexes but very slow running speed.
  Lifespan        : 70-80; Even with advanced technology, fast metabolism burns out quick.
  Tech level      : 8; Mid-Space

(Section 3 -- Government and Religion)
Government type   : Technocratic Republic.
Religion          : Quite simply, science. That's right; atheist crabs.
Devotion          : High. No alternative to technology and science as far in as they've delved.

(Section 4 -- Extra things you should know)
Special abilities:
 -Acute Hearing
 -Acute Smelling
 -Acute Vision
 -Cold Tolerance
 -Cultural Adaptability
 -Eidetic Memory
 -Field Sense
 -Heat Sensitivity
 -High Speed
 -Independent Eyes
 -Light Sleeper
 -Lightning Calculator
 -Nictitating Eyelid
 -No Sense of Taste
 -Poloarized Sense (barring heat)
 -Pressure Support
 -Quick Maturity
 -Regeneration (very slow)
 -Spatial Orientation
 -Spectrum Vision (via implants)
 -Time Sense
 -Universal Digestion (via implants)
 -Ultrasonic Communication
 -Ultrasonic Hearing
 -Vulnerability to Disease
 -Water Dependency
 -Water Breathing

(Section 1 -- System)
Star: Home/Star/1
Star Type: White dwarf
Planet #1: Home. Large iceball with swaths of salt ocean. Habitable. Only planet in system. Far from star.

(Section 2 -- Terrain and Atmosphere)
Size: 3x Earth
Gravity: .25 G
Average Temperature: Arctic
Liquid: Large swaths of salt ocean.
Land-Liquid Ratio: 50/50
Average Terrain: Hoth.
Continents: One central tundra mass covers planet; oceans cut out of it.
Density: Thin.
Composition: Oxygen.
Length of Day: 128
Length of Year: 1280

(Section 3 -- Life)
Main Species: Kalbin
Native Animals: Mostly large fish and crustaceans adapted for cold. Many are amphibious.
Imported Animals: none
Native Plants: None on tundra except occasional sprigs. Large kelp beds under water.
Imported Plants: none

(Section 4 -- Development)
Structures: Large interconnected cities dot both land and sea.
% Urban: 75%
Spaceports: Orbital docks must accept arrivals to be shuttled to surface.
Imports: Medical supplies, fuel, building materials, natural resources, food.
Exports: Technology, spacecraft, animals, ice.
Capital: Khal'Ullis

More to come. Also, I cannot draw, so can someone help me? From what I gathered in my lurking the one called "Gec" is a good artist.

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