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Movies / Halo: Faith
« on: August 02, 2011, 10:35:48 pm »
Halo: Faith, set during Halo: Reach. Discuss.

Spore: Creation Corner / Kosmosis: The Cuuth-Guri
« on: June 19, 2011, 11:03:13 pm »
Alien sheet: Cuuth-Guri

(Section 1 -- Biology)
Type                 :
Appearance           :
Gravity preferences  : #1.3 g
Temperature pref.    : #70 to #105 F
Atmosphere breathed  : Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide
Body cover           : Skin
Body color           : Lighter shades of tan to shades of green to darker shades of white
Hair                 : Fur on their torsos and upper parts of their limbs
Hair color           : Black to darker shades of white
Eyes                 : None, uses sonar pulses
Eyes color           : None
Body characteristics : Three tenticles instead of hands, no eyes, gill-like openings in the upper torso that connects to the lungs
Diet                 : Omnivore
Sexual reproduction  : Asexual
Reproduction method  : Eggs, born with eggs with # ranging from 2 to 4 and releases eggs during a specific time in their late lives
Limbs pair n 1 : Arms with three tenticles instead of hands
Limbs pair n 2 : Legs
Mass :  #70 to #90 kg
Size :  #190 to #230 cm

(Section 2 -- Culture)
  Militancy       : 13
  Determination   : 10
  Racial tolerance: 15
  Progressivness  : 15
  Loyalty         : 19
  Social cohesion : 10
  Art             : 6
  Individualism   : 11
  Body            : 12
  Mind            : 10
  Speed           : 11
  Lifespan        : #100 years
  Tech level      : (Evolution level of your race. Values Below)

(Section 3 -- Government and Religion)
Government type   : Confederated World (Pre-FTL), Confederation of Worlds (Post-FTL)
Religion          : Rational Atheism
Devotion          : 19

(Section 4 -- Extra things you should know)
Special abilities:
 -Values Below

(Section 1 Variables)
Type                 : Terrestrial

Appearance           : Mammalian, Humanoid

Body cover           : Soft-skinned, Furred

Hair                 : Fur

Eyes                 : No Eyes

Body characteristics : Tenticles

(Section 2 Variables)
 Tech level      : 6=Very Early Space

(Section 3 Variables)
Government type   : Meritocracy, Confederation

Religion          : Rational Atheism (a rejection of God on the basis of science, logic or reasoning.)

(Section 4 Variables)
Special Abllities: Blind, Combat, Heat Tolerance, Sonar, Strange appearance, Warm blooded biology

If you see anything wrong, let me know.

Ok, some of you remember what I said about making a new race, right? Ok, so I'm trying to think up a name for my race, but I'm having problems. The only name I can think of is Meridianites or Meridians. Any suggestions on a name for a squid/jellyfish-like race?

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Stellar Command
« on: August 22, 2010, 05:59:52 pm »
Ok, this is my first game I made so I'm sorry if you don't like parts of it. This game was inspired by the game Galactic Conquest that was made by Haseri. This game will be similar to that except we're only controlling the starships, space stations, and construction.

Time: January 1st, 2051

Welcome director to the United Nations' Space Operations Command, I will be your assistant.

Status: We have a single shipyard in geo-synchronous orbit above San Francisco that is not building anything at the moment. Our engineers report they are ready to begin construction of a Ark-class colony ship.

We currently have $1,000,000,000 with $250,000,000 coming in per turn. The more we accomplish, the more money we will receive.

This is our map, right now its only showing the inner planets. With some exploration, we'll have a bigger picture of the system.

This is our current and only ship we have. Its named the S.S. Discovery, first of the Discovery-class research & survey vessels. With further research, we can design and build more ship classes. The Discovery is currently in Earth orbit, it has finished picking up supplies and personnel and the captain reports they were ready to get under way.

What are your orders, director? (Choose up to three options)

A. Order S.S. Discovery to Mars (1 turn)
B. Order S.S. Discovery to Venus (1 turn)
C. Order S.S. Discovery to Mercury (1 turn)
D. Order S.S. Discovery to explore outer system (2 turns)
E. Order shipyard to construct Discovery-class starship Cost: $500,000,000 (1 turn)
F. Order shipyard to construct Ark-class starship Cost $500,000,000 (1 turn)
G. Order construction of a new shipyard Cost: $750,000,000 (2 turns)
H. Request U.N. for new energy technology
I. Request U.N. for new propulsion technology
J. Request U.N. for new construction technology
K. Request U.N. for new weapons technology (Recommended only if a ship is going to be threatened by something)

OCC thread. You need to say something, do it here.

   When the Tri-Wexxian Empire's galaxy-wide message reached the Galdeen Coalition, they panicked. The Galdeen have never before encountered a space-faring race, minus their allies, the aquatic Luur. But they didn't have FTL capable ships and barely left their homeworld. The entire Interstellar Space Navy of the Coalition went to their highest alert status and ramped up construction on their warships in all military shipyards. All civilian traffic to the outer colonies of the Coalition ceased because it was predicted any Tri-Wexxian ships will appear there first. Every colony that was within ten light-years of un-colonized space was reinforced and fortified. All border patrol ships quickly became patrol fleets with the enormous amount of ships now in the outer colonies.

A week after the Tri-Wexxian message was received and the Coalition went to high alert, a ancient alien outpost was discovered in the newly colonized Dakios system. When it was explored, it appeared to be a research outpost, but was damaged by a meteor shower some six hundred standard Galieen years ago. Because of the damage, the only systems that survived was the research data and the comm array, the latter damaged. When they accessed the research data and translated it, they were shocked. Whoever controlled the outpost was studying every race in the entire quadrant. They had extensive data on every race, including the Galdeen. When they accessed the Galdeen research data, they had a much more extensive understanding on their anatomy then the Galdeen did. They now knew several things about the brain they never figured out about what they did and even predicted what the Galdeen would likely evolve to.

When they tried to figure out how old the outpost was, they couldn't get a clear reading. They narrowed it down to at least a thousand years old. Whoever owned the station was likely a machine race or used machines to man the station because of the way everything was set up. But then came the matter of the damaged comm system. The matter was brought up to the High Council of the Galdeen Coalition to vote on. Once the voting was done, it was decided to activate the comm system. The best engineers in Coalition space worked to get the system active again and when they did, the Military High Command made sure they heavily fortified the system with a warp gate in the inner system with reinforcements ready to assist if anything goes wrong. When the comm system activated, all it did was send out a beacon. Nothing was attached to it, but the beacon's range exceeded all expectations and reached for nearly 1000 light-years in all directions.

It also drew the attention of those not of Galdeen origin.

((Lush City posts first and note to Jack Zetter, that message sent by your Tri-Wexxian Empire was perfect for the Galdeen FC. The message belongs to Zetter.))

Spore: Creation Corner / My second race, The Galdeen
« on: June 02, 2010, 07:20:03 pm »
Ok, this is my race, the Galdeen, copied and pasted from the Kosmosis site.

Example image of them that I made in Spore

Alien sheet: Galdeen

(Section 1 -- Biology)
Type : Land Mammal
Appearance : Large, brown furred, hunchbacked carivores with tusks just behind their mouth and horns at the top of their head, they're hight are around 2 1/2 meters tall.
Gravity preferences : 2 gravities
Temperature pref. : 20C
Atmosphere breathed : Nitrogen/Oxygen
Body cover : Fur
Body color : Brown on most of the body, dark tan lining the arms in varying patterns
Hair : None
Hair color : None
Eyes : Two eyes
Eyes color : Ranges from tan, brown, dark blue, and black
Body characteristics : Tusks behind the mouth, horns, clawed hands and feet
Diet : Carnivore
Sexual reproduction : Two, Male and Female
Reproduction method : Live Birth
Limbs pair n 1 : Arms
Limbs pair n 2 : Legs
Mass : # kg : Male 340 average, Female 315 average
Size : # cm : Male 2 1/2 meters, Female 2 meters (I decided to use meters because I'm more familiar with it)

(Section 2 -- Culture)
Militancy : 11
Determination : 16
Racial tolerance: 14
Progressivness : 17
Loyalty : 19
Social cohesion : 10
Art : 15
Individualism : 13
Body : 15
Mind : 13
Speed : 11
Lifespan : 170 Terran years
Tech level : (Evolution level of your race. Values Below)

(Section 3 -- Government and Religion)
Government type : Council
Religion : Martyr worship
Devotion : Good

(Section 4 -- Extra things you should know)
Special abilities:
-Values Below

(Section 1 Variables)
Type : Terrestrial

Appearance : Humanoid (Not necisarily a bad thing, this group includes anthing that follows the general human body plan. Basicly, if it can be made to look human with a long cloak, a bit of cosmetic surgury, and maybe some gloves, it's a humanoid. If your race fits into this group, choose a second group that also applies to it.
Mammalian (This group includes all races who have fur or hair of some sort. They often give birth to live young, and many are warm-blooded. This group includes Torpals and Kazea!)

Body cover : Furred

Hair : Fur

Eyes : Two, Round Pupil

Body characteristics : Horns, Fangs, Claws

(Section 2 Variables)
Tech level : 8=Mid Space (FTL Invented. Colonize Distant Stars. Most of our races are here)

(Section 3 Variables)
Government type : Gerontocracy (ruled by the elders)

Religion : Agnosticism (there's no way to know if God exists or not.)
Leader Worship (a leader from past (or present) is worshipped.)

(Section 4 Variables)
Special Abllities: Engineer, Pilot, Eidetic memory (Perfect or almost perfect memory), Extra heart, Heat sensitivity, Leap (Has extraordinary jumping ability.), Perfect balance (Race can easily keep it's footing even on narrow walkways), Toughness (It... Won't... DIE!), Warm blooded biology


Planet Sheet: Galieen

(Section 1 -- System)
Star: Xando
Star Type: slightly larger than normal yellow star
Planet #1: Monkli, mineral rich asteroid field, contains the remains of a small planetoid. Smaller of the two.
Planet #2: Tilc, magma planet, contains large amounts of crystals that are used as computer data storage and minerals used in the construction of Galdeen warp drives. Soil collected for use in bio domes on new colonies.. Has three moons
Planet #3: Tlak, barren planet, no atmosphere. Contains large amounts of silicon and magnets used in rail guns. Has no moon
Planet #4: Galieen, Galdeen homeworld. Has one moon.
Planet #5: Asteroid field. Contains many materials used in starship construction and also massive skeletons of space faring animals. Larger of the Two.
Planet #6: Maleeno, large blue/white gas giant. Contains a atmosphere of mostly helium. Has 16 moons.
Planet #7: Kalie, large aquatic planet. Water has higher concentrations of deuterium used in hydrogen generators. Has two moons.
Planet #8: Jola, ice world. No moon.

(Section 2 -- Terrain and Atmosphere)
Size: 1 1/2 Earth's size.
Gravity: 2g
Average Temperature: Cool
Liquid: Two large oceans with numerous lakes on the continents
Land-Liquid Ratio: 66% Ocean, 34% Land
Average Terrain: Oceans, grasslands, forests
Continents: Cluster of three continents to the West with two in the East.
Density: Average
Composition: (Gas list below)
Length of Day: 30 Terran Hours
Length of Year: 456 Terran Days

(Section 3 -- Life)
Main Species: Galdeen, used to be another race, but were made extinct.
Native Animals: Many primitive animal species, mostly herbivore and omnivore.
Imported Animals: None.
Native Plants: Not as many plant species, but are more exotic.
Imported Plants: None.

(Section 4 -- Development)
Structures: Modern towns and cities with a few historical recreations of villages
% Urban: 12%
Spaceports: Space elevator in capitol that goes to orbital shipyards and spaceports
Imports: Labor, universal translators
Exports: Sturdy starships, efficient hydrogen and fusion generators
Capital: Bomica

Atmospheric gasses: Nitrogen/Oxygen



Galdeen anatomy is has just all the required organs except for several things. One is that they have a extra heart, liver and lung, allowing them not to get tired as quickly, to be extremely healthy and not dying if one of the hearts is damaged. Second is that their mouth's teeth are made to eat meat, not plants. But they do have few herbs that they ingest for medical purposes and grind for herbal teas. Third is that they have clawed hands and feet which was useful during their period of time as predators of Galieen.

Galdeen hunters hunted during the day and night, so their eyes adjust more quickly when in the dark areas or during the night cycle of a planet, but it isn't really night vision. When Galdeen eat, they require high calorie food because of the all energy their bodies use, meaning its very rare to see a "fat" Galdeen. Galdeen have almost very good memory, they can remember things well that happened decades ago, and they have a surprising balance, even carrying a heavy object.


Primitive History

The Galdeen's earliest ancestor was a type of air-breathing shark that often hunted in packs to get their food, even more so when hunting the more larger ocean creatures. When they life began developing onto land, the Galdeen moved onto it too, evolving legs and later arms and hands evolved to their current form, their now fully formed brains started thinking beyond their usual instincts.

A pack of Galdeen were attempting to catch a creature that started running away, in desperation, one of them picked up a large stick and threw it at the fleeing animal. The stick hit the animal in the hind leg, crippling it. That Galdeen pack tried doing the same thing in other hunts which resulted in success, when they met other wandering Galdeen, they told them of the idea and when those Galdeen met other, they told the them the same thing and so on. The now tribes of Galdeen started wandering since they wouldn't get enough food if they stayed in one place. Their first domesticated animal was used as a pack animal and was a herbivore whos main diet was grass. They then attempted to tried to domesticate their main prey, a type of large animal similar to a bull only larger and without horns. When they did manage to domesticate several, they started settling down.


   Master Engineer Kalm watched as the last sections of plating was welded into place on the ship they were contructing. This is the twelveth ship they made this year, he thought. The last three made it to space but had fuel leaks and they fell to the ground. They only found out when they looked through the wreck that was the last ship. This time, they made triple checks to make sure there were no leaks. They installed a fusion generator onboard the new ship, and a new engine to handle the vast amounts of power it can generate.
   He heard footsteps behind him and turned around to see the pliot and co-pliot for the new ship. He didn't know their names, but he didin't have to be a elder to see a look of adventure inside the pliots eyes. He silently prayed to the sky spirits that they live. "So this is the ship we'll be riding," It was a statement. "I like it, hope you built it right this time," The pliot said as looked over the ship. "Best we could do so far. Made it out of this new armor that can withstand space, and its light weight, I think it was called Duranium. Has a fusion power core, and the best engine we could contruct." Kalm said. "But will it survive the trip up? Thats the real question," The co-pliot said. "We're very sure. If you do make it up, you are to try to fly to the moon and back. We'll be watching from control," he said. "You better head get going, your ship is waiting."
Done with first part, these guys have been trying for a long time to get up into space.

Spore: Creation Corner / The Hell-an.
« on: March 17, 2009, 07:45:56 pm »

   The Hell-An are a clan-based, warrior race with a strong sense of honor. They live on the world of Tal'man, which in their language means "Birthland of Warriors". They also have a strong sense of right and wrong, meaning they know slavery is... as they call it, "One of the most dishonorable things one can do". Warriors are looked up to in their community as the most honorable postion, but taking roles as teachers and workers are also honorable roles and those that are take pride in what they do. Currently, the clans on Tal'man are the Blade Clan, the Lightning Wielders Clan, the Foundry Clan, and more recently, the Sky Clan with several other clans. The Blade and Lightning Wielders clans are the main warrior clans while the Foundry Clan are the builders and researchers, and the Sky Clan, after aircraft were invented was the pliots and later, after they achive space-flight, commanded the space fleets of their race. The Blade Clan's warriors used only melee weapons, while the Lightning Wielders Clan used ranged lightning, and later energy weapons and had only a combat knife for defenese, they also use armored vehicles.   

  Hell-An Starship Classes -

  Hell-An Home System Info -

  Hell-An Race Info -

  Hell-An Emblems -

  Hell-An Lightning Clan Hand-Held Weapons -

  Hell-An Titan -

  Hell-An Locust -

  Hell-An Stinger & Crawler -

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