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Everything Else / Spore section is getting utterly hammered by spambots!
« on: November 15, 2011, 06:15:47 am »
Something's going up here, they bots are hitting the occasional other board but we're just getting hammered over there. Why the heck are people targeting such an unused board? They're making new threads and posts in already created threads faster than I can report them >.>

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / The Invasion OOC
« on: October 11, 2011, 11:42:53 am »
So yeah, I'm trying an RP where the Shadow invade everything. Kinda stepping in where TWCBN was, because I've got more time and such to do this with. That's not meant offensively, Yuu. It's just with you having work AND school, I've noticed you really don't have a lot of time for this, which is bad if you're trying to run a massive multi-rp... "thing".
But the premise is that the Shadow send out all these invasion fleets to strike all over the galaxy at once and try to do a Blitzkrieg-esque attack all over the place at once. My hope is that UFO and the rest of "y'all" will get involved :D
Anyway that's the plan so far.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / The Invasion
« on: October 11, 2011, 11:35:39 am »
" any...uh..." The Photos trooper scratched his helmeted head. While it wasn't an itch, it was still an indication of his uncertainty. He was stationed on the world of Yesare, on the edge of the empire. He and his four squadmates were in an observation tower overlooking the barren, rocky landscape. They were playing cards, simply to pass the time.
"Actually, I better take a look, see if there's any activity..." He continued, looking for an excuse out of the card game. He turned around and zoomed in on the surrounding terrain with his helmet's optics.
"Right. Because there was something the last ten thousand times we've looked. Face it, this planet's lifeless, there's nothing else here except us." Said the lieutenant of the squad.
"Actually, I see something out there. A bunch of green lights, rangefinder puts 'em out about a mile and a half." The lieutenant stepped up to the railing next to him and zoomed in as well.
"Well I'll be damned, there is something out there. Get on the horn to command, find out what that-" He was droned out by a great roar and a bright flash of green light. There was a momentary arc of green energy from the distance and the tower next to them imploded in an equally bright blast of green light.
"Take cover! The lieutenant dropped down beneath the reinforced cover of the tower instinctively. He risked a look up to see the tower that was hit crumple and fall forward off the defensive wall surrounding the compound. He opened a channel with the command center of the outpost.
"We're taking fire out here! Unknown assailant, appear to be Shadow from the shot fired. One of the towers is down, more shots are coming this way." All around the base, alarms began to sound. Soldiers scrambled to their posts and both tanks and mechs were loaded up and powered up. There was another sound, this one more like a screech. The lieutenant looked over the railing again to see a trio of black six-legged mechs materialize from thin air near the wall. At that point, there was no doubt about it.
It was the Shadow.
"So..." Boomed a voice, it's owner over looking a galactic map. "What is our progress?"
"So far our invasion force has made contact with several colonies on the border of the Photos Empire, lord. They've been taken by surprise, and most have already been razed." Answered one of the figure's subordinates.
"Most have already been razed?" The figure inquired.
"Yes, lord. A few of the more militarized planets have mustered a defense, but it's nothing our forces are incapable of dealing with by any extent." The subordinate answered. The main figure pounded a large, clawed metal fist on the console before him.
"The point was not to give them time to get a distress signal out, fool!" The figure sighed angrily. "We don't have the capability of going toe-to-toe with the Photos anymore. That's why we needed a lightning strike. But these few colonies that are still holding out are a major problem that needs to be dealt with as fast as possible. Once the Photos fall there's but a few races in the galaxy that are strong enough to offer major resistance."
"But what of our ancient foes? Do you believe them to persist?" Asked the subordinate.
"I'm not sure. I doubt it, however, considering that they have yet to intervene, per our extensive knowledge. If they do persist, we'll have to cross that bridge when we come to it, because right now I can't plan for something that is not definitive. Anyway, inform me when the rest of the invasion fleets make contact. I want no more disruptions to my plan."

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Earth in the RG Universe! OOC
« on: September 23, 2011, 08:29:00 pm »
Well, here y'go.
This is an RP idea I've been tumbling around my head for a week or two. What happens if our various races stumble across current-day Earth? What might be the reactions of our various races? What would be the reaction of we Humans?
Granted, it's a bit oddball, but hey, it could be fun, depending on how it goes.
Also, any roleplaying done for humanity, and I shall say this now as a precaution, shall not be done as us. Come up with someone similar to you if you so wish, but it'd be best to leave ourselves out of it, not only to safeguard our real life identities, but to prevent some really screwball paradoxial "hey I made u guys trololol" incidents.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / [TWCBN] The Fortress
« on: August 15, 2011, 10:10:04 am »
The Photos planet of Vargas, within the inner ring of worlds that comprised the heart the empire, was home to a fortress which, in turn, housed a secret project. This project was a new metal compound based off other Photos cloaking projects that, when an electric current is passed through it, turns the wearer not only invisible to the naked eye, but it removes heat signatures, sensor broadcasts, everything. It's as if the wearer just ceases to be. Their plan is to use this compound on a new class of "stealth dreadnought", but this is only if they can perfect it before it is stolen...

"Do you see that?" Asked one of the tower guards, peering out into the dark using his helmet's zoom function. The other guard in the tower walked up next to him.
"Where?" He asked, the first guard pointing out to a small group of lights in the distance. He zoomed in as well. There was a bright flash of red light for a moment, then it persisted, seeming to get larger by the second.
"What the-?" What he hadn't realized was that it was an energy bolt. It struck the tower, causing a great explosion and throwing both occupants to the ground, a floor below. The tower was now a rolling fireball, the explosion having ripped apart the reinforced sentry tower as if it were made of soggy paper. An alarm sounded; soldiers were scrambling all over the base, some taking up defensive positions, other heading towards hangars to garrison vehicles. The door to the Walker Hanger slid open and out stomped a pair of captured Umbers, standing normally taller than the defensive wall. They both crouched down on one colossal mechanical knee to keep themselves out of the way of whatever was shooting at them. The tower that housed the secondary command center powered up the shield generator, emitting a bright teal field around the base, illuminating the surrounding area. One of the mechs peeked up just enough so that the pilot could see over the wall. He made out several distinct shapes, which the IFF of his mech recognized.

Everything Else / Gmail account got hacked?
« on: July 04, 2011, 10:10:21 am »
This is distressing.
Inherently, my Gmail account has been accessed through a mobile in Turkey, And computers in India and I believe it was Indonesia.
But why? I've got nothing important on my Gmail account. Is there some nefarious purposes this can be used for?
Edit: Yeah, it was a mobile in Turkey, and two computers in India and Indonesia (once through india, twice for indonesia.)

Spore: Creation Corner / Kosmosis: The Krin
« on: June 16, 2011, 08:19:06 pm »
EDIT: Ha ha, I just noticed Necro's race is the Vrin...whoops. Ah well, shouldn't be too big an issue.
The Krin are a semi-biomechanical bipedal race. Their skeleton is of a material somewhat similar to steel. The rest of their body is made of a softer metal that can bend and repair itself, almost like organic material. They have a single eye of varying color, blue being the most common color. They have four fingers on each hand (three fingers and a thumb) and have legs like the back legs of a cat (AKA Digitigrade, I believe). A common Krin stands about 7 feet tall, and weighs about a half ton. Their brains are among the most powerful known computers in existence; You could probably fit the entire massed data of the entire Photos Empire's main frame (which I assure you, is a staggeringly high amount of data) inside one Krin, though it wouldn't have much memory left over. They are protected from forms of computer viruses by a special virus they are programmed with; it has the entire "operating system" of a Krin on it, and if a computer virus or such attempts to damage these, it rewrites the damaged data. Not only that, once it tracks down a foreign program, it rewrites it into itself, making the Protector Virus even more effective. The Krin are very strong and able to lift almost fifty time it's own weight with moderate effort.

The Krin have a government that is somewhat a cross between a republic and a monarchy. The "kings" are elected by the common people. Once they take power, they have much power, though there is a code that they must abide by. Most matters are simply passed by the leader and accepted, however laws such as tax increases and such must be approved by the general public in a majority vote.

The Krin military consists of Krin who are willing to join the army, much like a normal recruitment for any other race. Rather than tedious basic training and such, the Krin are merely uploaded with all the battle tactics and such needed. Physical conditioning is rather unnecessary as, being machines, they do not develop musculature and such, and are always at their physical peak, barring malfunctioning parts. I'm not going to go into specific weapons and such right not, I'm too tired.

I'll do more later, this is just a start.

Ok, I've wanted to do one of these for a while, I hope it plays out.

Speed: Slow
Habitat: Ocean (Sunlight Zone)
Diet: Other SCO's
Size: Microscopic
Senses: N/A
We're a microscopic single-celled organism. Right now all we can do is drift, at the mercy of the ocean. What do we improve first?

(Please excuse my poor art, GIMP isn't exactly my prime device for this, but PAINT just won't cut it here.)


“Ok, listen up! When you hit the ground, things are gonna already be hot! Keep your wits and weapon about you, and you’ll be ok.” Said a Photos lieutenant, standing in front of a plasma screen inside a briefing room. “Surface scans show the current survivors of 2nd platoon are in a heated firefight, and they’re not going to last much longer. For all their skill, these Xylanis Opairis boys can only do so much when they’re on their own. Your pod should land behind this wall here, to keep the fire off you while you disembark.” The screen, showing a live satellite feed of the battlefield, zoomed in on the aforementioned wall. “Give the Opairis elites cover so they can engage in hand-to-hand; the enemy won’t stand a chance.” The lieutenant finished.
“I thought these Opairis troops were supposedly better trained and better equipped than we are. Why are we busting their asses out?” Asked one of the squad members, getting a grim look from the rest of his squad.
“For all their training and equipment, when you’re outnumbered three to one, the advantage disappears. There aren’t even half as many Opairis troops in service today as there are of us. Now then, board up, the pod will drop soon.” The lieutenant explained. With that, the squad got up and prepared to board.
When they were seated inside the drop pod, the hatches were closed, and with a pneumatic hiss, sealed them in from the bay.
“So, Keysis, ready for your first firefight?” Asked the squad leader,
“Ready? I’ve been itching to use this rifle sense I was deployed!” Said the newbie, Keysis,
“That feeling will go away soon enough.” Said Tre’sast, the squad leader.
“Prepare for launch in five…four…three….two…one.” The pod shook violently as it was shot from it’s chute by a trio of electromagnetic rails. For a second, the shaking stopped, as they cleared into space between the dreadnought and the planet below. Then it lurched as the engine kicked into life, shooting them off toward their destination. Once they got through the upper atmosphere, a quad set of retrorockets fired, slowing the pod down to a survivable velocity. Within a matter of seconds it hit the ground with frightening accuracy, sending dust, dirt, and already loose pieces of debris dozens of feet into the air. The harnesses holding the five Photos soldiers released, and they disembarked. Running down the ramp perpendicular to the courtyard wall, the five took cover. Keysis looked behind him, to a two-story building behind them. Plasma blasts and gyro-shells were coming from the window at another building across from it. Tre’sast ran to a break halfway down the wall, about 10 feet from him. He dropped to a crouch, the lower part of the wall covering him. He opened up full automatic on the building with the hostiles, finishing his burst off with a grenade. The rocket-propelled explosive soared into the window and exploded, sending a body and parts of the wall flying out the same window it entered. The heavy weapons expert of the squad, Per’seese, came up to the wall where the lieutenant was, who moved. Per’seese set his Plasma Strike Cannon on the wall slot, using the bipod for stability. He opened up on the building’s windows, trying to keep them from firing back.
“Who the blazes are these guys?” Keysis asked.
“Garan Separatists.” Tre’sast said, pulling back behind the wall after firing a burst from around the corner. “ Those damned rifles of theirs are fully automatic gyrojets. While they don’t have a huge punch, unlike our gyroweapons, they have a gigantic rate of fire, and getting hit will prolly’ incapacitate you. Keep your ass down.” He fired another grenade from his Carbine, the purple missile exploding brilliantly against the wall, crumbling it to the ground and opening one of the separatists to the automatic fire of the PSC. He was rippled by six or seven shots before falling out the opening. Keysis heard a “KISSH-THUNK” behind him. He turned around to see one of the Opairis elites running up from the structure they were occupying.
“Thank the Creator you guys are here. Those accursed Separatists have cut off our armored column down the road, and their walkers are giving our tanks hell. They really should have sent Waratica troops for this.” He said, leaning out and firing a pair of shots from his pistol at the hostile-occupied building. “Listen, put that PSC up in the building, give us suppressive fire. We’ll do the rest.” The Elite said. Per’seese obliged, rising to his feet and folding up the bipod in one fluid movement, before sprinting off into the building. Tre’sast took his place, opening up full automatic again on the building, not letting the Separatists get back into a firing position. A few moments later the distinctive firing of the Plasma Strike Cannon resumed, given away by the stream of teal-blue plasma bolts raining forth from one of the windows in the structure.
The other elites vacated the building and began to charge the structure, using cover and leapfrogging up. Finally, after managing to make it to the entrance, they went in. All shooting stopped from the enemy building. Several autopistol shots were heard, along with screaming and the goring sounds of someone getting hit with an Impulse Sword. Within a few minutes, the Elites emerged, not one of them even the slightest injured.
“Glorious bastards…”Tre’sast said under his breath.

Music / Playing National Anthem at Ballgame
« on: May 17, 2011, 07:56:51 pm »
Not really interesting, but I'll be playing the National Anthem at a baseball game tomorrow with the advanced band at my middle school.
Wish me luck!
...cuz' I'm gonna need it....

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Parasite
« on: April 04, 2011, 06:47:46 pm »
From your crevice above a coolant pipe, you very clearly see a potential host. You could go about that several ways, but either way, you need a host, or you're going to die very soon.  You leap off your perch, hitting him in the head and knocking him out. Now, do you take complete control or attempt to talk him into accepting it? Both options have their advantages and disadvantages...

PC Games / Rebuild
« on: April 03, 2011, 11:09:35 am »
Ok, even though this is a flash game, this is really fun.
Rebuild is a Zombie Apocalypse game where you have to retake a city block by block. You'll need to build farms and such to supply your survivors with food, and you can find survivors and supplies as you scavenge.
In order to expand your base, you'll need to "reclaim" buildings; in order to do this, you must do a few Kill missions to lower the zombie count until it is safe enough for the reclaim option to become available. Then you can have your builders reclaim it, where they will expand the base walls around that block, adding it to your base.
You need to build farms to feed your survivors, and suburbs/apartments to house them. You can reclaim/build Laboratories to research different things that will help, such as binoculars, zombie anatomy, ect ect.
Sometimes (and pretty frequently by late game) you will be attacked by zombies. In order to defend against this, you will need to station guards at a police station or reinforced mall. You only start with one soldier garrisoned; the more you garrison, the higher your defense. If there are too many zombies they can penetrate your defenses, and either nothing will happen, a survivor will die, or worst of all, they'll overrun that block and you'll have to reclaim it AGAIN. Also, every so often, you'll get hit by huge mobs of zombies that will be up to 7 turns away (I got hit by 80 zombies once  :o)
There are four endings to the game, I got the one where you draft a new constitution at City Hall which somehow wins the game (yeah, like that's really gonna stop the zombies T.T) I believe one of the endings is where all your blocks get overrun and taken over by the zombies. I reached the constitution ending on Day 211 (Days are the turns), playing the hacked version. The unhacked version will presumably take a small amount longer.
EDIT: Yeah, everyone dying is another ending XD
That's a little bit about the game, but it's really fun.
(That is the unhacked version, if you want to play the hacked version, there's a little red link on the page beneath an ad)

PC Games / Anyone know of any RTS's with customizable units?
« on: April 02, 2011, 07:46:55 pm »
Customizable units is something I always liked. Being able to, say, take a tank and attach a few new weapons and some armor, and actually have it show up.
Problem is, I can't think of any. The closest games I can think of are Warzone 2100 and Space Empires V.
Well, Warzone 2100 isn't exactly my type of RTS, focuses waay to much on micromanagement, and SEV is a 4x.

Spore: Creation Corner / The Phitire
« on: April 02, 2011, 06:17:37 pm »
For anyone (mainly Guests) not up-to-date on Photos events, the Phitire are the ancestors of the Photos race, having created the Photos to stand in their place protecting Origin. Much of Photos culture and language comes from the Phitire, secretly programmed into their DNA on such a level it's almost impossible to discover.
While at their height, the Phitire had a glorious empire. Today, however, they are nomadic, inhabiting a moderate fleet of ships a short distance from Origin's edge. The majority of their populace resides in a gigantic spacecraft known as the Preserver. The Preserver manufactures and supplies the rest of the Phitire fleet.

The Phitire were one of the first races to become sentient in Origin. They expanded rapidly, without any true contact with another sentient race. Their cities prospered; colossal structures clawed their way several hundred feet into the air, and poverty was quite literally nonexistant. In Phitire Year 2357, almost two hundred years after they colonized their first world, they made contact. One of their exploratory fleets came upon a colony of a race called the Oohomi [ooh-huME]. The two races were both peaceful and had similar perspective; they rapidly became allies. From the Oohomi they learned that there were quite a number of races in the galaxy. Everything was peaceful and quiet. The many races traded and communicated with eachother unthreatened. Weapons and militaries as a whole were primitive. This state went on for about another 100 years or so.
Well, for the sentence before last, that's not completely true.
One empire had spent almost it's entire existence developing weapons. It's dream was to bring the entire galaxy under it's flag. This race was the Shadow.
...And soon, their goal would almost be met.

PC Games / Can't log into Steam account?
« on: March 19, 2011, 10:23:38 am »
It's wierd.
I try to log into my steam account to play Garry's Mod. I type in my name and password. It appears to take it and the login screen disapears for a sec. Then it opens again with the password space blank. I did this about three times. Just to check, I logged into my friend's steam account (We share accounts) and it logged in just fine. So now I'm starting to get a little worried. Was I hacked? Could he be playing in offline mode and that be causing a confliction?

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