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although it is out for the PC i think they should make a spore for the Wii and PS33 and 360 and not the spore for DS kinda game but like the game for the PC. It really makes more sense now considering how many glitches and problems and error there are for the game, it would be so much better if they make it for the Wii PS3 and XBOX 360

Spore: General / spore wont start
« on: December 29, 2008, 11:11:49 am »
see we got spore for Christmas and it installed just fine but then when we clicked on the shortcut nothing happened. This is what happened at first but then later we tried and an error popped up say "we are sorry spore has encountered a problem" or something alon those lines. We have tried ALOT of things and did some research but nothing worked here is a list

reinstalled in safe mode
ran as administrater
removed cc (creature creator)
most everything said on the internet
checked for minimal requirements (which we exceeded greately considering we got a recent computer update)
and gone to SporeApp.exe and tried opening from there

we have a desktop windows xp with plenty of extra space and all requirements as mentioned earlier
if you want anymore information i will tell you to the best of my knowledge PLZZ HELP

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