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                           The first steps

The Explorer, a Kelnor class ship fitted with more sensors than a Dual science vessel, was ready for takeoff.
All crew was on board and ready. The engines of the ship ignited and slowly the ship started rising. Dust was
flying from the rocky ground as the push of the engines strengthened. Soon the ship was in orbit and the course
was set for the Hole. The newest version of the FTL drive was faster than expected and the flight to the Hole
was relatively uneventful. While flying through the hole however, the electronics acted oddly and a small increase
in the O-Drive used to drive away the storms had a small increase in power need. Things worsened while going deeper
until the ship finally flew out of the other side. The O-Drive started heating up quickly while energy consumption turned to
zero. It was quickly ejected. The explosion created an E.M.P strong enough to take out the ships electronics.
The ship was slowly being pulled towards the explosion, it had caused a strong gravity field.

Spore: Creation Corner / The Cerapa-Krenomis
« on: November 17, 2008, 11:13:43 am »

(credits to Gauphastus for the picture)

The Cerapa-Krenomis(also called just Cer) are an insectoid race(common drone pictured above) that have a queen similarly to ants. They are however a mix of organic(Cerapa) and inorganic life(Krenomis). And are called by their different names when talking about a part of them. They live mostly underground and need a magnetic field to live.


The Cerapa is the organic counterpart. They heavily use metals in the construction of their bones and nervous system. Due to of that they are extremely heavy. They have an endoskeleton all across their body to support that weight and have an exoskeleton in most parts for protection. Before they learned to mine they had to hunt a local creature called a Greller, for its metal.


(The Krenomis under a microscope)

The Krenomis are are semi-crystal beings. Their state is easily changed between energy and crystals and appear to be partly phased out into another dimension. They are capable of transforming other other forms of energy into their own. They are however very unstable and require matter to be within and can only be supported by metals. They are in full control over their own magnetic fields and can use it to propel themselves. By communicating they can get huge amounts of processing power.

Solar system

(The inner solar system)
The solar system is quite unstable. Occasionally powerful "hyperspace storms" show up. They are odd events that create a lens effect in hyperspace causing entire ships to be torn apart when hyperspace based FTL travel is used. They also have odd effects on Kerapa and are blamed on a giant ancient omega-drive withing the core of the sun.

Endok is the solar systems sun. Its orbited by numerous solar powered satellites that monitor its state.

Mar is the closest planet to the sun and the hottest. It is fully colonized by Cer. The colony started as a small station to watch over the satellites.

Arkad is the homeworld of the Cer. It has a very powerful magnetic field and a relatively low gravity. The planet is rich with metals and water. It is almost fully a giant city with small biospheres for food production. It also houses an omega-drive in its core to counter the effects of the o-drive in the sun.

Is a gas giant, consisting mostly of hydrogen and is believed to have been pulled off Endok by another star

Korai means hell in their language. The planet has powerful earthquakes regularly and due to of its proximity to Corra it is constantly bombarded by meteors. Its is extremely cold. Altough its extremely rich composition is tempting, it only houses an unmanned surveillance post as full mining operations could cost lives.

Corra asteroid belt
The Corra belt surrounds the whole inner solar system. It is so thick that it keeps all of the light in and out. It is highly prized for its minerals and because it effectively cloaks the entire solar system.

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