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Spore: Creation Corner / Warjen Commerce Tower
« on: March 27, 2006, 10:54:59 am »
I decided to be different, instead of showing my creature idea(s) first I thought I'd start with some buildings and such. My apologies for the tiny Paint image, but my scanner bit the big one recently. The top image is a top-down image of the tower, the bottom is side-on.

The Warjen evolved from tool-using tree-dwellers, who relied on the Tree's height to protect their homes, and used hollows in the trunks to hide supplies from the many ground-dwelling predators that abound on their world. As a result, throughout their history the Warjen have preferred to construct their buildings on large pillars or bases which elevate them from the ground. While technology has progressed these structures' height and security has become more dramatic, culminating in designs such as the Commerce tower.

The most striking feature of the Commerce tower is it's base. Taking up fully half it's 1000 Sl height, the base is completely sealed by a polished metal casing which makes accessing the interior from ground-level or climbing the walls all but impossible. There are no portals in the base's lower surface, only the 2 vent areas on the upper rim and the top of the tower are open. Inside the base are the computer server rooms, vaults, generators, and other sensitive equipment used by the merchants who own the tower.

At the top of the base is the Park, a secure greenspace. Most Commerce towers have uniquely landscapped parks, to set them off from the rest: in this example a flat, featureless grassland represents that area. The park also features the Tower's Pad, a platform for the VTOL aircraft used for commuting to land/take-off from. It can also accommodate the Commercial Dirigibles used to transport cargo or large numbers of commuters, though only one at a time. Directly underneath is the garage which can accommodate employee and guest vehicles up to a maximum of 400.

Rising above the Park are the sub-towers used by the merchants as office and meeting spaces. Like the Park, each of Commerce Tower has a unique subtower configuration, though Federal Law mandates that they all feature the finned electromagnetic air filters on the highest tower to offset pollution.

Many similar designs exist to the Commerce Tower and can be seen in most Warjen Cities. Residence towers often forsake most of the parkland for more sub-tower apartment space. Industrial towers usually have multiple pads and few or no towers, as the security of the Base is preferred for valuable resources. Ironically the real security of Modern Towers may only be skin deep, as for the past 300 years most if not all Towers are tied into subterranean sewer and utility networks.

Movies / Peter Jackson does HALO????
« on: October 05, 2005, 08:42:07 am »

Movies / Serenity
« on: October 03, 2005, 09:56:41 am »
I loved this movie. I lved it so much I saw it TWICE in one weekend, something I haven't done since, well, ever. Go see, go see it soon! Tell your friends and Family to go see it. Tell anyone you know thats ever considered sitting outside Skywalker Ranch holding a "Give me back my money, Lucas" sign to go see it. Go now!

Books / Don't conquer the known Universe without it.
« on: August 29, 2005, 10:28:44 am »
The Conquest of Gaul - Gaius Julius Caeasar
The Civil War - Gaius Julius Caeasar

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