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PC Games / 7 Days to Die
« on: March 16, 2014, 08:10:29 pm »
This is a pretty fun, currently early-access Alpha game that I've been playing and I can't find anything on the forums about it here, so I figured I'd raise awareness. You can get it on Steam right now, and I've made a few videos about it onyoutube channel if any of you are interested in seeing up-to-date gameplay because the devs update fairly often. They're also notable for being directly in contact with the community. Anyone else heard about this game?


Go play it, it's only a few megabytes of download. You choose dialogue options laid over a still image. Simple, but very good game.

    Eukaryota - The Game of Directed Evolution

    Generation 1: Eukaryota primii

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, on a planet not quite unlike our own, life has developed. Bacteria, at first, simple prokaryotes... but now, something has changed. Something life-changing. The first Eukaryote has been born, Eukaryota primii. To make it easier on us, we'll just call it "Euk" for now. Euk has a plasma membrane, a nucleus, and ribosomes. That's about it. It is unable to move on its own or pursue prey, however, its large size compared to surrounding bacteria means that it ultimately consumes these bacteria and other food particles through endocytosis when they make contact with the plasma membrane. Euk also reproduces through a primitive form of mitosis, by producing quite a few copies of its DNA, dissolving the nucleus, and then basically hoping that the daughter cells each receive a complete copy of the genome as Euk divides. Typically they do, but the process isn't perfect. Any extra copies of its DNA are then simply recycled post-mitosis.

    Currently, Euk is the top dog "predator" in its ecosystem, as its massive size (ten times as large as a standard bacterium) means it is essentially uneatable. However, it is only a matter of time before this position is lost, as evolution takes its course, both in Euk's offspring, and in its bacterial prey...

    Eukaryota's Stats:
    • Diet: Bacteria, Food Particles
    • Reproduction: Primitive, Haphazard Mitosis
    • Habitat: Medium-Depth Water
    • Population: 10/10 (Population is essentially a measure of the successfulness of Euk, from 1, nearly extinct, to 10, top dog.)
    • Size: 10 Standard Bacterial Lengths
    • Speed: Dependent on Flow of Water, Immotile (Zero)
    • Intelligence: 0
    • Senses: Basic Chemical Senses
    • Abilities: None

    Generation Index
    Generation 1
    Generation 2
    Generation 3
    Generation 4
    Generation 5
    Generation 6
    Generation 7
    Generation 8
    Generation 9
    Generation 10


    There don't seem to be a lot of people here, but I figured I'd see if anyone might have an interest in such a thing. It would involve population, controlling the markets, etc.

    Spore: Creation Corner / [KSM]The Daeluush
    « on: June 23, 2011, 02:15:27 am »
    The Daeluush

    placeholder for image to possibly be made at some point in time

    The Daeluush are a race of naturally armored humanoids, with an exoskeleton made of layers of tiles of calcium carbonate, like the shells of mollusks. Their race is composed of two genders, but the great majority of their species never reproduce. For the Daeluush, females work, breed, and fight, while males command the workers, the breeders, and the soldiers, all organized into feudal societies.

    Basic Physiology

    Their heights and weight vary greatly depending on their Caste, with the males generally being the largest, tallest, and strongest, while the workers are often the smallest, shortest, and weakest. Their heights usually range from half a meter in height to two meters in height, and weights vary wildly. Their exoskeletons are usually white or greyish, and they distinguish themselves from each other by intricate tattoos and paints for the high Castes, to simple markings for the low Castes. When properly fed, a Daeluush can easily live for two hundred years, being fairly well protected from environmental threats and pathogens by their exoskeleton, and some of the oldest Daeluush on record have lived to their five hundredth birthday. However, most Daeluush perish to war, famine, and accidents before they turn fifty.

    Basic History

    In the far distant past, the Daeluush once lived in hives, under the pheromone command of their Queens. Drones once lived to do nothing but mate with the Queen, while the Workers dug out the hive, tended the fields and the young, and the Soldiers defended the hive. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, this simple harmony ended with the first Drone Uprising. Tired of their boring, simple lives and the commands of the Queens, the Drones began to overthrow and suppress the Queens. Thus ended the Age of Queens, and began the Age of Kings. Since then, the males have asserted total dominance, put an end to hives, begun using multiple Breeders to create soldiers and workers, developed language and technology, and organized themselves into the present feudal structure.

    Basic Society

    The Daeluush have been organized into a feudal society almost ever since the first Queens were overthrown, with the toughest male asserting itself as King, and the next toughest calling themselves Lords, along with their servants, the Knights(these terms are used to avoid having to learn what the different Daeluush words are). However, there has never been any chivalry or honor involved with this system, and a Lord names his Knights himself while the King chooses Knights of his own. As a feudal society, war is almost an ever-present reality.

    All Daeluush are first sorted into the different Castes; Breeders, Soldiers, and Workers. Once, all Daeluush were instantly categorized as Workers, until it became obvious they were better suited for other purposes. Now, Daeluush are genetically sorted at laying, and moved to different storage areas for each Caste. If a Daeluush is found unsuitable for any Caste, their egg is destroyed and used as fertilizer for the fungi fields.

    Within each Caste, there are different Subcastes, such as the Builders and Farmers of the Workers and the Infantry and Pilots of the Soldiers, followed by Professions such as Engineer and Architect. Placement into Subcastes and Professions is determined by tests.

    The only way a Daeluush may "rise" in the Caste system is by entering a Knighthood under a Lord or King, and it is almost totally unheard of for a female to be chosen for a Knight, and illegal for a female to be a Lord or King. The command structure of the Daeluush is hierarchal, starting at the High King who commands all of the Daeluush (there is hardly ever a true High King in existence), followed by Kings of countries, planets, etc, then Lords of cities and such, then Knights who perform a myriad of command roles.

    Basic Reproduction

    Any Daeluush female has the potential to reproduce, but it is illegal to do so without the consent of their Lord or King, as Daeluush Queens(Mates of a King) and Ladies(Mates of a Lord) lay millions of eggs a year. Queens and Ladies are carefully selected by Kings and Lords because of this fact, or else the population would run out of control. Once a female is chosen to reproduce, she is moved to a comfortable area where she usually spends the rest of her life, forms a very long and often thick egg sac which is usually led through a hole in a wall, and out into a factory facility where the eggs drop onto conveyor belts to undergo screening and testing, then sorted to their different storage areas based on Caste.

    Love is a foreign thing to the Daeluush, and selection of mates never occurs based on love. Queens and Ladies are always selected based on genetics or politics, and Kings and Lords often maintain more than one Queen or Lady. Typically, a Lord will keep at least one Lady for Soldiers and one Lady for Workers, both genetically selected to produce the best offspring for their respective Castes, while Kings will often maintain as many Queens and offspring as they can feed. To the Daeluush, there is always strength in numbers, so Kings and Lords usually acquire as many soldiers and workers as they can maintain. Obviously, this has led to numerous population problems, despite tight population controls, and famine occurs regularly.

    Table of Contents

    Console Games / Dead Space 2
    « on: February 22, 2011, 06:22:18 pm »
    I just finished this game, and I have to say it's simply amazing. In fact, it beats the living **** out of a Halo, it's so amazing. The internal struggle of Isaac, the insanity, the suspense, action. From the very beginning it's a fight for survival. I didn't get past maybe the first level of Dead Space, but I think Visceral Games has really hit a bull's eye with this game.

    Your character has died, slaughtered along with their friends and family, their homes burned to the ground. But they will not be able to rest peacefully in the afterlife, as a strange man or creature has ensnared them before they could pass over. This creature has promised resurrection and immense power, power enough to wreak their revenge on their killers, if only your character would sign a simple contract...

    This is the premise of the Legends of Aeternia RP. I would be the GM, and generally direct the story, but allow for sidequests or distractions and whatnot. Please, opinions, interest, anything. I'd take character submissions and probably pick up to five, maybe more, characters.

    This would be the character template:
    Age: (Try to do a range of 18 to 24, aiming for young characters)
    Bio: (Try to detail their life in Carwin, a small settlement in the Roman-like nation of Tirendal, or how they came to it, whatever. They cannot have any special skills for the moment. Make note of any parents, siblings, because these were killed in front of your character.)

    Storytelling and Roleplaying / The Emperor's Quest(Working Title)(RP)(OOC)
    « on: November 23, 2010, 06:48:24 pm »
    I'm looking for people interested in a RP game wherein I am gamemaster, in the sense that I control most if not all of the NPCs. The players shall control one, and only one, character. Through the control of NPCs, I will direct the story along a general course, so that the story can be far more coherent than normal RPs. I will only be playing NPCs, and not a Hero/PC. I may, however, offer up a few Semi-Heroes as cannon fodder to go along with the party now and then.

    Now that that's explained, I can get to the general background/purpose. The Emperor will call upon your character for a special task(or series of tasks), which is the main thing you need to know, and that you cannot have a character that is not of Men. The following information is good to read though;

    The Emperor has reigned for centuries, ever since he led Man against the Shades during the Twilight War, forcing the Shades back to the Twilight from which they came, and saving the world from destruction around Old Calendar 1000. With the Twilight War won, the Emperor took absolute control of a people glad to have such a great ruler, and to have achieved total unity with one another. From this point forward, the modern calendar marks this date as the 1st Year of Unification, or 1 U.Y.

    Since then, the Emperor has led Man against all other peoples on the continent, driving the Elves into exile, enslaving the Dwarves, and utterly crushing all other sapient peoples who were unable to hide from His armies. Despite some anger on the part of pointy-ear-lovers and midget-huggers, the Racial Wars finally ended, with few civilian casualties on the part of Men, around a century later.

    The Emperor has reigned since then until the present day, 247 U.Y. The Empire has changed significantly since He Ascended to the Throne, with massive cities forming, a road network stretching throughout the continental Empire, a network of teleportation nodes that can carry the average citizen (for a small fee) to any other node, and many other advancements having appeared.

    Despite having been the absolute ruler of Man for 247 years, the Emperor is still incredibly mysterious. Few Men alive these days have ever held a direct audience with Him, and it is considered the greatest honor to speak directly to Him, and unbelievable that anyone would get to shake the man's hand. Those who have, say their meetings with Him were surreal, and that his "Aura of Serenity" actually exists, calming their minds, and relaxing them. They also say the man apparently hasn't aged a day since he first appeared. As for how the Emperor does what he does, historians cite many instances where He has continually pulled out new tricks or spells, crushing a resistance with ease, or settling a huge conflict between two very powerful families, but exactly how He has continued to unveil new abilities is unknown. Most historians simply write these off as the spells of some kind of Arch Warlock, and His immortality as a side-effect of His immense power.

    So, with that finished, are there any takers? I'd much prefer a small team of 3-6, who won't disappear without warning.

    Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / The Course of History: Mili Nunti
    « on: October 31, 2010, 08:41:28 pm »
    The Course of History: Mili Nunti
    An Unseen Guide

    For billions of years, the twin worlds of Athera and Venera swirled around each other, slowly orbiting the star to be called Magnus. Crystalline life, one of the rarest forms of life, had arisen on them, and annihilated simpler life. Yet, this was not by accident, nor coincidence, as the doctrines of evolution might hold. It was by the action of an ancient artificial satellite locked between the two worlds that the crystal came to dominate.

    There was no record or knowledge of its existence anywhere in the galaxy. It appeared as the twin worlds form, and it would promptly disappear once its mission was complete. It seeded Athera and Venera with crystalline life, and by some unknown power stored within its hull, orchestrated the extinction of ordinary carbon life. This entity, though without a formal name, would be called many things by the Mili Nunti, most of them simply meaning "God," and it would decide their course of history. Cloaked, hidden from prying Nunti eyes, it was still ever present, its actions felt across the worlds.

    Now, its efforts had begun to yield fruits, as the Mili Nunti arose in tribal gatherings across Athera. Venera was another story, a story for later, but an important piece of the puzzle, thought the God. Its first choice now was to decide which Nunti were to be favored: Those who made their homes within the ice, or those who wandered the surface as nomads?

    Spore: Creation Corner / Mili Nunti
    « on: October 25, 2010, 01:34:34 pm »
    The Mili Nunti

    Everything You Need To Know In Only Two Paragraphs!: The Mili Nunti are crystalline beings that originate from the planet Athera, which is part of a binary planetary system. Athera and Venera shine incredibly brightly, as they are both covered with crystalline plant life, and neither is rarely darker than dusk, as each reflects sunlight onto each others darker sides. They are generally referred to as Nuntus when separate, Nunti in groups, and Mili Nunti as an entire race. They absolutely detest being called Common, and are fiercely individualistic. If you strip them of their individuality, they'll likely go crazy. Their Core, or heart, or brain, or whatever you want to call it, glows so brightly it appears to be a solid ball of light within their body, and the rest of their body lightly shimmers. Mili Nunti all originate from an Ancestor Tree, which determines their lifespans, and determines their personality tendencies, with a little influence from their Harvester, or parent.

    Mili Nunti are primarily an assembly of crystal and iron, the iron being used as electromagnets so that these magnetic tendons can be pulled by a complex configuration of electromagnets that make up Nunti 'muscles', allowing for motion. Their body is like a very rough, stout, and muscular humanoid, with the Core housed in the chest, and the "head" very slender and streamlined, with two eyes like a hammerhead shark at the end.

    Table of Contents
    First Post Below - Physical Aspects and Links - Contains the basic information on the physical structures, leads to all posts dealing with the physical nature of Mili Nunti.
    Second Post Below - Mental/Cultural and Links - Contains the basic psychological information of Mili Nunti, leads to all posts dealing with the mental/cultural nature of Mili Nunti.
    Third Post Below - Other Information and Links - Essentially the misc. category, current contains information on the Atheran System, Athera, and Venera.

    Spore: Creation Corner / You Guide What is to be My New Critter!
    « on: October 19, 2010, 05:26:35 pm »
    Raz is returning, friends, with a reconfigured attitude and perspective! I'm looking to help bolster the Creature Corner once more, this time using only a creature, but this one shall have your influence! Look upon the poll, vote, and decide the form and fate of my creation!

    Our Homeworld(s?)

    Planet Type: Two Frozen Worlds Orbiting Each Other
    Atmosphere: Automatically a Terran Nitrogen/Oxygen

    The Stellar System

    0-Sol-Like Star(Chosen by me to maintain a relation to Earth)
    1-Rocky-Medium-Lava Hell
    2-Rocky-Tiny-Lava Hell
    3-Rocky-Massive-Rocky, Leaning Lava Hell
    4-Rocky-Tiny-Rocky, Earth-like Terrestrial World
    //-Massive Asteroid Belt
    5-Gas Giant-Large
    //-Large Asteroid Belt
    6&7-Rocky-Medium(Homeworld)-Frozen World
    //-Medium Asteroid Belt
    8-Gas Giant-Massive
    9-Gas Giant-Tiny
    10-Gas Giant-Tiny
    11-Gas Giant-Large

    Storytelling and Roleplaying / A Civilization to Stand the Test of Time
    « on: August 20, 2010, 10:35:39 pm »
    A Civilization to Stand the Test of Time

    In this game, you will be voting and expressing your opinion of what our civilization will do. I am playing this within Civilization 4: Beyond the Sword, with the mod called Rise of Mankind. There will be 25 civilizations including ours, all of which will be run by me. I will write the talks and such between the various civilizations and ours, weaving a story using Civ as the representation, as well as creating stories within our civilization for various reasons. Various non-Civilization mechanics will be used by me, such as one unit per square, limits on military size based on population, number of strategic resources limiting the amount of units that can exist that use that resource, and others. These have yet to be set entirely in stone.

    Game Mechanics(Subject to Change)

    1 Military Unit per Square
    1 Population supports 1 Military Unit
    1 Resource supports 20 Units that Use It

    Index of Updates

    Our Most Glorious Leader!
    This is Our Time!
    The Amaebe People of Amaetria
    1: 4000 B.C. - 3880 B.C.
    2: 3880 B.C. - 3460 B.C.

    Storytelling and Roleplaying / Dan Marlin; Jail Break
    « on: August 08, 2010, 06:27:57 pm »
    Index of Updates
    1: Sour Freedom(This post)
    2: To Free or Not To Free
    3: Jail Break

    1: Sour Freedom

    A screen flickers in front of a man who can't look away from it, who is sitting in an extremely uncomfortable chair in which he cannot move, floating in the middle of a void of darkness in which nothing exists except the chair, the screen, and himself. The screen plays a happy melody as it snaps to a picture of Earth, blue and green and pristine, "Earth was the land of our ancestors, said to be beyond beauty and full of life..."

    The image of Earth begins to subtly shift at first, the lights of cities beginning to show on its surface, the slow disappearance of some green from its surface and the slight extension of some deserts, but the changes quickly increase rapidly, until the green and blue are practically gone from Earth's image, replaced by a muck of grey, "Unfortunately, the ancestors were foolish and unwise. They destroyed their home, the most valuable planet in the galaxy, forcing their children to search for a new home..."

    The screen zoomed out to a view of the galaxy, dimmed slightly, with only one very tiny and dim pinpoint of light marking Earth. Slowly, but surely, more lights began to appear spreading out from Earth, as a counter in the top right began to quickly count the years, until the lights of humanity had spread across the galaxy and began to brighten. The counter stopped at 7,241 A.E, causing the screen to speak once more, "Over seven millennia since the Exodus from Earth, leadership of the Colonies had often been splintered and, without an able body of government to prevent the wars that helped to destroy Earth, Colonial Wars were not a rare sight..."

    The image became one full with red arrows indicating invasions, culminating in a series of massive explosions denoting antimatter bombs used on some of the most brilliant lights in the galaxy. The brilliant lights disappeared entirely from the galaxy as the screen spoke once more, "The Colonial Wars resulted in the total destruction of the five most populous worlds in the galaxy, rare gems very similar to Earth, but the deaths of the billions that lived on these worlds were not to be forgotten, as humanity had finally realized its mistakes, and decided to form together under one body of government..."

    The galaxy was replaced with a flag that held a simplified black galaxy on a white background, "They allied under the leadership of the Colonies of Man, which is composed of the Senate and the Assembly. Under CoM leadership, humanity had flourished, " the lights of humanity brightened on the screen as the counter skipped ahead to 7,562 A.E., "More than three centuries of wonderful prosperity have ensued under our leadership. CoM has even revitalized the cradle of humanity, cleaning Earth and bringing it back to its state of perfection, moving the capital of humanity back to its homeland. Things have never looked better. There is no need to worry about the future, because CoM is her-"
    The man is suddenly pulled out of the void.

    In the real world, he falls out of a cryogenics pod, and blinks a few times as his eyes adjust to the light of the ship he's on. Two people wearing power armor stand next to him, and as one helps him to his feet, a feminine voice emanates from the armored soldier helping him, "Did you like your stay in CoM prison, sir?" As he stands, muscles bristle beneath his grey jumpsuit, revealing a body that certainly has to have had some form of growth hormones applied to it, "Hell no. I think I lost my mind in there... watching that damn video over and over. It's mind numbing, worse than the ridiculous junk they play on the Net. I swear to God if I ever hear the words "wonderful" and "prosperity" used together again I'm going to kill whomever said them. How long was I in there?"

    The two soldiers turn their helmets and look at each other for a moment, glowing red sensors marking the location of their eyes, before looking back at the man who has begun to shiver from the cold. A much deeper and masculine voice sounded from the other soldier, "Uh... almost a year. CoM made sure to hide you well, and you haven't been exactly easy to bust out. We lost a lot of men in the retreat, and morale was completely broken. It's just the three of us now, Dan. The Revolution is dead...

    Dan breathed deeply for a moment and thought about things, wondering what to do and what to say. These people had relied upon him for years, fighting those tyrants. But their efforts did never seem to make a dent in the beast that was CoM. And now he'd been absent from the galaxy nearly a year. Everyone must think he was dead. Dan quietly considered what Mackie said for a moment, trying to decide what to say.

    Okay, Civilization idea turned out to have a few kinks in the planning despite being rather fun to play, so I'd figure I'd do a naturally simple game of Dwarf Fortress before the new release.

    The location that won:

    Location B

    The embark build that won, with some slight modifications:

    Build B: Basic Peasant

    +Unskilled dwarves.

    Current Roster, only Nicknamed Dwarves

    Miner - Kratok KIA-1
    Carpenter - Plank of Wood KIA-1
    Mason - Hellhound KIA-0
    Farmer - Haseri KIA-0
    Wood Burner - Badger KIA-0
    Record Keeper - Razonatair KIA-1
    Crafter - Detoxicated KIA-1 Unreplaced
    Gem Cutter - KrakowSAM(By earlier request)
    Mason - Summoner KIA-1 Unreplaced
    Carpenter - Yuu KIA-0
    Engraver - Flamester KIA-0

    Most Recent Episode's Post Here!

    Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / [AC] Vantry "Economic Issues"
    « on: January 16, 2010, 07:11:09 pm »
    Alpha Quadrant, Sector (2,2), Deep Space near the Tapnam System, Days after the contracts with Retrem and Altair were signed

    The Altcom Skycutter suddenly dropped out of warp, bombarded by messages on the Altcom frequency. Claudin X was called into the cockpit by the pilot, and he listened to the various messages, and released they were the same message, being played at the same time, except they were at different points of the message. He told the pilot to fix it, and the computer soon aligned the messages into something comprehensible, "...Claudin IX is dead. All of Altcom's wealth, and that of other Fran Corporations, has been transferred to Claudin X. Many are hunting Claudin X, determined to kill him. Others seek his wealth. The Council wants him arrested. One thing is known; Trust no one and uphold the plan..."

    Claudin was suddenly thrust into a strange, dangerous, and confusing situation. On one hand, some of the CEOs of other corporations who had had their money stolen were now bloodthirsty, and wanted his head. On the other hand, the government wanted him dead. It would be almost impossible to get through Vantry Beta and down onto the surface, but Claudin also knew this tactic of multiple messages that seemed to be nothing more than maddening static. It was a tactic his father used, learned from his father's childhood friend, Dentreve. Only Dentreve would be one to be loyal to Claudin under any circumstances, both as his godfather and his friend. So Claudin copied this tactic, hoping Dentreve was listening, "I am here. There is no way through Vantry Beta, I must remain in deep space, hidden. Contracts have been signed, the navy and armies are growing. Everything is going to plan."

    Alpha Quadrant, Sector(2,2), Tapnam System, Ahm, One Week Later

    The sudden and extreme, complete loss of wealth by the Fran Corporations caused a massive economic upheaval as dozens of Corporations suddenly went bankrupt, and billions were suddenly unemployed. The great masses of the hungry were further starved by the loss of the greatest agricultural Corporation in Vantry history, Food-For-Thought Inc., which had held a near-monopoly at its height. The government was overwhelmed by the economic refugees, and often couldn't distribute enough food to the needy, let alone non-existent jobs. As to questions of how it occurred, no one in-the-know was willing to talk, as it might cause a panic. Who would want the suddenly starving public to know about a psychologically unstable Jergo with untold amounts of wealth at his control? They might lose it, or worse, join him.

    Meanwhile, the Council had been hunting Claudin X with ruthlessness, interrogating and torturing anyone with connections to him. When a warp signature was registered beyond the Tapnam system's limits, warships were sent after it, but they found nothing, as Claudin was hidden among the asteroids. Increasingly frustrated and panicking more and more every day that went by without Claudin in custody, or more preferably, dead, the Council completely clamped down on the media. The media merely referred to the current situation as "Economic Issues." In reality, it was a worst case scenario; a greedy Vantry with a huge amount of money, and connections to the highest Vantry family.

    However, Dentreve, a Dar'Gra that stuck to his 'dark' heritage, was crawling through the underworld, buying off hundreds of disgruntled officers in the Military to the Corporate side, informing the various Generals that they it wouldn't be long before they were to begin moving their forces, and giving false information to rogue journalists in the media. He spread the word of "Claudin" across Ahm, as hungry Vantry everywhere whispered the name as if he would be their savior, not realizing that it was his father who caused this mess. Suspicion of the government grew, but the suddenly poorer aspects of the public remained silent, though they were a growing bomb with a fuse that was shortening.

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