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Spore: Creation Corner / UFO King's Planet Classification System
« on: September 27, 2011, 06:14:01 pm »
UFO King's Planet Classification System

Class A: Rocky body not massive enough to form itself into a spherical shape. [Asteroids]
Class A-1: Spherical body that is nonetheless surrounded in a belt of other rocky objects and thus a dwarf planet. [Ceres]

Class B: Icy body not massive enough to form itself into a spherical shape. [Kuiper Belt Objects]
Class B-1: Spherical body that is nonetheless surrounded in a belt of other icy objects and thus a dwarf planet. [Pluto]

Class C: Comet. [Halley's Comet]

Class D: "Carbon" or "diamond" planet, rocky and rich in carbon. Unremarkable in any other major characteristics. [Antor IV]

Class E: Oxygen-silicate planet, terrestrial and rocky but abundant in oxygen/silicon derivatives while poorer in carbon. Unremarkable in any other major characteristics. [Gliese 581 e]

Class F: Volcanic planet. May be due to natural geological activity or gravitational stress. [Io]

Class I: Composed of an iron-rich core with little to no mantle. Denser and smaller than other terrestrial planets on average. [Mercury]

Class J: Gas giant.
Class J-1: Ammonia clouds. [Jupiter]
Class J-2: Water vapor clouds. [47 Ursae Majoris b]
Class J-3: No clouds. [Neptune]
Class J-4: Alkali metals. [Osiris]
Class J-5: Silicate clouds. [Bellerophon]

Class K: Chthonian planet. Formerly a gas giant, now only its core remains. Could be due to massive impact(s) from other orbiting bodies or hydrodynamic escape. [Kepler-10b]

Class L: Capable of supporting life. Subclasses often overlap with other classes, but overrule them.
Class L-Genesis: Supports/can support some sort of life, but only in primitive microbial forms. [Mars]
Class L-Common: Terrestrial, supports carbon-based life with an oxygen atmosphere and water as a solvent. Typically within average temperature. [Earth]

Class M: Rocky, has some significant traces of ice whether surface or underground. Incapable of supporting advanced life. [Luna]

Class N: Cold and rocky, possesses both ice and significant quantities of other frozen substances like nitrogen. [Triton]

Class O: Surface is completely covered in water.
Class O-1: Orbits star closely, surface temperatures are extremely hot and water vapor is prevalent. May possess an unclear dividing line between air and liquid. [COROT-7b]
Class O-2: Surface is covered in a vast ocean of liquid water with few or no extreme anomalies. [Calla]
Class O-3: Entirely covered in solid ice, no liquid water whatsoever. [Mimas]
Class O-4: Surface is covered in a layer of ice, but another layer of liquid water exists below. [Europa]

Class T: Terrestrial planet blanketed in a thick atmosphere of gases that give rise to a global cooling effect. Liquid methane exists on the surface. [Titan]

Class V: Terrestrial world with a thick atmosphere of greenhouse gases. Surface temperature is extremely hot. [Venus]

Class W: Rogue planet, drifts through space and does not orbit a star. [Brithora]

Class X: Orbits a pulsar. Completely dead and constantly bathed in radiation. [Methuselah]

Class Y: Ecumenopolis. Fully one third or more of the planet is covered in a gigantic, sprawling metropolis. [Coruscant]

Class Z: Artificial space station so immense it's been rounded to compensate for gravitational forces. [Death Star]

And there you have it! A new innovational system for classifying various planets, moons, and other orbital bodies.

I've gotta know, though - Should the examples all be from the Gaming Steve Galaxy? I wouldn't mind seeing Nauceanica as the textbook example of L-Common, but Whiro and Korolon aren't as memorable or well-known as Venus and Jupiter.

Oh, and there's intentionally space left blank: Feel free to make well-thought out suggestions to me! And if you have a creature with an plausible native atmosphere/solvent/temperature different than L-Common or L-Genesis, just post info and I'll add it! Does it breathe ammonia? Does it drink methane? Does it like it hot or cold? Is it even carbon-based? You decide, but do the research first!

Movies / Apollo 18
« on: September 05, 2011, 09:50:12 am »
First the five-second version.

I was looking forward to it, but the trailers lied. According to Rotten Tomatoes, my preconceptions have got the predicted scores for this movie and Rise of the Planet of the Apes backwards. Up is down, black is white, cats and dogs living together!

So I heard that the big reveal as to what was preventing future missions was the moon rocks are aliens in disguise, kind of like the rock-crabs in Pirates of the Caribbean 3. It sounds like the setup to a Monty Python sketch or a sci-fi short story, really.


Civilization II is considered by most to be one of the greatest if not the greatest computer game of all time.

Now it's our turn to build a mighty empire - one that will stand the test of time.

Starting out, first things first. We're doing easiest setting, weakest barbarians. But the rest is up to you.
1. We can either customize the world or do a pre-made world. Any pre-made world that represents only one section of Earth will be flat. If we customize it, I'll post more options later.
2. We can select the number of other civilizations, from 3 to 7.
3. We can customize the rules. We'll select Yes or No for Simplified Combat, Flat World, Select Computer Opponents, Accelerated Startup, Bloodlust(No spaceships allowed), and Don't Restart Eliminated Players.
4. Our civilization can be customized. We can play as the Americans, Aztecs, Babylonians, Carthaginians, Celts, Chinese, Egyptians, English, French, Germans, Greeks, Indians, Japanese, Mongols, Persians, Romans, Russians, Sioux Lakota, Spanish, Vikings, or Zulu. Or we can just customize the name entirely. It could be a real-world people or a made-up name, serious or humorous.
5. Our Leader's name and titles can be customized. She/he has an official title for each government system: Anarchy, Despotism, Monarchy, Communism, Fundamentalism, Republic, and Democracy. These range from High Priest to Emperor to President. I highly recommend coming up with funny titles.
6. Our city style can be one of four: Bronze Age Monolith, Classical Forum, Far East Pavilion, or Medieval Castle.

And yes, this is the game with the funny advisers, including the Minister of Attitude (i.e. Elvis).

So, citizens, tell me your wishes and you shall receive!

Storytelling and Roleplaying / World of Obscurity (Planning, OOC)
« on: November 22, 2010, 10:39:42 pm »
Welcome to my brand-new RP! Here's the plot/rules:

This is an alternate Earth, where only a few nations exist. By that I do not mean gigantic empires, but literally countries with their modern-day borders floating around in the ocean like islands. There are 5-8 players, and anyone with sufficient knowledge of geography and history can join, by which I mean not all that much but enough. If you want to join, you have to pick a nation that you have never heard of or don't know too much about (after doing some research, naturally). If you are very knowledgeable in this subject, pick a country that you feel doesn't have enough attention. You can even choose disputed territories, but not sub-national units like provinces.

If you don't get what the map would look like, here's an example:

The labels would not be included and color would be added, of course. Color of your choice! You even get to pick the nation's flag (it has to have been the nation's actual flag at one point) and the governmental system! Anything from anarchism to communism to monarchism! The People's Republic of Belize, or the Kingdom of Equatorial Guinea!

You start out with a blank slate. The natural resources are yours, but first you have to conquer the population of your country by any means. For example, North Korea would not have nukes or Stalinism, just mountains, farmland, and a lot of Koreans. You could raise an army or just give good speeches to unite the population. The location of your country can be anywhere on the map, although if it borders another country they have to border each other. Despite all this their climates are the same as they are in real life, because I say so. Papua New Guinea could be at the North Pole and have a tropical climate.

Any questions?

UPDATE: Entries are not being accepted at the present time. The maximum number of players has been reached.


The Philippines
Confederation of Governments
Vincent Morisanti (Supreme Commander of the Guardians, group of mercenaries controlling the confederate government)

Krakow Sam
The Gambia
Peaceful Theocracy
Bishop Putu (Charismatic disapproving dictator)

No Government

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Philosophical Monarchy (controls most of the land)
Kiv Orlin (Philosopher King)

Military/Tribal Government (doesn't control northern tribes)
Cultahep (Supreme Leader, military general, tribal leader, politician)

Hard-Working Community (controls the eastern third of the islands)
Steven Smith (Leader of hard-working patriots)

Badger Man 22
Rule by Brutal Gangs, Lawless
Gerhardt Josef (Leader of largest gang)

Monarchy (experiencing revolt lately)
Bathsheba Morvarid (Queen)


Storytelling and Roleplaying / Clam
« on: December 15, 2009, 03:08:23 pm »
An alien creature from the planet Xazorg-5 came to Earth and inadvertently altered the planet's history to make squids intelligent. The cephalopod armies used their lasers to force the UN to declare the oceans squid territory.

Meanwhile, the energies from the alien's UFO mutated a small clam in Seattle. He can now think intelligently.

Good gravy, I can think properly! But who am I? I ought to give myself a name!

Mutation Points:2

Try to decide on a name for the clam.

Spore: Creation Corner / The Yerxe
« on: August 21, 2009, 09:49:05 pm »
DISCLAIMER: Nebula and planet images are done by Kitkat, an incredible artist and great friend. Let's give him a big hand, folks!

This is the Bloodshed Nebula. It is in a secluded, hidden spot of the galaxy, making it largely ignored by the galactic community and dismissed as a mere scientific curiosity by the small amount of people who know of its existence.
But behind this cloud of star corpses a terrible secret is hidden.

The Bloodshed Nebula is about 25 light-years across, and roughly 5 light-years southeast of it(in relation to the galactic map) is the Cyro star system.

Star: Cyro
Star Type: Class KV Orange Main Sequence
Planet #1: Yerx, desert, 147% Earth size, no moons
Planet #2: Zvinn, gas giant, 48,726% Earth size, 75 moons
Belt #1: Vvunu belt, asteroids
Belt #2: Vvuzu belt, comets

Let's take a look at the first planet in the system.

Adjective: Yerxic
Size: 147% Earth size
Gravity: 1.36g
Order from Sun: First planet
Distance from Sun: 0.65 AU
Moons: None
Rings: None
Atmosphere: 44% oxygen, 42% nitrogen, 12% neon, 2% water vapor and carbon dioxide
Atmosphere Density: Average
Liquid: Water rivers up to 800 miles wide
Land-Liquid Percentage: 79% land, 21% water
Average Terrain: Egypt-like, i.e. sandy desert, rocky desert, rivers

Main Species: Yerxe
Native Animals: Simple to advanced, spread across whole planet
Imported Animals: None
Native Plants: Simple to advanced, spread across whole planet
Imported Plants: None

Length of Day: 27 Earth hours
Length of Year: 251 Yerxic days
Core: Molten iron
Continents: Debatable. Unknown if they should be divided by rivers or tectonic plates.

Structures: Stone pyramidal buildings, underwater glass cities
% Urban: 0.16%
Spaceports: None
Imports: None except meteors
Exports: None
Capital: Several
Population: 430 million
Coordinates: J10
Other Notable Features: Has a beautiful night sky

Table of Contents




Location, Star System and Planet


The Empire of Sahrzhir
Vnzem, the Capital City
Emperor Zvirnnau VII

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Alien Adventure
« on: June 28, 2009, 11:56:31 am »
You are an alien from the planet Xazorg-5.

You have been traveling a long distance for your two-week holiday. You come across a yellow star.

Your scanners say the system has 8 planets, a couple of dwarf planets, an asteroid belt, etc. Just the usual, except the third planet is teeming with life. You think that you should visit, though the other planets look interesting as well. What do you do?

Also USSS OOC for short.

Here we be free of the vicious tyranny of the dreaded double parentheses. In this thread members discuss how our interstellar organization should respond to current events and such. Anyone can make suggestions, but they must be thoughtful and non-noobish. Now this way our main thread won't be cluttered up with excess pages, so let's talk.

Everything Else / 2009 North Korean Nuclear Test
« on: May 25, 2009, 11:49:31 am »
The 2009 North Korean nuclear test is an alleged underground detonation of a nuclear device conducted on 25 May 2009 North Korea. This would be the second reported North Korean nuclear test, the first test taking place in October 2006. The country also launched three short-range missiles.

Oh dear. It seems everyone is opposed to this, excluding North Korea itself and Iran, which simply states that the test is an internal affair. This is certainly a worrisome affair. I hope no one starts WWIII anytime soon.

What do you think of this whole thing?

Movies / Monsters vs. Aliens
« on: March 28, 2009, 10:54:20 pm »
So, what do you all think of the movie? I just saw it, and I have to say it was very enjoyable, with a truckload of references to The Fly, The Blob, Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, Creature From the Black Lagoon, An Inconvenient Truth, Superman, Godzilla, Mothra, and dozens more. I think casting Stephen Colbert as the President was ingenious, as were several of the jokes, including the one where there are two giant red buttons side by side in the control room: One launches all USA nuclear missiles and the other prepares a cup of coffee. (Spoiler)When President Colbert accidentally pushes the nuclear launch button, he says, "Time to wave the white flag and head into the bunker. We'll check back in 500 years. Now who wants to freeze my head?" However, I also feel that the storyline didn't have much depth, and the exposition was sometimes too much or little. It also didn't really need to be in 3-D, with not many impressive 3-D effects, the best being a paddle ball bouncing in your face. Although the animation itself was very good, with impressive special effects.

What do you think?

Okay, so here's the topic where the idea got started:

The rules of this game are that you have to have read the titular book and know about Jeff Wayne's Musical Version and all that to participate. I would recommend reading the Scarlet Traces comic book sequels by Ian Edgington and D'Israeli, but it is not required to have read any other involved literature, and you can look them up on Wikipedia.

Here's the basic idea: It is 1898. A few years ago, the Martian Overlords realized that they were slowly losing the war against the forces of the Green Martians(Barsoom series by Edgar Rice Burroughs). Both sides also knew that Mars was becoming incapable of sustaining life and the water levels and temperature were decreasing quickly, as was their population. The Martian Overlords realized the only consequential course of action was the conquest and occupation of Earth, so a large-scale hydrogen accelerator was constructed, launching cylinders carrying the assault forces. We all know how that fiasco went, and later cylinders were launched to Venus.

The first thing to decide is the timeline. I think that we should go with Jeff Wayne's idea: The Martian Overlords in desperation would kill the Senior Elder by means of a mass telepathic execution, ending the age of disillusionment and decay. But should this happen before or during the war on Mars? Also, I think we should RP in three parts: The Eve of the War, or the time during which the Martian Overlords have launched their cylinders, The Earth Under the Martians, or when the Martians are and have invaded Earth, and The War's Aftermath, or when the Martians occupying Earth are all dead(or are they?) and the Overlords are attempting to invade Venus, which in this timeline has life on it and perhaps a sentient species.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / The United Society of Star Systems
« on: February 16, 2009, 09:00:13 pm »
(Important note: This topic will be treated as a topic of all the members of the USSS. That means we can all freely add content to it whenever we wish.)

When the Perrachi Empire and the United Goonal Provinces first contacted the Bino, the three made an alliance. This pact would grow in size and spread influence throughout the galaxy. It was the United Society of Star Systems, or USSS for short.

The USSS Symbol

The emblem of the USSS, like most others, is symbolic. The white sphere represents the members of the USSS, who, as they go throughout the galaxy, spread their influence, which is represented by the azure stream.
The USSS is, as its name suggests, a confederation of star systems joined together under one flag. The government is a Senate of representatives from every world under the jurisdiction of the USSS led by an elected Chancellor. The system is completely democratic. Leaders of the different governments can also participate in the Senate by proposals, but they cannot vote.

Members of the United Society of Star Systems
Major Members
The Perrachi Alliance
Capital Planet: Perrawiih
The United Goonal Provinces
Capital Planet: Apica
The United Federation of the Bino
Capital Planet: Khuris
The Ni'Calls Union of Technology and Sociology
Capital Planet: Calla
The Slakos Democracy
Capital Planet: Yalkna
The Makal Commune
Capital Planet: Grevek

Pending Members

Zessus Prime: The HQ Planet

(Image by Kitkat)
Name: Zessus Prime
Sun: Zessus
Sun Type: Class F Yellow-White Main Sequence

Size: 98.45% of Earth
Gravity: 88.76% Earth gravity
Order From Sun: Fourth planet
Distance From Sun: 1.42 AU
Moons: Four moons: Zessus I, Zessus II, Zessus III and Zessus IV
Rings: No
Average Temperature: Cold to hot
Atmosphere: Nitrogen-oxygen with traces of carbon dioxide, argon, and water vapor. Has an ozone layer.
Atmosphere Density: Average
Liquid: Normal water oceans
Land-Liquid Percentage: 46% land, 54% water
Average Terrain: Earth-like

Main Species: Perrachi, Goonal, Bino, Ni'Calls, Slakos, Makal(all main species non-native)
Native Animals: None, Zessus Prime was terraformed
Imported Animals: Animals mostly from Apica and Perrawiih
Native Plants: See Native Animals
Imported Plants: Mostly from Apica and Perrawiih, but also some from other planets
Native Fungi: See Native Plants
Imported Fungi: A few from a number of planets, mainly a small Agariki population

Length of Day: 30 Earth hours
Length of Year: 635 Zessus Prime days
Core: Solid iron surrounded by molten iron
Continents: 2

Structures: Cities, monuments, scientific devices, etc. etc.
% Urban: 1%
Spaceports: Surface and in orbit
Imports: The usual
Exports: The usual
Capital: Zessa City
Population: 30 million
Coordinates: Section F2

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Discovery of the Ulandians
« on: February 01, 2009, 01:20:50 pm »
It was a good time for the Perrachi Empire. Emperor Tuolfs was a great leader as always and more sophisticated superluminal drives had been developed thanks to other races. This had allowed the Perrachi Empire to undergo exploration of unexplored parts of the galaxy.

The target was somewhere uninhabited near the Omic. While the stars in that area had been mapped out, some of the maps were rather vague, so that was the exploration craft's second priority: to map out the star systems. The first priority? To discover life, particularly intelligent life.

Captain Magellon(hint, hint), lifelong explorer had been appointed to the job. He understood the importance of this mission, and he was appointed with the finest crew in the Empire. The day they headed off for the unknown reaches of the final frontier, he knew he would succeed in finding intelligent life.


It had been about five months now, and the craft was doing nice work on their job. No intelligent life had been found so far, but the charts had improved dramatically. A pilot droid contacted Magellon and told him, "Sir, we're near a white dwarf star."
Magellon sighed. "How is it charted?"
"Rather vaguely, sir. A previous automated exploration craft only mapped out that there were five small, rocky planets in the system."
Magellon told the droid "Let's head down to the system and map it out."
"Yes, sir. Shall we scan all the planets for life forms like the last seventeen systems?"
Magellon sighed again, more deep than the last. He was desperate. "...Yes."
"Very well, sir. I shall ready the hyperdrive. ...Sir? Is something bothering you?"
"No, no. Just head to the system and we'll map it out."


Meanwhile, on the planet Draggana...

Spore: Creation Corner / Galante & Their Neighboring Species [RG]
« on: January 31, 2009, 04:59:01 pm »
I know I already have a main creation(the Perrachi), but this one's been brewing in my head for years. So, introducing...

(That's pronounced guh-LAWN-tay)

Name: Galante
Homeworld: Yravo
Type: Warm-blooded arboreal(sometimes semi-amphibious) invertebrate
Gravity Preferences: 86% Earth gravity
Chemical Makeup: Carbon-based
Lifestyle: Industrious carnivore
Preferred Method of Communication: Electrical impulses
Preferred Habitat:Forests/swamps/grasslands/freshwater lakes and rivers
Height: 2'0''
Average Weight: 15 pounds
Diet: Various creatures
Hunt Success Rate: 91%
Natural Armor: Tough, rubbery shockproof skin
Defenses: Two quick, long tentacles and a hard toothy mouth
Vision: Ultraviolet
Graspers: Two long tentacles
Method of Eating: Tears into its prey with its toothy maw and eats the flesh. Sometimes makes a cut and drinks its prey's blood.
Methods of Locomotion: Brachiation, rolling around and swimming
Lifespan: 50 Earth years
Reproductive Rate: Reaches sexual maturity at age 7
Gestation: 2 months then gives birth to larvae through the mouth
Number of Offspring: 4
Offspring Survival Rate(before maturity): 75%
Gender Differences: None, they are asexual hermaphrodites
Colors: Blue skin with four red-black eyes
Civilization: Biotech Age
General Political Ideology: Democratic Bioregionalism

Galante are very strange beings from a distant corner of the galaxy that live on the planet Yravo, a world of huge forests, deep swamps, hilly grasslands, giant lakes and rivers and no salt water oceans. Galante are divided into four nations: Forest, Swamp, Grassland and Lake. Each nation has control over their respective territories, and it is forbidden for a nation to claim any terrain but their own. Even if the Swamp Nation discovered an area of grassy hills, it would be turned over to the Grassland Nation.

Nation Flags
Forest Nation

Grassland Nation

Swamp Nation

Lake Nation

Wildlife coming soon.

Spore: Creation Corner / The Perrachi
« on: November 01, 2008, 09:16:16 pm »
And now, for something completely(or at least slightly) different: The perrachi!

(That's PAIR-uh-chee or pr-ə-tʃi)

The Perrachi Alliance
Homeworld: Perrawiih, Nupis system
Protectorate Worlds: I Don't Know, Alarian, Zomm, Sayari, Kanchugu

Chemical makeup: Carbon-based
Primary solvent: Water
Type: Flying, Terrestrial
Appearance: Avian
Gravity preferences: .96g
Temperature pref.: 16C - 46C
Habitat pref.: Usually anything like the surface of Perrawiih, varies among individuals
Communication pref.: Musical spoken language
Atmosphere breathed: Nitrogen/Oxygen/Methane
Body cover: Feathered
Body color: Purple
Hair: None; feathers
Feather color: Purple
Eyes: Two, round pupils
Eyes color: Varies
Diet: Omnivore
Sexual reproduction: Two genders, male and female
Reproduction method: Intercourse, then hard-shelled eggs
Reproductive rate: Maturity at 20 Perrawiih years
Gestation: 4 Perrawiih months by female then eggs are laid
Offspring incubation: 4 Perrawiih months by male then hatches
Number of offspring: Usually 1 to 6
Limbs pair n 1: Wings
Weight: 60lb - 70lb
Size: 152.4cm

 Militancy: 7
 Determination: 17
 Racial tolerance: 16
 Progressiveness: 17
 Loyalty: Widely varies
 Social cohesion: 6
 Art: 20
 Individualism: 8
 Body: 10
 Mind: 13
 Speed: 14
 Lifespan: 150 Perrawiih years(formerly) 200 Perrawiih years(currently)
 Tech level: Originally Tier 6, raised to Tier 9 by United Goonal Provinces

Government and Religion
Government type: Anarchy, Artificial Monarchy, Balkanized, Bureaucracy, Community, Democracy, Ecological, Federation, Plutocracy, Republic, Theocracy
Religion: Agnosticism, Pantheism, Rational Atheism, Perrism(umbrella religion)
Devotion: Widely varies, usually Good

Extra Things You Should Know
Special Abilities:
Acute Vision
Bonus Skill: Pilot
Cold Sensitivity
Extra Hearts
Field Sense
Heat Tolerance
Language Talent
Light Sleeper
Nictitating Membrane
Night Vision
Perfect Balance
Polarized Senses
Sound Sensitivity
Spectrum Vision: Human and partly ultraviolet
Subsonic/Supersonic Communication
Subsonic/Supersonic Hearing
Vibration Sense
Warm Blooded Biology
Winged Flight

Timeline of Recent Events in Perrachi History
3495 - After seven long years, the World War ends as the Karthat capital city falls
3496 - Northern leaders are put on trial and executed, their propaganda is proven false to the people of their nations
- Reconstruction starts moving along for war-torn areas
3597 - Chervan royal family denied return to jointly occupied homeland
- Galif regains independence but remains unstable
3598 - Last pockets of Cyki resistance are squashed
- Officals ban denying of the Unspeakable Acts with varying punishments
3499 - The remaining five nations (Avik, Fethant, Terolk, Galif, Eleis) band together to form the Perrachi Empire under Viperro Tuolfs, except Eleis which remains independent
3500 - With the slogan "New Change for a New Century" the Democratic Socialist Party becomes the majority party in the Empire
3501 - Grim documentary Our No-Win Situation presents the dual problems of serious overpopulation and insufficiently advanced exotic colony technology
3502 - Large protests occur in major cities across Perrawiih over perceived bureaucratic inefficiency
3503 - In the unstable region of Galif, a violent communist rebellion is defeated
3504 - The moon bases are revisited for the first time since the war ended nine years ago
3505 - Pudding Acrobatics Incident scandals lead to embarrassment and loss of public support for large corporations
3506 - Democratic Socialist Party and other leftist groups officially condemn the system of old capitalism
- Several major companies make official reforms for sustainability and worker cooperation
3507 - The Capitalism Restriction Bill is signed and ratified by Emperor Tuolfs, all sufficiently large corporations are either nationalized or put under worker control
3508 - Navigator Mission leads to the first perrachi landing on Ashkehar, the most distant Nupisian body and only remaining planet perrachi feet had not tread upon
3509 - First contact is made with the United Goonalian Provinces (UGP) followed by technological windfall for perrachi, although the warp drive is withheld
- Contact rapidly follows for several other species goonals know of, including the Beyon Powers (sombrerons, kratair, etc.) and the graid, not to mention the rachak and plikik
3510 - Kratairian merchants trade hyperdrive technology to perrachi, start interstellar imperial expansion
3511 - Advanced life is discovered on the planet Sayari and one species dubbed the ishpali is proven to possess sapience after extensive testing, an event which leads to increased interest in the search for life within the Empire's expanding borders
- Ishpali have only just invented the steam engine and so almost everyone is officially prohibited from visiting
3512 - The fungoid agariki are discovered on the planet I Don't Know, debate over whether they are advanced enough to join perrachi society rages
3513 - Vykusi make first contact with bino and are shortly followed by a team of perrachi, goonal and kratair
- The Eternal Qyooro Academy makes contact with the Perrachi Empire and agree to stay within their three systems as long as they are provided with all the scientific data they want
3514 - The United Society of Star Systems (USSS) is founded, in part by the perrachi
3515 - Fnarls are discovered on the gas giant Alarian and proven sapient, a significant event considering their status as plants; however their technological state is extremely primitive so Alarian is declared off-limits
3516 - Xinmayi are discovered on the planet Kanchugu making them the second example of floral sapience known to perrachi, but their proudest technological achievement is agriculture and so their world is off-limits
3517 - Emperor Tuolfs is elected Chancellor of USSS with most support from left-wing perrachi and bino
- With Tuolfs gone from the post of Emperor, the Socialist Revolution occurs and a President and Prime Minister are elected, Dimikos Talin and Akdi Khadenin respectively
3518 - The new Perrachi Socialist Republic (PSR) joins with other Galactic Protection Agency (GPA) members to put down the threat of the Core Combine
- Talin administration declares war on Makal Kingdom and Slakos Hierarchy with massive popular support in order to defeat fascism
- Makal/slakos liberation is successful, but photos intervention leads to great controversy
- War with photos is narrowly averted by the photese commander's temporary insanity by alien parasite, uneasy peace occurs
3519 - GPA defeats and destroys PSR as a result of zealous interventionist policies on part of the Talin administration, PSR splits into several different factions, USSS de facto dissolves
- Factions fight over control of the former Republic in the Interstellar Civil War
- Akdi Khadenin is killed en route to Extra by a luzonian squadron
3520 - After the brief war, treaties among the factions are agreed on: The ten systems with the most habitable planets become independent nations, and the rest of the hundreds of thousands of stars are governed by the Perrachi Scientific and Industrial Dominion (PSID)
- Agariki are finally officially contacted, reactions are warm and friendly for the new species
3521 - Present day
- Other species are starting to view perrachi space as a viable option for a job and/or a home
- Agariki continue to gain a reputation as cheap and cheerful all-purpose (if not flammable) workers, qyooro keep to themselves and their Academy's ambassador is as boring as ever
- An increasing number of sapients from Sayari and Kanchugu are seen throughout the Alliance, fnarls are left alone except by some xenobiologists

Table of Contents


Here They Are

Biological Classification

Language and Writing System


Perrawiih and Setsanari Statistics
Perrawiih Maps

Interplanetary Stage

The World War - 3489-3495 (7 years long)
Flag Gallery
3489: The Eve of the War
South Terolk
North Terolk
The Chervan Empire
The Fethant Federation
The Galif Republic

Interstellar Stage

Galactic Colonization Age - 3509-Present (12 years long)
Comprehensive Report on Eleisian Union
Comprehensive Report on PSR
PSR President
PSR Prime Minister
Beyon-Perrachi Relations

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