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Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / The Adventures of Captain Shun-ko
« on: November 03, 2008, 09:45:36 pm »
Here's a story I am writing, based on my own creations. So far the Ashema and the Amaranth is involved. They are these two pretties (images are links):

And I am Swedish, so I might write strangely in some cases, who knows. But I think I am quite good at it. I also thought I should censor myself, and since the official forum has the amusing habit of replacing offensive words with SPORE you should think of whatever profanity you find fitting when you see it here. Except in the case of sporebucks of course.

But anyway, here it is. I have written two chapters so far. Feel free to tell me what you think:


The Adventures of Captain Shun-ko


Chapter 1:
The 42nd Romantic Success

"Males everywhere", Shun-ko grumbled as she leaned over her drink.

   She could smell the fetid odor of the bartender as he fruitlessly kicked the jukebox that had been playing the same song over and over all night. "The 42nd Romantic Success" by Baking Remarkably. Another silly love-song, written by males who knew nothing of love. Shun-ko fought the urge to go kick the jukebox herself, and failed completely.

   "Out of my way male pig-being!" she roared as she tossed the bartender aside, grabbing a chair on the way and smashing it over the infuriating machine.

   But it kept singing, without a dent, and Shun-ko realized that she had missed. The jukebox was rather blurry now that she thought about it, and it refused to stay still. She turned to reach for another chair but realized that everyone was staring at her.

   The Boring Bottle, as the bar was aptly named, was filled with filth. Both living and dead, walking and crawling, and repulsively male in every extent. What were they staring at? Had they never seen a female before? As one of the Ashema, Shun-ko's features were vaguely reptilian, and she was clad in skin tight gray, as well as heavy boots that seemed a bit unsteady at the moment.

   "I am Captain Shun-ko of the Matriarchal Navy", she proclaimed with her head held high. "This is official business of the Sisterhood of Planets."

   "You're far from home captain", said the bartender as he got to his feet, brushing broken glass from his sleeve. "And there's the door", he added ominously.

   "You really should clean up this mess", Shun-ko said with a gesture towards the broken chair and the table he had knocked over as he fell. "That is all you males are good for, isn't it? Cleaning and sporeing!"

   The bartender nodded towards someone behind her, and two pairs of heavy hands grabbed her, dragging her towards the exit.

   "Take your ape hands off me!" she yelled and flailed around with no apparent success. "This is an insult towards the Matriarch! You will be exiled! Um, I mean... you will be denied entry into Sisterhood space! You will be hunted and cooked and cut in small pieces! Apes!"

   Violently they shoved her out of the door and she span around as they slammed it in her face.

   "Bite my reptilian, dimply fanny!" she screamed at the top of her lungs and stumbled over her own feet.

   "Careful captain", a hushed voice said and a bony hand reached out to support her, much more delicate than those that had thrown her out.

   A pale beak and a pair of goggles met Shun-ko as she looked up, belonging to something thankfully female. Finally someone with a bit of sense.

   "Thank you", Shun-ko said and drew herself up to her full height. "Captain, you say. Do you know me, good woman?"

   "I overheard", the other one said with a small bow. "You were rather loud, yesno?"

   The spaceport was cloaked in the shadows of the evening, ships stood in hulking rows, but few where the figures that moved between them. It didn't matter who had heard though, they could all rot for all she cared.

   "Hm. Well, I should get back to my ship", Shun-ko said. "If only the ground would stay in place."

   "Please, captain. Allow me", the female said. "I am accustomed to this planet's rather peculiar gravity field."

   "There she is, right there", Shun-ko said proudly and pointed toward her ship. "My Long-range Interstellar Defender."

   "Impressive", said the female as she led Shun-ko across the landing platform. "But I must wonder, you are quite far from home, yesno?"

   "I am on official Sisterhood business", Shun-ko said firmly.

   "Then I assume you have no time to make some money on the sidelines?"

   Shun-ko stopped abruptly and took a closer look at the other woman.

   "What is your name?" she asked.

   "I am Amarah of the Amaranth."

   "Really?" Shun-ko said.


   "And how much money are we talking about?"

   "Fifty million sporebucks", Amarah said.

   Shun-ko blinked and shook her head in disbelief.

   "Fifty what?" she said.

   "Fifty million sporebucks", Amarah repeated slowly.

   Silence filled the air as Shun-ko thought hard about said amount.

   "You're my new best friend", she concluded and stumbled toward her magnificent Long-range Interstellar Defender. Also known as the Lid.


Chapter 2:
Son of a Pestilent Shrew

"Captain! We're ready to take off as ordered. Captain?"

   Captain Shun-ko snored like a sawmill, lying sprawled over her bed fully clothed, and drooling like a child. The female officer trying to wake her seemed undecided between shaking her or simply letting her sleep. Amarah clicked her bony beak in silent amusement.

   "Captain Shun-ko!" the officer said loudly.

   "Mrschmn", Shun-ko said and turned over, facing the wall.

   "What are your orders captain?" the officer asked. "Your guest is here to see you as well", she added with a disapproving glance at Amarah.

   The Ashema crew of the ship had not exactly been ecstatic when they saw what their captain had dragged on board. It did not seem to matter though since Amarah was a guest, as Shun-ko had loudly proclaimed last night to anyone who was in earshot.

   "Go away", Shun-ko mumbled into her pillow.

   "Is that an order captain?" the officer asked.

   "Yes", Shun-ko said.

   The officer saluted and promptly marched out of the room. She seemed relieved.

   "Perhaps you should try to wake her", she added at the door. "You are our honored guest after all. I am sure she wishes to speak to you."

   But Shun-ko seemed rather uninterested. She started snoring again, even louder than the last time.

   The cabin was wildly decorated with half empty bottles, dirty glasses, slabs of stale meat, and a male. He stood like a statue, sweating and shaking with a tray loaded with drinks in his outstretched hands. His reptilian face was twisted in pain, his muscles twitched and the glasses on the tray trembled and clinked against each other, most of the liquid long since spilled.

   "Shouldn't you put that down?" Amarah asked and adjusted her goggles.

   "I follow the word of the mistress", the male Ashema groaned.

   "Well whatshe told you to do?"

   "I am serving drinks."

   "Have you been standing there all night?" Amarah asked.

   "I am serving drinks", he repeated.

   Amarah clicked her beak again. She had heard about the Ashema, but this was far more amusing than she had imagined. There were quite a few males aboard the ship, clad in next to nothing. They were slaves really, or furniture. She had seen them being used as footstools.

   "Perhaps you should clean up a bit, yesno?" Amarah suggested. "Isn't that all that you males are good for? That and... what was the other thing? I forget. Can I have one?"

   "No", the male said weakly as Amarah emptied one of the glasses. "It belongs to the mistress."

   "So what is your name, friend?" Amarah asked and sat down on a somewhat moist couch. "Is it Male? Or Moron? What was it she called you last night? It was rather colorful."

   "Son of a pestilent shrew."

   "That's it", Amarah said, snatched another drink from his tray and leaned back on the couch. "I should write some of those down."

   "My name is Nashu mar Shun-ko", he said with as much pride as he could muster, looking like he was about to collapse at any moment.

   "Let me guess", Amarah said. "Mar means property of, yesno?"


   "You must hate her, treating you like this."

   "I love her", Nashu said.

   Amarah stopped, her glass halfway to her beak, and slowly put it down. The loud snores from the captain softened as she turned over in her sleep.

   "In a romantic sense of the word?" Amarah asked.

   "In every sense", he replied.

   "That is very interesting, Nashu. Does she know of this?"

   "She does."

   "And what does she think of it?" Amarah asked.

   Nashu's tray started trembling more forcefully, his forehead dripping with sweat.

   "She thinks... nothing of it", he said. "Nothing... at all."

   "Is that so?"

   "It... is..." Nashu said, then his eyes glazed over and he fell flat like a tree, his tray flying, bottles knocking over bottles and glass breaking in a deafening crescendo.

   Shun-ko flew out of her bed at the sound, tangled herself in her bedsheets and flailed madly around the room.
   "Whassis... Battle stations!" she yelled, and the comm system crackled to life. "All hands: We are under attack!"

   Amarah could hear the captains voice echo through the corridors outside. She got to her feet while Shun-ko still struggled with the sheets, finally tearing them to shreds with her claws.

   "And who are you?" Shun-ko demanded as she spotted Amarah. "Intruder alert! We have been boarded!"

   "This is the XO", a woman's steady voice said out of the intercom. "Captain, we are still on the ground."

   "Then who is this person? And what has she done to my male?"

   "If you are referring to the Amaranth", the XO said patiently, "you invited her last night. You informed me that she was your best friend."

   "Um. Well then. All hands: stand down", Shun-ko grumbled. "And speak more quietly until further notice."

   "Captain Shun-ko?" Amarah said with a small bow. "We spoke last night. My name is Amarah. You remember, yesno?"

   "What have you done to my male?" Shunk-ko said fiercely. "Is he sleeping? I haven't given him permission to sleep!"

   "I think that's part of the problem captain."


Chapter 3:
Fifty Million Sporebucks

"Fifty what?" captain Shun-ko said as they walked through the corridor.

   "Fifty million sporebucks", Amarah repeated, not without a healthy dose of déjà vu.

   "Please. Speak quietly", the captain groaned. "I have a galaxy-sized headache."

   Amarah nodded obediently.

   "So where exactly will this money be coming from?" Shun-ko asked, and frowned with pain as a door loudly slammed shut further down the corridor. "Ensign!", the captain hissed.

   The ensign who had slammed the door stopped dead in her tracks and turned with a look of dawning horror on her face.

   "What are you doing?" Shun-ko asked.

   "I'm... returning to my post captain", the ensign said.

   "Do it quietly."

   "Yes captain!" the ensign said, visibly relieved.

   "After you clean out cargo hold seven", Shun-ko added.

   The ensign deflated like a miserable balloon and departed in the opposite direction.

   Everyone had been tiptoeing around Shun-ko ever since her wailing over the intercom. The crew lowered their voices as she approached or simply avoided her altogether. They seemed used to it.

   "How big is cargo hold seven?" Amarah wondered.

   "I asked you about the money", Shun-ko said and massaged her temple.

   "Yes", Amarah said. "It will be supplied by the Azathel Empire. Have you heard of the recent shift in power on Hauros?"

   "A few rumors."

   "The Great Mind was overthrown", Amarah continued. "He is now missing. And there is a bounty on his head."
   "A bounty of fifty million sporebucks", Shun-ko said.

   "Actually, no. But that is your share."

   "Hm", Shun-ko snorted. "And you just happen to know where this Great Mind is hiding?"

   "I will supply the time and the coordinates. You supply the guns captain. There will be little resistance."
   "And just like that, you're a wealthy woman", Shun-ko said disbelievingly. "Is that it?"

   "Everyone knows of the honor and the discipline of the Ashema. You keep your word, yesno?"

   "Well, yes", Shun-ko said. "We do."

   "And I am but one civilian among trained soldiers. One would never betray the other, yesno?"

   "Yesno", the captain said thoughtfully. "I mean... yes. You are right."

   They stopped in front of the massive door that led to the bridge. The barren corridor was completely deserted. The crew seemed to have realized that the captain was on the move and made sure to get out of the way.

   "So, it is a deal we have?" Amarah asked carefully.

   "For fifty million sporebucks..." Shun-ko began.

   "You supply the guns."

   "Then on my honor..." Shun-ko nodded.

   "And on mine, captain", Amarah filled in.

   "...I will see this through to the end."

   "As will I", Amarah said and grabbed the captains outstretched hand.

   "Very well", Shun-ko said as she pushed open the door to the bridge. "But I don't know about that friend thing. You're kind of ugly."

   "I'm... what?" Amarah said and furrowed her feathers. "Excuse me?"

   "All scrawny and with that beak", Shun-ko said as she stepped through the door. "You look like my lunch, it's disgusting."

   "Scrawny? I'm... What?!" Amarah exclaimed.

   She called her disgusting? Amarah thought. That pig of a woman, that drank more than she breathed and embarrassed herself every chance she got? That snake faced crone dared to call her...

   "Captain on deck!" the XO yelled as quietly as possible, and all heads turned toward Shun-ko.

   "Well...! Well, what about you!" Amarah said furiously as she stormed in, her voice getting higher and shriller for every word. "You... You have pointy teeth!"

   "BE QUIET!" Shun-ko exploded at Amarah. "Didn't I tell you to BE QUIET!" Then she turned to the XO who could not help but flinch. "Are we still on the ground? Why are we still on the ground?! Are you disobeying my orders? Is this mutiny? Is that what you want?! Shall I hop on down to the brig? WELL!?"

   The bridge went silent, filled as it was with flickering screens and controls, centered by a huge map laid directly into the floor.

   "Hrm", the XO said, clearing her throat. "This is the Lid calling port control, are we cleared for launch?"

   "This is port control!" a deep voice boomed out of the speakers, screeching loudly throughout the room. "I'm sorry, but I'm a bit deaf! Please speak up! I can hardly hear you!"

   Shun-ko clutched her forehead with both hands, clenching her teeth to the breaking point.

   "MALES! Everywhere!" she wailed. "Open fire! Destroy them!"

   "Charging weapons", one of the officers said nervously.

   "Captain!" the XO said. "We should at least take off first!"

   "What are you doing over there?" port control boomed. "I'm reading weapon signatures!"

   "SPORE THE CLEARANCE!" Shun-ko shouted, wildly spraying saliva.

   The engines roared and the ship soared with a sudden lurch. Amarah hugged the walls for support and Shun-ko took a deep breath as silence filled the bridge once more. Only the steady humming of the engines penetrated the walls. The crew hardly breathed.
   "They're hailing us again", the XO said. "Should I..."

   "No", Shun-ko said quietly, walked over to the captains chair and sat down, her eyes closed.

   "Should I open fire?" one of the officers whispered.

   "Shut up", Shun-ko said.

   Amarah waited for a few long and completely silent minutes, then she sneaked up behind the captain and quietly cleared her throat.

   "I want to apologize, captain, for my behavior earlier..." she began.

   "Go spore yourself."

   "As you wish", Amarah replied.

   But as she turned to leave, she fingered the small device hidden under her belt. She had already placed one. There were only four to go.

« on: October 12, 2008, 01:06:46 am »
There seems to be a possibility that your creations can be lost permanently. Things uploaded to the online sporepedia to.

I am referring to the following exchange:

Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / The Creations of Nethellus
« on: October 09, 2008, 04:44:33 pm »
The Ashema Empire

Sporepedia Links:

Other Empires

Sporepedia Links:

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