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Storytelling and Roleplaying / Endless Blue- A Surreal Horror game.
« on: December 29, 2009, 08:14:55 am »
Lucinda wore nothing but a thin-nightdress, her clothes thrown on the floor around hotel-bed she was on. Outside, the song of car-alarms and sirens played, mixed with the traffic; Typical sounds of downtown at mid-night.

Bound and gagged, she could only watch her captor walk back and forth in front of the bed, guarding the door while staring out of the window into the city below.

She had thought she could escape the nightmare that was her home-life. She thought she could start a new life, away from him, her step-father.

She was wrong.

Her captor, a man who referred to himself as 'The Hagfish', was finally through playing with her, and was now focusing on what to do now, after the fun had worn off.

Lucinda was out on the streets, shivering from the cold-night air, lost and alone. She was just trying to find her way to the nearest shelter that would take in someone as broken as she was, when a man stepped out of a car, a look of worry and concern on his handsome face.

This man had offered to drive her up to the nearest women's shelter, and Lucinda, in her horribly lost, scared, and battered state, simply could not refuse. And now, here she was, beaten, raped and at the will of a maniac who, at any moment, could murder her horribly.

He had placed a crude mask over his head in-order to disguise his face, though he apparently just wore it in order to intimidate his latest victim (Though it failed to work).

There were used condoms, a watch, some empty wine bottles (Circa. 1974) and an empty gun lying on a wooden drawer to the left of the window, as the fan her head seemed to be moving slower and slower as each second slugged on.

It must have only just been a few hours since she was taken captive, but it felt like days. Days of non-stop torture and rape and pain, that were even worse than the 'love' her step-father had showed her.

The love that she was glad to have escaped.

Finally, after a long, disturbing period of silence, he walked over towards her and took out a knife, placing it on her jugular while tears welled in her olive-green eyes.

"Got anything to say to me, darling, before I slit open your neck like the animal you are? Don't worry; Unlike the other beasts I put out, yours well be much more slow, and painful. An angel such as your self deserves every last bit of pain and suffering she can get, and I intend to follow through with it."

At this, Lucinda began to cry louder.

Then, as he removed the gag from her mouth, she lunged at him and bit his finger, causing him to scream out in shock. She tried to hold on to his glove with her teeth, but a brutal punch from Hag-fish's free hand sent her sprawling onto the floor, blood oozing down her nose.

Despite this, she still smiled weakly up at him, attempting to enrage him.

He regained his composure, remaining eerily clam until he stepped over towards Lucinda, who was still smiling, and exploded into a furious rage, slapping and kicking her while flinging wild curses at her.


He kicked her in-between some of the words, relishing as she coughed out blood and began to sob horribly in pain.

Then, he violently threw her down on the bed, and ripped off her dress, gagging her mouth once more as she thrashed on wildly in a desperate attempt to break free, before he cut her right hand loose, and held her wrist in his grip, the knife moving in towards it.

"This is what happens when you DARE act that way towards ME! You *will* know your place!"

Lucinda began to scream behind the gag, her eyes wide in horror as she shook her head in despair, her muffled cried falling on deaf ears as she tried to push him off, but he was just far too strong for her.

With one quick, violent slash, he cleanly chopped off her hand, giggling insanely like a small child as he watched the blood spray out, staining the already soiled bed-sheets with her blood.

Lucinda began to scream out in pain, her hand falling onto the floor before the mad-man kicked and stomped at it, still giggling insanely.

Cradling her still-bleeding stump, and sobbing as hard as she could, Lucinda wished desperately that she had never left her abusive family, her sexually-addicted step-father, or his purposefully ignorant wife.

The Hag-fish opened the door and glanced out-side, thankful that this was one of the hotel's emptier nights. The few residents were blissfully unaware of what he was doing.

Throwing Lucinda onto the bed once more, he raised the knife above his head, grinning from behind the mask he wore. Lucinda raised her left arm up weakly, in a feeble attempt to shield her self. She was so weakened from the blood-loss and beatings that she could barely even speak, but she still attempted to beg him to stop.

Anything for him to stop.

Either intentionally or accidentally, he slashed her raised arm, slitting a vein, and causing blood to spill out all over the bedsheets (Which were now almost completely stained with her blood) and Lucinda was too weakened from the blood loss to even scream out, only able to stifle out an anguished moan.

Hag-fish stepped back, pleasantly surprised by the amount of blood coming out of her.

Lucinda could feel her life ebbing away, feel the pain leave and the world around grow dim, and seeing this in her eyes, the madman removed the gag from her mouth, and leaned in towards the dying-girl's face, breathing rapidly from excitement, as she whispered something into his ear with her dying breath's:


Lucinda never finished the sentence. Her dead eyes were locked up directly at the ceiling fan, high above the scene below, unaware of what occurred beneath it's gaze.

Meanwhile, The Hag-fish still continued to stab her lifeless corpse with the knife, until, growing bored with her mutilated body, he opened up a black bag beneath the bed, took out a crow-bar and several surgical tools, and grinned at her face, her mouth still opened.


Health: 40/40

Opening your eyes, the first thing you saw was white.

Everything around you white, a bright searing color that made you raise your clawed hand, shielding your eyes from it.

You stood up, looking around the room you were in. It was small, and blank white, with no doors, windows or any-thing at all to even suggest that you were in the base, with Audrey..


The last thing you remembered was being stabbed the the Surgeon, watching Audrey kill it by stabbing it with the pipe in it's head, and then watching her sob over you..

You glanced down into your stomach, where the Surgeon had injured you, and found, to your shock, the the wound was gone, while your suit showed no signs that you were ever even attacked.

What the hell was this? Were you dead? How did you survive? All that you could focus on now was figuring out what the hell this place was, and finding out if she was okay.

(Well, here it is! This is the sequel to The Octopus Theory; I scrapped Shift, as I had better idea's for this story. Hope you guys enjoy as much as you did with Octopus!)

Art / Short-Stories.
« on: October 26, 2009, 05:29:41 pm »
I've decided to post any short stories I may write here, in order to practice my writing and jot down some of my ideas. Most of these are originals (Hopefully) while others are fan-fics, and a few might even be tied to The Octopus Theory. Post your thoughts please, along with any Criticisms.

I'll start this thread off with a really short one. It's weird yeah, but that's what happens when you read surreal web-comics before bedtime:


In its dream, it saw mountains of green and blue, that broke through the sky and poked the stars. In its dream, it was a star, shining among hundreds of thousands, and in it's place on the sky, the star thought on the same question it asked in its waking hours, and even asked it's many brothers and sisters the same question:

"What is the Meaning to MY life?"

They shook their heads, for no answer came, and it then floated down unto the blank earth in its waking form, floating through expansive gray mists, meeting with shapeless fog like beings that spoke only in lies and riddles.

And it asked them one question, hoping to get at least one true answer from the talkative fog-men:

"What is the Meaning to MY life?"

And the Fog-men grew silent, as once more, no answer came.

It floated up in the sky yet again, but the stars had hidden, with only a sun to fill up the blank, empty sky.

It then floated to the sun, which was proud and haughty, and hoped to get an answer from one who saw everything.

"What is the Meaning to MY life?"

The sun stared at the Curious one for some time, and it assumed that it simply did not know the answer, as the shapeless fog-men and the stars did not. Yet, as it was about to float down into the earth, the Sun opened his mouth, and said, in a mighty, booming voice:

"When you worry on such trivial things, it means that you have only wasted your life."

At that, The Surgeon woke up.

Spore: General / Where can I listen to the in-game Music?
« on: September 23, 2009, 10:44:15 am »
See, I no longer have Spore installed, nor can my computer run it, nor do I have the CD. I am also no longer interested in Spore, but I do miss the In game music (The ones that play in the Sporepedia and in the Space stage in particular).
Some of it sucked, but most were very calming, serene, and Inspiring. So, can anyone tell me where I can listen to some of the Music online? Thanks in advance :D

PC Games / Silent Hill 2/3 Technical Questions.
« on: July 12, 2009, 02:49:59 pm »
I have an Intel(r) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family Built-In graphics card. On top of that, I have about 1.99GB of RAM.
I'm aware of how unimaginably bad Built-In graphics cards can be when It comes to gaming, but SH2 is about seven years old, while SH3 is six. Okay, Okay, age isn't everything, but It's all I've got for now :( (BTW, I think the card has over 300mb of ram, but I'm not sure)

Can anyone with prior knowledge of these games help me in figuring out which one I can play?

Books / Questions about The Sandman Comics.
« on: July 04, 2009, 10:45:40 am »
When I first saw the cover art to Vertigo comic's Sandman series, and upon realizing that Neil Gaiman was the one who wrote it, I really wanted to start reading it.
Even though I've never read a comic book before (But I know my superheroes when I have to)  I do want to start reading this.
So, here are my questions, and I'm hoping someone with comic book expertise could answer these:

1) How deep, philosophically, is the series? I have read that it's a 'comic for intellectuals'.
2) How is the art like? Is it your typical comic book  art, or does it have it's own style, which is distinct from other comics?
3)Do any superheroes like Superman, Wonder-man, the Teen Titans (Even though I tolerate the cartoon), Infinity man, W/E man, etc.etc. make an appearance in the series? And do they play a large role? If so, then consider my hopes crushed.
4)I'm aware that Hell is a location in the series. How religious are the comics? I don't want any Crazy Christian beliefs shoved down my throat.
5)How good are the Comics in general?
6)Where can I find them on the Net?

Forgive me if my questions sound Idiotic, but I do want to read an enjoyable, and deep comic book series. Is this it?

This is my first story-game thread, so be kind, plus, I know it sounds cliche, but it's on purpose. Think of this as a homage of sorts ;)
On to the game!

It's cold.
Thats your first thought is as you wake up in the middle of this dead cold, pitch-black room, on the floor, with no memory of anything other than the fact that your a sixteen year old girl, and that your wearing nothing but a (crude) blue dress. As you wait for your eyes to adjust to the darkness, you try to get up on your feet, using the fallen table nearby as a support. The metal floor is freezing under your bare feet, but you shrug it off, and as you stumble like a drunken idiot, you step on something.
Something wet.

Your entire body shaking, you continue, and moving to the right (and almost tripping over another table, this time smaller) you feel the wall. Surely, there would be a switch here! Your eyes have adjusted to the darkness, but only enough to make out shapes.
You continue, the floor becoming wetter and wetter as you approach a chair, leaning against the wall, along with something long and cylindrical. A Flashlight?  You can't be sure, but it seems likely.
The room smells bad, you suddenly notice, and the odor is getting unbearable as you go towards the chair, until your hand grasp a light-switch, and turning it on, you gasp.
Bodys were piled in a corner, there was blood everywhere on the floor and walls, organs and red bones littered the scene, and a metallic door, blocked by corpses, is your only way out.
What do you do?

Spore: Creation Corner / The Grand Empire of the Traeponis- REDONE.
« on: April 11, 2009, 12:23:22 pm »
(Remember my Old race, the Traeponis? You know, those religious zealots  that hated all other races and declared war on Plank Of wood's race? Well, their back, and this time, I've changed them a bit, so you might want to read through if your interested ;))

Much Credit to the talented Kitkat for this Image of a Traeponis Miner :D
The Traeponis are a race of Sapient Mollusks that evolved on the Swampy planet of Kkvartis IV, a planet consisting of swamps and fresh-water seas, with high temperatures and large amounts of fungi.
They stand approximately 5-6 feet tall, and have four long, spindly legs, which enable them to crawl on walls and other surfaces (Assuming Of Course, that there is enough grip) making them excellent at surprise attacks. Their arms are enclosed in a hardened mucus shell, which protect vital nerves which lead to the brain. They have four tentacle-like fingers on each hand, with the fourth being a thumb with the tip being a small, funnel shaped sucker.
Another odd feature is that of their skin, which is sticky and smooth looking; This enables them to stick to surfaces and perhaps even other creatures when the need arises. They wear Gas-Masks, these being a vital part of both status and survival.
It is unknown why this is necessary for their survival, but it may have been caused by failed Terra-forming attempts, which made the environment harder to breath in, or an evolutionary flaw that existed since the race were still living in tribes.
Traeponis skeletons are unique, in that they are formed from a from of light-weight, damage absorbing Cartilage. This means that Traeponis are able to move flexibly during battles, but protective Armour is still required in order for them to even survive a heavy fall.   
Females are at equal height to the males, but have thinner legs and longer fingers. Males are generally stockier, though it is apparent that the females have more authority over the males, which may be one reason as to why they compose about 80% of the Army. 
Both genders lack visible genitalia outside of the mating season. During the mating season, males grow a strange, yellow horn made of keratin at the base of their spines. They also change color, from the dull grayish blue they normally have, to a bright orange. Females become even more aggressive (Of course, female Traeponis are always aggressive), and will actively attempt to seduce the nearest male they can find into mating with them. The legs of the females become longer, thinner, and more spaced apart from the body. The Males horn then pierces the females skin during mating, implanting sperm and other genetic information. Females then
One week after the mating season ends, female then lay hundreds of marble sized eggs, yet only about a quarter survive up till adulthood.
Traeponis have about three main Organs; The Tillpip, which acts as both the liver and stomach by creating bile, filtering the blood system, and digesting food. Next is the Ujjuuoo, an long branching organ which acts as the Small and Large intestines, kidneys and pancreas. It leads the food directly into the next organ, the Retus, which is basically the anus, disposing of waste by releasing it as an odorless gas (Traeponis don't defecate or urinate)
Culture and Society:
The Traeponis are divided socially into three Types: The Regals, which are high ranking members of the government, such as political leaders and priests. They speak in a language which is completely alien and unique to the lower classes, and since they have the highest presence in normal society, the lower classes have a hard time understanding orders. The Second Group is the Working Class, which consist of Miners, Farmers, and Peace-Keepers. Peace-Keepers are actually members of the Final Class, The Military, that have been downgraded into enforcing propaganda of the Regals, and making sure that Citizens do not break laws, one of the most serious is the creation of any types of art, forming romances out of the mating season, and leaving the planet without a license. Breaking these three rules results in torture and execution.
Young Traeponis are referred to as Doklioties which is a term meaning "useless" as they have no purpose until they complete the Cleansing Ritual, an act all Traeponis in the Lower Classes are to take if they are allowed into regular Traeponis society.
(I'll continue this later, It's almost my bedtime, and my back is killing me :()

Storytelling and Roleplaying / The Wendigo Lich-My Short Story
« on: March 26, 2009, 03:34:55 pm »
This short story is set approximately 23 years after an army of undead, led by their Lich masters, overtook earth's nations and nearly wiped out all of humanity. The remaining survivors fled to domed city's and underground fortresses, and have since attempted to rebuild. Dawson Bridges is the only survivor of a squad of elite policemen, who were sent on a mission to investigate whether or not, a Lich was hiding out in one of the nearby forests.
They never returned.
Now, armed only with a pistol, a Shotgun, and blind determination, he sets out to finish the job his teammates failed to do. Along the way, he realizes that the forest may hold more dark secrets than he could have thought of.

Sorry guys, but this is all I can post for now, I'm to sleep within a few minutes, so I leave you with this summary. If anyone has any thoughts please share them.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / DEATH TO THE AUSTIANS!
« on: January 26, 2009, 01:10:52 pm »
>We, The Grand Empire of the Traeponis, have declared war on the Austians, and all allying races.
This has occurred due to an insult towards a high ranking member of the Religious community.
Let this short message go as a warning towards any other race that chooses to oppose us!
Death shall be quick and painful for the Austian Empire!<

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / The Cleansing.
« on: January 26, 2009, 10:52:17 am »
Chapter 1:
Diros was scared.
He had just turned 10 today, an age where you had become mentally mature, yet his body was still of that of a childs. Two more years and he would be ready to mate; that is, if he survived.
He and Underwent Month's of extreme training and preparation for this.
This was the ritual where he would be taken to a planet Light years away from his home, where he was forced to remain there for two years until he became an Adult. This was something all Traeponis had to pass, and it proved their worth as a valuable solider. If they failed, well, they would be dead anyway..
That didn't change the fact that he was still scared.
"Diros, the time is at hand, meet me at the Medical bay immediately, you will need to collect your supplies."
This was his trainer, Admiral K'busol. Diros highly respected K'busol, he had taught him everything, and if he survived, he would owe his life towards him.
"Yes sir!" said Diros and he ran towards him.When he got there, he looked up at him.
K'busol wore Armour that made Diros gaze and stare:
His Mask (all traeponis wore gas-masks, they had a severe evolutionary flaw, where their lungs were incredibly fragile, and as such, they were prone to suffocation) had several tubes at the back of his head, which led to a gas chamber on his back. This was important, as the ship they were on had no breathable atmosphere.
He wore dark blue battle Armour, which was padded with reinforced steel, and on his chest was a light-red symbol of an Mark V Pulse Rifle. His legs, all four of them, had the same mark on his 'knees', this was a mark reserved for admirals.
"If you would kindly finish dreaming, I will show you the items you will need."
"Sorry sir, umm.. Where exactly are these items? All I see are these cylinders.." Asked a very confused Diros. "Your Items are stored in these container pods, this one, here,"
He picked up a gray cylinder, and twisted the top open "contains all your meals, in the case you don't find anything edible on your journey. Don't get your hopes up for any thing exotic, it's basic grunt food."
Diros sighed.
"You should be thankful, on my Cleansing Ritual, the food was rotten when I had gotten it, and I was forced to feed off dirt and at one point, I had gotten.....Desperate."
He glanced at the Admirals Prosthetic hand, and at that point, Diros had begun to realize that he may just not make it.

Music / Ghost-Basic Instinct
« on: January 24, 2009, 02:01:27 pm »
I love this song. Ever since I heard it on the Tele, I can't stop hearing it.
The tone is just so haunting and beautiful, and the video matches up as well.
Has anyone else heard it?

PC Games / Penumbra: Overture
« on: January 14, 2009, 12:00:48 pm »
I've heard from some sources that this game looks, and probably is, very terrifying.
From what i can tell, Its Dead Space as a FPS, set in a mine, and with a freaky-ass Stephan king type story.
So, has anyone else played this? If so, is it worth getting?

Spore: Creation Corner / The Grand Empire Of The Traeponis
« on: December 07, 2008, 10:11:39 am »

Creature Statistics:
Name: Traeponis.
Homeplanet: Kkratis V.
Type: Cold-Blooded Mollusk, however, they may be more of a mix.
Gravity preferences: Three times that of Earth.
Temperature preferences: 45-113 Fahrenheit.
Lifestyle: Unknown.
Habitat: Swamp-lands, and some humid forests.
Size: 9 to 12 feet tall (Average).
Weight: 230 to 420 pounds (Male and Female).
Diet: Anything that they can find.
Hunt/Forage Success Rate: Hunt 95%, Forage 20%.
Armor: Sticky skin that absorbs damage, bio-mechanical implants.
Defenses: See Above.
Weapons: Advanced plasma/Acid Ray technology.
Tools: Two Hands with three fingers each.
Method of Eating: Absorbs food via fingers, and via mouth.
Lifespan: 45 Earth years.
Reproductive Rate: Reaches sexual maturity at age 12. Asexual and Sexual.
Offspring incubation: Three months earth time.
Number of Offspring: Six.
Offspring Survival Rate (before age of maturity): Only 30%.
Gender differences: Females are three times the size of males.
Civilization: Cross-Galactic Exploration.
Archetype: Religious/Military Fanatics.

The Traeponis are a vicious race of intergalactic warriors who are sickened by all other sapient lifeforms. Indeed, this hatred is so strong, it actually causes them to physically get sick when they encounter a new species. They have enslaved hundreds of empires, and, as an act of supremacy towards any empire that would dare fight them, then destroy the home planet of said empire. This is to "Prevent the Scum of the Planet to ever rise again"
The Traeponis empire have stolen the technology of the empires the have conquered, making it near impossible to tell what technology that they have actaully invented themselves.
They do NOT believe in the concept of evolution, and will forcibly abolish this abominable idea in their slave empires. 

Spore: General / Creepy and Cute for five bucks!
« on: December 02, 2008, 02:56:20 am »

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