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Spore: General / what are the main story missions? major spoilers.
« on: September 13, 2008, 08:51:22 am »
Ok so we have all of the tutorial ones in the discussion tree with your planet.  For me the final one was colonize x planets.

Then you have the meet the grox they've been spotted thing.

Then you have getting to the center.

Then youre told to find the 3rd planet in sol.

Am i missing any?

Where is that change your archetype mission?

ive got 96 badges and a bunch of 4 stars im working on getting all of the rest into badges.

I've learned a few things that will make terraforming easier.

Once you set a creature down and it registers as on the planet for a food web, you can immediately scoop it up again for future use on other planets.

Lookiking for a scanned or unscanned animal that you need for use on another planet and tired of zooming around hoping one will spawn?  Click on the unscanned icon in the terraform view and it will use your rador to home in on one. I'm talking about the little white dot that lets you know it exists on the planet.

Another neat thing i found out:

drop a sentient being (one of my space staged folks) on a planet that can support life, and they run from ther carnivores and once safe, start a fire and warm themselves with it, its really neat to see.

Spore: General / so an epic yoda hurled me across the map...
« on: September 09, 2008, 07:52:18 am »
Maybe this is common knowledge, but did you know that epics apparently dont have to just kill you?

I was trying to fly away and got stuck falling in mid air and then suddenly...

Its not the best shot, i panicked while it was happening, but he picked me up in his hand and hurled me, which is that trail of light.

Spore: General / creature parts unlocking trouble
« on: September 07, 2008, 08:12:52 am »
im having trouble unlocking all the mouths it looks like.  I have been playing on hard to unlock all the parts.  I have all the parts except for the mouths unlocked.

Its been an hour since i've seen a new part, despite my constantly finding new creatures to love hate.

Is it a glitch?  Has anyone here unlocked all the mouths

And yes, ive focused on killing the alphas because they are supposed to drop them.

The only other thing i can think of is to keep reloading to get new creatures, but im not sure what the problem is, i never see those bones on the ground anymore.

I've been playing so long im using pretty much the best parts and i havw 1000 extra dna points, and ive unlocked both the kill 20 and befriend 20 creatures in the stage.

 this is a shot of the editor as it moves into tribal:

Spore: General / so theres a water stage after all (glitch)
« on: September 06, 2008, 08:27:45 am »
so i started a new game on hard, passed cell and for some reason 90 percent of my creature stage is water, i tried swimming to any food or land and i get well... dead.  All my guys are swimming and there was even one of my giant eggs floating with us, the hatch animation was in a nest filled with a water colored wavy sky.

edit: i tried reloading it, the second i touch any land i die that special way, i can swim forever anywhere and it takes the baby a few seconds to surface when it hatches, its like the land water values were somehow reversed.

Glitches like this could be a problem since they dont allow multiple saves per universe.

notice im over my nest in this one

the second i try to make for land...

my water nest in the heavens.

I can count to 7 slowly before my newborns surfaces so that i can see and control him.

Spore: General / trade route limit/city productivity question
« on: September 06, 2008, 06:15:18 am »
so im playing the space stage, all peaceful traits.  I met a bunch of speceis and every time i did i opened a trade route, im just going to estimate 4 because i cant find a way to see it.  I happen to get the quest from my home planet about opening trade, and every time i talk to someone they say im at my limit?

What are the factors involved and how do I get more?

Another question, I went all religious and converted my planet before i really played with the civ stage.

When you place building they show those connecting lines, if a building has no connecting line does it count?  like can i build houses entertainment on one side ands factory on the other? or must everything connect? 

Anyone have a strategy for max output in the space stage that doesnt cause too much unhappiness?

I assume theres no other way to increase spice production in space no matter how many nodes on the surface, its all in the productivity of the city right?

Is it a good idea to build a lot of cities per planet or is one enough to get the benefits of the spice?

Everything Else / flooding in the midwest discussion
« on: June 10, 2008, 11:56:49 pm »
I live in cedar rapids iowa, a number of blocks from a river.  I am surrounded by sandbags and predictions that the coming flood will beat even the famous floods of '93.  Unfortunately thanks to the wars, we don't have the national guard in the strength customary to deal with the situation. 

The river hasn't overcome any of the levies or the sandbags yet, but we are expecting heavy rain in the next few days.

Evacuation fliers have been distributed, with the understanding that they could become mandatory at any time, I live just outside one of these areas. 

I am a disabled person and don't travel easily, in case you're wondering why i'm still here lol

I was just wondering if anyone else is dealing, or about to deal with the flood waters here on gamingsteve.

edit: i forgot to mention a dam was destroyed in Indiana Wisconsin because of the widespread flooding. flood gates in ou capitol city had to be lowered to prevent a similar thing happening in iowa.

Spore: General / POLL: which spore pricing option will you choose?
« on: April 16, 2008, 02:12:04 pm »
I've never done a poll before, but for once im genuinely interested in what everyone as a collective thinks about the pricing plans.  So, lets keep it simple, where is your money going to go?

EDIT: i just wanted to point out the 60 dollar estimate on the retail game was just a guess based on no concrete information.

I made up the last option, as far as I know there is no collectors edition.


Just to clear up some issues some people are having with this here are some facts:

- Creature Creator Trial will have 25% of all parts available and allows you to build as many creatures as you want.
- Creature Creator Full will have 100% parts available and you can also make as many as you want.
- Creatures you make in both versions will be able to be imported into the game when it's released.
- You will be able to see other peoples creatures on Sporepedia with the Creature Creator which means Sporepedia will be up and running when this is released.
- The version that comes in the SimCity box is the full version which will also be available for purchase separately.
- All three of them (Trial version, Full version and the SimCity package) will be released on the same day.
I couldn't find a reference in this thread, but those facts are from the mouth of Patrick Buechner in an interview with IGN.

I know theres another thread about this stuff, but I want to see where people intend to put their money, not so much what they think about it.

Spore: General / procedural music, game perception article 10/26/07
« on: October 26, 2007, 09:39:21 am »

The article itself is mostly just console preferences and why, but at the very end these two sentences slip out.

Will Wright:

...But there are minor differences in polishing that make a major difference in how people will perceive it.

There are a lot of little things that we've achieved that I didn't think we would – things like procedural music, with computers composing music on the fly.

PLEASE NOTE:  I am discussing the context of HOW two people had a specific conversation.  PLEASE listen to the clip BEFORE you comment, I'm not interested in a face value judgment, other threads are taking care of that, sorry for the confusion:)

Ok so if you listen to the recording of the radio interview, I have transcribed the exchange everyone is "quoting":

ok so the guy says "Alright, so.. Maybe 6 months?"

will: "Yeah, um..  Roughly."

Not quite as definitive as the gamer sites have made it sound.

He was asked a vague question and he gave a vague answer, I wouldn't put too much stock into it.  Have a listen for yourself,

its 13:25 into the recording.  to get the download.

Am I understating the context of the exchange?  What do you think?

Spore: General / Will Wright, illegal street race champ in the '80's
« on: October 16, 2007, 03:39:39 pm »

Watch the videos, he talk about street racing in the same manner that he might talk about spore, it's funny.

PC Games / computer hardware question for games
« on: February 17, 2007, 08:27:36 pm »
I know this isnt a tech support forum but I thought id ask, in relation to pc games playing and online games (dsl speed for that). 

I know you can build computers cheaper, but I lack the technical understanding, as well as the coordination.

I am using dell to build a computer, I need to know if the cost increase has substantial value in performance, for the things i said above

Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E6400 (2MB L2 Cache,2.13GHz,1066 FSB) $100

Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E6600 (4MB L2 Cache,2.4GHz,1066 FSB)   $200

is the second one worth the cost?

any insight into this would be appreciated!

Spore: General / compilation of will wright's influences 11/02
« on: November 05, 2006, 10:22:41 am »

a lot of this has been talked about before but maybe someone will find this an interesting diversion.

A list of all the stated influences will wright has mentioned with links for further study. 



The event is over, I only heard about it after the fact, and they dont seem to archive content, just stream live events :'(


Things Will Wright Covered: (Keep checking in for more updates throughout the day)

+Your creature creations will be turned into cards, which others can collect and try out in their games

+The physics and fluid engines breaks all the rules and doesn't take any memory at all cause Will Wright is amazing

+Describes how games nowadays like to explore specifics and simplicity of gameplay, names toys Americans don't understand

+Spore patents new gaming word: Scenius - the genius of a group of people

+AI is being discussed, Will Wright says that your Spore game will learn how foreign creatures should act based on how other players have designed and played them in other games of Spore

+A speaker scolds the question taker for not choosing raised hands in the right order :)

+Discussing game's evoked emotions and comparing them to White House's bad decisions! Also compares to Ico's awe and wonder

+"Take a Virgin to lunch" break number one has begun, damn I wish I was there! These guys are very organized and fun

It looks like that's it for the Spore portion of the event, but the conference is still going on with more technology coverage.

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