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Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / Yorpy's Intergalactic Safari
« on: August 25, 2008, 07:00:23 pm »
I saw how much quality content was tagged with "Gaming Steve" and it made me want to join a community of such talented individuals as yourselves! I'll post my favorites here. I'd like constructive criticism, but go ahead and be blunt!

Here are my absolute favorite creations, I'll post more as I make 'em. (My pics are going to be low quality until I get my desktop up and running I'll edit them then.)


A creature I intend for use in the Tribal Phase and above. It's a monopod with olfactory, audio-sensory and digestive organs contained within its "snout". This is my absolute favorite creature and will probably be the one I create my first time through the game.


Another creature that is intended for use in the Tribal Phase and above. It is probably my second favorite, and will play a prominent role in the formation of my galaxy's story. It has an awesome gait which is much like a stride.


This was an accidentally good creature. It is quite frightening. My obsession with eye stalks becomes apparent, especially with this one. Its running animation almost looks like a leap. In screenshots on computers with better graphics cards, it has an excellent sheen across the entire body.


I was told by a certain well respected community member (*cough* Pietoro *cough*) that this one looks like it belongs on the Spore box. It's too bad they've already designed it :D. I really appreciate the expression on its face.


 It is a grotesque herbivore that is just prime for domestication! I like his bat like crawl.

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