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Spore: Creation Corner / [NG] {kinda} Gosaan
« on: August 18, 2008, 04:28:16 pm »

What my original species, the Gauss, would have been before an inebriation-induced error changed them. Gosaan have the capacity to be very intelligent and peaceful, but after thousands of generations of living under The Firm, many have lost all independent thought, and have a pre-coordinated set of responses (issued by the Firm) for many situations. The "national pasttime is Total War, an ingenious way to kill others in a constant 'civil war' on both land and space, and free up real estate. No culture apart from Total War, after said thousand generations of Firm rule.

Tech- Pretty limited, considering that they've been at a technological/sociological standstill for quite some time, and because imagination is NOT encouraged. They have hyperdrives, but they're so huge and costly that only a handful of ships have them. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Gosaan battle armor has been modified extensively, practically ever since one Gosaan got the idea to wear a loincloth. A few million years later, that rag has evolved into a full-body and head suit with numerous pockets and mounted weapons, such as scissor-machetes and norefes spikes.

Console Games / 360 problem. please help
« on: August 08, 2008, 09:14:32 pm »
my xbox 360 is reading the disk tray as open when it's closed and vie-versa. IT is not reading any disks (obviously) HELP! my 360 is NOT under warranty.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / The Iron Fist of The Gosaan
« on: July 30, 2008, 04:04:21 pm »
[since I'm not very certain about any of the RPs here, I'll just post a story unless someone comes in screaming about how I am required to join an RP]

To Outsiders, the Jel'osken system was in chaos. Various Gosaan ships vied for supremacy in the void in an almost eternal "contest" of civil wars scared away even the dumbest of alien explorers (actually, no one had even bothered to map this part of space yet). And yet, Spacemaster Yartan Vol'eos calmly watched the unfolding destruction from the bridge of his Willbreaker class destroyer. Taking a sip from a drink, he pulled up a display of events on his desk's screen and sat down to watch and order his fleet to kill.

Vol'eos was one of the more popular Spacemasters, and his tactical supremacy, unfailing 'manners' and sheer brilliance in Total War made him and his fleet a fan favorite. Yes. A fan favorite. You see, the Gosaan have a central government, but each planet is granted a degree of independence from the Capitol, and; with a species as violent as Gosaan, the government let the Fleet and Army play highly-publicised wargames (with more emphasis on war than games) as a way to blow off steam and generate healthy revenue.

Getting back to Vol'eos, he had finished his drink and had his fill of waiting on the sidelines. Taking the elevator from the general quarters to the bridge, he arrived at the perfect time. The pawnships of Spacemasters Gar'vos and Sal'shas were making little headway, so Vol'eos decided to move in for the kills that doubtless sell out thousands of SpaceMaster Yartan Vol'eos dolls. "Control, plot a course to take us between the two pawnships. Weapons, give me firing solutions for missile pods A-G on starboard and AA-HH on port! Sound collision alarms and evacuate and de-pressurize all nonessential sections." As the destroyer moved towards the stalemate, Vol'eos smiled. He was in his element.

The two pawnships were still fighting when Vol'eos fired the Willbreaker's main cannon, which blasted a sizable hole through Gar'vos' pawnship. Startled, the two pawnships immediately ceased firing on each other to turn so that they could give the Willbreaker a broadside. "Fire main cannon at the undamaged one, and launch 4 missiles from pods A-G on my mark!" spat Vol'eos. As the ensign at the weapons console entered in the various commands, Vol'eos double-checked his math. After counting down from 7, he roared "Fire main cannon!" at a rough 6.5, which was quickly followed by "Fire missiles!" at 2.7 with a grin tugging at the corner of his narrow, crocodile like mouth, he watched the pawnships fire their own missiles. Once the enemy warheads were within autocannon range, he gave the command to fire scramblers. In less than a second after the scramblers launched, Vol'eos suddenly thought about how Gar'vos and Sal'shas had hidden nukes in the small group of missiles that were about to detonate a reasonably safe distance from his ship?

Banishing the thought entirely, he waited, and let his barbed tongue slide over his lips in nervous anticipation. The countdown timer reached zero, and the scramblers worked wonders. A dozen detonations lit up as the missiles exploded, leaving Vol'eos momentarily blinded, as well as the two pawnships. As the image of the explosions was burned into his retinas, Vol'eos gave a small fighter crew the order to attack. As the explosions faded, the volunteers on the pawnships stopped cheering their victory and began praying as a small swarm of fighters screamed into view. A few minutes later it was over. Missiles launched from the fighters reduced the pawnships to little more than deformed hulks floating lifelessly. Almost bursting with pride, Vol'eos recalled his fighters and marked the wrecks for pickup.

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