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Spore: General / Least favorite path
« on: October 11, 2008, 09:09:05 am »
Self explanatory.  Exact opposite of Hydro's favorite path topic.

For me, Warrior.  Raider rally is almost useless and can actually harm you.

Hello, this is Kenobro.  Since Gec and ilikesanta have discontinued the CREATURE commissions thread, I'm starting a VEHICLE commissions thread.  Since this is vastly different from Creature Creator, I appreciate suggestions. Post your theme name and description here. This is also spaceships, because they are so similar. Every now and then I might do a "religious air only" or "military sea" only, but most will include all. Please submit entries in the same way as the creature commissions thread.

Themes so far:
-Featured Part
-Sci-Fi Remakes
-Ancient Vehicles (Pre-automobile)
-Random Objects
-Animals (make animals with vehicle maker as best as possible. Wheels can be used as well as the "legs")
-Sporio Kart 64 (I always thought this sounded cool, but it never was voted for, and this is much easier)
-Color Themes (Like Rainbow, Monochromatic, or some such)
-Sports Themes (Choose a sport, any sport.)
-Food to Go (Food Creations)
-Recreating stuff from other games. Not only vehicles but also characters.
-Steam punk
-Mechanical Disasters
-Geological Formations

Spore: Creation Corner / [RG] The Fiikkal
« on: July 13, 2008, 05:04:29 pm »
This is a picture of a Fiikkal that my brother Kenotai drew

It comes from a planet with lesser gravity and can use it's wings to glide and uses it's mace-ball tail to break open some fruits and large seeds.  The hair is used for hearing and it can smell with it's mouth.  Most of its weight is centered in the front so its back legs atrophied from time to time.  The planet is more distant from the sun, so the fan is black to absorb heat, because it is cold-blooded.


This is the Fiikkal skeleton (credit to my brother Kenotai).  It is a dual-spined creature with orange bones. They are colored this way due to an abundance of copper on their planet.

1.Mouth.  Eats by cutting up all it's food with it's mace-ball and then kind of sucking them in with it's mouth, like a vacuum.  It does this by contracting and expanding its stomach, like a lung.
2.Epiglottis.  Prevents food from going into its lung.
3.Stomach.  It uses bases in its stomach instead of acid to break down food.
4.Gall Receptacle.  A holding place for gall produced in its liver equivalent.
5.Liver Equivalent.  Performs many of the same functions of the human liver.
6.Pancreatic Organ.  Produces insulin for the breakdown of sugar.
7.Nutrient Absorption Organ.  Performs the same function as the small intestine by the use of millions of tiny villi.
8.Water Absorption Organ.  This organ is used for water reclamation.
9.Waste Excretion Organ.  Basically the anus.

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