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Spore: General / Spore T-shirts/other Products?
« on: October 09, 2005, 06:45:26 am »
Is Maxis planning on creating spore products and merchandise? I think a t-shirt with one of the many spore icons created here on the forums would make a great t-shirt! I was just wondering whether anyone has heard anything about a spore productline comming out. If anyone has the faintest idea or agrees with me please respond.

On a second note, I own a shop at cafepress which allows me to upload images and create hundreds of products from coffemugs and hats to t-shirts and hoodies. I was thinking that i could make some preliminary spore designs(which would not contain the word Spore for copyright reasons). If anyone would be interested please respond. If enough people like the idea, i would then just need permission from the creator(s) of the icons to put a specific icon on a product. So start requesting specific  icons now.

To summarize what you can respond to.
  1.Does anyone know about official spore merchandise?
  2.Would you like one of the spore icon's on a product?
  3.Specifically which icon do you want on products?

And designs would not be limmited to icon's, they are just the simplest designs which would be easy to transfer to a shirt

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