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Hey guys, here are some of my personal favorites from my collection. Let me know what you think.

Glyptodon : Everybody's favorite prehistoric armored mammal

Petipous : Featured in the Sporaquarium way back when.

Gonsterm : standard grumpy alien

Babyback : Inspired by Pipa Pipa frogs that go through a similar form of birth.

Anomalocaris: I love prehistoric critters, especially the crazy looking ones.

Prontowor: Strange, heavily shelled race.

Borritor : Semi-Yeti mountain creature.

Xiphanion : an armored race of some sort

Drillistien : Subconsciously inspired by the drilling robots in the Matrix series. Tried a more organic-style.

and now for something completely different:

Space Shuttle: Just because I didn't think it was possible

Also, I posted some renders in my deviantart account, if you dare a peak:

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