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Spore: General / Sporecasts randomly getting deleted??
« on: November 24, 2008, 12:17:39 am »
If you sort sporecasts by rating, a lot of them on the first pages now report that they have 0 items.  My two oldest, and most popular sporecasts where hit.  In game everything seems to be fine, or at least the same as it was last time ran spore. 

Anybody know what's going on  This is not pleasant??

Just now i opened up the detail view on a creature, and a new subcategory appeared on the right "Games Used".  Checking though a number of creatures i can't find one that has any information in that box.

Anybody getting anything there?

Spore: General / Cell Texture Swatches for creating novel Creatures
« on: October 24, 2008, 04:17:19 pm »
I was interested in getting access to the cell textures for my creatures.  Since no one has made a mod for me, yet, i went and made a bunch of big, fat featureless cell creature for each cell texture.  The idea is that i can use the "Paint Like" feature, and grab one of these swatches for creatures.

A few things i found out systematically bringing cell textures onto creatures:

* The cell textures are in the "Base" layer only.
* When you "Paint Like" from a cell, it only overwrites the base layer.
* All cell textures are at least slightly different from the creature textures.
* Many of the cell textures are the only way to access some features (like stripes) in the base layer.
* Some of these textures combine features that otherwise require 2 paint layers
* Cell textures tend to be more heavily bumped out (or in)
* Some are more processor intensive

If you normally spend 5-15 seconds coloring your creature, you probably won't really care.  If you are more like me and often spend 5-10 minutes coloring a creature, then the these options will be pretty interesting to you.

I'd like to share these cell-swatches, but i can't do a sporecast of cells.

Recommendations on the best way to share this 700kb zip file?

I'll post some examples of novel textures when i get them done...

You can get the files here:

Spore: General / Spore Mods for the Mac
« on: October 21, 2008, 09:49:16 am »
Many mods seem to have the instructions: drop the file in the "data" folder, but on a Mac installation, it is hard to find.

The is actually a package.  If you right-click (or control-click) on the .app it brings up a contextual menu.  Select "Show Package Contents".
A new window will appear.  Inside the data folder is located at:

I've so far tested DarkDragons cell-part morph-handle mod and it works fine :)

Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / Sporecast Ratings
« on: October 19, 2008, 11:52:50 am »
I've just noticed that the web Sporepedia now is able to sort Sporecasts by the rating.

I'm pleased to say that gamingsteve currently has a presence on the first page of the most popular sporecasts.

#4 Aquantica Ecosystem by Parkaboy
#8 Manicmoose shells by you know who
#12 Quality, Plausible Aliens by eleazzaar ( :) )

Congratulations guys.

I don't recognize any other names until page 4 where my UFO sporecast shows up.  Parkaboy has another ecosysem 'cast on page 6.  Did i miss anybody?

Spore: General / Auto-delete of Auto-downloaded Sporepedia Content
« on: October 07, 2008, 09:24:03 am »
This doesn't seem to work for me.

For weeks i've had "delete old downoads" checked, and the other settings at a minimum: 7 days and 256 mbs.

But my Sporepedia grows usually by hundreds of items per session.  Before i turned on "delete old downloads" it was around 6000 items.  Recently it got up to 9,100 items before i started playing off-line.  Yes i've adding things to my sporecasts (i'm not using buddys), but it would be an unusual session where i added more than thirty items.  The size of my sporepedia is increasing much more rapidly than my sporecasts.

I went through and deleted much of the auto-downloaded crud and reduced my sporepedia from 9,100 to 5,800, because due to number the auto-downloaded content seem to be appearing more an more.  Also i an annoyed by the long delay caused (on my machine) by opening the "everything" tab.

So has anybody observed "delete old downoads" actually deleting things?
Does the Sporepedia ever reach a point of balance where an equal number of items are being added and removed?

Spore: General / Thoughts on Maxis' content
« on: October 04, 2008, 09:08:31 pm »
I was looking through the "Maxis" tab thinking that maybe i had been too hard on them, and that some of the creatures might be cool.  I realize that no everyone wants the same thing from a creature that i do, but i didn't like any of the 600+ creatures, and i strongly disliked most of them  A tiny handful i consider "OK".  Granted they tend to be a little better than the average content that gets auto-uploaded, but that's about the nicest thing i can say.

Oddly enough i don't have similar feelings about the other Maxis-provided content.  I like a lot of the vehicles and buildings they made (by no means all), and i think a lot of their plants are really cool.

I am much more interested in the creatures, so it's possible that i'm just being picky about creatures and all these things are actually of equivalent quality—— but i don't think so.

And i'm not just complaining that they made the creatures "cute" rather than "realistic".  IMHO many of the obvious attempts at cuteness fail badly.

Comments?  Agree/disagree?

Spore: General / WARNING. For Mac users Patching Spore.
« on: September 24, 2008, 09:43:51 pm »
When it looks like it is nearly done, it may hang for a very long time and look like it has crashed.

Apparently if you force-quit you'll get a mangled copy of spore (like i did)

If you let it run for as long as it needs, it's supposed to eventually finish.

Spore: General / Many Saved Games in One Galaxy
« on: September 24, 2008, 03:40:01 pm »
IMHO this is the most innovative and overlooked feature of the game.  Allowing the player to have a lot of empires in the same galaxy almost simultaneously, and to be able to meet and help (or hurt) your own empire can be really cool.

Just recently i got one of my empires strong enough that i could travel to and visit 2 of my smaller empires in the same arm.  One of them especially was having trouble with a large unfriendly neighbor, so i destroyed a few colonies for him, and improved some of his colonies.  It was a lot of fun, revisiting an earlier game as a different character.

But the negative side of being an "overlooked feature" is that it is not explained.  There is practically no mention of it in the manual or on the videos.  So i'm wondering how it works.

Obviously the whole galaxy is not "active" at the same time, because:
A) Nobody has enough processor power
B) It would really rot to play species A for a while, then bring B into space, go back to A and find that your whole empire had been conquered by some AI.

So i presume that events happen at a certain radius of the player's current UFO.  This radius seems to be larger in the beginning than the area you have traveled in.  I've had allies ask for help against enemy empires which i hadn't even seen yet.

But it's also possible the "active" area is determined by other means, such as all the stars you have explored + a certain number of parsecs. 

Where it gets tricky is when you are in or near the turf of one of your other saved games.  By messing around in an area, you could be allowing an enemy empire to grow and become all that harder to beat, since it does seem that empires tend to grow (as long as they aren't getting beat down by you our other empires.

Does anybody have any official info on how this works, or experience on traveling between different save points?

Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / GS Sporecast List (organized with descriptions)
« on: September 17, 2008, 10:01:37 am »
Yes there are already threads that list Sporecasts, but IMHO they as useful or complete as they could be for various reasons.  So i'm going to try.


• Post a link in this thread to your sporecast, in this format:

Code: [Select]
Link:[url=]sporecast name[/url]
short description

• Include a brief description (1-3 sentences). The description should describe:
    1) What type of content: Cells, Creatures, Vehicles, UFOs, Buildings, Sentient Creatures, or a Mix

    2) What is the theme style or common thread of the sporecast's content?  Is it a set of buildings/creatures/vehicles that go together?  Is it starwars themed stuff?  What is the basis for adding some stuff to this sporecast, but not leaving out something else?
Seriously, who wants to click on a bunch of blind links?  Tell us what your sporecast is, even if it's just a collection of random cool stuff.

I'll gather and organize the info and add it to this, the first post.  At least until the sporecast search function works.

Note: I'm not limiting the list to GamingSteve content at this point.  Feel free to recommend outside sporecasts.


LadyM official GS sporecast
3 Items from GamingSteve members, along with featured creatures


LadyM's Cell Collection
A collection of all cell's that I find. I know they are creatures but I like my illusion, join me.



Anisi Species Sets
A collection of creatures sets. Subscribe for high quality species bundles.

BioCat Silicon-based Creatures
A collection of interesting silicon based creatures.

CosmicD cute & cuddly
It's not my own creatures, in fact i avoid adding my own: but it's creatures from all over the spore pedia that meet my criteria of cute and cuddly.

DarkDragons 100 Theme Challenge Sporecast
Galactic Insectoids Sporecast

Quality, Plausible Aliens
Emphasizes hard-scifi creatures in the tradition of the weirdness of Wayne Douglas Barlow, or Snaiad. They generally appear strange to human sensibilities.

Almost Cute Aliens
Cuter and more approachable creatures— the friendlier side of xenobiology— but avoids (IMHO) crossing the line to excessive cuteness, i.e. creatures that seem designed only to appeal to the human "cute" instinct.

Darwin iv Creatures
A collection of some of the best aliens inspired by Wayne Douglas Barlow's book 'Expedition'.

MindMuncher Mind Munchers Madness
All my handpicked content, just for you! I like aliens and functionality.

Munchkin5: special editions
creatures to use in your game, varied and not ridiculous

Dinosecta Ecosystem
Varied dinosaur/insect hybrids. (in construction)

Dodris Ecosystem
Planet of insectoids.

Barlowe's Ecosystem
Bunch of creatures inspired (some more literal recreations, others more loosely inspired) by Wayne Barlowe's Expedition - also known as Discovery Channel's Alien Planet.

Pierson's Ecosystem
The home ecosystem of the Pierson's Puppeteer, famous alien species from Larry Niven Known Space series of novels.

Gemenon Ecosystem
A planet of more "Earth-like" creatures.

Aquantica Ecosystem
A world of creatures inspired in sea life. Floating fishes, walking shrimps and such.

Baudelair Ecosystem
Homeworld of the Bauder, populated by creatures related genetically to it.


cheesedip69 Gate Keepers
Freaky creatures.

Darth Grievi Darth Grievi's Sporecast
All my pre-Spore creatures, from the Naukal, to the H'qur, to the Theans, to the Noasaurs, and many more!

Denrin Scary,realistic,detailed

Eleazar Creature Creator Demo Critters
Creatures that will work with the trial Creature Creator (due to the limited number of parts).

Hydro's Earth Animals

Hydro's Future is Wild

KingAcer KingAcers Carnivores
A collection of my own carnivores.

Martham112 Martham's Creature Stage Spore
It's just a bunch of creatures that I find good. At the minute there is about 40 things in there, but I plan to increase that daily.

onecircles realistic, alien, bizzarre.

Orly Froofathon
You know, i just thought that if people keep making froofa rip-offs,  you need one way to find them all in one place!

ADVANCED CREATURES (tribe — space)

Harlander Galactic Empires
A collection of nothing but eye-catching space-phase creatures, created for the same reason as Rusty: to edge out the Maxis ones. In a slow process of both accretion of new entries and weeding-out of less-good ones.

rustybrazenfire Rusty's Space Species Selection
I browsed Sporepedia for good looking space faring creatures and added 50 of them to this Sporecast.  This selection is intended to attempt a replacement of the Maxis creatures.


eleazar Buildings of Style:
A collection of good-looking, distinctive buildings i've run across looking for creatures.  Focus on sets that match.

Heidenlou Les châteaux forts:
Some nice forts and castles.

scimitardk Buildings
A selection of well made buildings ive seen so far

tomasgaquino World Wonder Series
In this sporecast, a series of culturally important buildings from all the Earth and from all the historical periods will be reproduced.


Alrowan Battlemech and Battletech
Creations from the Battletech universe, Requests Accepted

d1n3oo3Broad My Vehicles
Vehicles i've done so far.

DK-HATUNE Fighter:
A collection of historic and sci-fi fighterplanes.

eleazar Vehicles, Various
An eclectic collection of original vehicles.  As it grows the emphasis will be on: 1) vehicles that are clearly Military, Religious or Economic. 2) Vehicle sets that go together

SiestaGuru Aircraft
Some airplanes of the three different types.


d1n3oo3Broad My Spaceships
Spaceships i've done so far.

eleazar Quality, Original UFOs
Focuses on neat looking spaceships, while avoiding ships that recreate well-known sci-fi icons (i.e. Star Destroyers or Enterprises)

LadyM Space Ship Bonanza

LiquidSpirit Spaceships:
Nicely done Spaceships.

rustybrazenfire Rusty's Spaceship Selection
I tried to select a variety of sizes, configurations, colors, and apparent purposes.  Spaceships seems to be the second category where I run into Maxis creations the most (besides flora).


Alwayswatching Hexagon Buildings and Vehicles
Buildings that are clusters of hexagons and vehicles that go with them. Plus a ship.

Cherel Tentode Federation -main race-
It includes only my main race, and everything Spore needs to use it in your game as a full set. Everything fits the theme as I created it for this creature as it evolved from cell to galactic federation.

d1n3oo3Broad The Weinze
The creature, buildings, vehicle and ufo of my first game race.

Walium, Masters of Steam.
The cell, creature, buildings, vehicles and ufo of the steam masters.

DarkDragon DarkDragons Stargate Sporecast

Eleazar Eleazar's Best Creations
The stuff that i am most proud of.

Fargo GameSpy Community Cast

ilikesanta My Santa Collection
I'm slowly building it up but it will have Santa everything and Santa creatures by myself and others, maybe a couple of snowman.

immortius Spheroid Worshippers
I have a small sporecast with some Sphere worshipper style vehicles and buildings:

JKalenad's Pokémon Ranch
All of my Pokémon Stuff, creatures, buildings, everything Pokémon related that I've made. It'll be put together properly eventually.

JKalenad: a Miscellany.
my unique, non-Pokémon stuff, including the Cylafah Empire, my first Space-type fellows.

LadyM LadyMpire

Luminar Star Control

Martham Martham's End Game Sporecast
Basically, it's a Sporecast for things you may see in Space. The majority are Space creatures and spaceships, but there are buildings, vehicles and the occasional creature. Please subscribe as I update it daily.

MasterChiToe MasterChiToe' Select Creations
Here are my pruned Creations... that doesn't include experimental objects, only the best unbugged-png creatures from an evolution... I also left out most of the Civ-Space outfitted creations of my CC creations, since except for an exception or two, weren't really worthy.

Miclee Grox Stuff

Nazzul Nazzul's army
All my favorite things i made.

OpDDay2001 Doomsday's Emporium of Stuff
Just a collection of some of my best buildings, vehicles, and perhaps critters.

Pentadact The PC Gamer Sporecast
Our absolute favourite stuff. E-mail any suggestions to

Pixxel link Futurama Content
Futurama related creatures and vehicles.This is still a work in progress.

Serinen Serinen's Creations
A collection of what I feel are my best creatures, vehicles, UFOs and buildings.

SiestaGurus sporecast
A sporecast for all the cool stuff I find from other players which I want to be able to download quickly. Most of it is high quality stuff, but i cant really check for animations before dumping things on it.

Best of SiestaGuru
My best creations so far, all with reaonable animations, and its recommended to subscribe to this sporecast instead of making me a buddy, since i have loads of creatures on there that dont animate well..

sonarogre Steampunk
Nice collection of Steampunk.

Spiritofcat Monopoly Pieces
For the Monopoly buildings and vehicles I've made, and for other good ones I find, but I'm having a bit of trouble with managing the thing.

SuperSonicX Star Trek:
Star Trek ships, buildings, creatures ect for all the stages.

Wormies Spore Wars:
Some Star Wars recreations.

xgenesis xgenesis Pearly Gates Theme
Consists of a white and gold theme suitable for playing a religious, pacifist path or whatever

Yokto My Echin Empire sporecast
The Echin Empire and their stuff

Spore: General / How to use black holes?
« on: September 16, 2008, 04:52:34 pm »
I found my first black hole.

I thought you were supposed to be able to use them to travel, but i just swirled around in it.  I could zoom in but not very far.

Is there some tech required to use it, or somthing else obvious i missed?

Spore: General / Signs of Intelligence from Sporepedia?
« on: September 14, 2008, 08:59:45 pm »
The Sporepedia was supposed to be able to figure out what kind of stuff you like, and then download that type of content, sorta like Amazon recommendations.  Has anyone seen any sign that this is the case?

The sort of stuff it automatically downloads for me seems to have about the quality and coherence, of hitting Sporescope's "Random Creature" button.  I'm seeing no evidence that it is doing anything but downloading completely random items.  25-33% of the ships and buildings it downloads don't even have a texture, and it's not that uncommon to see a random stack of a few building or hull pieces.   I realize it would take time for such a pseudo intelligent system to accumulate enough data to get reasonably good, but i don't think there is anything going on beyond random choice.  Best case scenario is that they are still working on it, and it's not turned on yet.

Anybody heard any official word about this? 

Anybody think that it is doing more than downloading random stuff?

The junk it was downloading for me is a large part of the reason i'm turning to Sporecasts to pull together content i want to see, though  really i'd rather be surprised by something cool i didn't add to a sporecast, but that hasn't happened yet.

Spore: General / In Tribe you can see the whole planet
« on: September 11, 2008, 03:59:02 pm »
You can't explore too far because your tribesmen will starve, but using the arrow keys or mouse you can view the whole planet from ground level.  It's a great way to get some scenic views of things.

It's pretty cool.  If you get far away, and then click on something in the mini map the camera will zoom there and gain some elevation.

If you start up directly into tribal it seems to prevent you from choosing any pre-made creature without arms...
however if you build one yourself, it doesn't make you add arms... in fact it doesn't make you add anything but a mouth.

For those who don't find the game hard enough, try playing as a blind armless slug. :)

Spore: General / Can't get Tribals to play their instruments (Bug?)
« on: September 07, 2008, 05:04:40 pm »
I'm either missing something really obvious, or there is a bug.

I have a friendly neighboring tribe, and i've equipped some of my guys with instruments.
I send them over with my chief.   In social stance, i click on one of the villagers, and they line up to listen to my music.  They have though balloons of my instrument, but the button for that instrument remains greyed out no matter what.  Eventually the concert is over and they hold up signs rating me at "1".

Is this a bug or am i missing something?

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