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Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Rein of Tera
« on: August 10, 2006, 10:01:44 pm »
   Rein of Tera

Location       :Top secret meeting area of the S.W.U.
Subject        :galactic domination and superweapon development

*Several S.W.U. leaders enter a secure chamber with a holographic transmitter in the center.
the transmitter lights up and an images of a fuffel appears.

// greetings fellow warriors I am newly crowned empress Tera. You have been gathered here to help
transform this union of small scale raiders into a truly awesome armada. Our scientists have successfully cloned
the Necromonicon we captured during the battle of Hina.

We also have nearly compleated the reverse engineering and improving of the Naucean nanosuits

And finally we have plans for a weapon that will be able to destroy or disable ANY defensive station or ship with ease or rip the crust off a planet like an overripe fruit.

Now for all this to come to pass we need resources LOTS of resources. We need to keep a low profile so we
need to strike fast jam communications and make sure there are no witnesses and no evidence we were ever there. We don't want the rest of the galaxy knowing what we are up to...yet.

The first target is the Tortullakeet homeworld they have genetic engineers that can breed plants to feed our young necros.we always scope out a planets defenses. They have lax security so sneaking in and out with who we need won't be a problem. Just to make sure we think an explosive device should be planted in the nearby power plant to cover our exit.

Any questions or comments?//

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / OOC: Rein of Tera
« on: July 23, 2006, 02:47:34 am »
This is going to be more of a collective story idea than a RP
we will put the story together here and post the completed story in a
different thread.none of this is happining yet and may change before the story is posted.
this is my basic plan for chapter 1

 Chapter 1 dark tide rising
This is going to be the S.W.U. rise to power. The fuffel have started cloning the Necromonicon
and have reingeniered the nanosuits captured at the battle of Hina.

The S.W.U. are building an armada.The Fuffel empire put most of its resources into the construction
of a superweapon, but it isn't nearly enough.
(need input from the rest of the S.W.U.)
so the S.W.U. invade several colonies for resources making sure to jam all communications of each planet
and that no ships leave the system to warn the rest of the galaxy.
(need people to volunteer to have their colonies  destroyed for this story)
(Remember you won't get reinforcements and nobody will warn the outside world)
(any maps , tactical info or drawings you provide of your people in battle will help make them last longer in the

once they gather enough resources they finish their weapon.

This massive weapon fires a neutronium pellet the size of a ball bearing but with the mass and gravity of a small moon at its target. it opens up like a flower and snaps shut when it fires. once this weapon is complete the real battle begins.

this is just the overview I plan on adding a great deal more details to this story before I post it

Spore: Creation Corner / Uplift gone wrong Fuffel's history
« on: May 10, 2006, 02:08:58 am »
Fuffel history
Part 1      Sacred stones

The four Sacred stones appeared
and knowledge and awareness came
to all fuffel. 

Part2    The Four Tribes

A tribe was formed near
each of the stones.

The Death tribe worshiped Mortana
goddess of death.

The tribe of Fire & Ice worshiped
Izame god of Fire and of Ice.

The Flower and the Berry tribes
worshiped green gods that came
from the stars. These gods gave
them gifts, food and killed all the
local predators for them.

Part3     The Holy Union

The Holy Union union of the Flower
and the Berry tribes formed united
in their worship of the green gods.
these gods descended from the sky
in strange crafts.

Spore: Creation Corner / My evil creature
« on: March 07, 2006, 09:04:08 pm »
The fuffel
Very emotional (mostly happy)  very warlike(more like extremely)
phical appearance
pink and purple shaggy fur
blue or green eye color
two prehensile trunks
two legs with clawed feet.

One very aggressive and very evil tribe started destroying all others.
War after war it took control of the entire planet.

They replaced their battle mounts with mechs.
Each  has more weapons than they are on some planets.
The Fuffel culture is based on war. The children are taught to kill at a young age.
After they ran out of people to kill on there homeworld the looked elseware

They made a very unfriendly first contact with the Qbix
The obix were overwhelmed and enslaved.(then destroyed)
From the resources of the systems they captured they built an empire.
The Capitol city is named Snuggle,after a war hero.

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