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Armor Critical is a free 2D top-down, team-based, internet-multiplayer, capture-the-flag game, with compelling gameplay that is simple to learn but offers years of depth for the committed player. The game was hosted on HFront, TEN (Total Entertainment Network), WON, Sierra, CodeMallet & is now owned by an independent group from the community who coded it to be browser based. There are 5 basic game modes Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Switches, Domination, and Assassin and endless possibilities for game styles that are completely at the control of map makers.

On June 12-14 (7PM EST-7PM EST) CriticalMass will run and over that timeframe the top 8 players in total wins will receive cash prizes. Each game will be 20 minutes and formed by the games dynamic rating system so every player will have equal chance to win each game.

For more info visit

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