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Spore: General / Video proof of Grox's illegal genetic experiments!
« on: September 17, 2008, 09:04:50 am »
Breaking news!

It came as a shock wave throughout the entire Galaxy when earlier today two video's were released by GBC (Galaxy Broadcast Center), that proves that the Grob are violating GN resolution 1148.
Until now the allegations that they where conducting genetic experiments have always been denied by the Grob government.
They claimed that no such experiments exist on other lifeforms.
Yet they still haven't reacted to these latest images and they refuse to answer any questions related to it.

According to the President of the United Galactic Empires (UGE) these videos finally prove what was feared for a long time before, and he is worried that this event may well lead into a clash between empires.
Rumor spreads that the Generals of the 2nd largest Galactic Empire "United Nauceans" already are preparing for wartime with the Grob.
A spokesperson of the Military wing of the Nauceans says "this incident could well lead us into a Galactic War".

The Government of the Nagrillos on the other hand is more skeptical to such an approach, and fears that a conflict with the Grob could spread well beyond the borders of our own Galaxy, causing more harm to all lifeforms than it would do good.
They say dialogue is the only option available.

The Dectory, latest member of the United Galactic Empires (UGE), are already at war with the Grob for many years now for violating their territory, but this latest event could well give them much more support and possibly even some allies to join their fight.
The Dectory always stated that they never had any other intentions than peace with the Grob, and that their fleet was only on a pass through towards the center of the Galaxy. 
The Grox on the other hand claimed that it was a military vessel and acted upon by declaring war on them without approval from the UGE.

Scientists say: "We always wondered where Epics came from, but now after watching these videos we are almost certain that the Grob have created them to cause mayhem across the Galaxy".
According to them what we see here is some form of mutation that went horribly wrong.

The Galactic Species Rights Organization asks for sanctions against the Grob and says "no Empire has the right to conduct such experiments and break the Galactic laws, not even the Grob".

Another blow today is found in the financial market, where the stocks today for spice has reacted to these events and dropped by alarming rates.
Biggest loser would be pink spice, down by 21% ending at 26785 points, but also other spice stocks have dropped by a average of 14%.
"Events like these causes panic by investors which could lead into the biggest Galactic Crisis since the discovery of the center of the Galaxy" the pink spice company CEO says.

Warning: To some Species these images can be disturbing!

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

On a serious note:
I had a bit of fun today with the asymmetrical hack, that seems to work pretty good.
And the little storyline above gives my war with the Grox some sense and a good cause now.
Will Wright was right, our story's can be very powerful in our mind.
Btw my empire is "The Dectory".  ;D

I was surprised to see this article, on Youtube's own blog, about a court order that Youtube received, to produce viewing data from their database towards Viacom, including usernames and IP addresses.
Since we can upload videos with the Creature Creator i think this info should be known to everyone here who might use this option.
Seems like this is not only limited to uploading but also to what we watch on that site.
It's not that i have something to hide but I'm utterly unhappy about this, not to say disgusted.

Well basically we all know that what gets uploaded in the Sporepedia will end up in our games galaxy and planets, but how will they do it?

-   Will it be random picks?
-   Will it be sorted by attributes on a creature?
-   Will it be based on how much DNA cost for the creature was spend?
-   Will it be because of colors that match?
-   Will it be because of tags that connect somehow?
-   Or maybe all of the above or some of the above examples?
-   Will they use another way?

Will it be random picks?

The easiest way, not exactly the best way but at least it gets the job done. Let’s just hope they totally doesn’t end up like creatures that don’t belong on the same planet, it could take out a little fun while exploring otherwise.

Will it be sorted by attributes on a creature?

Technically possible but still they can end up with creatures that don’t look like they belong on one planet. At least they can have a better view on the strengths of the creatures. This way seems a decent way to follow.

Will it be based on how much DNA cost for the creature was spend?

When they use this way they can place creatures together that are basically equals in some sense. Fair fights, what’s good for the game play and competition. An  easy way to adjust the creatures that live on your planet to go along with your basic creature.

Will it be because of colors that match?

Please no! I do not think they will use this but if they do use it I hope it’s in combination with a few other ways. Also I hope they leave some slots open for different colors.

Will it be because of tags that connect somehow?

Creatures with similarities in their tags that might be used to place them together. In this case there could end up quite a few planets with Gamingsteve creatures on them. Personally I hope they will use tags, for the look of watching our creations from Gamingsteve members live together and what might happen. Maybe it’s also a good way for storytelling on the forum itself.

Or maybe all of the above or some of the above examples?

All of the above sounds a bit over the top, but I sure imagine that combinations from a few of them would give the best results.
“DNA cost” + “Attributes” + “tags” These seem like the best combination imo.

Will they use another way?

It could off course also totally be wrong that they will choose them by these options, and they might have another way of looking at the creature data.
Anyway whatever it is, I hope it’s going to be “logical” and not “pure random” or it will end up with planets full of creatures that totally doesn’t look like they came from that planet!

It’s something I’ve been thinking about for some while now.
Still I have somewhat a fear that they choose an easy way that will lead into a random selection, but not necessarily belonging together, only for balancing the food chain.

What is your opinion on this?

How would you like to see your planets filled in?

Spore: General / Creature Creator rating poll
« on: June 22, 2008, 11:05:01 am »
I thought now that most of us got the Creature Creator it would be nice to see what we think of it.
I tried to give as many options as i could think of, but if your answer isn't in the list, try to select one that is close to what yours would be.
Feel free to write your feeling about the CC in a comment.

My feeling about the CC is that i love it, and i find it a amazing tool.
In the past i worked a lot with Milkshape, 3Ds Max and a little with Maya, and i must say the CC beats them all in many points when it comes to speed.
Off course it is impossible for the CC to beat 3D programs like the above in details and options.
Another point the CC beats them is in the fact we get to see our creatures alive and moving.

Now what do you think of the CC?

Just put the date in your time and date settings forward a day.

No joke or Rickroll.

Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / Absinth's Abnormal Animals
« on: June 14, 2008, 01:52:10 pm »
Welcome to the AAA club!

To get my creatures visit the link below!  ;)
My sporepedia page

To view my newest creations look at my last post.


A few of my dinosaurs:

The Eye tree:


My first creature:
Species: Cavysor

Spore: General / Do you remember...
« on: May 27, 2008, 03:44:13 am »
…Many months ago on a cold and windy rainy day. You felt bored and uninspired and didn’t know what to do with your free time anymore. All the games you own seem to not overcome the boredom anymore. In fact you think you’ve seen it all; RTS, FPS, MMORPG, city building & god games and whatever I can’t think of right now. So you decided to surf a bit around on the internet to pass the time.

Suddenly on a random gaming review site you spot in the corner of your eye a link towards an article about some bloke named "Will Wright" where he is talking about his new project. "Hey!!! It’s that same guy who in the past stole every second of my free time with games like Sim City and The Sims. Why not read what he has to say” you think, so you clicked it and started to read it.

The article goes about some vague nonbinding ideas like; procedurally generated content, creativity of the individual, the universe, budget costs of game designing, carebears (?) and yeah he even mentioned a game called “Spore” that he just gave a demo about on some big event called “The 2005 Game Developer’s Conference”.

Interesting you think to yourself, while in the meantime the rain got worse and in fact was companied now by some lightning and thunder. On the end of that article you saw a link towards a google video taken from that event. The description reads “A hour long show and tell about the upcoming spore”. Curiously now, because of the article, you clicked it.

It started pretty good with a few jokes and he even explained some of the stuff you just saw in the article. While watching you even failed to notice the trillion “hum’s” Will produced, and during the entire demo you managed to think an equally amount of OMG’s, unaware you actually said some of them out loud. When the demo was over you knew that these 60 minutes of amazement where about to change your way of living from now on. On daily basis you started to type in spore on google, looked up everything there is to find and watched every video (over and over again) you could lay your eyes on with the name “spore” or “Will Wright” in it.

Basically this is in short how I became the spore fanatic I am today, but I wonder how it all happened to you?

Spore: Creation Corner / Absinths creations
« on: May 19, 2008, 01:13:08 am »
For my first post i decided to not design some creatures like most do here, but instead i did some planets and space scenes.
All these pictures i created from scratch with photoshop and only for the orange gasgiant i used a picture from a galaxy that i found on google as a background.
Let me know if you like them, also constructive criticism is always welcome.

Sun and rocky planet

Gasgiant 1

Gasgiant 2

Earthlike planet with a moon

The beginning of a galaxy

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