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So theres this contest going on in Canada ran by Ciniplex, where you have to make a short video involing thier "Card."

We shot three. This is one of them. What does GS think? Do you get it? Is there anything glaringly wrong that I missed in editing? If there is I would love to catch it before uploading it.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Ok, so this is my first RP Storytelling game. This game will run as realistically as possible. even the crazy suggestions will be treated fairly and realistically in the game world. This is a choose your own adventure game done right! This is due to the fact that the entire world has already being richly created in the mind and writings done by myself. Every part of this world is not made up as the game progresses. everything in this games world is already there and waiting to be interacted with. Its a game where you get to make up the paths you choose.

The first 3 (maybe 6, depending on the audience size) suggestions will be chosen by a roll of the dice. The chosen action will happen and will be played out in the next post.  I envision this game being an epic that spans some time and having an epic climax. So ill start off the story and everyone try to maintain the realm of realism and have fun.

(It will help if you imagine an old Englishman, sitting in a red leather chair smoking a pipe, reading the text.)

Frollen had woken up violently into a crisis.

Blurry eyed and head spinning, he tried to remember the events that took place that had landed him into a bed in the healing rooms of the castle.

As he wearily slid to the edge of the bed the screaming that had been going on ever since his awakening had finally registered with his mind.

“A goblin raid!” he exclaimed to himself. Next that he became aware of was the large gashing wound across his side.

The moment his eyes received the image of his injury, his body quickly replied with a dull throbbing pain that he would  now have to endure. He carefully got to his feet and staggered to the side of the doorway, leaning on it as a support.

He peered out past the door opening and looked out at the chaos that had found a way into the kingdoms city.

There were so many homes burning that it lit up the low lying clouds above the city with a hellish deep orange.

“I should  get out there and help,” he thought to himself. Frollen twisted around so that his body was facing back into the room, his frame still leaning heavily on the wall. Scanning the room, he found nothing he concluded that could reasonably be use to combat the goblins.

Turning into himself, he thought aloud to “ I need a weapon, of any kind… where is my axe?”

What happens next GS?

Post soon and Ill reply soon. (This is going to be the fastes running RP Story ever.)

Forum Games / So last I heard...
« on: June 25, 2009, 08:06:24 am »
This is a fun game I sometimes play with a friend in my social class. You make a statement as if you were meeting someone you haven't seen for a while and in that statement give clues as to who they are. The person responds by saying "I'm not [person you claim they are]."

So last I heard you were a immigrant plumber that had recently been involved in an incident involving an obnoxious green dinosaur, a fruit named princess and the consumption of a variety of fungal growth...

(Next person)
No I'm not Mario.
No I don't like to ride awkwardly cute mini dinosaurs and have a uncomfortably enthusiastic outlook on cosplay...

And then they continue onwards with a new statement.

Ill start it off:
So last I heard you were invited to an extremely private school, at the age of 10, that completely disregards the normal school curriculum of the 4 core subjects and instead focuses on obscure practices that involve waving a small stick through the air and has an odd school sport involving brooms, hoops and a large variety of different sized balls...

Art / New comic? (Internet culture reference)
« on: April 02, 2009, 11:47:44 pm »
Heres a very rough first draft of the new comic Mae and I are working on.

Its of course not all pretty yet (we have an artist for that) but besides that, what do you guys think?

Were having are first real meeting to get it the ball rolling today.

A video of my Master Chief Costume.

If people are interested about the progress of my costume I'll post some more videos.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

The pause at 1:35 is real and I thought it looked funny when watching the clips over so I included it.

Spore: General / Spore Leak Fixed?
« on: June 14, 2008, 07:03:30 pm »
I was about to start up CC and found that the program wasn't able to start properly. Is this the Spore guys finally getting the leak under control and disabling all leaked versions?

Everything Else / Wishmaster The Misheard Lyrics Garry's Mod Edition
« on: June 08, 2008, 11:25:43 pm »

A little video I made based off of the original "Wish Master- The Misheard Lyrics"

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

For any of you who don't know the original video, here it is.
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Personally I think mine is better. But shh, don't tell anyone.

Music / Best/Underrated songs used in Video Games!
« on: June 05, 2008, 11:08:23 pm »
Post your favourite video game music/track that you feel is underrated, unknown or just plain awesome.

-Samples of the song is greatly appreciated!-

 Ill start it off.

Game: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Song: Sound of the WInd - Square Enix

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

This song is just so beautiful. It always manages to take me far away, completely submerging me into that fantasy world of crystals and caravans. 

Much <3

Heres is some footage I have finished editing for one of my machinimas. The concept is somewhat simple. Agent 47 was effected just like everyone else when the combine took over. But old habits die hard and he is still working for his organization despite the recent events that have occurred. In the 15-20 minutes film he is hired by a client that wants high ranking mobboss ,Dovento, taken out.

Now unfortunately, just as I was about to finish some final touches to it and upload it to YouTube, my computer was taken over by a hostile virus that prevented me from accessing anything on my computer without a violent bit of lag followed by a system restart. I had to initiate a full system reset that would remove the problem. This however also removed my film that I was so close to completing. I also lost many other projects I was working on or that were nearing completion. All that remains are these videos that were uploaded about half a week before my computer died. I will try and reshoot the film sometime in the future but I don't think It will happen.

I will now present these videos by telling you the full story in text and adding in videos when the time comes for them. Enjoy!


Time: Night
Place: City 18

Opens in from a fade. We see a poorly lit hallway inside a Civil Protection station. Agent 47 (Hitman) is been escorted down a hallway by two metro cops. The station is relatively empty. The trio walks throw a scanner door that is been operated by another metro cop. As they walk by him 47 stops and eyes him, scoping out the situation. He is promptly told by the metro cop at his tail to proceed into the holding room. Next scene we see one of the metro cops up close facing us using a computer. In the background we see hitman through the jail cell window with the second metro cop standing by the door keeping watch. 47 Gets up and knocks on the glass. The metro cop by the door opens the cell.

-Hitman: "Excuse me. I'm feeling ill, could you please get a medic?"
-Metrocop: "Do you really think I care? Sit down and shut up."

The metro cop turns to leave, exposing his back. We go back to the other cop on the computer and in the background we see agent 47 swiftly pull the one cop into his cell and close the door. He then proceeds to beat the metrocop to death using the cops stunstick. Blood splatters on the window and increases with every strike. Agent 47 opens the door covered in blood. He walks behind the other metrocop on the computer. The cop hears something and starts to turn around. 47 grabs him from behind by the neck and jams the stunstick into the cops back as he struggles to get free. Sparks are flying. The cop is frantic. We cut to a flock of crows fleeing from the rooftop of a building just as 47 manages to shove the stunstick threw the metrocops torso. We cut back to the room where hitman is dragging the bodies into position. When he finishes his chore he moves into the corner of the room.

-Agent 47: "Someone help! Come quick!"

The metro cop in the other room hears this and hurries into the room. He sees the bloody mess with the two dead metrocops and agent 47 cowering in the corner.

-Agent 47: (Cowering in the corner) "I don't know what happend! They just started fighting!"

The MetroCop gives him a quick glance then proceeds to inspecting the body of the Cop at the computer.

(please ignore the music as this was edited purely for a teaser post on YouTube. The final edit did not look the "cheesy." Also, the burning "corpse" was taken out of the final cut as it was embarrassingly lame.)
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

As the sound of the fire quickly increases to a roar we cut to a security computer table top that is quickly smashed in by the head of an unfortunate Metrocop. The cops body slides off the computer desk and we see 47 insert a chip into the computer. The computer screen starts glitching before going black. A moment passes. The agencies symbol is displayed on the screen

Name of woman in hitman who's name escaped me now: "Hello 47"

Woman: "What can I do for you?"

47: "I need a re-briefing."

Woman: "One moment"

Pause. We see the screen light up and it displays a picture of a man in his 40's

Woman: "Our client wants this man by the name of Dovento eliminated. He is currently a high ranking member of an illegal underground organization that has been selling information to the combine regarding a possible rebel uprising. He eats nightly at the Original Italian Restaurant in north side of the city. His home resides in the South side and is no doubt heavily guarded by some of his gang thugs. This needs to be a covert operation, this means no one can see the actual hit."

47: "Can I use foreign weaponry?"

Woman: "Foreign weaponry is allowed"

Cut to 47 walking into the combine ammo room. He walks over to some of the guns displayed on holding racks. After looking them over his eye is caught  to the other side of the room. He walks over and stands before a glass display case holding several heavily modded sniper rifles. Close in on 47's minuscule grin of approval. Cut to Dovento finishing a meal in the Italion restaurant. He gets up and is seen leaving the establishment outside. He looks around and eyes the night street suspiciously. Moment passes. He continues down the street. Cut to a slow pan up to the roof of a building in the city center. On the top of the building a shadowy figure dissolves to reveal Agent 47 perched on the roof, rifle in hand, silently waiting. He leans away from his scope and check his watch. He looks up in the night sky and then down at the police station. Cut to two Metrocops coming in for their shift, chatting their way into the room with the dead cops. They stop and look around at the bloody mess. Cut to agent 47 looking back into his scope as the emergency city siren sounds.

Emergency Siren: Security alert. Unidentified criminal has been reported. All citizens please return to your homes immediately. If you are unable to return to your home, please contact your nearest Civil Protection officer for assistance.

Devonto stops on the street and listens to the announcement as it plays.

Dovento: "Well at least that was were I was heading..."

Dovento continues down the street. Cut to him reaching his door and knocking. No answer. Knocks again.

Dovento: "Come on you idiots, its me, your boss. open up!"

Cut to a slow pan away from the interior of the door. You slowly see the bodies of the slain thugs that were guarding Dovento's home. Dovento curses to himself and turns and walks away from the door

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

We see 47 start to get up when his bullet casing starts to roll off the edge of the build. He sees this and lunges to grab it. Hes unsuccessfully and the casing falls down off the building and hits the head of an onlooker below. He looks down at the casing and then looks up at 47 who is peering over the ledge.

Man: (calling to the combine) "Hes up there, on the building!"

The man looks back up and is greeted by a bullet into the face. Agent 47 quickly starts to pack the gun into the carrying case. He closes the case, throws it away from himself after having placed a live grenade inside. The case explodes, destroying any evidence the rifle may have held. Cut to a squad of Metrocops running their way up the apartment building stairs up to a door that connects to a bridge that runs across a side of the building. Agent 47 starts climbing down a ladder on the side of the building that leads a bridge next to the door that the Cops are running to on the side of the building. The Cops reach the door and kick it open. Agent 47 is standing in front of the cops. He promptly kicks the door back in and sends the a cop flying back, knocking the other cops over in the process. 47 quickly takes off down the bridge walkway. The cops recover and quickly follow. The chase takes them into an alley way. The squad leader command the other cops to open fire on the running assailant. A bullet clips 47 in the side of his chest and he goes down.

Squad leader: "Good shot. Suspect has been hit."

The cops continue catching up to him as agent 47 staggers up to his feet. He hobbles towards a door in the alleyway. Cut to him opening the door where a man in similar blue clothing (everyone wears the same clothing in Half-Life 2) and appearance Is sitting on a couch watching TV. As he gets up 47 pulls a gun on him. Cut to the cops closing in on the door. They pause a moment before kicking the door open. They scan the room and lower their guns as they see , the guy who they assume is the killer, laying dead on the couch. with massive amounts of blood covering his clothes.

Squad leader: "Suspect is down. He has succumbed to his wounds. No further backup required. Requesting a clean up team.

A cop moves towards the dead man and inspects him. He realizes that this is not their killer. He starts to turn to the squad leader to tell him, when suddenly the door they kicked in slowly pushes back, revealing agent 47 standing behind it, dual pistols in hand. Ave Maria music starts playing (the hitman theme song) as agent 47 starts to open fire on the cops in slow motion. Some metrocops try to grab their guns but are quickly stopped as 47 fills their body with precisely aimed lead. The shooting almost has a waltz like dance feel to it. The music stops as the last cop falls. 47 looks around at the scene and holsters his guns. Cut to him franticly rummaging throw the dead mans closet looking for a change of clothes. While looking he finds a medical kit. He looks at his wounds and then back at the medical kit which he grabs. Cut to agent 47 slowly walking away from the crime scene as you see the clean up team in the background arrive on the scene and find the dead cops. Agent 47 continues walking down the alley way. He finds his way onto a busy sidewalk next to a main road. He walks out into the crowded street and disappears...


If you read all that then thank you! If you want, you can tell me what you think. What you liked, didn't like or if you have suggestions for new movies!

If you liked this then you should check out my YouTube channel where I post my other videos.
(My main channel)   (My other channel for odd videos and test clips)

Much <3

Hello good people of GS. I am a zombie artist of reasonable talent offering my complete soul to any takers that need my skill. Being a Zombie, I work fast and hard and require little rest and the occasional Brain or two to keep me going. I am completely committed to anyone that needs me to do artwork for any projects they are working on. Wether it's for an RolePlaying game, or to create an image of that spore creature thats been in your mind for the last few weeks, I will be happy to draw it. The main and fastest medium I work in is Pen Sketches, but that doesn't mean I can't/wont do something in any other medium. I can easily adapt to anything you need.
I am new to Gaming Steve and you will have to excuse the unavoidable newbness when it comes to forums and such. But feel free to request my assistance and I will try to work as fast as I can! PM me or reply to this post if you're interested.

Heres an example of my skill level as an artist (Note that this was already posted by my friend Mae, a regular here. He was kind enough to upload this for me back when I did not have my own account.)

If you're interested, check out some of my quality made Garry's Mod Films at and my other account

Much <3,

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