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Storytelling and Roleplaying / Zombie Empire
« on: March 08, 2009, 02:44:02 pm »
Your name is Zaleir. You are an orphaned young boy of eight and…well, you’re pretty damned evil. You have the incredible ability to reach out and take someone’s soul from their body and place it into a corpse, creating your own completely obedient pet zombie! This is very good, as your life long dream is world domination! So get cracking boy, and go take over the world!

Now, you’re going to need to start small. You recently dug up some corpses, and animated them with some souls from less than intelligent merchants camping out in the woods, but you need more if you are ever to take over the world. Acnot is a small cold island, but there are few warriors here, so it is a great place to start up your evil empire. One thing you will have to remember is that the more powerful the corpse and the greater the soul, the more powerful the zombie. The quality of the zombie’s weapons and armor also plays a role. One other thing to note is that your zombies are invincible except for their several weaknesses.

The first is sunlight. This may be the zombies’ greatest flaw, in that they cannot be out in the daytime…yet. The second weakness is fire. Zombies are curiously combustible. There doesn’t seem to be a reason for it, but if they catch fire, they blow up. The third weakness is water. This weakness is not as bad at the first two, but if your zombies become soaked in water, they will melt until a week later, when they will be nothing but goop. Holy water, salt, and alcohol are also dangerous to your zombies. If they swallow any of the three substances, they will be purified, the soul will leave, and the corpse will turn to ash. Thus, with all these weaknesses, you will need to find ways to protect your evil minions.

At the moment, you are camping out under the mountains in northern Acnot. To the south is forest, and farther south than that is your main objective, Dalling. Dalling is a small village of 231 people. They have very few warriors if any at all, meaning their soul quality will be low, and no defenses…hehehe. To your west and southwest, are some small cemeteries. You are unsure of how many corpses they hold, but you are sure there are no more than 50 and no less than 25 in each. To the southwest and north, beyond the mountains are some small gypsy camps. If these are not ripe for the picking, you don’t know what is. Again, you are unsure of their population, but can guess at no more than 50 and no less than 10 people in each. To the southeast, there is the grave of a powerful warrior who died in the last Anadelite civil war. His corpse should prove powerful.

Your camp is small at the moment. You have no defenses, but you REALLY don’t think that any are needed.  You have also built a pen that will hold 50 captives, and a pit that will hold 100 corpses. The reason you chose this spot though, is because of the cave. There is a cave that you are camping out side of that can hold over 100 zombies in the daytime. This is good, because your zombies would fry up in the sun otherwise. Unfortunately, your powers are weak right now, and you can only hold 30 souls. This will increase by 10 for every 100 zombies you have.

The people of Acnot are unaware of your presence.

Zombies: 6 weak zombies.

     Captives: 0/50
     Defenses: none
     Money: 100 gold
     Equipment: none
     Souls: 0/30
     corpses: 0/100

     Sunlight: no one knows
     Fire: no one knows
     Water: no one knows
     Holy water: no one knows
     Salt: no one knows
     Alcohol: no one knows

So, what will you do? (top 2 will win)

You can raid one of the gypsy camps. They will provide you with captives, which you can then turn into corpses and souls. Or you could start breeding them for even more captives. Remember, you need one soul and one corpse to create a zombie. Because of the gypsy camps' seclusion, if they are raided, Dalling's awareness will not increase.

You can raid one of the cemeteries. These will provide you with corpses and possibly some treasure.

You can raid Saron's grave. His corpse should provide you with a powerful zombie.

You can search the forest for travelers. This will provide you with a random number of captives, money, and equipment to enhance your zombies. This will however, increase Dalling's awareness.

And finally, you can enhance your camp. This will increase your captive pen and zombie cave's capacity
by 10 as well as increasing your camp's defenses.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Norse RP
« on: April 30, 2008, 11:04:48 am »
Alrighty, I'm going to start an RP using BLACK AND WHITE 2. There's one problem. I can't seem to get the corner menu's to go away. Bummer. Well I'm still doing it anyway, so anyone who's perfectionist enough to complain is going to have to deal until i find a way to get rid of them. Just ignore the paw signs and the EVIL signs. sorry :-[   Well anyway, updates may be sparse because while this is my game, my computer isn't good enough to play it. Another bummer. So i have to use my aunt's laptop. And as she LIKES her laptop and only lets me borrow it for a few days every once in a while, there may be a week or 2 between some updates. Waz up with all these bummers? But I wont abandon the story anytime soon, so expect it to be pretty long. So on to the story!

There once was a land named Ranthares, controlled by the Norse Empire.

In this land, lay the city of Valdir.

The people of Valdir worshiped the old god, Argath. He was a wise and strong god who watched over his chosen people; helping them to learn and grow as one. No matter the cost. That's why when the Greek people declared war on the Norse, he did nothing. That's why when all the great warrior tribes of the Norse fell, he did nothing.

That's why when the Greek army landed on the shores of Ranthares, he did nothing...

They destroyed the city, killed dozens of families, and took the rest as slaves.

The Greeks then realized that they had no room on their ships with all their plunder, and they threw the poor Norse people into the sea.....harsh.

But not all was lost! An old man managed to save several of the children, as well as a young couple. They found themselves on the outskirts of Valdir, watching it burn to the ground when Argath came to them in a vision. He told them to establish a new village, Bring power back to their people, and....

fight back against the Greeks!

But first thing first. Where should they start this new village?

The Northern Islands? There's no village here, but there is no chance to Greek patrols will find you here.  Expanding WILL be tough. There ARE enough trees to build a small village, but there is no ore to build some of the more advanced buildings, and no land suitable for crops.

On the other hand, there's already a few small cabins located here, as well as some barrels full of rum and salted beef. Your people would have a greater start here than anywhere. There is a total of 148 food and drink. (one person uses up one food and drink each day.)Though once those barrels are gone........

Bier Town? This city was destroyed many years ago by raging barbarians. The ruins are still here and some of the buildings are partially intact. There's room to expand as well as fertile land, ore deposits, and some small forests in the area. There's a 1/6 chance that a Greek patrol will find you here. This would be a great place to settle down if it weren't for the town being in ruins. By the time your people manage to rebuild a house, they may already be dead from the cold!

Hilldale? This town is still intact AND has lots of room to expand as well as a huge number of resources. The problem is, the Greeks can literally see you from their walls! There's a 1/2 chance that a Greek patrol will find you here.

As you can see, each village has it's ups and downs. All the other villages in the area are protected by Greek troops, so you cannot take them. I am using a single die for encounters with Greek patrols, so when i say that there's a 1/6 chance that you will be found at Bier Town, that means that if the die roles on 1, you will be found. 2-6, you will be safe. Furthermore, I will then role the die once more for how many people are killed.

Example. You have 14 people. You are found by a patrol. The die stops on 4. The patrol finds and kills 4 people.

Then as you add 10 new people to your village, this number is multiplied.

Example. You have 21 people. You are found by a patrol. The die stops on 3. 3x2=6. 6 people are found and killed.

Example. You have 53 people. You are found by a patrol. The die stops on 6. 6x5=30. 30 people are found and killed.

And so on and so forth. Oh, and remember. You can take control of any village you want, as long as your people know where it is.(You explore to do this.) So if you were to chose the Northern Islets as your village, and your food is about to run dry, you can take control of a new village like Bier Town, and have that village send half of their food to the Islets. Thats just how it's going to work. Thats about it I think.

So what should your people do?


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