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Console Games / Kutaragi reveals PS3 HDD info
« on: June 10, 2005, 12:14:31 am »
This interview from Impress PC Watch via Gamespot via Joystiq reveals a lot about Sony's strategy for the PS3. While it'll ship with a HDD slot, the system will not ship with a drive by default. Consumers can buy one if they want, but even a 120gig drive will apparently soon prove useless. Rather, Kutaragi brings up the concept of "Cell Storage" again, which seems to be a distributed storage system that requires network connectivity. Google's gMail taught us that storage is dirt cheap, so Kutaragi's strategy may have a point.

He also said that PS3 drives might very well ship with Linux. He also suggests that Cell will be able to run Windows or Tiger as applications e.g. emulation and hopes that maybe someone will write an OS for the PS3. Kutaragi doesn't seem to be afraid of the PS3 being used for traditional computer tasks, a stance he claims is opposite to Microsoft's avoidance to letting the X-Box run Windows.

Other highlights include: Broadcast quality HD editing applications being one of Sony's goal (a killer app to distinguish the PS3's role as a supercomputer) and Minority Report-esque interfaces via a camera like the EyeToy.

Spore: General / Playing with time as well as space
« on: June 06, 2005, 11:06:12 pm »
The podcast interview, while difficult to hear at times was full of tasty tidbits that we can bandy about until the transcript comes out.

Besides hinting at the possibility of gravitational tools on the UFO (which is awesome), Will clearly states that is space/time distortion around black holes and some other stellar phenomena. Cursory knowledge of what Will wants to do with this game leads me to believe that the existence of such distortion isn't just to look pretty, it might very well be another aspect of the toy that we can play with.  So what sort of gameplay implications might this have?

Time travel, maybe? The more I think about it, it might now work. What else can we do with time?

(Also, mention of the monolith like in 2001: A Space Odyssey and Sim Earth, made me weep with joy.)

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