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Spore: General / Pre-released editors
« on: February 23, 2008, 05:14:32 pm »
I was wondering why only the creature editor will be released early.

I remember one article or interview, not sure where or which or when, and they said their was only like 2000 creatures created or something. In order to build this up to a significant amount for pollinating bazillions of stars across milions of peoples games, they'll definately need extra creatures created by the community.

Not to mention all that space on a DVD to fill up (at ~30 K each).

By what about buildings and vehicles and huts, and stuff? Will we have endless possible creatures on our endless planets all living in the same tetris houses? I would think they would need to have thousands and thousands of all the other game assets created as well for when they ship it (for those unfamiliar with the internets).

I know people don't want all the editors released early, ruin the game, nothing to look forward to release for, blah blah blah, but I would think the developers would need a ton of content they simply won't have time to complete. Maybe they should release all the editors to a limited number of volunteers who don't mind getting to play with all the toys before they're wrapped and put under the tree.

I think they should have a system where you could download only one editor, or only have one installed at a time or something, so people could play creature editor for a week or two, then get rid of it, do ufo's or buildings, etc.

Just my thoughts....

Spore: General / Spore: The MMO
« on: February 13, 2008, 03:30:23 pm »
Why is Spore a massively single player game?

Surely, with the creative genius of Will Wright and the collective mediocrity of the EA suits, there could have been a way to implement the game as an MMO, and perhaps could still be for the inevitable Spore 2 in five years.

Each phase could be implemented on their own servers with their own game play rules.  Cells would compete against other peoples cells, creatures against other creatures, and anytime you stepped forward to the next phase, you would be automatically placed in direct competition against those at the same evolutionary level as yourself.

There would be a natural skill cap in each level. As a player mastered the phase, they would move on, allowing others to take their place. You wouldn’t have the super elite in any stage, until you reached the space stage.

In the space stage there could be numerous ways to play, optional meta games to play.  One on one fights between players, pitting your creature against another. Trade wars between civilizations.  Zoo planet popularity contests, UFO races, beauty pageants, tank battles, etc, etc.

I think if Maxis tried, and EA let them, then Will Wright and his team could create a truly revolutionary evolutionary game.

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