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Spore: General / Spore has finally arrived in Mexico
« on: October 27, 2008, 12:23:25 pm »
Just thought i'd share this here...

Spore has finally arrived on stores in Mexico... after more than a month's delay...  :o :o
i'm not from Mexico, but i'm living here for a student exchange... and i was asking around on stores last month for when they were expecting to have the game, and they told me they were expecting it for around Oct 9... well, that's not what happened... it only arrived this week!!!

as it seems, shipments of spore were stuck at the mexican customs all this while and only now they've been released

well, i had my downloaded copy already, but i can't help to feel bad about this... it seems ridiculous that Spore would be delayed here so much....

anyway... rant over... just wanted to tell you guys about it



Spore: General / My impressions about Spore and a question
« on: October 06, 2008, 08:38:09 am »

finally!! after nearly 3 years of waiting, i finally got my hands on Spore yesterday  ;D ;D ;D
(i'm living in Mexico, and for some reason, the game got here A MONTH late  :o )
i won't dwell too much on how unbelievable it feels to actually be playing Spore after so long a wait it seemed it would never be released...
so here's my impressions of the 3-or-so hours i've spent playing so far...

my fear of the game being dumbed down to the point where it's not playable or fun are gone... even the cell stage was so much fun (and that was the one i was least interested on)
the graphics don't look as cartoonish as i was expecting.... it kinda comes down to what you make and how you wanna play it... (i just hope some blood mod comes along eventually)
and the gameplay is actually deeper than what i thought it would be.... i think i had my expectations so low, i would inevitably be pleasantly surprised....

i reckon i am still in creature stage... and i'm taking my sweet time... the last thing i want is to rush through every stage just to see how they are... the real entertainment value in this game for me is in 'letting it go' and not analyzing or critisizing too much and just go where the game takes you

so the first thing i did when i opened the game was go into the options and disable every hint and tutorial i could... i found that the less the game tells you what to do, the more fun it is...

also a great deal of fun comes from playing 'realistically', as in the creature evolving gradually, not changing colors on every new breed, and when playing a wild creature, acting wild, and not reasoning too much (you know your creature isn't doing much reasoning at that point either)... i found that the more you get 'in' the game, the deeper it becomes...

a bit like playing the sims... if you're just playing to see what your sims can do, it becomes boring fast... no matter how many expansions you throw at it... but if you get 'in' the game... you come up with your own little universe, which is greatly immersing and rewarding (i have to admit i couldn't do that in The Sims... way too girly theme to actually get into... i had my fun killing them and making supermodel sorority houses  ;D )

so the main point of fun in this game for me is freedom... to make my own decisions and play t the way i want to play it... which now leads me to my question

is there a way to disable those in-game goals?? it really detracts from the whole 'freedom' aspect i'm going for...

just disabling the goal boxes on-screen would be enough... the actual rewards don't really need to be disabled... i just don't want to know what the goals are... until i achieve them

well... that's my impression of Spore so far... and i must say, it's been really positive up to this point


Spore: General / One creature is causing the CC to crash
« on: July 18, 2008, 08:35:33 pm »
hello everyone

i just did the reindex fix for the missing creatures... now a new problem has come up

apparently one of the creatures in my sporepedia is bugged somehow, and everytime the game tries to load it, it crashes to desktop
i don't even need to open it... when i scroll down the sporepedia, the moment that creature is called in, the CC crashes... the problem is that there is no way for me to know which creature is causing, because i can't see it's picture before the crash

this has happened to me before, but i think the missing creature bug might have cancelled it out (go figure :P)

has anyone ever had this problem?? is it fixable?


Spore: General / Block Painting in building/vehicle editors?
« on: July 14, 2008, 04:21:07 pm »
this just occurred to me...

i think i remember from waaay back, some talk about block painting on the building editor... i think it was one of the very first videos that had something like that there...

block painting was a way to paint buildings and (possibly) vehicles, that allowed you to choose a color/material, and paint an area (or block) of the building with it... kinda like a bucket fill tool in photoshop, but in 3D  ;)

then i got thinking... it's been a while since anyone talked about this... and i started wondering if it's still even in the game... and i don't think this has ever been discussed in depth

so what do you guys think?

hi again...

today i decided to get the full CC... not because i really really want all the parts, but to test out my new international creadit card... which i just got and haven't had a chance to use it yet...

so i was think of something cheap i could buy online... just to see if it's working ok and i don't have to call the bank or anything...

but the EA store won't let me pick any country other than the US or Canada...

i'm from Brazil... and my contry isn't listed there, so i can't provide a full address without lying... which later on will give me trouble since they verify the address on the card when you buy stuff...

the brazilian version of the spore site doesn't have a link to buy the full CC.. it just takes me to a page where i can pre-order that premium edition of Spore...

now i'm stumped... am i missing something here?? ???



Spore: General / About Creature Size
« on: July 01, 2008, 12:41:57 pm »
Hello again...

i posted this on the EA forum... i thought i'd post it here as well to see what you guys think...

i've just thought of something... as i see it, the whole 'size doesn't affect stats' issue might get worse as you progress along the creature stage

it costs dna points to extend the spine, which ultimately affects the size of the creature... so when you start off, you won't have enough points to make an enourmous creature right from the get go

also, better parts cost more dna points as well, so you will end up choosing whether you wanna spend it increasing the size of your critter or buying new parts for it

the issue there is that in the end, you can either have an enourmous creature that has virtually no defenses and no attack parts, or a really small creature that is armed to the teeth... which throws the balance of big vs small even more to the wrong direction....

now i'm really concerned... this could potentially render the creature stage completely flawed... i REALLY hope the maxis team will implement some work around for this... doesn't matter what, as long as they do SOMETHING...

the bottomline is that SIZE MUST AFFECT STATS... or else the game will be laughably unrealistic, not to say extremely frustrating

it isn't even that hard to implement it... simply measuring the size and number of spine segments and the size of the metaballs would be a good reference of creature size... for attack parts, simply measuring the size of the parts would also work perfectly

i would also suggest a 'weight' stat to be added, based on the size measurements, which could be used as a muliplier for health stats, and maybe even to reduce the speed bonus of feet, making for big and slow creatures

of course, increasing the size of a part would then need to cost dna points... which IMO is not a problem at all... remember this is the creature stage editor we're talking about... it is completely game-oriented... there is the sandbox editor as well if you want to make a creature without worrying about points and stats

just my 2 cents here



Spore: General / Bypassing CC Opening Screens
« on: June 28, 2008, 07:43:40 pm »
Hi again...

i was wondering if there might be a way to bypass or remove those splash screens and disclaimers in the CC... they take way too long and there's no key to advance through them...

i thought there might be a parameter one can pass to disable them... or they might be stored in a folder somewhere that can be renamed/removed...

i'll dig around and see what i can find... if anyone already knows it, please share ;)


These are some of the first creatures i made that i thought looked good enough to show off to people... the new creatures are in the Sporepedia... i'll post my favorites up here later on :)

My Sporepedia Page - HarvesteR's Sporepedia Page --my name in Spore is PsykomantaBrain

The Stripedal

Backstory - The Stripedal was the first creature i produced when i got my hands on the CC... the idea behind him was simple, i was trying to produce a velociraptor-esque type creature, when it occurred to me that, with that profile, it might need a little leg to support his front section... and there he was

Description - A streamlined tripedal creature, Stripedals are mostly harmless, despite being predators, for they are quite possibly one of the dumbest creatures in the galaxy. Research shows that a Stripedal will not be able to spell his name in order to save his life.

YouTube Link -

A general comment about random things - I'll keep adding to this thread as my creations come along... for now only my favorites are posted here... if i have some time later on i'll post them all ;)

Another general comment about random things - the thread format was changed... now it's more flexible, plus i don't have to bump the thread everytime i post new creatures

Yet Another comment about general things - All my creatures can be found in my Sporepedia page, accessible through the link above or my sig... feel free to download, rate, and comment on them, but please do give me credit if you upload a modified version of them



hello there...

i downloaded and installed today the SCC from the Spore US site... but it installed itself in portuguese... (i live in brazil, so it's not THAT weird  ;) )
but i hate translations, they detract a lot from the experience... but the setup process didn't even give me the option to choose my language.... it just detected my settings and switched to portuguese without asking...

i looked around the in-game options, but there's no place to change the game language... i figure that reinstalling is the only way...
but, how to prevent it installing itself in portuguese again??

i thought i'd change my regional settings in windows before reinstalling... if the setup utility looks there for the language settings, that might work... apart from that, i'm not sure what to do....

i haven't tred it yet, because i'm not at my gaming pc right now... will try it later...

just thought i might share this little story here.... it's a very bad thing that SCC is auto detecting language settings, they should ALWAYS give the user the option... what if your dvd set decided that your movie should be dubbed instead of subtitled?? that's kind of my point...

ok rant over.... will try reinstall procedure now



Spore: General / Impressions about the new screenshots
« on: February 15, 2008, 06:28:00 am »
hi again...

i was going through the most recent screenshots of Spore, and i noticed some interesting stuff...

first of all, the GUI appears to have been completely redesigned, which IMO is a very good thing... i was fearing that Spore was on a downhill path to a 'The Sims' like style... but it seems they've sprung out of that

also the new architectural styles in those new shots were really refreshing... until now, i only found pictures of rounded, cartoonish looking 'bubble-buildings', and i was starting to think that the whole visual of the game would stick to that...
now there are more 'realistic' (although stylized) cities and buildings in these shots, which, for me, are very welcome additions

take a look at this shot here... it illustrates my thoughts much better than i can voice them:

i'm very happy that spore is taking this turn into what IMO is a much better visual solution

EDIT: one bad thing i just noticed is the lack of shadows... hopefully they'll get that working before the game is out



Everything Else / Flash signature
« on: February 14, 2008, 04:41:25 am »
Hi everyone

i made myself a little spore banner in flash, and i want to use it as my signature... i noticed there's a BBCode option to add flash to a post, so i figured since signatures also accept BBCode, i could use it to have my little banner...
but all i see is a hyperlink that points to a page with my banner on it... isn't there any way to embed it into the post?



Everything Else / Hypercube: a 4d game
« on: January 21, 2008, 08:23:28 am »

i was looking around the net and came across this hypercube game thing...

it's a very simple game... the challenge here is trying to figure it out in 4D mode...
try playing it in 3D mode, then attempt wrapping your brain around a 4 dimension space (or hyperspace for that matter...)

very interesting indeed....



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