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Spore: Creation Corner / The Hsol
« on: April 24, 2013, 08:47:52 am »
Name: Hsol
Size: 1m diameter
Disposition: Passive
Life-span: 150 - 200 Human years
Current population: 70 billion
Tech Level: Primitive interstellar

The Hsol are a race of creatures native to the desert planet Te within the binary star system Tean I and Tean II. Utilising gas bladders filled with lighter-than-air gases for locomotion, possessing a disk-shaped exoskeleton, antennae, and a single proboscis tentacle. Hsol form colonies that occupy colonies built around the floating mountains native to Te, consisting of millions of individuals. Colonies largely made up of 'workers', who perform all menial tasks, 'leaders', who govern the 'workers' and Hsol society, and the reproductive 'breeders', who reproduce Hsol.

The colonies are described as super organisms because the Hsol appear to operate as a unified entity, collectively working together to support the colony.

The Hsol have colonised every landmass on Te utilising their unusual floating hives. Their success has been attributed to their social organisation and their ability to modify habitats, tap resources, and defend themselves, similar to Humans.

Alone, Hsol have a basic intelligence, similar to that of a Dolphin, but are capable of very fast learning. Typically they will flee in the face of danger, but will sacrifice themselves and compromise their safety in order to protect the hive. Hsol, do however, possess a hive mind; the more Hsol gathered in an area increases their intelligence exponentially. The Hsol function permanently in groups of three, which triples their intelligence, making them exponentially more intelligent than Humans.

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