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Spore: Creation Corner / The Ethrum
« on: November 14, 2007, 09:23:00 am »
My first race didn't go as i really planned in my head, so i decided to make a new one, still using my old vision just with some tweaks  :)

It is the Ethrum's

Short description:
The Ethrum's are very aggressive race and believe in no other than war and their war god. The eye on the ''shield'' which is attached to their right arm is the eye of Ethlim who is their only god. They say he can see all and that he brings fortune when they fight, and maybe its true, cause they never lost a war!

They are one of the oldest races, and yet, they are also one of the most underdeveloped races seeing how long they have been around, so no one really knows about how they started out and how they got to where they are now. But they have always been at war with other races on their planet, only cause of the reason that they don't respect them, and they have been able to stand up against 4 races who were as smart as themselves, but 3 of those other races are now extinct, leaving 1 left. The Ethrum's have lost many many men in their countless battles and are starting to become a tiny  population, and that means that the only thing that stops them from ruling their planet, is that they are way outnumbered.

The Ethrum military is the last place you want to be, the training is hard, they starve cause they don't get food, they have to fight each others for practice and fun, but the Ethrum's see the military as a honorable place to work. The Ethrum's are able to fight 3 enemies alone at the same time cause of their fighting training and experience. This means that other army's if not trained properly will flee, but the Ethrum's doesn't like those who flee and in the end, they will catch them and kill them. But of course the Ethrum's doesn't fight with no loss, they loose allot of men when fighting cause the other races have a bit more advanced weapons like javelins and bow and arrow, while the Ethrum's only use the spear which they have been using for millions of years, the spears have an extremely sharp edge, and can cut anything in pieces with a single slash! The spears normally got 2 spearheads in each end and both are formed the same way, normally the spearheads are formed like teeth, this both frightens enemies and it makes it more usable as a knife. The Ethrum spears are made of a common but very tough wood called monghak and the spearheads are made of a rare iron which is only found deep inside of a big big mountain called Ieh, this iron gets melted together with the enemies crushed bones, its said to bring the Ethrum luck, but also has something to do with religion. The shield attached to the arm with Ethlim's Eye on, is something every warrior carry's in every war, and it is very useful to, it can block almost anything that might strike the warrior, it is made of a hard steal which doesn't weight to much either, so it wont slow the warrior down.

The Ethrum's only believe in 1 god! And that is their god of war Ethlim. He is said to be able to see all and he will defend all Ethrum's at all times. The sign of Ethlim is a flaming eye, which represents the vision and the superiority of Ethlim. Besides the Eye, theres no drawing of the god, so no one, not even the Ethrum's, can tell how Ethlim looks, but it is said that there is a statue made in ancient times that looks like him, but no one knows where this statue, if it exist, is located. Ethlim also requires sacrifices, these aren't just some random creatures who gets burnt, it is a newborn Ethrum which gets thrown out from a cliff, down into the sea. The Ethrum's do this every 50 day, and the reason is that they believe that the god will get angry if they don't and that they will loose every war until they toss another child into the deep.

Ill update this as i come up with more  ;) ;D

Spore: General / A quick question
« on: October 15, 2007, 02:30:54 am »
I wasn't able to find this anywhere else so sorry if it have been asked before. When ur in space stage, and go terraform a planet, will there then come life on it if u go away for an hour and come back? i think it would be cool if it did but i dont know..

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