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Spore: General / 'Cute and Creepy' deleted all saved games?
« on: January 29, 2009, 03:07:00 pm »
My sister just got the parts pack for her birthday. She installed it on her game, and upon starting it up... six blank planets. They had at least four or five saved games, and they're all gone. Some of their creations have disappeared as well-- the most recent was one they made at the beginning of last month.

They use my email to access the online network. My game is fine, and I haven't downloaded the pack yet for fear of the same happening.

Has anyone else had this happen? It was fine yesterday, and now every save is gone. Is it because of the parts pack?

I know there's little hope of recovering the saved games, but it's just bizarre. =\ Never heard of that happening before.

Console Games / XBox Rock Band 2/Music games
« on: December 30, 2008, 05:48:35 pm »
So just to clear things up, I got the XBox a few hours ago, and I've never handled one before, so it's not the most familiar thing to me.

Also, I've never played Rock Band 2 before, though I do have a little (as in, not really enough to go off of) bit of experience with the first one.

So, first of all, is there any way to just play the songs on there for fun? I think there was something like that on the old one, where you got scored and stuff but it wasn't part of the main "plot". The closest I can find is the Trainer Mode, and it will only let me use the Microphone.

Next, what the hell is up with the songs? It said it came with 80 on the disk, and a grand total of maybe 19 are showing up for me. I read somewhere that you have to unlock the others, but how do you do that? Do you have to beat the actual game first?

The instructions that came with the damn thing are infuriatingly vague and unhelpful. So can someone who's played it help me? I'm new to all of this. <_<;;

Spore: General / Ice Planet?
« on: September 08, 2008, 03:02:29 pm »
Anyone managed to get the random planet thing in the beginning to spit out an ice planet? I've been trying forever! It keeps giving me the usual land-water planets, just different colors.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / [NG] A Perfect Pandemonium (Closed RP)
« on: September 01, 2008, 12:03:49 pm »
(This be the RP/intro thread for the Rakati, Vykusi, and Fiikkal. As such, only Kenotai, Kenobro and myself will be posting and stuff here. =P)

Vendag gazed nervously around the spaceship's interior as he strapped himself in, pulling the belts tight around his back and neck. The others aboard were doing so as well, at their own pace, though they too seemed anxious and tense. When they all flashed him a ready look, his called into the ground unit that was standing by.
"We're ready," he cited into the machine, receiving a clear "Good" in return before the machine went silent again. He sighed, and swept his eyes once more across the artificially-lit interior. Now it was time to wait.


On the ground, the Captain rose to a stand that reached high above the restless crowd around the spaceship. His name was misleading; he was the captain of no vessel, but rather the lead scientist in the Expedition Project. Years had come and gone on this ship, and finally it was time to watch it in action. Even he was amazed at the turnout; thousands, possibly millions of Rakati stretched the the horizons of the otherwise barren Kenkati landscape, and countless more watched this historical moment from their own homes.
"Brothers and sisters," he spoke clearly and firmly into the voice amplifier. A hush rippled through the crowd until it was almost silent. The Captain continued.
"It is a great honor to me that I can now unveil the most ambitious project our humble race has put forth." There were several cheers, a few shouts, and a general rumble of agreement. "I have no doubt in my mind that the Divine Six will be with our adventuring scientists on their groundbreaking journey in the Expedition. "Nine pioneers on this ship will bring back to us invaluable information, much more so than our limited-- though indeed excellent-- robotic missions of the past.
Another round of cheers swept forth through the crowd. The Captain looked around, once in a while glancing into the recorders that were transmitting this very moment digitally into the home visual systems of many Rakati.
"And now, so as not to wear down the moment," he said with an air of suspense, "let us commence the launch sequence."
On the Expedition, Vendag has just received word of their impending take-off. He looked around again at the eight other travelers, a good mix of Rakati, all nearly shaking with anticipation. The three technicians aboard were the only ones not strapped in, as they were hurrying to start up all of the ship's instruments, giving last-minute lessons on vital functions, and-- most importantly-- firing up the reactor for takeoff.
Their scramblings ceased once the growl of the reactor could be heard from their area, and they too finally buckled up, resting their necks on the chairs anxiously. The roar got louder and louder, and Vendag knew they must be evacuating the gathered crowd from the immediate area. The reactor seemed to make the whole ship vibrate. Vendag and the rest of the crew held their breath-- and then they were off. The instruments measured their progress, through the clouds, out of the atmosphere, and finally struggling against their planet's gravitational pull. The side propulsion units kicked in based on the computer's calculations.

And they were off.

PC Games / Not So Much a Game Problem... (Vista Issues)
« on: August 30, 2008, 08:14:16 pm »
I hate Vista. With a passion. Completely and totally hate it.

I've been downloading a lot of mods for Morrowind lately, and everything was running smoothly until today. When I tried to drag some textures from a .zip file into the 'Textures' folder, I got an error saying "Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working" and then, a few seconds later, "Windows Explorer is Restarting", which it promptly did.
Now it does that every time I try to move files to another location, whether it be through copy-paste, cut-paste, or manually highlighting and dragging them. It doesn't seem to be a problem if I drag and drop files in the same window into another folder, but taking them back out proves to be a problem.
This is mainly a problem because now I can't install mods for Morrowind anymore, but it also means that I can't move ANY folders/files to other locations. As an added bonus, my AVG Free Version won't start up, though I don't know if that's part of it. An Ad-Aware scan found no malware.

I know it's not about the game specifically, but can anyone help in even the slightest of ways?

PC Games / Need Help With Oblivion Technical Issues.
« on: July 28, 2008, 11:26:59 am »
This is making me really mad. I can start the game, run the game, save the game, load the game, PLAY the game through the tutorial part in the beginning.
Then after I get the key to go into the sewers and leave the prison, I open the door, walk up to the manhole, open it, and then the loading screen comes on.
The bar loads completely, and you can even hear the sewer sounds in the background, then the loading screen fades into black like it's supposed to.
But then the noises abruptly stop and the screen turns a different shade of black. Like, jet-black instead of the usual black. And it crashes. And, as is expected, Vista has no clue why it happened. I've got the latest patch for Oblivion, and none of the expansions. I run it on medium graphics settings.

If you need technical info, I'm running it on a Toshiba Satellite A205, with an Intel Pentium Dual-Core CPU processor (1.6GHz), and 2.038 GB of RAM.
I don't know for sure what kind of graphics card I have, but assuming that my info is correct and that it still has the original one intact, it should be an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 with 8MB-256MB dynamically allocated shared graphics memory. Which I don't think is very good, but if the rest of the game is running smoothly until that point, I don't see how it could cause the crash.

If anyone can help it'd be great, I've had this game for an eternity and I'd like to be able to play it for once.

EDIT: Okay now I'm just confused.
I did a DirectX Diagnostic Test which claims that I have a chip of the Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family. According to the Intel website, that family should not be compatible at all with Oblivion due to hardware T&L issues, resulting in the game not starting up. But it does start up, and it runs fine on medium graphics settings up until that one point in the game. This puzzles me.

Might running it on XP compatibility mode help?

EDIT2: XP Compatibility didn't help, running as administrator didn't help, downloading the latest version of DirectX I could find didn't help. This game is friggin' impossible.

Spore: General / Parts in CC Turning Black
« on: July 19, 2008, 02:27:33 pm »
Arachoid has been having trouble with his CC-- the parts he places on the creature, no matter how he paints them, invariably turn jet-black after being painted.

I've seen that others have had this problem, but I haven't been able to find a solution, and neither has he.

Anyone know what's up?

Spore: General / Fascinated by Something...
« on: July 18, 2008, 06:12:51 pm »
How on Earth do they fit all the information of a creature's build into a single PNG file? I don't claim to be any computer genius, and this has fascinated and puzzled me since I've started using the CC.

It's probably something insanely simple, but someone please fill me in.

Spore: Creation Corner / [NG] The Rakati (Warning! Lots of Images!)
« on: July 03, 2008, 03:48:21 pm »
Been working on these guys for some time.

The Rakati

Crappy Colored Version
Here's the CC version, for a better example of their coloring.

The Rakati are a majestic race that hail from the planet Evu. Though their development spans into the Space Stage, they have yet to encounter alien races, despite their firm belief in them. Their lives are practically ruled by their religion, which follows the godhead Rol and five other deities. The Rakati were a race that developed in an aquatic environment until late in their evolution, and that is largely reflected in their appearance even today. They have a generally respectful-- if not somewhat distant-- disposition, and their distinct culture and resources make them positive candidates for trade alliances. In war, they prefer tact over force, because of their physically frail bodies and the similar setbacks of their wartime technologies.


In appearance, the Rakati stand tall and majestic-- at least in the front. They have long, straight necks that hold up a sloping head, much like that of a shark. Their eyes are on each side of their head, and have a bony shield around them-- natural eye colors for Rakati are yellow, green, and blue. On the top of the head, slightly behind the eyes, are the nostrils, two small holes. Their hands extend from two pseudo-tentacles whose roots are at the base of the skull. On the lower jaw are two cartilage “spikes” that curve around their arms. Their front legs have a similar configuration the that of an ostrich, and the feet are long and webbed. The back slopes down slightly in the back, making their back legs shorter and thicker than the front. The toes are different as well-- rather that webbed, thin digits, the back feet consist of two clawed toes. The tail is long, about the length of their neck, and curves elegantly down. The tip consists of two large, webbed fans, and a curved spike ridged with sharp edges, used as a natural weapon. Their skin is smooth and lacks scales or fur, usually a shade of tan or brown with a pink or purple tint. There are no markings other than those that are self-inflicted.

On average, an adult Rakati of either gender is about 7.5 feet tall (from front toe to tip of head) and about 8 feet long (from the front of the chest to the tip of a tail fin).
(Note: From ground to the median of the back, they are about 3.5 feet tall.)
The average weight for an adult Rakati of either gender is roughly 200 earth pounds.
The general lifespan of a healthy Rakati is about 104 earth years.

Quadruped; walking involves a slight twisting of the body, so when the left front foot is pushed forward, so is the back right foot, and vice versa.

The Rakati are carnivores by nature, but can handle eating limited quantities of plant matter as well. In fact, it is encouraged, especially for younger Rakati, in order to get ample amounts of vitamins and minerals needed for health development. A common Rakati meal, then, usually consists of a serving of meat with a small amount of vegetation on the side.

Respiratory System

Like many creatures, the Rakati house both the digestive track and respiratory pipe in their long neck. Many ribs line them on each side to provide some measure of protection.
The lungs are located between the front legs. The Rakati have three lungs: two main, large ones and a smaller lung that is sealed off from the others. The third lung is useless to modern Rakati, but when they were still aquatic creatures it served as an emergency function in case the two main lungs became filled with water. It accomplished this by connecting only to their gills rather than to their land nostrils and gills both. However, as the Rakati evolved and lost their gills, the lung became a hazard, prone to becoming cancerous. Most Rakati have their third lung removed through surgery not long after birth.

Digestive System

Digestion is fairly straightforward. The Rakati don’t chew food, so chemical secretions mix with the saliva as the food is swallowed to break it down easier before it reaches the stomach. As it enters the stomach, it is further digested by powerful muscles and acidic juices. Finally, the resulting mess is forced into a single long intestine in which all possible nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream, while waste is carried through the body and disposed of through a small opening about halfway along the tail.

Reproductive System

The Rakati reproduce sexually. Females carry egg cells in a single ovary, connected by a tube to a small uterus, while males have an internal sac where their sex cells are stored. Because all of the involved cells and organs are internal, there are no immediate visual clues as to whether a Rakati is male or female.
Mating is fairly simple due to the sloping backs of the species-- I’ll leave any visual explanations to your own vivid imaginations. The external opening to the sexual organs for both genders is located more or less in front of the back legs on the underbelly of the Rakati, around the end of the rib cage. During copulation, the male releases his sex cells directly into the uterus of the female, where it will theoretically unite with an egg cell released by the ovary.
Female Rakati lay eggs which are taken care of by the males for roughly two months, at which point they hatch and begin to learn to live on their own. They reach sexual maturity at about age 23.

Cardiovascular System

The heart is nothing special, other than being six-chambered and rather small. It is located more or less at the base of the neck, behind their lungs. Rakati blood is rather pink and slightly thicker than human blood.


The Rakati’s lives are basically ruled by their religion. In the early history of the species, different races of Rakati all had unique religions and beliefs. However, as the planet became more and more united through discovery and technology, and the sacred texts of Gan Evia (Rakatian bible, will be explained later) were being translated and pieced together, there was eventually a general consensus to bond all races of Rakati together under a single religion, following the godhead Rol and Its creations. Almost everything about the Rakati lifestyle-- food, architecture, currency, language-- can in some way be traced back to their belief system.

Basic Beliefs

Their religion, which doesn’t really have a specific name, consists of six (technically seven because of Kiek’s plurality) deities: Rol, Ren, Kiek, Iol, Terif, and Galif.

Rol: The godhead, born of the Void in the beginning, who created reality and everything in it. Associated with birth, invention, and light. Pictured as a long, serpent-like being with no mouth, multiple wings with three tips on each, and multiple arms.

Ren: The “shadow” of Rol, who was brought into existence as a parallel to It, and is said to rule the “unseen dimensions” of anti-reality. Associated with death, dreams, and darkness. It should be made clear that Ren in no way represents evil-- It is simply a counterpart to Rol, much like a Yin-Yang relationship. Pictured as a writhing serpentine creature with a gaping mouth, no eyes or limbs, and hooked spikes all the way down It’s body.

Kiek: The only god(s) to have specified genders, Kiek is two beings so in harmony with each other that they are one. Ki, the “Mother of Time“, is always cited as female, while Ek, the “Father of Space”, is known to be male. Associated with harmony, balance, and mystery. Pictured as a two-headed gelon (a creature commonly used as a mount for the Rakati), with one head (Ki) having only eyes and the other (Ek) only a mouth.

Iol: Said to have been created by Rol to make the world fit to live in, Iol is the purifier, consuming the Void to create air. Associated with clarity and transition. Pictured as a flat, worm-like being with undulating membranes on each side of It’s body, a thin, slightly open mouth, and gills on its underside.

Terif: Very much a “Yin” deity, Terif is cited as a water being who rules all associated with It’s element. Said to have a symbiotic relationship with Galif, though not to the extent of Kiek. Associated with water (obviously) and restlessness. Pictured as a being similar to the Rakati themselves, only more reptilian and aquatic.

Galif: The “Yang” to Terif, Galif is called a creature of the earth, who is said to control all within its element. Said to have a symbiotic relationship with Terif. Associated with earth (obviously), and calmness. Pictured as a being of both molten and cooled earth, who walks upon metal claws.

While all Rakati worship the same gods, there is division in how literally the myths are to be taken. Most believe that the descriptions of them in legend are metaphorical, simply meant to give a solid form of representation on earth. However, there is a small group who challenge this, saying that out in the universe do exist these creatures in their exact forms worshipped on Evu-- they just may not be in the same astral plane as them. The debate rages on, though so far it has not escalated to violent proportions…

On life and death, the Rakati believe in a “layered universe”. That is, once your life in one universe has finished, it will ascend to the next, and so on. Traditionally there are said to be nine layers, but the number varies based on personal belief. They also believe that while one life is usually enough to fulfill the requirements to ascend to the next level, some circumstances require a repetition in the same universe. Good examples would be death at a young age, an unproductive life, or a life of vile deeds such as murder.
There’s also no unanimous agreement on what is at the end of the nine layers-- that’s left more to individual belief, due to the vague references to such an event in Gan Evia.

Another main belief of theirs is that three and all of its multiples are holy numbers. For this reason, things such as government, architecture and currency are divided/measured as such.

Gan Evia

Gan Evia (translates literally to “The Song”), is a collection of writings (“songs”) that serve as a bible for the Rakati. So far, these chapters have been discovered:
The Birth of Rol
The Flow of Time and Space
The Purest Air
The Deepest Waters
The Thickest Earth
The Counter-Creation
The Birth of the Liryeg
The Lost Songs of the Liryeg*
The Destruction of the Liryeg
The Rakatian Creation
The Imperfections of the Rakati
The Rakatian Mantras

*”The Lost Songs of the Liryeg” are not truly lost. Rather, they are written in a lost language that none have been able to decipher yet. Some Rakati say that this is because they are a fraud, others insists that it is proof of their credibility.

The Liryeg themselves are a fabled race of perfect beings. According to the two songs that have been translated regarding them, they were created as an expression of Rol’s emotions, creatures pure from flaw and strife. However, it soon became apparent that without anything to trouble them, the Liryeg had no purpose to fulfill in life, nor any inspiration to find one. To remedy this, Rol destroyed them, and split their souls into many different pieces. It then spread them throughout the universe, so that none would ever be perfect again.
It is because of these texts that once the Rakati reached the age of space exploration, their search for Lir-- aliens-- became a major undertaking.


(You'll see this map again once I gather my thoughts on the planet itself.)

The government of the species is a representative democracy, which is inherently theocratic due to the universal religion on the planet.
On the map above, you can see that Evu is divided into three distinct regions. The red dots in them were the former political capitals of each respective region, before the planet was operating under a single government. While they are still the main cities of each area, the new location of the government’s core is on a tiny, remote stretch of land (marked by the yellow dot) off the otherwise rocky and inhabitable mountain-island of Sofmar.
Every nine years, one Rakati is chosen to represent each region and sent to this outpost (Gada), selected through popular vote. In addition, each representatives has three advisors who are nominated every six years, also by popular vote. Finally, in a measure to prevent corruption, each advisor is given three “common people” to consult with before consulting themselves with the representatives, chosen every three years through a process not unlike that of jury duty.


And.... that's all I've got. I'll work on getting some images up of the Rakati and their gods.
Questions? Comments? Feedback? Flames? Cookies?

PC Games / Is HP tx2500 Compliant With These Games?
« on: June 18, 2008, 06:33:42 pm »
Hey guys,

Arachoid asked me to post this since he currently doesn't have access to a computer. I believe his recent journals on his DeviantArt page explain his situation and all the sad details, if anyone cares to read it.

Anywho, he wanted to know if the HP tx2500 (the computer he is quite possibly getting in the near future) can run the following games:

Spore (first and foremost! xD)
X-Plane 9
Supreme Commander
Company of Heroes
Universe at War

Thanks for reading! =P

PC Games / Any Way to Make the Original Myst Work on Vista?
« on: June 09, 2008, 01:55:23 pm »
I'm sure the answer is probably "no", but I want to ask just in case. =P Is there any way that the original version of Myst-- the one released for like, Windows 95-- to work on a newer computer? I saw they had a new version of Myst out that did, but I can't find it anywhere to buy, so this is my last chance. xD I really miss it.

Spore: Creation Corner / The Tecacians (2.0!) (Now With Poll)
« on: November 12, 2007, 12:54:15 pm »
The Tecacians are back! And infinitely more developed. Originally I was going to recycle the old thread, but I couldn't get everything organized the way I like. Sorry, I'm really obsessive-compulsive about it. xP So I made a new thread, and I'm going to post all the info in bits and pieces. I literally have about 10 pages in Word dedicated to them, so that's probably for the better, eh?

I apologize for the image quality (and lack thereof). I just got a new computer and my tablet won’t work on it until we can get an internal plug-in thingy to accept it (it’s an old-school Wacom Digitizer II), so I can’t use much of Photoshop. The things I do work on in Photoshop will turn out quite poorly, as I’m left-handed and using a right-handed mouse, so bear with me. I’m not yet hooked up to the scanner either…
Anywho, here are the improved Tecacians.

Basic Information

/ (Tecacians are somewhere in between)

Species Name: Tecacians

Average Height: 5 ft (measured according to Earthen units)

Average Length: 7.5 ft (measured according to Earthen units)

Average Weight: 160 lbs

Possible Eye Colors: Green, brown, hazel

Possible Fur Colors: Shades of gray (except for black), albino (rare)
Note:Male Tecacians' ears are tipped in black, and female Tecacians' tail are tipped in black.

Average Life Span: 95 Earth years (114 Tecacian years)

Reproduction is sexual, and pretty straightforward. Promiscuity is looked down upon, and Tecacians are expected to be bonded together for at least a year before having children. The ritual before mating is a simple rubbing of bodies; the male will walk one direction, and the female the opposite, pressing their sides together until the tips of their tails touch and pass. Copulation is simple and holds no physical pleasure for Tecacians; the male, like in most species, mounts the female (though neither sex is considered dominant, they are endowed with general sexual organs and the male assumes the dominant role purely for the convenience of build), and the act takes little more than 15-20 Earth minutes. Breeding season in near the end of each Tecacian year, where for about 26 days straight, the female's body will release anywhere from one to seven eggs a day. After the egg(s) in the womb are fertilized, however, the body immediately stops releasing more until after the birth.
Fertilized eggs begin a gestation period of about four (Earth) months before being laid, and are externally incubated for approximately one (Earth) month before hatching. The mother has little to do with the incubation, as the Tecacians live in an extremely humid climate. In fact, mothers will sometimes have to do the complete opposite, and cool the eggs with water or something similar to keep the young inside from overheating. The eggshells are leathery and tough, and the young Tecacians use their small claws to puncture their way out. At birth, young are blind, toothless and vulnerable. And remain in their parents' care for about 26 Tecacian years. The average yield for a healthy Tecacian is two eggs, though up to six have been reported at one time.

The young Tecacians' two main eyes open at about three (Earth) weeks, with the third eye remaining closed until several days later. Teeth are developed fully by the end of their 6th Tecacian year.
They are considered physically mature around 28 Tecacian years old, and mentally mature at about 40. Their prime year is 57, and health starts declining around the age of 70 up until death.
Sexual maturity is reached at about 30 Tecacian years for both genders.

Locomotion: Tecacians are quadruped runners. Only the weak, tired, old or mating/pregnant ones move slower than a sprint. Their lithe muscles make them adept at such movement, and it is what keeps them alive. They can outrun many dangers, a much-needed advantage to counterbalance the frailness of their thin form.

Primary Food: Meat, though a small amount of plant and earth matter is consumed on a long-term basis for vitamins and minerals that are vital for their body to function. While Tecacians can eat raw meat, they prefer to cook it, simply because it tastes better to them.

Method of Obtaining Food: Since the Tecacians aren’t physically efficient with any sort of self-made weapon, they rely on their natural ones to hunt for living prey. Needle-sharp teeth and curved claws are used along with their exceptional speed to chase down victims and disable their bodily functions to the point of death. The plant/earth supplements are easily scavenged in most parts of the planet.

Core Personality Features: Like most (if not all) sentient—and even non-sentient—beings, Tecacians have a vast difference in individual personalities. However, there are several traits that are present in the race as a whole. These are, aside from subtle variations, as follows:
-A love for hunting, whether for survival or sport
-A tendency for violence amongst large groups of their own species
-A deep connection with art and artistic aspects, especially music and illustrations

Lifestyle: Pack/Individual hunters, depending on location and availability of prey.

Sensory Capabilities:
·   Sight
Eyesight is exceptional, in both ability and flexibility. They can pick up visible light as well as weak infrared wavelengths. Having three eyes aids sight even further, allowing Tecacians to see both before and beside themselves.
·   Sound
Hearing is another sense that evolution blessed the Tecacians in. Because of their sensitivity to a large range of sounds, their ears have evolved so that they face towards the spine. This way, loud front-on noises have less of a chance of permanently damaging the tissue. While this offers a minor setback, preventing them from turning their ears completely to the front, it preserves them in their sensitive state to the best ability natural selection has to offer.
·   Taste
Tecacians have a rather average taste. The taste buds on their tongues are like a human’s in the sense that they have specific tastes that they pick up. However, they are not as “sectioned” as human taste buds are; rather than have sweet tastes be prominently felt at one part, and salty on another, they are scattered evenly across the tongue. Other than that, as I said, average tasting abilities.
·   Touch
Once again, an average sense. While they can touch things with their feet, the sensory nerves in them are stunted slightly by the protective skin on the bottom. Tecacians also have several sets of whisker-like appendages, rows of thick, black, sensitive hairs. These are located below their main eyes, around the edge of the third eye, and in wavy patterns along the front of their muzzle. Of course, they can feel if something is touching them elsewhere on their body, but the pseudo-whiskers are the most sensitive towards physical contact.
·   Smell
Smell is the Tecacians’ worst sense. They have an exceptionally small nasal cavity in their skull, and an even smaller area in their brain devoted to it. Only strong and obvious smells can get through to them, such as burned material of the plant/animal kind.
·   Energy Sensitivity
Energy sensitivity is what allows Tecacians to feel and "see" energy in the form of Strings (see below). Their whisker-like hairs, in addition to being touch receptors, can also measure some types of energy in the world around them. The hairs pick up on the vibrational patterns of the Strings they sense, and send that information to the brain. The "seeing" of these Strings is more of a feeling, something not seen with their eyes but with their mind. An inner eye of sorts, I suppose you could say.


And now, for the one thing that Tecacians can pride themselves in, in terms of technology: Strings.


Strings are what give Tecacians their standing in the universe, what keeps them living. But what are they?

Strings are tiny strands of energy that make up everything in the universe—in this one, at least. In our universe it is still an unproven but plausible theory. But let’s not get into that. Strings are the building blocks of everything, smaller than atoms, smaller than quarks. They are all identical to one another, except for one variable: each has their own unique resonant frequency (vibration pattern). This determines, as one might guess, what aspect of reality it dictates.

Tecacians would have no concept of quarks, atoms, or even molecules if it weren't for their study of Strings. Though physically they are behind in evolution, their minds have expanded to the point that they can reach out and “see” these Strings in the dimensions that they lie in, using a dual system that unites their physical energy-sensing nerves with their mind. The further this ability evolved, the more aware they became of Strings, until they got to the point where they could reach out mentally and make temporary changes in the vibration patterns of several Strings.

Now, before someone says it, I will: “Rachel, you’re insane. That’s like, the ultimate powerplaying ability!”
Well, if I used it as such, yes, it is. But I don’t intend on doing that. You see, something so powerful obviously has to have SOME downside to it, or else it’d make the whole process of creating the race very boring.
To begin with, Tecacians cannot “see” every String that there is. First of all this would probably drive a being insane, considering the vastness of them, and second it would be unrealistic and too powerful.
Also, in order to manipulate a String, energy must be given or taken from it. It is taken if one wants to slow or simplify the resonant frequency, and give energy to quicken or complicate it. Average Tecacians cannot accomplish this safely, as it is the energy of their own being that is being traded in or out.
Another point that must be made is that meddling in the resonant frequency of Strings is very dangerous and not advisable, as one can imagine, to the natural world. For these two reasons, only specialized and gifted members of Tecacian society are trained to do so—these are the Weavers, or Dacadliin, in their language. The art of String manipulation is kept strict, as pushing the boundaries of physics can have rather disastrous results (as can be seen in the Tecacian’s history). Kadacadliin (Mind Weavers) are Weavers as well, but taught in a different field of Strings. This is all based on the Tecacian’s theory of “Base Strings”. Tecacians divide Strings into three categories, based on what they account for in reality, and these are known as the Base Strings:

String of Order: Represented in writing as a perfect circle. Strings in this category control all nonliving… well, things. From the force of gravity to the molecular composition of mitochondria, to the properties of oxygen and way atoms are held together, anything in the physical world that is not alive falls under this group of Strings. This is the most developed in Tecacian sciences.

String of Life: Represented in writing as a circle with a small dot in the middle. As one could guess, this deals with all living things, from single cells to complex organisms, and anything in between. These are the forbidden Strings—it is seen as a crime and abomination to manipulate the intricate balances of life. Luckily for Tecacians, evolution has gradually weakened their mental awareness of these Strings, from lack of use after their brush with extinction.

String of Mind: Represented in writing as two circles, one within the other. Obviously, this is the String category for all your mental needs. Thoughts, emotions, and the way they relate to the physical brain are all examples. Though these Strings are not off-limits, they are considerably harder to manipulate, and thus only Mind Weavers are specially trained in this field. Not only are they hard to manipulate, but most are also impossible to feel: how can you feel your mentality with your mentality, after all? The only use this serves in Tecacian life is as a translation device.

There IS another “Base String”, but a rarely used and highly conceptual one. This is the Broken String (represented in writing as a symbol that resembles a rounded ‘7’). Its existence cannot be proven or discounted, so it remains theoretical. The concept is simple: a String, any String, which has somehow broken off at some point from its loop-like state into a disconnected length. The effects of this are unknown, and no example in nature has been found yet, but they are anticipated to be disastrous.

So there you have it.
Weavers:  Trained specifically in the art of Order manipulations, for use in carving, weakening molecular bonds to make digging houses easier, and general scientific exploration.

Mind Weavers: Taught the more complex topic of Mind Strings, though it is a dying art. Originally, Mind Weavers used their abilities to decipher the language of the Alderuiin, but since their extinction, the role has become virtually useless. Some Tecacians still practice and teach it for the sake of tradition, but the numbers are getting smaller with each generation.

Don’t mistake String manipulation for a psychic power in disguise. It cannot be used to move objects, read minds, or anything of that such. It is a technique that reshapes the physical realm in very, very minor ways for a short time, until its goal is accomplished and the String can be returned to its normal state. Does all that make sense? Please, anyone speak up with any questions they might have, this is practically the basis of the Tecacians and needs to be understood, even if it is just the basics.


Like I said, I have a lot already written out-- Psychology, Nervous Physiology, Sociology, Artistic Sciology, etc.
Feel free to share any questions or comments, I'll get the other stuff up as soon as possible!

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