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Spore: Creation Corner / My creature the Dockolock
« on: September 15, 2007, 08:21:04 am »
This is the dockolock, the dockolock is feared by many planets for there brutality, strength and speed. They do not care how little or big you are nor do they care how young or old you are anything that moves or breathes (except other dockolock) are food to them.

They are known to cause war, death and disease to all planets that are in there path, what were once beautiful landscapes are now waste lands, what were once fantastic, big and wonderful city's are now ruins.

The dockolock stand 20 feet tall with 2 large arms with spikes under the arms also with 3 blade like claws on each hand, on the stomach they have 2 smaller but still lethal arms with 3 smaller claws on each hand, they got 4 very muscular and powerful legs that lets them out run almost anything, on each foot are 2 very large and very lethal claws.

Then they got 2 large tails with large spikes on both ends, on there lower back they got 4 little spikes then on there back they got 3 Farley large spikes, then on there torso they got 2 rows of 5 spikes then they got 4 larger spikes located on the neck then 2 rows of 5 spikes on there head.

They have got powerful jaws that can bite down 10 tons of pressure,there jaw also acts like a snake jaw in the fact that there jaw can stretch to engulf large prey. Under there jaws are 2 tentacles like stalks with bulbs on the end that light up to attract prey at night.

One of the strangest features of the dockolock is the fact that there nostrils and eyes are the same thing, they have a special pouch in there throat that lets there eyes settle in with out being harmed when they sniff through there stalk like nostrils and they smell prey they will open the pouch suck the eyes in to the tubes the eyes are pitch black so its very hard to tell when there eyes are out, but they got very good eye sight.

On top of there head is sort of a tube like ear, all sounds around the dockolock with travel through the tube, they have sensitive little holes in the tube that let them here from a very far distance this happens instantly when ever there is sound.

Under the small arms are 2 antennas that click together its how they communicate around large areas. On there back all the way down to there lower back are stripes, they are also on the front.

Around there body is fungus, it mainly grows on the tails but also sometimes grows on the legs and on top of the head this fungus is extremely deadly when it releases its spores (which by the way the dockolock have control over) and a nearby creature breaths them in the spores will thicken the blood so much that it dries out and rots the insides of any creature, the dockolock have a special immune system that can fight the spores off easily.

Heres a picture of one:

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