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Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / Infernal's Hall of Beasties
« on: June 19, 2008, 12:52:13 pm »

Apoc(Epoc Redesign)




Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / The Leaps into Space
« on: November 05, 2007, 07:21:20 pm »
Premise:  This thread is to cover the first steps the Epoc take into space, and the building of a fleet to visit nearby planets.  Pretty open ended, PM me or post in the thread to join.  This occurs in coordination what is occuring now in the other Epoc thread (3 Months after the Battle with the Barroc)


Lt. Bors looked behind him at the vast emptiness that was space.  He stood on the platform of a makeshift ship that the Epoc had built with the technology the Eyecons had provided.  It was weak, slow, and inefficient, but it served its purpose for now.  He had been upgraded by the battle, specifically chosen by Kraull himself.  The program was to be kept in secret, revealing to the public when they had something to show for their work.

"Sir," a voice called, breaking him out of his trance, "We are approaching the asteroid field and the first cluster of mining bases, all seems well."

"Very well"

The ship slowly descended over the belt, below them, hundreds of mining bases were fully operational.  Within 3 months of their first encounters with Extraterrestrials, the Epoc were consuming their system's resources.  The mines were extracting a variety of metals, including a ring of plutonium that was close to Maestro.  They were bringing out vasts amount of metals, suitable for mass production.  Of course, they were fully ran by X-11s, saving the Epoc loads of money.

As the metals were extracted, small transport ships, designed like giant arcs that moved with experimental inertia engines.  The design was being refined, but wasn't yet suitable for ships transporting live creatures.  As the arcs made their way back towards Epoc, they stopped at another field, the Docks.

The docks were mostly of Eyecon design, with Epoc architectual flair.  They stretched a few Kilometers long, and were, again, run by only X-11s.  Each contained smelters and a variety of other construction tools.  They took huge sheets of metal, and other structual beams to fashion certain ships designed.  Bors looked out, and saw the supermassive skeletons of the ships the Epoc were currently building.

"At this rate, we should be finished with the Solo within the next 4-6 Months"

"Very Well, the others?"

"2 More Months after that"

"What about the Arch Fighters?"

"We are currently up to 20 Million hulls in storage near Hierarchal.  Whenever the energy producers, engines, and weapons systems have been refined, we will begin to upgrade them.  We should reach 100 million by the time this whole affair is finished"

"Excellent, the X-11s are moving quite rapidly"

"20 Hours a Day, 9 Days a week, 325 Days a year"

"Hehe, wonderful"

The private excused himself, and Bors glared back out into the vastness.  As they left the docks, and headed back to the command station orbiting Capital, he caught a glimpse of the transport arcs carrying the empty fighters to a storage dock near the moon.  He could only wonder how they would manage to pull this off.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Epoc Related RPs OOC
« on: November 04, 2007, 01:16:06 pm »
This thread is for any RPs based around the Epoc, or in which they play a major role.  You can request to join here as well.  Discuss anything you need to know about, or just generally for all that it matters.

After the Battle of the Barroc, the Epoc began focusing on the space program.  Within a week of constant work, they had developed a vehicle capable of lifting them into space (The Eyecons are helping with everything don't forget).  Kraull promoted Bors to command the building of the space stations.  They started by launching and quickly creating a command station.

Within 3 weeks, they had built a few hundred Arcs, or large scale transport vehicles, which had been put into space, as well as massively produced X-11s dedicated to this purpose (Hundreds of millions).  This was achieved by dedicating almost all their factories to producing all the time.   Within a month, they began their building on the asteroid belt close by

Within 2 months, almost all the mining stations had been completely finished, and the docks mostly done.  They had erected a large storage  station near the moon.  This station, along with most of the others (excluding the carefully built mines, which do not need to be deconstructed due to their abilitiy to lift off the asteroid and move to another), including the command station and dokcs, will be disassembled after the completion of the first five ships.

Within 3 months, their first ship, Solo was beginning to be built.  On Capital, research was full steam ahead for new technologies.  The Eyecons helped them achieve the point where they are now.

Heres just a list of the Five main RP characters I will be using:

Supreme Commander of the United Epoc Army -- Kraull -- Follower of Solo -- Slightly wrathful, overall good character, wants best for Epocs

Lieutenant General of the United Epoc Space Program -- Bors -- Follower of Aulis -- Timid, rather klutzy, tries to prove himself to others too much

Commander of the United Epoc Diplomacy Program -- Lots -- Follower of Fawn -- Bors' older brother, easy going, wise, relaxed in most situtions, highly persuasive

Sergeant of the United Epoc Technological Advance Program -- Mals -- Follower of Luna -- Bors' younger brother, grumpy, spiteful, rude, not really concerned about the feelings of other, mostly greedy

Corporal of the United Epoc People's Voice Progam -- Voilles -- Follower of Ave -- Loud mouthed, outgoing, easy to communicate with, blunt, humorous, cocky at some points

Spore: Creation Corner / The Epoc
« on: October 28, 2007, 07:19:47 pm »

~Drawn by Flisch

Name: The Epoc (Ee-Pock)
Home Planet: Capital
Classification: Large, Social Aves
Normal Lifespan: 80-90 Years (Females); 90-100 Years (Males)
Diet: Carnivorous; Ovivorous; Omnivorous (Rarely)
Height: 6-8 Feet Tall (Females); 8-10 Feet Tall (Males)
Length: 10-12 Feet Long (Females); 12-14 Feet Long (Males)
Weight: 350-400 Lbs (Females); 400-450 Lbs (Males)
Armor: Thick Skin, Layered in Feathers
Eyesight: Extremelly Good
Intelligence: Extremelly High
Form of Reproduction: Sexual
Reproductive Rate:  Reach Sexual Maturity at Age 20; Reproduces 2-4 Times In Life
Gestation: 6 Months
Offspring Incubation: 6 Months
Number of Offspring: 1-3
Anatomy: 274 Bones, 700 Muscles, Standard Bodily Systems, Four Lungs (Allows Over 10 Breathable/Survivable Gases)
Population: 5,000,000,000 Epoc

CAS Classification

Spore: Creation Corner / Capital And Its Inhabitants *Important*
« on: October 20, 2007, 03:06:48 pm »

Name: Capital
Size: About 10,000 Miles Diameter (Small)
Age: About 4.9 Billion Years
Tilt: Roughly 12 Degrees
Star: Maestro
Moon(s): Hierarchal
Size of Moon(s): 1/8th of Capital
Distance from Moon: About 200,000 Miles
Distance from Star: About 125,000,000 Miles
Gravity: 95% that of Earth's
Average Earth Days Per Year: 325
Average Earth Hours Per Day: About 20
Amount Daylight: About 10
Amount Night: About 10
Seasonal Difference: Minimal Temperature Difference
Land Percentage: About 40%
Water Percentage: About 60%
Main Resources: Methane, Coal, Oil, Rare Gems, Metals, and other Gases
Atmosphere Makeup: Largely Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, and Methane; Trace Amounts of Hydrogen, Oxygen, Argon, and Others
The Lower Atmospheric Jet Stream: Located About One Mile Above Surface (About 7 Miles Per Hour)
Global Underwater Current: Located In World's Oceans (Slow, Inconsitent Speed)
Planetary Weather Core: Meeting of the LAJS and GUC;  General Location Of Annual Storm
Annual Storm: Caused By Pressure Variance; Can Develop Tornado Going East/West or Hurricane Going North/South Depending On Wind

~This Map Is What Capital Looks Like Stretched Completely Flat

~This Map Shows the Lower Atmospheric Jet Stream (Blue), The Global Underwater Current (Red), Aquatic Spawning Grounds (Yellow), Land Spawning (Green), and the Planetary Weather Core (Purple)

Everything Else / My Report on Carl Sagan
« on: September 28, 2007, 06:06:10 pm »
I'm taking up some theoretical science/quantum/deep thinking science courses which barrage us with a lot of various theories and topics.  We've been given the task of a small biography and presentation of an assigned scientist.

Duh Duh!  I was assigned Carl Sagan, which, by the looks of this forum, looks to be an easy task if you guys are willing to help.

So, Id just like to know if anyone can find any interesting facts about him and his life, via books, videos, sites, etc and just lean me in the right direction? Wikipedia.. has.. been... banned... *sniff*

Spore: Creation Corner / Life on Estodor
« on: September 26, 2007, 04:00:52 pm »
In the far reaches of non-existence, a slip hole, the size of a pin tip, opened.  From it, came the research ship “The Origin” was pulled out.  The huge gravitational forces pushed the massive ship into the bleakness that was the non-existence.  The Designers glared at one another, solemnly nodding.  From their hull, a small orb, no bigger than a fist, was placed out. 

   “So is that it?” asked one of the engineers.  “Do we know how long it will take to begin?”

   “No one knows.  The universe hasn’t begun yet.  When the inertia wave hits, the envelope will open, letting it out.

   The Engineer nodded, and went back to his duties.  Within the same point of non existence they arrived, “The Origin” was gone.

   As the inertia wave hit the envelope, it ripped open.  From it, a planet pulled out into the newly formed Universe.  It was situated perfectly near a newly formed star.  In the newly formed space, the slip hole reopened, and “The Origin” pulled out.

   The planet was of their design, or more over, their specifications.  The Designers had worked on this planet for quite a while, tweaking, and placing what was needed for life to begin.  The scanner ran over the planet one more time, to make sure.  A screen popped up.

Planet:  Estodor
Atmosphere: 52%, 18% Hydrogen, 24% Water Vapor, 3% Nitrogen,  1% Methane, 1% Oxygen, 1% Other
Water: 42%
Land: 58%
Resources: 64% Coal, 24% Oil, 11% Metals/Metalloids, 1% Other

   This planet was planned ahead of time.  Over the course of its life, it would change, and would alter itself drastically.  “The Origin” looked over the planet once more, and entered the slip hole once again.

Spore: General / Spore Fansite/Content Sharing Sites
« on: August 25, 2007, 11:06:19 am »
Something just kinda popped to my head but:

We know that in game, you will be able to look at some of the content other players have made, and choose something you like, but I dont think you can "search" per se for a piece of content, especially copyrighted content, because that would make EA liable.

But like the sims, there are fansites where creators upload their content (Insim, Mod the Sims 2, The Sims Resource, etc) and share it over a massive scale.  Do you think this could work with Spore?  I know we don't know details, but Im sure, knowing Maxis, you will be able to find your creature, building, etc in your folders with ease. 

Like, say I go off, start up a site, and allow anyone to upload their creatures/creations and share them with a community (fileservers and all).  I would think a site similar to MTS2 would be able to allow users to upload copyrighted data (like it is now, starwars, pokemon, they're all there) and share it and receive feedback, rather than in game and not knowing who and how many people are downloading.  What do you think?  I know I'd love to be able to go download a mod that lets my creatures go bigger than elephants, or download Star Wars vehicles to play around with, etc. etc.  This would, of course, eliminate the need to get friend codes or whatnot from other players and try to put them in your game.


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