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Forum Games / The Google Chain Thread.
« on: June 26, 2008, 12:56:42 pm »
OK, the game works like this.  I pick a random word to google.  I pick the first link and post it.  You must pick a word from that link and google it and post the first link.
I search for frog.

You are sitting in a room.  There is a small device.
>look device
The device is labeled "Random Fact Ticker".  It has one button on it.
>push button
A hollow voice from the Random Fact Ticker begins ticking random facts.

RULES:You must post random facts about your creatures.  The facts must not have been shown in any RP previously, but they may be related to the events of RPs.  Both OG and NG facts are allowed.


The random fact ticker device states that a Mon-Krai gangster was killed by the Elbeastian government, when a warp in spacetime proceeded to both revive him, and erase the fact that he ever even visited the Elbeastian planet.

The Spore CC, on amazon at least, has a very rare quality:It has a complete split between 5 and 1-star reviews.  It's interesting.

I am.  Anyone else?

Everything Else / Rampage in Tokyo's Video Game District Kills 7
« on: June 08, 2008, 12:01:34 pm »

I feel sorry for the families of those killed.  I wonder if he was some sort of anti-gaming activist trying to make a point?

Spore: General / Spore-Specific Writer Found?
« on: June 05, 2008, 09:26:25 am »
News: is blank now.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Spore RPs are doomed
« on: June 02, 2008, 06:25:02 am »
I'll give you a list of reasons why.

1.  Laughs is shunned.

The one race I tried to inject lots of humor into, the Elbeasts, crashed and burned.  They were considered "Spammy" by some, "ridiculous and overagressive" by others, but most hated them for some reason or another.  It's simple- there's a ruling cult of seriousness that won't allow any fun to stand.

2.  Occam's Razor is King.

With the NG, one would think that the purpose is to be more creative- not so.  The more creative a race is, the more likely it will be disqualified from existence for being too "Complicated and Convoluted".  Heck, an empty universe is simplest, why don't we RP that?

3.  We forgot the point of RPing.

The point of RPing is to HAVE FUN.  Arguably, being creative is much, much more fun than the perhaps nonexitent fun of using an advanced simulation with the laws of physics to figure out exactly what must really happen.  Any interesting new way a creature does something is rejected from the NG for "Being too unlikely".  If we're going for likelyhood, there would be one living planet per galaxy or less, which would develop very slowly and likely be destroyed before it can exit its solar system.

Outside of our Earth, there is a vast land of smarter humans and their apprentices.  For our world is a simulation.  The way to hack is at our fingertips- but only a select few know how to use it.  It is with sound.  There is one, very obscure, chemical formula, that, when used to clean instruments, manipulates the simulation to the will of the player.  However, there is a new fad rising- student-fighting.  Many of the beknowledged are music teachers, and their morals are getting more and more depleted.  They compete for power by using special functions of their modified piano to turn the students they teach into viscious, soulless fighters for use in space battles.

Instrument abilities (unmentioned here to be determined later):
Dart gun with Poison darts and Sleeping Darts
Controls enemy's emotions.  This can do various things, whether it makes them confused as to who is on which side or play incorrectly.

Summons monsters.  Depending on how well the music is played, the monsters will be stronger or weaker.

When targeted at team members, increases their health.

Gravity Gun

Small Cannon
Communicator- Sends up highly visible differently colored Flares to communicate something prearranged to team members in a different area.


Large Cannon
Can create tremors in the ground, minorly damaging all enemies within a large range.

French Horn
Obscures vision within a range.

After using their power, they are immune to damage for several seconds.

Makes victim unable to attack for a while.

Makes victim unable to use magic for a while.

Various bombs.  Different kinds of bombs depending on which kind of drum.
Electrify- a power that deals several units of damage to an enemy.  The enemy's next attack will automatically miss and hit a teammate, who will be damaged for one less unit of damage.  The same thing happens to the next until someone is hit for 1 unit of damage.

Bomber.  Drops large bombs from the underside of the piano. These can create craters.  They must be careful because they damage teammates and enemies alike.

Tank.  Shoots large missiles that are one of the few things that can destroy a piano quickly.  It is the only thing (besides a Pipe Organ) that is not instantly killed by a piano.
Usually much slower than any other instrument, but using magic lets it move quickly for a short while.

Pipe Organ
The true mothership.  Can store other instruments internally and move from planet to planet.  Emits lasers that can instantly destroy anything but a pipe organ.  It cannot move on land however, though it can land there.  It cannot be damaged by anything but another pipe organ.
Can emit a forcefield briefly making it immune to lasers.  Can access a (slightly uncontrollable) Spore-like editor that lets it create animals to drop into battle.  Different notes edit in different ways.  Some geek will probably eventually study it and write a walkthough on how to edit controllably.

Jonathan was a trumpeter.  He had played for several years in his school band with his music teacher, Mrs. Flat.  One day, Jonathan noticed something.  Some of his classmates began having an odd look in their eyes after Band.  He told his friend (to be played by Darth Grievi) about this.  Together one day, they snuck into Mrs. Flat's plans.  They were the last two students who hadn't been brainwashed.  They ran off.  They're currently hiding under a bridge in their city, Bowersfield.

OK, I made an alt for use in this game.  What should we name him?
The first name to be supported by at least two people wins.
Edit:Quitted do to lack of interest.

Like the other thread, but this one's open to people putting their own.
My cult- join if you want

SUPREME RULER- A man sitting in a box.  The man is holding a cage.  Inside the cage is a universe, ours, which he controls with his magic hands.

The symbol of the religion is a cup with a ball in it.  If you do not join the religion or join it and do not follow the tenets, when you die, you become another human in our universe again, rolling your "ball" around outside the cup.  If you do join and do follow the tenets, your "ball" has been put in the cup, and you escape the universe forever.  You become another man (or woman), in another box, holding a cage with a universe in it.  When everyone has escaped from your universe, you will, as our supreme ruler eventually will, turn your empty universe into a special material you can use to break out of your box, and then you will find yourself in a world that is a utopia.

1.You may not kill anyone who does not belong to the faith.  This prolongs our master from escaping his box.
2.You may not commit suicide or kill anyone who does belong to the faith.  Though this would speed up the proccess, it is considered cheating.
3.You must cause at least ten people who are under twenty to belong to the religion before you die.
4.You must not have children or clone people.  This is the reason only convert people under twenty counts.
5.You must not sterilize yourself or abort or use any other sort of "birth control".  This shows you really tried.  Oh, and for this reason combined with 4, you shouldn't have sex.
6.On the last Saturday of as many months as possible to you personally, you must attend Klare.

Things this religion would campaign for strongly politically
Anti-Birth Control

House of worship:The Klare.  The Klare is a more modern building than older religious buildings.  It consists of two buildings shaped like half-spheres sticking out of the ground, and between them is a tower with a sattelite transmitter on top.  The tower building is opened every day except the last monday of every month.  On the tower building, the people who belong to the religion line up to type things on a keyboard.  It is transmitted out into space, supposedly to be detected by the SUPREME RULER.  On the last Saturday of every month, everyone goes into the two half-spheres, or Oculoids, and listens to a speech by the minirulers, the Klarismists.  The Klarismists usually give a rallying call to supporting the religion and it's values.

Holiday:  Weeok.  Weeok is a festival occurring whenever the last Saturday occurs on a New Moon.  Everyone gathers in the yard arround the towers and plays sacred games until nightfall.  When nightfall occurs, everyone is given a wooden cup.  The Klarismist stands at the top of the Sattelite tower, gives a speech, and then tosses out small balls.  Everyone must search for one ball on the ground and put it on their cup.  If they cannot find it by morning, they must sit in the yard for the entire following day and not speak or move at all.

Spore: Creation Corner / The Ienal
« on: May 26, 2008, 04:41:40 pm »

The Ienal live in an environment like no other species.  They live on a vast metal plane.  They are intelligent, but they do not know why.  Every creature on their world makes evolutionary sense, but they do not.  They have few natural enemies and filter feed the near-endless bacteria that live in their environment.  Yet they are intelligent and can communicate.

The Environment.
To the untrained Ienal eye, they would appear to live on a vast metal plane.  But, as their technology increased, they went around faster and discovered they could go around their planet and come back to the same place.  Yet they did not live on the surface of a sphere, they lived within it.  As they tried to figure out the mystery of their existence, they found, in the center of the solar-system-sized sphere, an odd object that created the cells that they lived off of.  They are currently trying to find a way to damage the metal surface of their world in the hopes that that will reveal something, but they have had no luck yet.

Everything Else / Internet culture in real life
« on: May 26, 2008, 10:09:17 am »
Today, I was out walking, and I saw a little girl who couldn't have been more than six wearing a t-shirt that said "ROFL".  This is what's wrong with society!  The hackers and other 1337 took over the internet with ease, but now they're invading real life!  This is terrible.

SETUP:To set up, each side in the battle must come up with the following things:
Units:List all Units.  If there are vast numbers, only list different kinds and list how many of each.
On each unit, list weaponry or support devices.  A support device is anything that could aid in battle that does not directly harm an enemy.

Next, the players must firmly set the location of the battle.  They must list anything near the battle that could potentially effect it.  If this belongs to one of the players, they must treat it as a unit and list weaponry and support devices.

Finally, a neutral third party with a suitable calculator must be found.  Every twenty posts, the neutral third party must choose randomly with their calculators "Random" function one of these twenty events:
Unit Failure on side a (Kills random unit on side a.  The neutral party chooses one unit)
Unit Failure on side b (Kills random unit on side b.  The neutral party chooses one unit)
Natural Disaster relating to area  (The natural disaster is treated as a character and played by the neutral party)
Traitory of side a to side b (Random side a unit changes to side b)
Traitory of side b to side a (Random side a unit changes to side b)
15 chances of nothing happening

The Battle Itself
The battle must contain no double posts.  Double posts result in the penalty of a random two of your units crashing into one another and being destroyed and another random five of your units changing to the enemy's side.  It must go Person A Person B Person A Person B.  Each post must establish the location of every unit on the poster's side.  This does not need to be exact or on a grid, it can just be relevant to the surroundings.  Either side may make any number of units retreat only if their culture says they may.  Every twenty posts, as established, a random event occurs.  This is not treated as a post double-posting-wise.  Note that in your posts, you can reference how your battle effects the people at home- like if there are anti-war protesters or something.

When the Battle is Over
The result of the battle must be recorded in typeface 20, bold font, as either the winning side or draw.  Then, what is caused by this must be recorded in normal text (e.g. new territory for a civilization, etc.)

Everything Else / Stuff from a PARODY Roleplaying Game I'm making
« on: May 25, 2008, 04:56:07 pm »
I'll post more later.  First I'll post magic elements.
The Kitchen Sink

I'll post allignments next.

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