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Storytelling and Roleplaying / WWIII RP
« on: February 18, 2008, 02:12:24 pm »
(You know the rules so let's start)

Undisclosed location, GDF army HQ  12:57 P.M. March 15, 2050 3 hours after the nuclear launch.

For the fifth time Andrew Jackson look over the Military reports, refusing to believe his eyes as if he did than his own country had launched a nuclear warhead at Germany.  He could not believe he refused to believe it, America and Canada had both sighed treaties that removed all stragie nuclear devices and severely limited tactical warheads, so why was a warhead denoated in Germany?  He was still pondering this when a soldier came up to him and snapped at attention.  “Sir, Prime Minister Duke Chamberlain on line 3.  Jackson sighed; he knew he would eventually have to deal with this.  He turned on the screen and turned to face the Prime Minister of the GDF countries.  “Commander Andrew Jackson,” Chamberlain began with his face looking stern. “I want to know who is responsible for the nuclear attack on Germany, this act can not go unpunished!”

“Mr. Chamberlain We do not know who fired it, but I assure you that It was not me or one of my generals,” Said Jackson tension stretching across his face.

 “Than who?” Chamberlain replied.

“We don’t know, all we know is that at 1000 a nuclear weapon was launched somewhere around North Carolina,”

“Do you know anything else?”

“Russia is in rebellion, maybe the government or the rebels launched it, China could have done it, and maybe South America, We have other suspects but those are the most likely”

The Prime Minster looked uneasy.  “What should I say to the people?  What must I do?”

“I going to find the person who did this starting with the Russian rebellion and government,  I need your Permission to deploy the 5th Titan task force and the 7th RDF devision to Siberia as a staging area for the investagation.  I also need your permission to get acess to all emails going throughout the world,”

 The Prime Minster paled. “So it could mean war?”

“Yes Mr. Prime Minister,”

“I hope you know what you are doing,”

“As do I sir as do I,”

"Then I give you my permission,"

The prime minster closed the screen.

Public address speech 1:27 P.M. March 15, 2050 Washington D.C.

Chamberlain was quickly readying his notes for what he knew would be a major speech.  Protests had erupted across most of the USA and Canada since the attack, some turned violent.  This speech could either unite the country or doom it.  He got up and step up to speak to the entire media all who watched his every move. 

Slowly he began to speak “We can’t speak words at the tragedy we have heard, we must remind ourselves however that this was no act by GDF,” He stopped to let his words be digested.  “This tragedy was an act of war by unknown persons or nations and it will not go unpunished.  I have asked Commander Andrew Jackson how we will go about this task and he has responded and now we will meet this threat.  Under my authority I authorized the deployment of the 5th Titan Task Force and 5th RDF devision to an undisclosed in the Russia in order arriving under 24 hours to uncover possible infomation of a plot by ethier the Rebellion or the current Government to fire this Nuclear weapon.  I ask that the public only pray we this will not mean war," Chamberlain then left and the media just stood there stunned at what they heard.

Undisclosed location possibly western coast of GDF territory undisclosed time possibly after Public adress speech 
March 15, 2050
Five titans that made up the 5 titan task force slowly lifted into the air carrying a full arment and crew and turned to the west to arive at Russia in less than 24 hours.     

(So it begins)

Storytelling and Roleplaying / AOE3 The New World
« on: January 21, 2008, 03:44:27 pm »
It is 1602 and you set out to the new world with a bold vision in mind.  You plan on establishing the first every coloney in this new land.  And so you set out with a loyal band of men.  The journey over in your boat is both long and hard, but at last you see land.  You come onto the beach with your trusty dog and a small band of men.

Chose one
Do you:

A.  Unload the ship
B.  Set up camp
C.  Put up a flag
D. Yell
E. Send the ship back to England for supplies
F. Other

( This is my first Meta-Game, please be kind.)

PC Games / World in Conflict
« on: September 24, 2007, 04:57:22 pm »
Anyone hearded of a game called world in conflict?
Its a RTS about when the sovlit Union goes broke and blackmails NATO nations for money in exchange for prevention of a attack.  Needless to say NATO thinks it was a bluff until solvit tanks break into france.  But the russians real plan is revaled as they attack seattle.

Its a great game with tons of action, good get it and beat those reds!

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