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Here is an overview of its biology (this is a female, by the way).

Really, the Flagoon's biology is quite simple. Developing from small insect eaters, it has STAYED a small insect eater. To help this path in development, it is not very large. Its four front limbs, used waaaaay back in history to actually move around, have shrunken to almost uselessness, aside from holding a tool for someone, or scratching areally bad itch on your brother's back.
Instead, its primary manipulative limbs are on top of its head. These were actually originally tongue-like instruments, surrounding the mouth (as you can still see by the sticky pad covered in taste buds on the "palms" of the hand), but have gradually developed to capture the Flagoon's flying prey. In modern times, so they can actually pick up things, it is common for many Flagoon to go through difficult excercise routines so they do not lose their strength, as the arms were made to capture bugs, not lift firewood or the like.
Their mouth is round, with jaw-like structure protruding out, with large glowing orbs at the end that act as lures. This mouth is their one and only breathing implement, and so when near them you can constantly hear loud (sometimes annoying) sounds in the background. Their speech is also fairly slow because of this, so they have developed other means of communication (discussed later).
As you might have caught on from the large eyes, the Flagoon are nocturnal creatures. In modern times, however, many choose to stay up and go to day clubs- as long as they are age appropriate, of course.
Their extremely long leg is used for only one thing: jumping. This incredbly powerful limb has developed around the Flagoon's hunting method (sitting and waiting for something to fly by, then jumping up and catching it in its arms/mouth). In modern times, they are frequently seen showing off or surprising other space-faring races by sitting in some bushes (or the equivelent), then jumping out and screeching at the top of their lungs. This is usually followed by the little prankster leaping off with an angry mother following, trying to avenge their crying child.

As suggested above, the Flagoon are a very playful, laid-back, and frequently mischeavous race. Much of their time is spent wrestling with one another, playing games, and other "fun" activities. But when they need to be industrious, they are. It is almost an instictive drive that gets them to finish work quickly and efficiently, without prompting. And although it seems a bit strange, the fact all they need to do to eat is hop around and watching for insects, instead of tedious planning, preparing, eating and cleaning up makes a lot more of their time "free time" as compqared to the majority of human beings.
They are a very family-centered species, with marriage and birth of children considered to be of the utmost importance. Families tend to be large, with many extended family members living in the same home. Sometimes the bonds are so great that entire communities will be made from one large, extended family! *more to come*

And here is a picture of one relaxing in a chair. This one is a male, as can be seen by the "indentation" at the base of each arm, where the eggs would normally go.

My new critter's thread! Without a name yet, so start suggesting things! Until then, here's its little sheet (thank you to Darth Greivi).


(Section 1 -- Biology)
Type: Although typically a land dweller, it also has some limited climbing ability, as well as fairly good swimming.
Appearance: Almost like a beachball is shape, it is of course round. Having four stubby claws that are coming from the front for menial tasks, as well as three long apendeges on its top, which surround a small mouth. Surrounding the mouth with these limbs are glowing lights, to attract insect-like animals. It has a veeeery long springy leg on its direct underside, which it uses for long, powerful leaps.
Gravity preferences: Just over Earth's gravity.
Temperature pref.: Varies widely upon the indivisual, but the "original" species lived in vast, flat plains.
Atmosphere breathed: Oxygen.
Body cover: Dolphin-like skin, very slick and pleasant to the touch.
Body color: Mostly blue.
Eyes: Two large eyes used for nocturnal vision.
Eyes color: Teal.
Body characteristics: Eight limbs total. Two very large eyes. One small, radial mouth designed to capture buggish creatures.
Diet: Insectivore naturally, but throughout history they have added other meats from herd animals to its diet, as well as cooked plants. They still, even in modern times, sit out in the open waiting for a few flying "snacks."
Sexual reproduction: Two genders.
Reproduction method: The "female" lays the eggs directly into some dips in the "males" skin, right underneath its top three "arms." Over time, the baby will develop inside, gaining nutrition through whatever the father eats. Eventually, after they are fully developed, they will break through the skin and start life as infants.
Limbs pair n 1, 2, 3, and 4: Stubby little clawed hands. Not useful for much aside from fights, and climbing.
Limb n 5: A four-jointed leg, ending in two sharp claws. Used to jump off the ground at great speeds, to catch their flying prey.
Limb n 6, 7, and 8: Three long, strong arms ending in two fingers each. Used to manipulate things.
Mass: Varies between each one. Also depends on nationality. Average weight as a species is about as heavy as your average house cat.
Size: The "beachballish" body is around 1/3 of a meter, "hopping limb" can be over a meter long, and its arms can be over 1/3 of a meter.

(Section 2 -- Culture)
  Militancy: 7
  Determination: 4
  Racial tolerance: 14
  Progressivness: 11
  Loyalty: Varies between indivisuals.
  Social cohesion: 10
  Art: 15
  Individualism: 4
  Body: (jumping leg: 18), (rest of body: 8 )
  Mind: 10
  Speed: (while crawling: 4), (while swimming: 8 ), (while leaping: 18)
  Lifespan : 74 Earth years, but many can get over 100.
  Tech level: Galactic travelers.

(Section 3 -- Government and Religion)
Government type: Everyone pretty much decides what they should do on their own, but the wealthy, kind, powerful, or any combination of the above will frequently "rule" over people.
Religion: Somewhat agnostic. Almost none of them are athiests, as they think it is rediculous the think that EVERYTHING came about on its own. They will frequently pick up on the religions of other races.
Devotion: If they DO have a religion, they are very devoted to its cause.

(Section 4 -- Extra things you should know)
Special abilities:
 -Values Below

(Section 1 Variables)
Type: Terrestrial, Amphibious, Arborial

Appearance :
                     Otherworld (This group includes all races that do not fit into any other category. This is a rather grab-bag group, consisting of the blobby, the colony creatures, the bizzare, and the technically impossible. This group includes the ViS and Halo's Hunters!)
Body cover : Soft-skinned, Thick-skinned

Hair: None

Eyes: Two, Large, Bulging, Sunken, Round Pupil

Body characteristics: Tail, Fangs, Claws

(Section 2 Variables)
  Tech level :
                    7=Early Space (Colonize Nearby Stars. First Contact usually happens here)
                    8=Mid Space (FTL Invented. Colonize Distant Stars. Most of our races are here)
(Section 3 Variables)
Government type :
                    Anarchy (no or few rules, each one is his own ruler)
                    Balkanization (no united governments)
                    Community (society centered around the notion of common ownership)
                    Meritocracy (social position based on the performance)
                    Utopia (Somewhat of a utopian society, they really just can't understand the problems that others have in THEIR government)

Religion : (listed in order of popularity)
                    Agnosticism (there's no way to know if God exists or not.)
                    Monotheism (there's only one god (like Christianism).)
                    Everything else imaginable

(Section 4 Variables)
Special Abllities:

Acute Smelling
Acute Vision
Bonus skills (Race has a knack for certain skills)
Charisma (Has a universally friendly personality)
Chemical communication
Cultural adaptability (Takes even major cultural differences in stride)
Foul odor (Race emits a nasty smell, on purpose or not)
Independent eyes (Think chameleons)
Leap (Has extraordinary jumping ability.)
Light sensitivity
Light sleeper (Needs sleep 15% or less of the time, due to need of food. No time to sleep!)
Night Vision
Perfect balance (Race can easily keep it's footing even on narrow walkways)
Strange appearance (... Whatever that thing is, it's frea-kay!)
Warm blooded biology





We squirm. We wiggle. We try to get out of the hard shell of a thing that we have called home for as long as time itself.


We are out. We live. We breathe. We are hungry.

Something moves. We squirm away from the large thing that pursues us. We leave many others in Home but it does not matter. Life matters. This matters. We are hungry.

We get away. Something moves. We feel it. We draw closer. It is small. It is nestled in the crack of the thing which is now Home. We place our mouth on it, and suck down upon it until we drain the nourishment from its hardness. It is good. We are not hungry. We sleep.


We awake. We squirm. We wiggle. We are out of the hard shell of a thing which we have called Home for as long as time itself. We are hungry.

We plod out. We are alone. We are hungry. We feel the nooks and crannies of the Living Place with our apendage. We are hungry. We find Nourishment. It is small, and squishy, and has come out of a hard shell of  a thing, along with many others, that it has called home for as long as time itself. We feast, for they do not matter. Life matters.

We are not hungry. we lumber back into the hard shell of a thing which we then called Home. We spread our sun-catchers wide, allowing the sweet heat to beat down upon us and empower us for another day of hunting. Another day of Life.

We sleep


We are awake. Our sun-catchers, tall of elegant, flutter in the waves. We feel the heat and the light on us. We feel, for it is good. We feel many things, coming out of the hard shell of things they have called Home for as long as Time itself. We feel this, and something else. The feeling that we must urge something out. From the folds of our velvety self comes a large shell of a thing. It is filled with many of Our kind, we know this. We do not know how we know this, but we do. We know this because it is Life, as Life is and Life was and Life always will be. We feel. We soak up the heat, and the light. We Live.

We are alive.


We are indeed. As you can see, we are a small slug-like organism, dull in coloration aside from our bright red wings, which are used dually to photosynthesize and to camophlauge ourselves with the bright background of stuff that we live on. The long arm popping out from the front is simply a grasper to grab ahold of food, our mouth is on our underside, along with our round, lumpy legs. We are able of chewing both flora and fauna with "teeth" made from shell. You can see this on the picture on the bottom-middle. We feel vibrations in the water, and we can sense sunlight using our wings, using very primitive eyespots on the inside of the wings. We are also able to taste the water with our arm to look for food hiding.

On the bottom right you can see our larval stage. We are simply a little tadpole-like organism with no sensory ability aside from our ability to feel vibration in the wild. We can barely survive, but when we are born there could potentially be thousands of us in a single pod, so the species lives on.

As adults we are simply phtosynthesizers, stuck in one place with no ability to move. Our only purpose in this stage is to soak up sunlight, and to reproduce. what was once our mouth is now something that expels primitive roots into our living area, which abosorbs minerals and chemicals. We expel a shell-like- egg-case which contains thousands of offspring once every few months.

Our lifespan, from birth to death, is only a few weeks at the most. But times are changing, and so are we. But... how ARE we changing?

PC Games / Alpha Protocol!
« on: March 27, 2008, 07:47:01 pm »
Why is there no thread about this yet? Is no-one besides me rejoicing that a QUALITY spy game is coming out?!


By the way, here's a link that will enlighten you and get rid of this madness.  :P

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Yet Another Spore Game!
« on: March 01, 2008, 08:18:17 am »
Yes, another one. I felt like doing one... just cuz. Anyway, here's the first poll, which will decide the beginning of out meager little life.

Everything Else / The Manly Discussion of Manliness.
« on: January 23, 2008, 07:42:24 pm »
Yes, the Manly Discussion of Manliness. Have any manly stories to tell about you and your pa going down to the Everglades to wrestle Polar Bears? Here's the place to tell 'em. What about the one where you fought off a legion of extraterrestrials, all of them wielding disintergrator rays of death? Yup, tell that story right here. Any sort of manly exploit, from chopping down trees to punching sharks with your face, tell 'em here. Any sort of manly awesomeness yer great-great-great grandpappy may or may not have done is welcome here, too.

Mine is about my dad. While in the Navy, taking a short few hours' break in the Gulf of Mexico, he was walking down the street when a bunch of guys started teasing him about his big knife. Now, this thing was, like, almost a foot long. They just kept asking him and asking him. Then, without saying a word, he pulled it out and tossed it, from twenty feet away, into a tree.

Those guys left soon after.

Everything Else / Oh, That Dark, Dark Time...
« on: January 06, 2008, 02:34:35 pm »
You know of what I speak of. The time when everything is black, and despair fills the land. THe time when babies cry, women wail, and even the bravest warrior is shaking in his armor.

The time when the forums are down.

So I ask you, during these "few minutes" of "brief fix-ups," what did you do? Personally, I was finishing my map for the PCP, and on the CoH forums. But that just isn't the same. So, what did YOU do?


The skirmishes between the Blargbellian and Huckbuckian armies went on for weeks. They were at a standstill. Every time the Huckbuckian army went and started getting the upper hand with their superior technology, the Blargbells had a new wave of civilians brought in to wreak temporary havoc. Their numbers were endless, and the Huckbucks were not. Eventually, Brrbrr, the previous Village Idiot, lately proclaimed King due to assassination of the previous King, proclaimed peace between the two parties. Not because he was wanting to end the bloodshed, but simply because he was bored to death.

The other party obliged, albeit slightly unwillingly. The truce was extremely uneasy, each side staring daggers at each other at the meeting. It took many hours, but eventually it was decided that the Huckbucks would show them the way to get into space, and supply a starting measure of the technology. In return, the Blargbells would have an entire army trained and ready to work for the Huckbucks and ONLY the Huckbucks. This army is virtually indestructible, as every time they died, they would come back fighting only a few months later.


After quite a few more years, the Huckbucks left with their army... they left behind enough spaceships and spaceship parts, as well as translators, that an entire Blargbellian state could shoot into space if they so wished. Under the new, vicious (if well done) rule of Brrbrr, the King (previously Village Idiot), they will go to space and continue marching across the galaxy, expanding their Empire... using any way necessary.

PC Games / UNofficial Gamingsteve City of Heroes Supergroup Thread!
« on: November 18, 2007, 02:23:00 pm »
Yes, folks, that's right! The UNofficial Supergroup thread for us GS'ers who want to have a place where we can get together to save the world!

Now, the major reason I created this thread is because it has been a point of the discussion in the "other" CoH thread. Also, because everyone wanted a poll, and the creator of that thread is long gone, it seems. So, here's the question: What server should we get a supergroup made?

((This thread is an RP between Snake and myself, and eventually Huckbuck. To be different than most, this thread will actually be a recollection of the King of Cool, the king of the Empire. I enjoy writing in the first person, so this will be easiest for me.
 If you must post, please post in these little thingies. { "((this is how you should type!))" }
Anyway, yeah. Some stuff I just wanted to letcha know, I don't appreciate profanity in my thread! Refrain from being vulgar, be nice, and for the love of Awesome, PLEASE DON'T START A FLAME WAR.
I guess that's it! I hope everyone enjoys watching my humble little squid-things see ACTUAL alien beings.  :) ))

An ectremely old Bell was sitting by a roaring flame, with many small, young Bells crowded around him. "Tell us the story of how aliens first came, Onceking Blnnndrrrbss! Please, won't you?"
Their large, glossy eyes pleaded, their voices were wistful.
"Yes," sighed the greying, Onceking, "I will tell you. It all started like this..."


The King of Cool (a.k.a, King Blnnndrrrbss, me) rumbled deeply in his tentacles. "Today is a day of greatness. I can feel it in my jelly, this day will be good for me, and my people. Despite the plague, I feel that peace will finally settle on the land."
For in this land, his land, there was a great turmoil going on. Bells were dropping, left and right, because of an evil disease supposedly created and spread by an Anti-Awesome who was experimenting with things he did not fully understand, causing something much worse than he ever intended to happen, to happen.

Bells were dying, and not spreading their spores.

This is and of itself something almost too terrible to comprehend. A Bell dying, but not reproducing at the same time? The thought of this sent panic throughtout the whole of the Empire, and even beyond, where even now the deadly virus is causing the gas organ which allows them to spread their spores, to collapse, causing great pain to the virus's contracter, and eventually killing them.

To top things off, the many enemies of the Empire have been coming in, raiding, killing, and gerenally causing havoc, then dissapearing yet again back from whence they came. Not to mention thay the North, South, East and West Empire Sub-Nations have been bickering and fighting over land, sometimes actually resulting in bloodshed. And now, for no particular reason, the once-friendly (if mysterious and intimidating) People of the Hole have decided to block off almost all trade with the Empire, as well as all other nations, almost completely toppling the delicate tower which is the monetary system.

"And what's more," the King thought to himself, "No matter how hard I try to reshape my people, bringing back the Old Way of revering those who live beyond our Home, they are stubborn. Bloodthirst and bloodshed of the many years of war have transformed my people into a mean, horrible creature, bent upon the destruction of all in its path. And I am becoming wary of the Awesomers, they are too haughty, behaving as if the yown this land. MY land."

For now, where once temples dedicated to watching the Stars once stood, waiting for their Creator to appear and guide them to the Heavens, there are now ruins, or just hide-outs for the many thieves which reside here. Some Awesomers have even ordered the places to be destroyed, claiming that they are the places of Demons. Thankfully, there is still the King's personal Temple, where his helpers will work in shifts to watch the Sky, just in case SOMETHING would appear.

This morning, despite what the King (I, King Blnnndrrrbss) would think, would not be peaceful. It would start off a chain reaction that would be the snapping point for his people, for this particular moring-

"King! King Blnnndrrrbss!" A Skywatcher scuttled in frantically, having attached himself to a Speedworm.

"King... They have arrived."

Everything Else / Vote for your imaginary mod!
« on: October 07, 2007, 02:19:04 pm »
In the thread "We got new mods!" It seemed as if a bunch of people were electing me to be a mod. This seems rather bizarre to me, and I'm not sure whether it was just that everyone was simply jumping on the bandwagon because they could, or if they were actually being serious. You know who you are, but just because I'm intrigued, I'm putting up a poll.

If I became a mod, would you approve?

PC Games / Official Kingdom of Loathing Thread!
« on: September 29, 2007, 01:42:34 pm »
I haven't seen one of these, so here we go!

I am currently a level five Seal Clubber with an eleven pound mosquito. I fight with a pool cue, and I'm wearing a Pixel Hat.

And yes, I know that the Kingdom of Loathing technically ISN'T a PC game, but this was the best place I could think of to put the thread. Besides, there is no "Internet Games" section.  :P

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Blarg's Creature Creating Bonanza!
« on: September 27, 2007, 04:07:50 pm »
Yes, it's another spore game... to the extreme!

I'll have a looooong list of options to choose from, and you guys will have to vote for it, just like normal. Or is it?

Instead of following one creature's movement through the years, I will be having you all vote for options, and every new update will be a new creature! All these creatures will be populating the planet of my humble little creations, the Blargbells.

So let's get started!


This is a mudwurm. This jolly carnivore lives in the various deep, pitch black caves that make up a good deal of the underground of the Blargbell's home planet. They are actually about as intelligent as a lion, and travel about in groups digging for the giant grubs which make up a great deal of their diet. When they find some prey, their hunting method is for half of the group to surround it in a circle, a fourth of the group around that circle, so that if the prey makes a bolt for it it can;'t escape, and a fourth of the group actually attacking their meal. Their preferred method of killing is to bash the unfortunate animal across the face with its blunt claws until it dies. Like most carnivores, as young, they are quite playful and play-fight with each other constantly. Male mudworms are about 9 feet long from tip to tip, while females are about 7 feet.

This is the Aquawurm. It is one of the many predators of Eyemz Lake, becuase of the bounty of Redherrings, the native, swarming fish. The Aquawurm, like many animals on the planet, can burrow into the ground. They utilize this ability by digging into the mud on the side of the lake, making underwater burrows to lay their frog-like eggs.

This is a freezewurm. These odd, potato-ish creatures are some of the laziest things on Blargbellia. They sleep for ten months, while the Blargbellian year is only 5 months long. They are covered in lumpy, fatty flabs and while they sleep, each of these lumps slowly gets depleted of its fat, until it is merely a shrivel. When they finally wake up, they use all of their time eating, for they reproduce asexually, laying eggs all over the place while they waddle around. Their eating method is similar to many of the Bell's feeding tactic, just stabbing the prey and sucking up its insides. The one shown is asleep, with only its mouth part above ground so that it can breathe.

This is a Batbell. They are VERY distantly related to the Blargbell, and started into life as a failed scientific experiment done by the scientists who created the Blargbells. They live in The Hole, which is where the Blargbells originally lived.
The Batbell is different because obviously, it can fly. It also has a mouth, although it still sucks the blood from its prey with its largest fangs, just like a Blargbell (the other teeth are to help hold onto its prey while it flies). ANother difference is instead of exploding, they lay amphibian-like eggs into pools of water, which start off as a sort of "water fungi" but then eventually grow into a young Batbell, who swims, and after about three weeks, will simply flap out of the water and start the process over again.

A Burnbell, yet another member of the wacky and wild Bell family. This one is a "mole" of sorts, and is yet another prototype to the Blargbell of today. This one is completely herbivorous, digging under the roots of plants and sucking the fluids from there. It is about as tall as a ball cap, and its powerful digging tentacles are MUCH more strong than those of a Blargbell. An interesting thing to note is that its reprductive method is to go into the denseset forest it can find, then trigger itself to spontaneously combust, burning part of the forest down. After it does this, its spores will start growing on the charred remains of the logs, and will eventually grow into another Burnbell.

This is the Woodchombell. They are named that, because obviously, they eat wood. This member of the Bell family is a pretty close relative of the Blargbell, it has many of the same habits, such as:
1. Tentacles with hairs on them.
2. Reproduction via spreading spores through explosions.
3. Ability to burrow into the ground (the Blargbell does it better, though)
The Woodchompbell is different, however, because it actually walks, and lacks the ability to stick to surfaces. This is a bit annoying for them (if they were intelligent enough to realize it was annoying, anyway), as their method of eating wood is to "hug" the tree, slowly chomping off large chunks of wood, which it stores in its mouth/stomach, simultaneously melting it with stomach acids and sucking up the melted wood.

This is a grrdnhss. To Earthlings, that would be "garden hose". Well, that's the closest English translation there is, anyway.
The "garden hose" is an odd creature. Completely mindless, they only have a basic nervous system. Their closest earth counterpart would be a sea cucumber, or a sponge.
Their entire body is a stomach, a liver, AND a lung. The end you see in the water is the "mouth," whose entire purpose is to suck harder than a Hoover. (get it? Hoover? The vacuum> Nevermind.)
Anywho, the mouth will suck in water, be it salt, fresh, or polluted. As soon as it is sucked in, it goes through a painfully long process (depending on the size and age of the creature), in which every last plankton, chemical, mineral, and even oxygen is caught and absorbed by tiny hairs totally filling the animal's inside. After quite a long time, it will be spat out again at the end, as completely pure water (albiet, possibly a bit tasteless). This water has no minerals, no debris, no NOTHING. (The way that the "garden hose" completely purifies the water is a thing that is actually NOT studied by scientists. Because, to be honest, do you think anyone really cares?) The grrdnnhs actually digs using the same water it spits up, just moving in whichever way the water carves out first, until it reaches land. This creature is always found by water, and every once in awhile will spit big globs of "excrement" back into the water. This mineral-rich "poo" is attacked by bottom feeders and plants alike, both desperate for the nourishment it has inside of it.
Some interesting facts about this creature are:
1. Very poisonous skin, much like the poison dart frog on Earth. Even the things that CAN eat it, won't, because the skin is (ironically), just like rubber. Only the most desperate of creatures will try to dig one of these up for a snack.
2. Many Blargbells will use this creature to get to pure water, in case pollution has made the water source undrinkable. THey just need to dig one up, stick it in water, and then wait for the pure water to come out.

PS- All thanks to my brother, who actually thought of this creature months and months ago.

Spore: Creation Corner / Behold! The Blargbells!
« on: September 14, 2007, 06:42:23 pm »
Yes, another newb, with another creature.

Here's the original thread, where it shows how my creatures were made, and who made them. -->


This, as a general pic, is their anatomy (except their "mouth", more on that later.


Sight: Generally okay, but not by human standards. They have alright sight at close range, but it starts getting pretty blurry the farther they go away from something.

Smell: Absolutely none. This is probably why they don't care about digging big pits to fill rotting corpses with, or swimming in cess pools.

Taste: Poor. They have tastebuds at the tips of their tentacles, but they are about half as capable as those of a human's for picking up individual tastes. They are mainly just for telling if something is poisonous, or not.

Touch: Incredible, human beings would probably have a difficult time imagining it. Basically, they can "see" using vibrations in the air and ground. Their little hairs at the ends of their tentacles vibrate when they feel vibrations in the air and ground, giving them an extremely accurate picture of what something looks like. For this reason, they could actually "see" through walls, giving them the appearance of having x-ray vision.

Hearing: Some things to note are their tentacles. These appendages are not only their way to manipulate objects, but also their way of "hearing". Instead of ears, those little hairs on the end of their tentacles pick up vibrations in the air, and the ground. For this reason, when "crawling", the Blargbells (usually) have at least one of their tentacles on the ground to feel for where everything is. The other ones will be in the air, feeling vibrations in the air like an ear would. In other words, they do "hear", they just process sounds differently than we would. For them, it's more like they are "seeing" the vibrations than hearing them.

Feeling: See above.

An odd aspect of the Blargbells is their outlook on death and killing, which is completely okay in their opinions. This is because their bodies produce a type of explosive gas as a waste product, which is let through pores all over their bodies in a kind of continuous flatulence. This gas is released as long as their heart is beating. Interestingly, AFTER the heart ceases functioning, the gas continues to build up pressure, until eventually the Blargbell violently explodes (intensity of explosion varies greatly. The strongest recorded left a 10-foot deep crater, the smallest was about the power of an Earthan firecracker). This explosion sends spores, which have been inside the Blargbell this whole time, rushing out. When (and if) they land on dead, organic material (rotting log, dead animal, rotting corpse of the one who "birthed" them), they proceed to grow in a fashion similar to a fungus. When another spore, possibly from the same "parent" lands on it, it starts to grow into a very small version of a Blargbell, posessing only animal instinct to survive with. Every week, a group of volunteers goes to collect sporelings, and also the young. It's always easy to collect the ones that haven't transformed yet, but capturing the animalistic and deadly Blarglings (young) can sometimes be a problem, due to them attempting to melt you with their acid-spit. This is an example of one of the spores, at roughly 1000 times magnification.

As you may have noticed, the Blargbells are lacking in the mouth department. Their method of eating is a bit ... "different" for intelligent beings. Essentially, they are like big, top hat sized ticks. Here is a picture of their stomach/mouth.

You may notice the end of it. It is a pronged fork-like instrument, used for various things. The first one is their typical fluid sucking needle, used very much in the same way a mosquito uses its needle mouth to suck blood. The second one is used to spit up intestinal juices to melt anything which is to thick to be sucked up otherwise. This is used mainly for "eating" leaves, fruits, grasses, and carrion it finds.

It's third and last prong, however has a special use. The Blargbells are essentially parasites, I've told you that. But this third prong is neurally attached to a Blargbell's brain, and if it is placed in an animal's spinal cord, it can actually control the movements that its host makes! This is frightening, but it has its limits. The main creature that it used this on before becoming intelligent, was a stupid scavenging animal, named the Zombeh. These were incredibly easy to control, because all they think about is the next meal. Literally, they don't even do anything else. All they do is eat, and occasionally stop every once is awhile to lay an egg, and that's it.
But anyway, like I said, the body-controlling ability is not always definite. It usually only works well on weak-willed animals, and only the ones that actually posess vertebrae. If there actually is intelligent life out there, it would be extremely unlikely that the Blargbells could take over their bodies, unless this intelligent life was doing it willingly, and not against its will. But theoretically, it would be POSSIBLE for a Blargbell to force an intelligent alien to become under its control, this would cause probably fatal mental stress on the Blargbells. Not that they'd care, but still.
The thing directly under the "mouth" is a stomach with cartilage-like skin over it, to protect it. The "mouth" can retract into this stomach (the mouth-tentacle is easily bruised, which is a major problem... unless you actually WANT to starve to death due to collapsing of the "throat"), which in turn can retract into the rest of the body, allowing the Blargbell free movement.


This is their planet. Instead of green, like on earth, all the plants here are orange, while the atmosphere (and obviously, the water), is red. Some interesting features about the planet's surface is the Hole (that big, dark, spooky hole). The Hole is a gigantic group of catacombs that reaches underneath the planet's surface. It spans a large amount of the planet, and it is here where the Blargbells originate. I will draw up a map of the Hole and all of its glory later so you can see just HOW far the Hole goes. Later. Much. >_>

Animal life on Frrkrr (Home Planet) is varied, and often wierd. The main animal groups are Bells, Worms, (list to be continued when more are made...) Anyway, here's a link to the thread that is turning into a Compilation of the Animal Life of Frrkrr.


The Unwritten Rules are called that... because they haven't been written down. Duh.

The Unwritten Rules are these.

1. Fight for your king, your country, and your family.
2. Never harm anyone in charge of you, under penalty of not being Awesome.
3. Always strive to be Awesome, never stop trying to be so.
4. If you do happen to stop being Awesome, don't become resentful to those who are. Just carry on your life, and try to please your Awesome master.
5. If two of your fellows are fighting, don't stand by the sidelines not knowing what to do. Join in!
6. If the decision is to run away unscathed, or to die a hero's death and becoming incredibly Awesome in the process, ALWAYS choose death.
7. Never judge your fellow Bell. Just find out yourself by poking him in the eye, then seeing what he does.
8. If you are celebrating, don't keep it to yourself. Celebrate with the whole community!
9. Never leave a young Bell by himself. If there is a hathling that needs a home, do not turn him away. Bring him into your home, just as you did your first hatchling.


The Awesome is money, The Awesome is politics, The Awesome is your job, The Awesome is LIFE. It is what allows them to live, and to die. The Awesome is everything.
I'll do this piece by piece. First off is...

LIFE- Yes, The Awesome is Life, and also Death. The Awesome is one of the Unwritten Rules, and definitely the most Awesome of all of Them. It was the very first in existence, and the Blargbells are not even entirely sure where or when they first discovered The Awesome. All they know is that The Awesome is Awesome. All their life, they strive to do Awesome things, like climb the highest mountain in the world with no hooks, attack a horde of Ninja with nothing but a rotten fish, to find the cure to that disease that has been destroying the Blargbell's very way of life. That is the Meaning of the Blargbells. Yes, the Meaning is Awesome. And with the help of The Awesome, the Blargbells can be Awesome too.

MONEY- Yes, The Awesome is money. The Awesome (points) are awarded to you when you do Awesome things. Everything is Awesome in one way or another, depending on how you look at it. Everyone may or may not have differentiating opinions on what Awesome is, and everyone will decide differently on how Awesome somebody is. That is the Way of The Awesome. Depending on how Awesome you've been, the Awesomer (whoever is in charge of you, who are obviously much more Awesome than you are) will award you with Awesome (points) which allow you to buy things. And that, undoubtedly, is Awesome.

JOB- Yes, The Awesome is your job. Your job is chosen for you at birth, with the spin of a Wheel. Every village has at least one Wheel. The Wheel is a giant... well.. a giant gameshow wheel. It is as tall as about 10 feet, with possibly hundreds of jobs listed on it in equal amounts. These jobs include, but are not limited to Architect, Lumberjack, Fisherbell, Floater, Huntsbell, Awesomer, and Awesome Pursuer. Sometimes you may get more than one job, the world record being 27 jobs. The Blargbell in question died from overwork.
The two later mentioned jobs, The Awesomer and the Awesome Pursuer are special. The Awesomer takes on the life style of something in between a monk, a priest, a banker, and a Duke (or Duchess). If a Blargbell acquires this option, they are immediately taken to the nearest Temple to begin Life as an Awesomer. The Awesomers spend their life in seclusion form the outside world, except once a year when they have all the Blargbells under their rule come and receive their yearly Awesome (points), each Blargbell gaining more or less depending on how Awesome they've been. If they haven't done ten or more Awesome things during the year (recorded by the Less Awesome, basically a group of people who go around recording all the Awesome things that others have done. The Less Awesome are the "in-between" for the Awesomer and the common Blargbells), they are taken away to be Slaves, never to be Awesome again, no matter what they do (a common job for the Slave is to train to be a Nirate, whose entire purpose in life is to attack and hopefully kill any Awesome Pursuers possible. This job is ironically highly sought-after by the Slaves, and if they can prove their worthiness in battle, they are allowed to get this job with permission from their Masters). The Awesomers are regarded with respect, even though their methods of determining the Awesomeness of somebody is skewered and flawed. The Awesomers have no need for money, and anything that they want, they get.
The Awesome Pursuers are different from the rest of the rabble, because they are Awesome. They are like a combination of Robin Hood, Boba Fett, the Three Musketeers, and Batman. In other words, they are close a superbeing, but not quite. All their life, all they do is go around trying to find something Awesome to do. Unlike the typical Blargbell, who would spend most of their work day doing one thing in particular, the Awesome Pursuers will go around slaying dangerous beasts, rescuing damsels in distress, and attacking Nirates. The Nirate attacking part happens a lot, because not many average Blargbells can live up to the standard that the Awesomers think is needed. Like the Awesomers, if the Awesome Pursuers need anything (almost never, usually just an army to gallantly charge into battle with), then they will get it. In modern times, a camera crew, as well as someone to apply makeup ALWAYS goes with an Awesome Pursuer wherever he goes, so as to better record the Awesome things that he does.

POLITICS- Yes, the Awesome is politics. Even Politicians can be Awesome.
The way that politics goes about on the Blargbells' home, is a bit different. Whenever somebody is born, he (or she) is immediately recorded by the Less Awesome. Every ten years, every single Blarbell alive is taken to the polls, and the people will vote on whoever is the most Awesome. Obviously, people will have differntating opinions what is Awesome and what is not quite as Awesome, but that does not matter, because in one way or another, something as menial as eating a sammich can be Awesome.
But anyway, after a year of getting everyone on the planet (that is under rule with the Empire, anyway)  the Awesomest (The King or Queen of Cool, respectively) is finally chosen. This Awesomest is then set for life, never needing to lift a finger or do anything, because he is automatically considered the most Awesome person on the Planet, and can thus do whatever he deems fit. Oddly, the Awesomest Ones don't actually DO much, and only deal with the big problems, like if one of the Awesomers are attacked, and giving inspirational speeches at things like funerals/birth rituals of famous Blargbells, or if there is a war going on, the Awesomest will ALWAYS be in charge of the battles. Always (although, that does not nesasarily mean that he is at the FRONT of a battle)


This is a Liquilazer 300! Made from the best of Vrrsmm, Httrrdrr, and Flkktrr woods, plus various metals and minerals, this fine piece of mechanical genius can be yours today with just a few minutes walk to your nearest armory! Yes, as apposed to the old models, and the off brands, this new Liquilazer 300 has brand new multifunctional capabilities, and only has a SLIGHT chance of melting in your tentacles, and burning holes into anything it touches!
Yessir, with the skin of only the toughest Transparent Woblies, the oils from our Vrrsmm and Httrrdrr trees almost never explode, releasing its poisonous gasses around its owner! With just a pull of the trigger, the two oils are sucked into two separate tubes, hitting each other right before being shot out, creating a giant, blazing ball of fire, which when it hits something, just keeps on burning! No sir, no more will you EVER have to worry about your enemy just shaking the burning goo off of his smoldering flesh, now it just sticks, stays, and BURNS!

Buy now for 200,000 Awesome Points, and if you buy ten, we'll throw in a magnificent sniper barrel, interchangeable with the Fireball barrel. Worried about getting so close you get hit yourself? No worries! Now you can kill 'em from over one hundred yards away!


The main form of Blargbellian entertainment is the Arena. This is a place of death... but also a place of life. (if you want to know why I keep calling death and life the same thing, vote for biology! Then you'll know! *hint hint*)

Understanding this picture will be difficult without me explaining it. So, here we go. The arenas are not bell-made. They are actually plants, hollowed out for their grisly purposes.
All the golden dots are Blargbells. Did I forget to metion that they can stick to flat surfaces? Ah well. Anyway, they are doing just that, all over the arena, wherever there is room. The opening are four holes bored into the side of it, which is used for light, air, and also the entrance.
That giant "face" is actually a bunch of Blargbells, whose job is to douse themselves in paint, moving into the symbol of whoever the champion gladiator is. Coincidentally, the symbol for Grrshnkk (the champion) is a giant, square clown face. Who knew?
The lower walls are set up with weapons of all sorts, allowing the warriors to fight better. As you may have noticed, some of the weapons are currently in use. (Hint: Grrshnkk, the champion, is the one that is incredibly large.)
The tunnel underneath is the only other way into and out of the Arena, except for those big holes at the top. This tunnel leads to a hatch (not shown) which goes into a set of very small, dark tunnels, which leads into each of the holding cells. As you can see, each holding cell has Ironwood bars laid into the dirt, as a semi-useful way to try to keep the prisoners from burrowing out. As you can also see, this method was obviously not working for one of the cells, and if they want to keep their lives, then they had better dig fast.
The prisoners are all criminals. Any crime at all, even minor ones, results in being thrown into the arena, unless otherwise specified by somebody with sufficient authority. (Awesomers, Awesome Pursuers, Awesomests, Less Awesomes, etc.) Although they are frequently killed, if a prisoner lasts long enough in the arena, defeating many a foe without being killed, they will eventually be let out, with the new title of Anti-Awesome. Despite this name, this does not mean they are not Awesome. On the contrary, they are VERY Awesome. But this one, special job is just that: to be against the Awesomers, Awesome Pursuers, etc. They spend the rest of their (potentially short) lives amassing evil hordes of Blargbells, attempting to take over the world, etc. It is possible that they will stop being Anti-Awesomes, and begin being Awesome Pursuers, but unlikely because after a life of being forced to destroy, it's difficult to go back to being good. Plus, black capes are awesome.

Another common game is Bludgeonball, a more tame version of the Arena, for children. They take large mallets and a ball, and try to keep the ball from the other team as long as possible, no matter what the cost. It is actually still entirely possible that you could be bludgeoned to death in this "kid" game, but that doesn't stop it from being fun!

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / The Oddest Spore Game EVER
« on: September 02, 2007, 05:45:06 pm »
Now now, Mods, when you see my polls, just from the pure oddness of it, you may think about deleting this topic. But just let it get started, please? I'm not putting anything obscene into the game, just a little... wierdness.

But, anyway, let the games begin!

On a distant solar system, the Unknown Alien Guys (their actual name) decided to mess around with a planet by creating a creature of pure insanity. Unfortunately for the inhabitants of this small, nameless planet, these particular aliens were drunk. And the combination of Galaxy creating devices, plus drunk, insane aliens is NOT a good one.

As it turns out, YOU are these drunk, galaxy creating aliens. So, what is your choice, oh tipsy ones?

1. Tomato
2. Pear
3. Carrot
4. Ps2 Controller
5. Cowboy Hat
6. Tophat

Yes, another game like this. But this one will be different. Veeeeeerrrrrry different. I will be updating whenever possible, and for the most part, all the illistrations will be done is GIMP.

When we finish it, these guys will eventually be my (first) Spore Creation Corner creatures. (Duh duh de duh! *celebration music*) But they will be different.

PS- I just realized, after making this post, that I have no idea how to make a poll. Any help would be appreciated!

Spore: Creation Corner / Blarg's Dice Your Own Creature Game!
« on: August 19, 2007, 01:01:34 pm »

Welcome to Blarg's Dice For Creatures Game! Inside you will be astounded, amazed, thouroughly flabbergasted. Have you ever been itching to make a creature, but just can't seem to think one up? Well your worries are OVER. With this patent-pending program, you can create your very own creatures. All thanks for this game should go to Pinstar, for inventing it in the first place, and to HydromancerX, for improving on it. (twice) Also in thanks is brother, for so enthusiastically playing my game (and inspiring certain parts of it), and to God, for bestowing creativity on my feeble mind. But anywho, sit back, relax, and grab your dice, because the games are about to begin!
Step 1
Get a 6 sided dice, a pencil, and a piece of paper. You don't technically NEED the paper or pencil, but if you don't write down your creature's info, you might start forgetting.

Step 2
Roll it 4 times and add up each of the 4 numbers (thus minimum number is 4 maximum is 24). This number will be the number of times you roll for limbs. Basically, whatever the sum of the numbers you rolled, is the number of limbs you get. But here's a tip- whenever you get a number ten or higher, halve it. Whenever you get a number twenty or higher, halve it twice.    (NOTE: This rule is not definite. If you actually WANT a twenty-three  limbed monstrosity, be my guest. Remember, this is a GAME, not life or death. If you want to cheat, feel free!)

Roll 1 = 3. This roll would take you to the Limbs section. You would then roll to see what limb you got.
Roll 2 = 1 This roll would take you to the Mouth section. You would then roll to see what TYPE of mouth you recieve.
Roll 3 = 5 This would take you into the Natural Defense section. You would then roll to find out what type of defense you get.
Roll 4 = 2 After all this, if you can't figure this one out, you don't have a right to play this game.

3 + 1 + 5 + 2 = 11. This last number will be the number of times you roll for limbs.

Step 3
You starting creature is a blob. (If you do not roll a mouth make sure you put one on.) Now roll to see what parts you will add! (and remember, have fun with it!)
1) Mouth
Type of Mouth
1 or 2: Carnivore (Could also be a planktavore, like a whale)
3: Omnivore (Could eat just about anything, like a crow, or a bear.)
4 or 5: Herbivore (Could also be a fungus-eater, in case there is no plants in the vicinity.)
6: Other (Can be anything you want. You could just choose one of the above, or you could be more creative and choose something like rocks, dirt, laundry, etc.)
2) Senses (For Sense, just go on down the list and roll your dice. Whatever the number is on the dice, is the type of sensory perception (or lack thereof) you recieve.

 1) Type of Eye
1. No eyesight
2. Poor eyesight (blurry, black and white, etc.)
3. Visable Light (R.O.Y.G.B.I.V.)
4. Night vision
5. Ultraviolet (Heat vision. No, not the kind that lets you melt things, the kind that lets you see heat.)
6. X-Ray vision (No, not seeing through buildings. Seeing the insides of living things, ALL the time.)

2) Type of Ears
1. No hearing
2. Poor hearing ("Eh? What's that you say?")
3. Normal Range
4. Subsonic (very deep sounds)
5. Hypersonic (very high sounds)
6. Echolocation (Sight/Hearing)
3) Type of Nose
1. No sense of smell
2. Poor sense of smell
3. Normal Scent (like a human)
4. Hyper Sensitive Scent (like a bear, or a dog)
5. Antenna (Smell / Taste)
6. Radio Activity Scent (Sight / Hearing)

4) Type of Tongue
1. No Tongue
2. Normal Tongue (Human, basically)
3. Long & Sticky (Like Chameleon, Frog)
4. Snake tongue (Smell/Taate)
5. Prehensile (Use like Trunk or Tentacle)
6. Mouth at the end of tongue (in this case, roll for the type of mouth at the Mouth section)

5) Type of sense of touch
1. No sense of touch
2-3. Poor sense of touch (Think of having a blindfold on, and wearing mittens, and trying to figure out what everything was simply by touching it.)
4. Whiskers (like a kitty)
5. Feelers (like a catfish)
6. Extremely acute sense of touch (feeling vibrations underneath your feet (or lack thereof), and being able to know where something is)

6) Type of Exotic Sense (Roll once. If you get three or lower, don't roll again. If you get four or higher, go ahead and roll for an exotic sense. (Unless one of the four starting numbers. In that case, go ahead and just roll.)
1. Radio Sense Organ
2. Microwave Sense Organ
3. Gamma Ray Sense Organ
4. Magnetic-Field Sense Organ
5. Bio-Electric Sense Organ
6. Telepathic

3) Limbs/Feet/Hands (Do you remeber the number from earlier? This is the time to use it! For instance- If your number is eight, you need to roll eight different times for eight different limbs. Get it? Got it? Good.)

1. Arm (See Subsection)
2. Leg (See Subsection)
3. Wing
4. Fin
5. Tentacle
6. Tail (See Subsection)

Type of Hand & Arm
1-3 Asymmetrical (only one arm)
4-6 Symmetrical (two arms)

Type of Foot & Leg
1-3 Asymmetrical (one leg)
4-6 Symmetrical (2 legs)

Type of Tail
1-2 Normal
3 Hand
4 Webbed
5 Flipper
6 Weapon (See Weapons)

4) Natural Weapons
1. Slashing Weapon (Such as Scythe)
2. Piercing Weapon (Such as Spikes)
3. Bludgeoning Weapon (Such as Clubs)
4. Ranged Weapon (Such as Shooting Spines)
5. Spinning Weapon (Such as Spinning Saws)
6. Exotic Weapon (See Subsection)

Type of Exotic Weapon
1. Poison / Venom (Such as Fangs, Stingers, Poison Skin)
2. Sonic (Stunning with Sound)
3. Bio-Electric (Like Electric Eels)
4. Extreme Heat Generation
5. Chemical (Such as Acid, Slime,)
6. Fire

5) Natural Defense
1. Covering (Such as Fur, Feathers, Scales, etc)
2. Armor (Such as a Shell, Thick Skin, etc)
3. Camouflage (Such as Chromophore, Mimicry)
4. Regenerative Part (choose a part that can regenerate if cut off)
5. Chemical (Such as Stink Smell, Ink, Smoke)
6. Blow up like a balloon (scares enemies)

6) Roll Again                                                         

Step 4
Roll for Social Group Size of Creature

   1. Solo (1 Creature)
   2. Small Herd (2 to 5 Creatures)
   3. Medium Herd (5 to 10 Creatures)
   4. Large Herd (10 to 50 Creatures)   
   5. Gigantic Group (50 to 100 Creatures)                        6. Mega Colony (100 or more Creatures... "FOR THE COLONY!"

Step 5
Roll for Intelligence of Creature

1. Very Dumb (like a fly)
2. Dumb (like a sheep)
3. Average (like a cat)
4. Smart (like a dog)
5. Very Smart (like a horse)
6. Sentinent (like you and me)

Step 6
Roll for Size of Creature

1. Tiny (Mouse Size)
2. Small (Cat Size)
3. Medium (Human Size)
4. Large (Horse Size)
5. Huge (Elephant Size)
6. BIG (Sauropod size)

Step 7
Roll for Creature Type

1-4 Carbon Based Animal Lifeform
5-6 Exotic (See Subsection)

Exotic Creature Type
1-2. Carbon Based Photosynthetic Lifeform (Plant Creature)
3-4. Carbon Based Fungi Lifeform (Mushroom Creature)
5-6. Silicon Based Lifeform (Crystaline Creature)

So there you have it! Enjoy, and make those creatures! (Oh and keep checking the forums for my upcoming addition to the game... The Dice You own Planet Game!)   

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