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TV / Matt Groening versus Seth MacFarlane
« on: August 25, 2007, 11:07:26 am »
I think most people agree The Simpsons (created by Matt Groening) is the best cartoon show ever made (despite the gradual loss of quality since 1996 when Groening left the show).
But then a new series, Family Guy (created by Seth MacFarlane, which some people insist it's just a Simspsons rip off) started to take its place. Later, MacFarlane comes up with American Dad! stating his superiority in this genre.

Groening just had some sketches and about development, he drawed and writed. MacFarlane draws a bit, voices the most funny characters and develops.

Now, do you think this shows will ever be half of in the Simpsons in their peak? I love both series, although I prefer the other two to American Dad!. Which designer you like the most?

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