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Spore: General / The Depressing Creature Challenge
« on: June 23, 2008, 11:13:38 am »
The challenge is simple, create the most depressing creatures possible with the Spore CC!

My contribution is handicapable!

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / The Taken By Robots Line
« on: June 16, 2008, 03:57:26 pm »
Hello everyone! First of all I'd like to advocate that you convert your pictures from big PNGs to high quality smaller file sized JPGs to help reduce the amount of bandwidth that you use. It cuts carbon emissions and saves money!

For my launch I've got two lines. One line is based on a small sneaky forest creature and his evolutionary brothers, the other based on oriental dragons and Buddhist teachings.

(81kb JPG as opposed to ~1.5mb PNG)

(38bk JPG as opposed to ~750kb PNG)
From top to bottom: Woodland, Mountain, Field. Swamp

There will be many more to come, along with the PNG thumbnails to play with!

Well, I noticed this little glitch by accident. The method is simple, and can actually create some very cool looking creatures. Fans of TES III: Morrowind are going to love this, Netches all around!

Instructions (Make sure to play around to get your animation right!)

Step One:

-Create whatever you feel like creating, be it some kind of ghost or what have you.

Step Two:

-Add legs to your creature.

Step Three:

-Remove the feet from those legs.

Step Four:

-Take your monstrosity for a test drive.

You end up with something like this. (Made just for demonstration)

By the way this file is 1.5 megs. ~.~

Alternate Instructions (Make sure to play around to get your animation right!)

Step One:

-Make a creature without legs.

Step Two:

-Add a long appendage such as a spike pointing downwards directly below your creature, supporting it from the ground.

Step Four:

-Take your monstrosity for a test drive.

Spore: General / It's time to get realistic about Spore's pricing.
« on: April 16, 2008, 05:40:05 pm »
Please explain to me why Spore would cost over $49.99 in the US? Why is it that everyone seems to be running around like chickens without heads coming up with conspiracy theories about Spore's pricing? Is EA really going to nickel-and-dime gamers with a demo costing one-fifth the price of the final product, charge a dollar per-limb ala iTunes for editor limbs, suggest a markup to $59.99 - virtually unheard of within PC gaming in the US outside of special editions? No, why would they begin what they hope to be a franchise by decimating the wallets of their consumer base, especially when they are trying to reach out to casual audiences? EA has no reason to go after your wallets upon release with micro-transactions and insane markup; that would run entirely contrary to The Sims's franchise model that has been hinted at time and time again. Expansion packs are going to be the primary return on their investment; any nay-sayer needs to get some common sense concerning business.

What makes so many people think that a conservative company such as EA, one that follows formulas for franchising, would decide to do something entirely nonsensical - in terms of business, suicidal towards their goal of franchising?

It's time to get realistic about Spore's pricing. It's going to be an amazing game, yes. Will EA go after 20+% more money from a general audience during an economic recession? Start taking your common sense pills and get real.

Spore: General / Spore Blogging Network
« on: July 19, 2007, 10:14:39 pm »
So hey everyone, longtime reader, new poster.

First Up:

-It is not a database.

-It is supported by GS/IGN

-It is a blog network.

-You can also embed Youtube videos, essentially making your blog a vlog video blog.

-Along with Youtube Videos, other flash objects such as Flash games can be embedded.

What I want to do, and what I've gotten started on is a large Spore based social network. Essentially, a large network of Spore blogs and a forum where people can upload images and write about what they have been up to in Spore under a number of categories such as Exploration or Creature Evolution. I've already come up with a functioning design incorporating blogs, directories for those blogs, image uploads, and for when the game is released a PHP gallery for streaming video.

The blog design I've come up with is rather sharp, and I've been getting feedback now that I've come up with a working design, and am polishing the site like anything.

Here is a quick look at the layout for the blogs:

So, the lowdown:

-Each user gets their own blog name and descriptions.

-Each user's blog gets it's own customizable 320x240 Avatar/Logo

-Each blog is independent, not unlike a LiveJournal.

-Each user has the ability to fully customize the way that comments and other aspects of the blog software's workings.

-All blogs are allowed full autonomy, so long as no illegal activity, pornography, or harassment is taking place.

-The website has full support and a forum for chat

So, I've been going around the Spore community brainstorming on features that many members would like, specifically to write about their creations, or their anticipation of the game. That is what I've come up with and am looking to improve, am I right in thinking that everyone would like to log some of their more memorable moments in text, photos, and video? Well, I guess an IRC channel would be nice too.

Here is a quick look at the main page:

I'd like for some feedback, this is going to be my gift back to the Spore Community!

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