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On the official Spore database, will creatures and other designs based on copyrighted beings quickly be deleted so noone can download them? I heard copyright related content being uploaded to official Sims databases, a Spiderman skin, was deleted by a Maxis moderator after Marvel complained. Marvel seems to be particularly lame and possessive of their characters, as I have heard of their interference in the City of Heroes community as well. I am not familiar with the Sims databases and am wondering how strictly the Spore database will be moderated for copyright related content.

If they enforce it strictly to avoid legal issues, there is the easy work around of hosting such creatures on third party sites, but if your looking for them you'd have to somehow find them, which could be difficult, or even if you do, I'm not sure if the 'favorites' feature that's been talked about for the database could be implemented. Its been said that by favoriting creators on the database, you can have their creatures and other designs be more likely to show up in your game. It is unclear how this would work, if at all, if you had to go to non-official sites to get certain content.

Could you be banned from uploading if one of your creations were removed? In Caryl Shaw's pollinated content talk, she said she worked by the policy of disabling people's uploading abilities who post content they think is inappropriate, but she never wants to ban people from getting content. This seems unfair, as if you uploaded something vulgar, when in fact it was just copyright related content, or maybe just resembled something copyrighted.

What if you create something for use in your game, but there is no specific "don't upload this" setting, and the only way to not upload it is to disable uploading altogether so you can't share anything?  Will content only be removed if the copyright holder complains? Could credit or mention being given to the company avoid content removal? It seems to me that certain companies would like content related to their creations pollinating thousands if not eventually, millions, of people's games, as its good publicity for them. In the Wall Street Journal interview the employee mentioned a flying Wall Street Journal in the game.

Since I intend on creating a large amount of content that is related to copyrighted sources, I hope that the monitoring of the database isn't too strict and that only if a company complains will certain creations be removed. And there should be warnings before someone gets banned from uploading. And I think that if people simply make copyright based content, that is differently named, and has slight differences, that Maxis nor the respective copyright holder could do anything about it. Like this:
So how does everyone else want, and expect copyright related content to be handled on the official Spore database?

All of these creatures live on the planet Jugnaqua.

The planet Jugnaqua is about 25% bigger than the Earth, and is located within a 3-star system, accounting for its massive rainforest jungles and tropical climate. Because of this unique star configuration inhabitants of Jugnaua experience 40 hours of daylight following every sequence of 15 hour night. The planet is comprised of 80% water, and features a few large land masses, and many small islands. Jugnaqua has 2 moons.
This is the Quexar.

Early Quexars were herbivores, using their protruding snout-like mouth to inhale various plantlife. To counteract the many predators in its environment, especially creatures that live at very low depths close to the ocean floor where most of its plant food source is, it has developed three additional mouths protruding from its torso, each with sharp teeth. Though it generally only uses these in self-defense, since they were developed, they are sometimes used to fight other Quexars for food, and the meat of injured or killed Quexars, or other creatures, is sometimes eaten.
It's three antennae are used for a form of echolocation, as it has limited eyesight and no ears for hearing. They use it to communicate food source locations, and warn others of danger. They usually travel and eat in herds. Its crescent shaped head, 6 arms, and dual fins help propel it as it swims. They can range in size from 2 feet to 8 feet, the smallest weighing about 50 pounds, and the largest over 200 pounds. Even the larger Quexars are remarkably agile swimmers depsite their large frame. The Quexar pictured is of average size. Their intelligence is comparable to dolphins, and their average lifespan is 45 years.
They are generally sea creatures but are capable of being out of the water for short periods of time. Due to their lack of land mobility they can be very vulnerable to predators(in particular, the Hockgin, listed below), but some venture on land for a few minutes at a time to consume rare vegetation they like that only grows on nearby shores.

The Quexar's main undersea predator is the Grantle.

The Grantle live on the ocean floor and are carnivorous bottomfeeders. Their primary food sources are the bodies and pieces of bodies of other creatures that fall to the ocean floor, especially the Quexars, who mostly eat plants that grow where the Grantles live. The Grantles possess 4 very muscular and strong tentacles for grabbing prey, then forcing them into its mouth. Their large jaw is capable of trapping Quexars, even large ones.  Once trapped, a series of serrated teeth saw through the flesh, tearing it into smaller pieces before ingestion. Each side of its pronounced jaw has a small photosensitive eye with exceptional range in the very dark depths of the lower ocean.
They have poor locomotion, and usually remain sedentary, among large concentrations of vegetation, waiting to ambush their prey. Their auditory sense is limited, but perfectly adapted to hunting their main prey, the Quexar. Their tentacles possess specialized nerves which are sensitive to detecting the Quexar's echolocation means of communication.  They rely mostly on water currents to move to new hunting grounds, but are able to move themselves somewhat, similar to the movements of jellyfish, but much slower and more limited.
Though they prefer solitude, many compete for food in the same areas of high vegetation concentration, the best place to ambush Quexars. Fighting and killing amongst themselves is very common, and they can be cannibals when prey is scarce. The Grantles are less intelligent than the Quexar, and when not using enough stealth, can be killed by the generally larger and smarter Quexars. The average Grantle is only about 50 pounds, with most of its weight being comprised of its jaws. They have a short lifespan of 20-30 years.

It seems like all weapon fire from vehicles, UFOs, and city defenses is basically the same. I can't recall specific variations, meaning, they all seem to be simple colored balls, or elongated rectangles. If there is any variation, is it random, or will there will there be some ability to customize what the weapon fire looks like? I haven't heard or seen anything that would indicate that you could. That would be lame if all weapon fire, no matter what produced it, looked basically the same. You should at least be able to change the color so there's some variety. During battles there must be at least 2 different colors to differentiate friendly and enemy fire, but could one side use more than one type of ammo? No matter which one of your creations your playing as, would your ammo always look the same no matter what you designed?

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