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Console Games / Halo 3 ending Foreshadow
« on: September 30, 2007, 08:45:07 pm »
STOP! do not read this post if you have not beaten Halo 3 on Legendary.

When we left Master Chief he was drifting in what was left of Forward unto Dawn with Cortana. Never returning to earth, he is presumed dead. The Ark has closed due to the blast from the New Halo and the only means of escape is by sending out a distress beacon. Master Chief is left stranded, somewhere in the galaxy frozen in a Chryo Pod. A distant sun comes into view and we see distant planet looming nearby. Suddenly the sun reveals the planet and illuminates it entirely, we see a pattern of lights. Showing that the planet is highly civilized. Worst of all we instantly hear extremely ominous music in the background and He and Cortana are slowly drifting to it.

Is it a new hostile Species? Some sort of Super Forerunner Death Star? What do you think this deathly Fore-shadow means?
What will happen?

Masked the Spoilers

Thanks Danz

Spore: General / Just Another Light Show?
« on: September 03, 2007, 07:29:09 pm »

While looking at the new spore trailer, i noticed that when a creature bites or dances or something you get the usual flashy explosion or a flat light beam shooting out in a horizontal effect. Similar to Many RPGs, when a avatar uses a special ability (say a gun) the gun would glow light red and shoots out a Bright red bulb and it plays a flashy fancy sound effect. Does anyone think that ruins whats left of the realism of spore? Or will it just be flung in with World of Warcraft and Star Wars Galaxies? What do you think?

Spore: General / In the beginning...
« on: September 02, 2007, 07:49:34 pm »
(you dont need to read this wall of text)
In the beginning...
There was nothing but a star, a star nearing death. For Billions of years the star had provided a shinning beacon to the nearby comets and solar system. Though now its white light had faded and now it showed as a faint red sparkle in the distance. Then, it grew. It expanded. The lighter pink color of the star faded into a angry red, swirling with dying heat. As it expanded it appeared as a simple twinkle that grew into a bright red orb. Then almost instantly, it collapsed on itself, its own fiery mass coming together into a tight small disk. It sucked in the light from nearby stars and in its black swirling center held the key of life. Though it ripped the very matter of the things around it, slowly but surely it formed a spinning cyclone of matter in the sky. As the clouds of matter spun around it, it collected together, forming either massive balls of iron and rock or turning into plasmic balls. As the millennia went by small balls collected the other matter around it with gravity. while one of the plasma balls had a nuclear reaction and formed a bright red star. while the others turned into massive balls of gas. The other balls of iron formed meteors and comets in the night sky...our story revolves around one of the volcanic balls. The 3rd one from the sun

After the end...
The meteors that failed to form planets orbited around the primary star and spun around the solar system. they struck the planets and soon enough their surface became pelted with holes. However a stream of Comets which contained hydrogen and carbon spun towards the closer planets. the 2nd and 3rd rocks from the sun were devastated with a shower of massive hail. The hydrogen and oxygen formed water and the surfaces of the orbs of flame cooled and formed planets. However the 3rd rock still was ripe with volcanic activity and the amino acids resulted in the form of single cells. The single cells adapted to the harsh climates of volcanoes and thrived in the lava and boiling pools. The single cell extremists multiplied and formed more complex cells. The cells turned into creatures. Living in the now deep waters of the cooled planet. The complex cells evolved into creatures living in the deep. Eventually several of these climbed onto the surface of earth with their basic brain tissue and thrived on its land. Evolving. and changing. adapting and altering. Though the 2nd planet lost its atmosphere and its water evaporated into space the 3rd one remained lush and beautiful. For now...

(ok now is where you need to read)

Ok, water hit the earth when it was still a volcanic ball of fire. And the single cells grew from the amino acids and lived near the very hot lava. the single cell extremists developed into creature yada yada yada... Anyway The point is if the earth wasnt in its infancy and with so much heat then would the single cells would have survived? now heres where it gets spore related. When you hit the surface of a volanic planet with ice comets and wait, does that help cool it down. and what happens if you dont add atmosphere to the planet you added water to? Im sure they would release a,"how to make your own planet hospitable...step 1: matching furniture" or something else pretty stupid but as for now lets just speculate on how we make the planets hospitable and if anyone says that speculating wont do us any good and we should just wait for spore, then i would like to tell him/her to dont post here and go off and sit in a corner and wait for spore. Post away.

1: Human Evolution and You!
Have you ever looked at the mirror when you were younger and wondered, why is my skin color different from the other kids, or why do i the kids get tired faster then me? or why you developed an immunity to a poisonous plant, or why your hair turns darker in the summer, or maybe even why you have that 3rd army sticking out of your side? Well kids, theres nothing to be ashamed of this is called. Adaptation. Adaptation is when you evolve to your surroundings or what genetic changes your parents passed down to you, or if you suckled when you were a baby or not. All these things effect who you are. And remember, its all natural.

2: Changes in adaptation

For our first example we have Bobby, Well bobby is a white male who was born in Kansas. He has blond hair. Well bobby my friend, lets take you and dump on the top of a random mountain! Well the mountain we dumped Bobby on is closer the equator. And because of the altitude has less oxygen. And is also home to the extremely deadly Komoto Dragon. Whatch out bobby! he doesn't like it when you come within 20 feet of him. Well lets go away for a few decades in come back...Well it turn out bobby married one of the natives living in a small city next to the mountain. But bobby isnt that same bobby anymore is he? His skin is darker and his hair is darker. Not only that but hes lungs have developed very well and he can now suck the little oxygen there is out of the mountain. But due to the amount of time he was sustained at such a high altitue. He has suffered permanent brain damage. Uh oh bobby. His skin has produced a little more pigment that it usualy had, and because of the coldness of the mountain, his blood is trying to keep the heat in the center of the body. And his fingertips are slightly blue. His hair was not fit for the climates in the mountain because as he moved to lower elevations the sun beat down on bobby very hard. So his hair color changes. though the changes are not very significant, bobby is a new bobby! now living in the Sweet Dreams Mental institution with his new wife Sarah Hawkins! They also had a child. Lets look at him. His name is David, unlike his father, has black hair and darker skin, and a more barreled chest. He is also immune to the very deadly plants that grow around them. these are all previous evolutionary stages that was embedded into his DNA from previous ancestors who lived in the mountain and were dormant during bobbys growth all these years. Now lets take bobby and dump him in the freezing temperatures of Antarctica...Uh oh, i dont think he made it...

3: Changes in the Human Genome...and you!
We have Jordan, a african american who recently moved to America from Europe. And we have, Jamal. A native of the african country. Jordan and Jamal had ancestors living in africa thousands of years before. And they are very very very very very very very distant cousins. However Jordan because of his migration genetically changed. You see, When his people moved from the tribal city along the Nigerian river, his family over the hundred years they left genetically mutated to adapt to their surroundings. Thats why Jamal and Jordan have different genetic genomes. Even though they are actually related. Although Jamals mother has carried the dead cells of viruses from her encounters and from her mother in her milk and when Jamal suckled from her, the dead viruses were sucked down his throat. But as smart as the human body is, it is very stupid. And when the human body realized that viruses (though dead) were floating in his blood. They immediately sent the white blood cells to eat and develop an immunity to the viruses. the milk also transfered a defense system again the deadly plants that grew around their home. So that even though the deadly oils of the plant may enter his body. Jamal will live. However jamal can lose his immunity and any point in time and not realize it. So he avoids the plants anyway. Careful Jamal, dont play around thous dangerous bushes. However Samuel, the europian bully at his school did not receive the the immunities from his mothers milk. And instead received immunities to europian viruses who dont live in africa. So when Jamal pushed him into the virus infected poisenous bush he died instantly. Right after he swelled up and exploded.

Now animals do the same thing. However in spore there is no ecosystem and the entire planet is 1 themed ecosystem

now tell me why this this isnt in spore

Spore: General / The sail into the west
« on: August 27, 2007, 09:39:45 am »
I just wanted to ask you guys, if this isnt a little too early, what you will be doing after we pass the sun setting horizon the draws ever closer? What other games, events or movies will you be looking forward to? Or maybe this is your last trip. Either way, if spore does not meet its high expectations or perhaps exceeds them, what will you plan to do? The ship is waiting...

Spore: General / Spores worst nightmare
« on: August 24, 2007, 10:41:07 pm »
Did you ever think that from Spores cartoonish appearance and from the polls recently taken earlier that alot of Kids (6-10) are going to be playing spore? I remember the good ol days when star wars galaxies wasn't gay, and people were nice and everything was fun. Years later the remap the entire game and now all im left with is self-centered brats, 1 profession characters, and horrible, horrible HORRIBLE grammar!

Do you think that after a few months that the spore creature network will be flooded with low quality, terribly themed and un-worthy creatures. Im not talking a bad drawn 5 legged puppy. Im talking really bad 5 legged Spongbob, Scooby Doo, and other terrible creatures. What will happen? Then again there are alot of talented 10 year old out there. I remember there being an amazingly talented 8 year old concert pianist.

Spore: General / Spore....II?
« on: August 21, 2007, 09:35:32 am »
This mayb be too early for speculating, but when spore is released and i post this it wouldnt be exciting as it would be now. So, based of the information you know of, Should there be a spore sequel and if so what should they add/change. The sims was a very popular game, and spore isnt exactly what the sims is. Its bigger, its more open. Maybe spore may separate from the original sims line and become its own genre. You never know!

Spore: General / Spore theme song.
« on: August 20, 2007, 06:56:39 pm »
As alot of you know, many well-known video games are known somewhat by the melody of their theme song, whether its constantly changing like The Elder Scrolls series or if its slightly changing but remaining mostly the same such as the Halo series. So far the songs you hear playing spore are very bright happy and childish, i think its time to darken the mood. Post your new idea for a spore theme song, its genre, describe the song. And if you go that extra mile, compose and write the melody in some sort of program that does that. Maybe i can find some free-wear and post it. Include the instruments too.

Here are some low quality un-licensed theme songs -A version of the halo theme song, composed in a very unreliable program so it loses its feeling somewhat, as the vocals are replaced by instruments, but its the only one i knew of. -The classic Super Man theme song from the movie at a slower tempo This is amazing. Im not sure about you, but whenever Uriel says "and the final hours...of my life" the music and the drama just overwhelm me, i get this cold creeping feeling come over me, nothing ive ever experienced playing video games. Amazing. Oblivion will go down as one of the greatest games ever made.

Post your ideas and which one of these movies was your favorite. Oblivion is my personal favorite. It is highly recommended you play all orchestra music on high volume, its how it was composed to sound.

Spore: General / Most Disliked thing about spore
« on: August 03, 2007, 04:17:38 am »
First of all id like to say that I am aware i am posting at 4:00 in the morning. Which is early...but im leaving for Sacramento in two hours and dont have alot of time. Anyway, i used the search bar and ladies and gentlemen. the topic is UN-DISCUSSED. so let me get straight down to the question.

What is your most disliked thing about spore and how would you have it changed

Now, when i mean this, i mean just personally of in relevance to another game. For example if you dont like the fact that there is only 1 UFO flying around and you really loved the space depth of Star Wars Galaxies and its huge Space wars then post it. that of course is only an example i just made up that isnt true. Another example for Personally is," I personally dont like the unrealisticness of the tide pool phase and i think it would be better like so and so or this and that or that little tidbit or that other whatsit. Get it? Alright, assuming i dont get internet from the RV about 100 miles away from my house. Ill listen to your thrashing and ranting when i get back. But this topic hasnt been mentioned and if it has...Well...Never hurt to break open old wounds. Actualy...well...maybe

-Edit- ok its been about 2 seconds sense i posted this and well...How do i already have a view?!?!?!? how late do you guys stay up!!!

-edit- Wait wait! its 3 now. we got 3 late posters

-edit- its been 12 seconds and somebody already posted in a different thread. I feel so left

-edit- right, thats it for me i need to get my stuff packed. Later

Spore: General / -SPORE-...the Movie?!!?
« on: July 19, 2007, 10:04:08 am »
As most of you know alot of successful video games are being transformed into movies. Final Fantasy, a well known video game was directed into a film. Are these just ways to score easy cash off a popular topic by appealing to nerds? possibly. the Halo series, a well known unfinished trilogy of 1-st person shooters created by BUNGIE is being transformed not only into a movie but into an Xbox 360 exclusive RTS (whos crappy idea was that?). The Film director, Peter Jackson, was responsible for directing the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Though J.R.R Tolkein experts thrashed at him for leaving out content, rewriting and changing the story line of the Lord of the Rings. However it provided several actors a free academy award ticket.

random actor crap from "the lord of the rings
Elijah wood, a childhood movie actor (known for staring in Back to the Future as a video game nerd in a specific scene, and in "look whos coming to dinner) Moved on to play Mumble in the well known animated movie," Happy Feet" also staring in lesser roles such as Ethan in American Dad, and Kevin in Sin City, It seem the Lord of the rings was his first, and last, success. Orlando Bloom, a relatively new face to the big screen moved on to play a string of medieval roles such as Balian de Ibelin in Kingdom of heaven, And Paris in Troy, Though paris was a cowardly hero and it is unknown why they had im play that role. He also started as Will in the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Christopher Lee, a Very talented actor had his Career ruined after staring in the Lord of the rings and moved on to play roles such as The dentist in "Willy wonkas chocolate Factory" and the priest in "corpse bride" also staring as count dooku in the star wars series. He was also Fransisco Scaramanga, the lead vilain in the james bond series, The man with the golden gun,

Should there be a spore movie, and if so who should play in it?

Spore: General / 2001: A Space oddity, Monolith in spore
« on: July 18, 2007, 12:47:51 pm »
Most of you saw the demo in spore when Will Wright Dropped a monolith on a group of Native animals. The animals Circled the monolith until one decided to touch it then the animals instantly formed into a tribe.
Look familier?
Anyway I never read the book and i saw the movie only a few years ago and id like to know how intelligence is related to a monolith. I am aware that the group of Cavemen discovered how to use tool entering the age of Homo Habalis. Meaning "Human Habalis"(in the movie) Except i dont think the Homo Habalis's touched the Monolith. And how many times can you use a monolith? If you dropped a monolith on a already intelegent species then what happens? I also remember a part in the movie when a group of armed men examine an excavation site and find the same monolith in the beginning of a movie. then all of a sudden theres this screeching noise. Can somebody fill in the blanks? im not much of a monilith expert.

Spore: General / Will Xbox 360 versions be cut?
« on: July 17, 2007, 03:14:33 pm »
As you all know, Will wright (the man behind Spore) mentioned in one of his demos or such that Spore will be released on all platforms. He also mentioned that he would have to cut content for things such as the Cell phone version of spore and the Nintendo DS version of spore. Though most console games work best and perhaps only best with Avatar based games and 1st person prospective games. Such as Halo, or Any of the Tony Hawk games, or Madden NFL games. Though some RTS (real time strategy) games have been released for Xbox 360 such as The Lord of the Rings: Battle for middle earth II. I have never played an RTS on the 360 but i have played an RTS on the nintendo 64. A simplified version of
Command & Conquer Tiberian Wars. I am also aware that another version of Tiberian wars has been released for the 360. However the RTS on the nintendo64 was very hard to use as the time it took to select and click things was very time consuming and when compared to the computer AI's quick decisions i was easily crushable. But i digress, the point of this story is to say that the RTS part of Spore, the tribal, city, and civilization generations, would work terribly. However the time consumption may not be as much of a factor as for the other games. Because even though a rival city may send hostile units or a raiding party of some sort to attack you would see them from the planetary view and the reaction time would be much faster. Also considering the fact that Your cities people or tribesmen would react automatically. Most of the game is also economically set up, as you must erect structures to benefit or defend your people while simultaneously balancing Millitary with Economy. Such as Walls and Towers apposed to Farms and Schools. So the time it might take to create these buildings might not matter. However control would be terrible. So thous parts of the game may be cut. Is there a solution to this? or perhaps we should just sit back and hope for the best?

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