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Spore: Creation Corner / The Tenje - My first creature
« on: July 15, 2007, 01:06:15 pm »
I am making my first Creature. They are called the Tenje

A concept sketch done in paint.

Type: Amphibious, warm blooded, multi-vertebra sapient
Diet: Carnivorous.
Adult Size: 6' tall and 5' long
New Born: 1' tall and 1 1/2' long
Habitat: Desert or volcanically active areas
Sight: Uses advanced echolocation to create a clear picture of surroundings. The sensor is also sensitive to light so it can create an extremely clear picture
Hearing: Uses the several ears under its echolocation plate to hear different frequencies
Smell: N/A
Other Senses: Uses sensitive electrical sensing nerves on their legs to sense prey or threats based on the size of the nervous system it senses.
Motion: The Tenje spine splits in two and creates two highly flexible strong legs. The nervous system is based on the single spine to avoid vulnerability.
Reproduction: Sexual, it lays thick, black eggs.

The Tenje
The Tenje are multi vertebra amphibians. They have a unique skeletal system. Their spine splits in two to form its legs making it extremely mobile and fast. They also let the Tenje swim quite fast. It sees through echolocation. It lets off a super high pitched hum constantly and lets it see clearly in many conditions and in the dark. It receives it with its front ears and sends it through the plate to translate it into a picture. The pitch of the hum is too high for most animals to hear so it is also stealthy.
It has sensors on its legs to detect the electrical activity of a creature’s nervous system. It helps the Tenje hunt. It can ignore camouflage and find animals hiding behind almost any thing. Later on they need to be protected because once they discover electricity their sensors will be a major weak spot.
They have a large bone that sticks out of each leg to help it balance when standing still. They also use them as fins when swimming and as weapons in a fight. Their ancestors had them too, but they where soft tissue. The Tenje have hardened into bone because of the surfaces and rough conditions the thin balancers need to withstand.
They reproduce sexually and lay hard, thick, black eggs. Most animals that try to steal their eggs can't open them. It is softer inside and the baby uses the bones on its legs to break out. They lay up to 5 eggs and it takes about 2 months for them to hatch. The eggs need to be kept warm and various nest designs are used depending where the Tenje live.

Modern Civilization
The Tenje are a diplomatic race. The have very advanced technology but haven't discovered how to harness electricity yet. They have huge cities but some tribes haven't developed far yet and have just the basics. The Tenje aren't the only sapient creatures on their planet. They have fought many wars with the Jeka in the fight for dominance over the planet. Right now the wars are at a stand still and the economic boost of the war is leading to many new discoveries and much more prosperous countries.

The Jeka
There isn't much in the Tenje archive about the Jeka. They are about the same size as a Tenje but totally black and are similar to a snake/ape. They are very violent and like to hunt as a sport. They are always ready for war and can declare so any day. They don't fight with tools but with their claws. The can build enough momentum to run through solid stone.

More updates soon

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