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I would like to take this moment to say hello to all the GS'ers still around. I would also like to announce my first ever published GA adventure using a storyline I have been developing long before Spore ever came out.

This takes place within my "Peacekeepers Saga" storyline and is only the first of many to come. I invite everyone to check it out and please dont be shy with the comments and / or ratings (Good or bad!).

The link to this adventure, Green Dawn, can be found Below:

Spore: General / Free Creature Parts in New Patch.
« on: November 13, 2008, 11:38:22 am »
The following email just came in from MaxisCactus... At first glance, it would seem maxis is trying to do some justice to the "Realistic/Scary/Creepy/Alien" crowd... they are great renders. I know I cant wait until the patch! :)

Hey everyone,


A new Spore patch is just around the corner!


We’ve heard your requests for more parts, and we’ll be releasing 24 new exoskeleton limbs for free in this patch!  This includes 12 new arms and 12 new legs to make your creations creep and crawl along.


We’ve rendered out five high res creatures that use these parts in case you’d like to post the news on your sites early:


You’ll also see some other parts here that you may not recognize - we wanted to give you an exclusive peek at some of the new content to be available in the upcoming Creepy & Cute parts pack.


Check back to soon to get the patch notes and more details about the free limbs we’ll be offering!



Spore: General / The Mighty Naucean Empire...
« on: September 24, 2008, 03:07:33 pm »
Okay, first off let me just let out a resounding OW.

So I get to space stage and meet two races of Orc, seemingly similar other than their clothing... they are at war with one another and I can only surmise that they are speciated from the same strain and somehow at war with one another because of some resounding issues socially. My race, usually a politically and militarily dominant race by nature, tried to be the middleman between the orcs to the best of my abilities.

Spreading out into the stars, I finally made six alliances. Our alliance's domain stretched far and wide, and we even successfully fended off several attacks by grox scouts early on. But then we met the Nauceans... Oh jeez did we meet them.

Someone pissed SOMEONE off SOMEWHERE down the line, because they came out of the stars like lightning. No less than twelve planets suddenly come at me with distress signals. I had never seen anything like it in my life! I immediately responded, fearing that the Grox had discovered this federation and wanted to quell it before we rose to challenge them. But what I saw was beyond my belief...

Nauceans! The skies were blacked out on each of a dozen planets as Green tinted Naucean ships flew down and absolutely raped my allies. I did what I could to hold them off, but in the end we lost five systems in the initial beachhead. I had never seen the game respond that way, and I had never seen a race so aggressive and powerful..their ships HP was similarly numbered to my own! And they carried some seriously power packing weaponry! They attacked without remorse, wiping out friend and foe alike. Even my longtime enemies, the Dark Elves (WH40k Theme) had no chance against them. And soon the dark elves were decimated, a task which my own federation couldnt stand to do.

As a savvy grand admiral, I knew I needed to respond quickly. If I were to respond and battle this enemy I would need intel, so I flew my small task force into the heart of their empire in hopes to gain more understanding of what I was up against. Their empire stretched farther than anything I had seen short of the Grox, with at least 150 verifiable planets under their wing! Battles were happening all over, and I saw the sphere of influence spreading out to all sorts of new empires.

After returning to a border colony of the Kai empire to recharge and repair, I picked up some new weaponry and am preparing my task force for the invasion of the Naucean systems. They dont seem to respond to any kind of reasoning or money, and they are hell bent on conquering everything they see. This is the first truly intense military campaign ive had to plan in the space stage, and I am loving it. To anyone that thinks that the strategy and storytelling elements in spore arent deep enough, I give you this example now! Wow!

Spore: General / Deals on Spore CC From different retailers.
« on: June 13, 2008, 05:47:56 pm »
Well boys and girls, I got this email from MaxisCactus you might find interesting.

Hi Brian,


As we head into the launch of the Creature Creator, I wanted to let you know of a few deals some retailers have with the Creature Creator:


-           Amazon: Purchase the Creature Creator and get $5 off Spore

-           Target: Purchase the Creature Creator in store and get $5 off Spore

-           GameStop: Get the full retail version of the Creature Creator for free when you trade in any two Wii, Xbox360 or PS3 titles (see store for details).



Community Manager


Spore: General / Spore Preview @ Gametap
« on: February 18, 2008, 07:00:58 am »
Very little in the way of 'new' information, but still an informative and interesting read. Gametap has reviewed Spore

I like the phrase "To Infinity and beyond!" and its suiting for spore :P

But one interesting part of the article is where it talks about things hidden in the game. They discuss the ole 'nessy' easter egg in the old sim city game... Interesting to think about what kind of things might be hidden out there. We know of earth, but it sounds like they are stressing the fact that the amount of easter eggs in the game will be quite large...

Also take note that in part two he discusses that the editors are usable outside the frame of the game. But he mentions that there are only four editors that they saw (Creature, Vehicle, Building, UFO). And there is also mention that the flow of content to the sporepedia server is done via the FLIP OF A SWITCH. Meaning those who want to turn the content sharing on and off may have the option to do so.

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