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a long post but some interesting thoughts? in sections for easier discussion.  *encourage critique etc*

space/system question --------------------

i was thinking. what if the solar system, that your creature is given life in, has more than one sun.. like in say pitch black.
straight from the movie in terms of the planetary alignment and that -not vin diesel, although it would be funny if some made a riddick creature -

a solar system with multiple suns, would hold planets which are more likely to be barren and arid - depending on their dist from these suns.
i raised this point, becuase evolution of creaures especially our own has been effected greatly by this simple [or complex] point. seeing as your creature will be effected by its home planet, which is then effect by its solar system, the evolution of a creature would chnage dramatically. we live on 24 hour day night cycles, but what if with 2 suns there was a full light and half light cycle [ sun A might be closer than sun B] but also a point of total blackness.

all the shots of spores solar systems are based on our own, not that this is a problem, i have no criticisms for this game at all, was just thinking outside the box for more possibilites.

also ufo can terraform, but maybe then create our own designed 'perfect' solar systems??? surely this will bring full cycle to the game and just bring some ironic light on creationism or whatever the term catholicism uses.

planet question  ---------------

as for planets. thinking like stuff from star wars games.

what about planets completely water based? [complete underwater cities, that finally rise above sea level]

 or gaseous, with smaller floating rock masses inside... this would have creatures that fly continously... and rest, and establish cities on these floating landmasses.

arid planets with multiple suns might need underground area of establishments... like pitch black say...

also planets with odd gavity? environmental effects etc

creatures ------------------

can the ecosystems have just herbivores?

i know theres a part in spore fro balancing out these ecosystems, however could evolved creatures all be herbivores and still be sentient, and have developed minds, and therefore the ability to create cities and culture.

can there be molluscs [spellcheck me on that] - as in barnicales etc or similar creatures that attack based on perimetre.

cities/settlements ------------------

thinking final fantasy now...

but air cities? which would be very cool, especially if the planet is say all water.

- so yeah long post, but these are just a few thoughts, hopefully mr Wright will read this and creature even more vastness...
*advanced critique encouraged*

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