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Spore: Creation Corner / Formidons
« on: March 30, 2008, 07:04:03 pm »
The Formidons -Formid(s)

The Formid pictured above is a worker.


Height: 5 feet from the ground up

They also are encased in a chitinous exoskeleton that protects their organs. Molting takes place frequently during growth, but slows down until it stops completely when the individual has reached adult size.

Breathing mechanism: Spiracles and Tracheae with air sacs

Diet: Omnivorous, mostly carnivorous due to environment

Senses: Eyes, Antennae which are ears/olfactory sensors, sensory hairs on fingers and toes. Antennae can sense vibration, but nothing else, so Formidons are tone deaf.

Locomotion: Quadrupedal, in addition to two upper arms which are used for higher tasks.

Reproduction: Sexual. There is little/no sexual dimorphism unless one is a queen. a population consists of a single hive, ranging from 5 million individuals, to Hive Formid (for which the species is named), which consists of +10 trillion individuals. Each hive has one reproductive female, which stores the sperm of potential males. Hive Formid has several queens, usually a handful on each planet.
small hives are maintained by nymphs, larger ones by more  queens, and the larger still maintained by the revered matriarchs (the sole surviving hive and matriarch are those of hive Formid, as they out competed/killed the other hives.)


Before developing a society, their behavior was governed largely by their baser instincts, namely to protect the hive they belonged to, to gather food, and to secure other necessary resources. The reigning female produces many, MANY offspring, approximately the same number of male/female, but all offspring are sterile, until fed the queen's haemolymph (blood), at which point the male/female becomes fertile, and thus a new queen/drone. Sterile individuals are the bulk of the work force, and perform most menial labor and domestic jobs. However, due to the number of offspring produced, the number of mutations in a queens progeny are relatively high, which lead to the more specialized formids. Soldiers are produced by a mutation which causes the excess production of a growth hormone, which makes their exoskeleton thicker, spikier, and makes them have muscle tissue that is more dense (a single soldier is capable of withstanding  arms fire, can sprint at high speeds, jump long distances, more coordinated overall, and is capable of flipping a mini cooper with its bare hands). However, soldiers are somewhat rare, and while all are destined to the legion, the vast majority of the soldiers are made up by hordes of levied workers (in other words, soldiers are the elite). As well, another mutation can cause increased intelligence, but these mutations are more common. The mutation is polygenic (governed by multiple genes) so intelligence varies from slightly above average, to absolute genius. The more intelligent formids usually find themselves in administrative positions, as advisors to the queen, or as academic, scholarly types. Queens express all the mutations they have, because all mutations are dominant. Matriarch Formidon for example is unmatched in intelligence and martial prowess.

More on them to follow.

(Also I don't mean to impose, but if someone is available to provide a better sketch of my creature, that would be appreciated)

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