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Storytelling and Roleplaying / Fantasy Adventure!
« on: June 01, 2011, 03:43:23 am »
You dream. You dream of your future. You see yourself as a captain of the elite City Guard, a wife in your arms and children running as you stand on Hero’s Hill, overlooking the gleaming spires of the city of Sterndale, as the trains and boats that made the city rich come in from parts unknown.

You are Pauliamin Alellex, of the village of Singnstead, a journey of a day or so from that city. You plan to propose to your sweetheart, Elyn Linsons, the smith’s daughter, pretty damn soon. You are part of the village’s meagre day guard, a task you share with your childhood friend, Berthusti Warderss and the grizzled old captain, Crobenjust Periches.

Just as you turn to kiss Elyn, her mouth opens and out comes the harsh voice of Captain Periches. “Boy, wake up, the town is under attack!”

What do you do?

Storytelling and Roleplaying / The Spinward Marches
« on: April 12, 2011, 01:04:57 pm »
The Spinward Marches lie many months from the Emperor's protection. It is a borderland, squeezed in from all sides by the Third Empire of Man's opponents. Coreward lies the Vargr Extents, where the descendants of the displaced and ascended Terran canines rule. The Zhodani Consulate inhabits coreward-spinward - a large state ruled by psionic nobles, where unhappiness is a disease stamped out by the thought police. Then there are the smaller polities, independent from the Empire, but they very little threat, at least in the eyes of the bureaucrats of Capital. Not so much to the people that live there. And then there is the Great Rift, a more or less empty expanse, devoid of stars. The only thing connecting the Marches to the main bulk of the Empire is the Corridor, a (relatively) thin passage of stars.

You have heard about this place all your life. It is a bulwark against the Empire’s enemies, but also a place an individual can make a fortune.

But before that, we need to find out who you are. We know you are a member of Humaniti, the result of generations of interbreeding between the two great human races – the Vilani of Vland and the Solomani of Terra. You were born on one of the many thousands of worlds in the main bulk of the Empire. But that is more or less it.

What is your name and gender?

What kind of world were you born on? Choose from any the attributes below, but I may drop some if they are incompatible. It will give you some background skills for the next step.
Agricultural: A world dedicated to farming and food production.
Asteroid: A colony in an asteroid belt.
Desert: A barely habitable rock.
Fluid Oceans: A world where the seas aren’t water.
Garden: A pleasant, Earth-like world.
High Population: A world home to billions.
High Technology: One of the more technologically advanced worlds in the Imperium.
Ice Capped: A tiny ball of ice and rock.
Industrial: A world dedicated to manufacturing.
Low Technology: A pre-industrial world that nevertheless had contact with the Empire.
Poor: A world that lacks resources.
Rich: A world abundant in resources.
Vacuum: A world with no atmosphere.
Water World: A world covered in water.

There are more attributes that define a world, but they won’t give you skills.

Next we roll your attributes. You have six.

Strength (Str): Your physical strength, fitness and forcefulness.
Dexterity (Dex): Your physical co-ordination, agility and reflexes. This affects your accuracy and reaction speed.
Endurance (End): You ability to sustain damage, stamina and determination. Your resilience is based on End, so a character with low End will be very vulnerable in a firefight.
Intelligence (Int): Your intellect and quickness of mind. This is used in many skill checks.
Education (Edu): You learning and experience. This is also used in many skill checks.
Social Standing (Soc): Your place in society. Characters with high scores will find life much easier.

Allocate the scores based on these numbers. Higher scores give higher Dice Modifiers to skill and attribute checks:
Score   Dice Modifier
0          -3
1-2       -2
3-5       -1
6-8       0
9-11     +1
12-14   +2
15        +3

Once the scores are allocated, we’ll look into background skills and choose your first career.

Note: I’m using Mongoose Traveller for these rules. Feel free to ask questions about the setting or the rules.

Updates will be posted after there have been three replies, or 12 or so hours, whichever comes first.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Space Exploration
« on: November 24, 2010, 09:51:45 am »
OK, so, I know what I’m doing with this one. Powered by GURPS Spaceships.

January 1st, 1950

The year is 1950, and this is not our world. It’s a world where Germany was a much bigger threat during WWII. It’s a world where Marx went to America instead of Britain. It’s a world where Communists are not bogeymen. It’s a world that has united, at least for the moment. You have been put in charge of the United Nations Space Agency, to bring humanity forward, beyond the sky. You will research the technologies, and send people up into space, to explore.

[No picture yet due to lack of satellites]

Planets: Earth (Class V Naval Spaceport)
Treasury (Income per year): $140 billion (+$14 billion)


It is your job to say what you want done this turn. How long a turn is can vary. The minimum is a week, but if nothing interesting happens, I’ll speed up. Generally, it is the speed of our current fastest ship. The kinds of orders you can give in this thread are as follows:

Design a Spaceship

The spaceship design system is modular. First thing you want to do is decide its function (and the name). You may be as vague or as definite as you like.

Then, state how big you want it to be. The absolute minimum size is 30 feet long (size ‘4’). There is no absolute maximum size (to ships or the modules that fit on them), but ships and modules over 2,000 feet long (size ‘15’) generally get very expensive.

Next thing to decide is whether it is streamlined or not. Streamlined ships have less armour compared to a similar unstreamlined ship, but can operate better in atmosphere.

After that I’ll show you the final design, maybe giving you some options, then we can build it. Currently we only have one ‘port’ that can construct ships up to 600 feet (size ‘12’) fairly quickly and larger ships double that. Tripling the price cuts time by 2/3s, quadrupling cuts it by a half.

Ships can fit 20 systems across 3 sections (18 at the ‘Hull’ and 2 ‘Core’ sections). Most systems contribute to this limit, but some don’t.

Develop a new technology.

Before a ship can be built, the technologies that go into the ship need to be researched. Technologies come in two kinds: scalable, and non-scalable.

Non-scalable technologies, you only need to research the once, and they can be added to any size ship.

For scalable technologies, you need to research different sizes before being able to fit them to your ship. Most start at size 4, but some have a minimum (and in some cases maximum) size.

Technologies also have Tech Levels. In 1950, we are at TL 7 (The Nuclear Age). We will move on to 8 and above (up to 12) either at a specific time or I feel the correct technology has been researched. Some technologies have advanced versions at later Tech Levels. If a ship is left over from a previous TL with a system that can be upgraded, it can come in for refitting at an appropriate port.


Since all ships (for now) have a finite reaction mass, having definite missions are vital. Missions can be manned or unmanned (remember manned missions expect to come back). Missions must begin from a starport of a suitable size, and all supplies such as fuel must be paid for.

Training and Astronauts.

Manned missions need people. While the teams are small, they can all be individually named and aged (please give birthdays). Once vessels get bigger, and require more people, only the main people need to be named, ignoring the faceless plebs. Astronauts come in 4 skill levels: rookie (1), average (2), experienced (4), veteran (8) and elite (12). The number in the brackets is the multiplier to a Rookies’ salary (see below), which represents the cost in training them, as well as the number of months spent in training. Skill level may go into limitless levels above elite, but these cannot be brought, but come with learning in the job.

Another thing that happens is that every turn, two ‘managers’ are chosen anonymously (I’ll PM you if you are chosen, and you will PM me with your response) for a special task. Simply ask in thread to be put on the list to be a manager. The first manager is the Events Manager. He comes up with something to happen in the world. It could be dangerous, like a solar flare, or an asteroid. Or it could be beneficial, like a random discovery of a technology somewhere in the world. However, I will decide if they appropriate and are used.

The second is the Directives Manager. Some head of state or wealthy CEO sets down a request. Succeed, and we will get extra funding or just an instant fund injection. Fail and we might lose funding. I’ll leave it up to the Directives Manager to come up with the conditions of success and the rewards and penalties (although penalties are not necessary). This is a good way to get something you want to happen to happen, especially if no one is listening to you. Again, I have the final say in whether it gets used or not.

Don’t post yet. The next two posts will be the catalogue and the technology list.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Elite Like
« on: November 04, 2010, 01:26:18 pm »
You are on Earth. The date is the first of January 2150 CE. A few weeks ago your application to be a Free Trader [1] came through, announcing that your very own ship [2] will be ready soon. And on Christmas, you got your invitation to come to the Cape Canaveral Spaceport in Florida.

First things first, what is your name, age and background? And what do you want your ship to be called?

This is a game very much like Elite, and other such games. You will start with a small tramp freighter and you will (initially) be ferrying whatever freight and cargo you can acquire or buy. You can then use the money to buy bigger ships that’ll let you carry more cargo, or even passengers.

The galaxy is randomly generated as you visit it, and I’ll try and keep it as persistent as possible. As such, the galaxy is currently ‘empty’ until you ask for information on a system or visit it. Aliens, pirates and other things will not be encountered until their homeworld or appropriate base of operations has been generated. The next update will include a galactic map.

[1] The Trade Service of the Terran Coalition started the Free Trader Programme to stimulate the emerging interstellar economy. The idea is to give applicants a cheap ship (about $500,000), named the Adam Smith class after the economist, which hauls freight around the established colonies, and, when the individual has enough money, speculatively trades cargo with the younger colonies. Most applicants fail, and even then the Trade Service estimates most Free Traders never really break it big.

[2] The Adam Smith-Class ship is 10 tons in mass, and 10 meters in length. It can carry 5.5 tons of cargo in its hold. Its top speed is 5/83 the speed of light thanks to its single reactionless Subwarp engine. An aluminium alloy and a range of self-defence jamming antennae protect it. It is fitted with a contragravity lifter, so reaction mass is not needed for take off. It also has a Key Drive, used for manipulating the Keyholes, the wormholes that make interstellar travel possible. Its Fission Reactor has been topped up and is good for 75 years. A ton of food (leaving one with room for 4.5 tons of freight), good for 500 days is also in your cargo hold.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Into The Black Encyclopaedia Thread
« on: June 11, 2010, 04:19:40 am »
This thread is not for posting.
Network Map and Update Links

Red Stars – M (2 Wormholes), Orange – O (3 WH), Yellow – G (4 WH), White – F (5 WH), Blue – A (6 WH)

Update Links

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Into The Black Game Thread
« on: June 11, 2010, 04:18:44 am »
This is a game in the style of Clarke’s Populus (which I urge you to play as well as this), except instead of historical, we are in Earth’s future, when humanity travels amongst the stars. It will begin in 2200, a couple of years after the invention of the Keyhole Drive, which exploits a network of wormholes that connect the stars in the galaxy. You will play as factions that have access to this technology. You can be nation-states, powerful religions, massive corporations or a well-connected crime family.

The game will be fairly rules lite. You will not have to worry about upkeep or economy. Apart from the name and colour (or abbreviation), each faction will have a Size rating. The Size indicates how many Actions one can do in a turn. For example: ‘Scout to System X’, ‘Colonise Planet Y’, ‘Use Ship Z to attack…’ but making up your own actions is encouraged (and embellishing them may mean they work better). More than one Action can be spent on an action. Doing stuff, most commonly by colonising new planets, increases Size, but I can be swayed to upgrade them in other ways, if you say something other that just ‘Increase Size’. Size can only be increased by one per turn. Warning! The bigger your Size, the more disastrous failures can be.

If you have to ask whether something takes an Action to accomplish, the answer is usually ‘Probably’. Orders can be posted in the thread, or sent to me via PM.

Each ship class has three stats of its own: Cost (how many action points it takes to build, tied to the other two stats), Speed (indicating how many systems it can go between in a turn - moving is a free Action, doing things isn't) and Power (its offensive and defensive capabilities). Ships may also be given one Speciality that describes what it is generally for, like Defending or Colonisation. Space stations would be ships with no Speed stat.

When exploring you have the option of stating what you would prefer to be found in the system (or you can say nothing and let me fill it out, but this might be less interesting). You can give as much detail as you like, but when it comes to life, just say ‘this planet has life’. You may state that the Lifeforms are intelligent, but I may ignore you. If multiple people explore the same system in the same turn, I’ll try and incorporate all non-contradictory information. Anything that contradicts, and it is first-come-first-serve.

Planets have 3 statistics: Type (a general description, e.g. Tiny (Rock) or Large (Garden)), Affinity (how attractive is this planet to settle on, taking into account habitability and available resources? Increasing/decreasing this score (via terraforming/strip mining resources) costs one Action (the minimum is always –5, with the maximum shown)) and Population (how many people live on the planet?). There may be a map of the planet. Asking for more detailed information on a planet is allowed for free.

Updates will be in this post, with the Encyclopaedia Thread being updated to show the changes. Each update will represent three months. Now, make your factions, and don’t forget to include histories and background, and the orders for Update 0. You can make and control more than one faction at a time.

Faction Template
Name (Player):
Size: 1
Ships: 1 'Argus' Scout

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Shades of Grey
« on: December 24, 2009, 09:38:29 am »
“Rise and shine, pansies. It’s a brand new day on Lyncis Two. If you do not all vacate your cells in five minutes and get your worthless asses down to the cafeteria, I will be opening this place up to the heavens, and by the almighty lords I will enjoy watching you die.” The threat didn’t get the two hundred prisoners to go any faster, but the warden liked giving out threats. But the three other wardens under him were never fazed by his threats to make them take nighttime walks in temperatures almost a hundred degrees below freezing, the three scientists were always up at the wreck in the mountains, and robots are hard to intimidate properly. So he had make do with the prisoners.

But these weren’t the easiest to intimidate. These were the really evil people. They had terrorised entire systems, made ecosystems come to the brink of collapse, or some other travesty. But they weren’t insane. They were just sane enough. And Stanton Maynerich had to get one of them off of this rock.

He had been hired to get some Node out of prison, one Lenna ‘Shredda’ Barbadillo. His employers didn’t say why they needed this one guy specifically. Probably because he was such a powerful Node. The victims he left…cut from the inside out with their own nannies. Earned him a one-way ticket to this hellhole when they eventually caught him. Had to bring in Commandos to take him down.

Maynerich entered the Cafeteria, a huge dome, split into two halves, one for the kitchen and storage, the other for seating the entirely human population. Around the dome were Security Drones, watching like hawks on the rabble below. Maynerich got in line for the standard prison-grade slop with everyone else. Fellow inmates were serving it, having got up several hours ago to prepare it. It was all part of the punishment: menial labour, instead of just having robots to do it.

Maynerich got to the end of the line and looked over the tables. Barbadillo was sitting on a full table, but no really paying attention to the others on it. There were some tables not entirely full, and some empty ones.

Approach Barbadillo
Sit in an available space
Sit at an empty table

Feel free to elaborate on your answers.

Yes, I'm doing a sci-fi story game. The character is supposed to be some gun-for-hire.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Spore, the RPG
« on: November 20, 2009, 09:44:27 am »
OK, so this is a little idea that I had as a way of making the sadly lienear adventures. I want it to be a community thing, so here we go.

It'll take place in a Spore universe of my own creation.

You lot will be guiding the main character, just like in the many meta-games in the Roleplaying and Story section.

First things first, we need to choose which of the characters I have prepared to use.

Haltopen Peacemaker

Taken from the United Empires' own Proud Warrior Race, the Haltopen, to be part of the it's military arm, the Peacemakers.

With this character, you will be initially at the whim of the UE: settling disputes on contested planets, protecting planets from pirates/Grox/non-UE empires or attacking a non-UE planet. Unless you become a mercenary, then you can do whatever the heck you want.

Starting Mission: On your first mission out of training, defend a small research outpost from an attack.

Loren Special Forces

This character is a murderer. As the dominant thought in Loren society is 'once a murderer, alway a murderer', punishment for murder is to become part of the part of the UE's special forces. The Loren are one of the few races in the galaxy where everyone is able to read minds. Except maybe the Wanderers, but nobody's ever thought to ask.

With this one, you'll be travelling to different planets indirectly killing (through coercion and technically nonlethal weapons) individuals the UE decides are Unsuitable for Continuation. This includes mafia kings, planetary governors that do not conform to UE law and outright dictators. Unless you go rogue. You'll be hunted down, but that's part of the fun, isn't it?

Starting Mission: Assassinate a planetary governor who has been found to indulge in a bit of slavery of species under the protection of the UE, but not of the Council.

Carcus Priest

This is a priest who has just finished his training.

With this one, you'll be travelling from planet to planet, spreading Spode's good word, as ordained by your Order. In particular, you'll be sent to very sinful planets. Eventually, you might want to join a ship permanently, maybe being a shepherd to a flock, telling them tales from the good book, hoping a group of smugglers will find serenity.

Starting Mission: Last day of training before going out into the big wide galaxy.

Feel free to ask questions. This will be in picture story format.

Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / The Gaming Steve Adventures Project
« on: September 27, 2009, 07:52:53 am »
Let's make a series of adventures for Spore. We'll be organised about it. We'll have continuity.

Before we can begin, we'll need to allocate roles to people. Just post what role you would like.

Writers: The guys who write the adventures. The adventures can be a simple 3-acts (Beginning, Middle, End) or epic 8 part stories.
Location Designers: They set up the planets, with coloration, flora, terrain, etc. Everything concerning Terraforming.
Casting Directors/Props Designers/Vehicle Manager: Finding or making the creatures, characters, objects, buildings and vehicles.
Set Designers: Putting it all the elements together, plus adding background elements, such as little wandering creatures or captions.
Director: Putting it all together, the story, the characters, the speech, the audio, and the effects. Preferably somebody competent with putting the things together. And good spelling.

I think that's all the roles needed...

How the Writers should frame their ideas:
Act X
What you want to happen in the act.
Music: Suggest music for the act. Put can put 'None' for no music or 'SEDI' (Somebody Else Do It) for somebody, the Director most likely, to fill it in for you.

When we have, say, five adventures done, we can make a Sporecast.

I suppose the first thing we need to work out, besides roles, is whether we want players the ability to choose their own captain or we have a set character.

Spore: Creation Corner / [NC] Kyrgernio Faction
« on: July 20, 2009, 08:25:00 am »
Kyrgernio Faction Soldier

Articles 12 and 21 of the Sapient Being Act 187303 forbid the augmentation of sapient beings, either with cybernetics or biologcal manipulaton within the Has'ri Protectorate. Article 7 allows the individual to be prosectuted anywhere in the galaxy.

Needless to say, there were those who disagreed with this. One of these individuals was a male of some affulance, Kyrgernio. After fighting the Bill all the way through, when it was passed he began a huge underground movement, giving out augs to all those that requested it. Despite the state freezing his assests, he was never captured and remained rich off of giving out augs.

When he heard of an experiment that allowed travel between galaxies, he wanted a piece of the action. In what became the largest hostage situation in Has'ri history, Kygernio and nearly one billion followers escaped the the Novus Cluster, where they could live without fear.

The Kyrgernio Faction have now had enough time to settle in the Novus Cluster and are beginning to explore their new home.

I give out information in a 'Ask, And You Shall Recieve' kind of way.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Spore - A Never Ending Story
« on: July 19, 2009, 02:17:03 am »
Hello and welcome to what I hope to be an interesting and successful experiment.

Over on Civ Fanatics, I modding a NES called Spore NESLife. I am going to try and attempt to to run the game simultaneously between the two forums. The only difference being, it is more likely you guys have Spore.


Anyone can create 1 new species per turn. No more than 1 species per person per update. (Unless I say so)

A: Brand New Species

You can start from scratch with an entirely new species, in which case you get 3 T1 parts to start with. Brand new species will be simple creatures, like rodents or small animals.

These new species will be more and more primitive compared to the most evolved species. I'd actively discourage it at later stages.

The other, preferred, option:

B: Evolve a Species

This is where things depart a bit. Instead of genes, there are parts, which come in four Tiers (or as they are set out in the CC, columns)

Your options here are (choose up to 3) to
Add a Tier 1 part
Improve a part by one tier
Decrease a part by one tier
Replace one T1 part with another in the same category
Replicate a part (can be done with anything except mouths - there is no stat change in this instance)
Remove a part completely.

If you look in the link above, I have listed all the part rows, with their names given on Spore Wiki.


All insects, microorganisms, fish and plants are NPCs and are unstatted.


This game does not require any commitment on your part. To join, you can just post a new species/evolution thing. Its up to you if you ever come back to see how it does.

New Species Template:
[reminder: this will be a very primitive species compared to stuff that already exists, you need to be very inventive here!]
(new species name) : (player name)
Parts (you can start with three): [reminder: one of these must be a mouth]
Description: (Behaviour, specific diet, habitat, etc.)

Evolution Template:
(new species name) : (player name)
Evolved from: (old species name)
Parts added/upgraded:
Parts removed/downgraded: [reminder: leave at least a mouth]
Description: (Changes in behaviour, specific diet, habitat, etc.)

Feel free to create your own creatures in Spore, but please add the image code so I can use it in the update.


Feel free to do 'day in the life' stories and such like. If they are good, I'll make an adventure out of it. Or make them yourself.


Any queries will go here.

<Do Not Post Yet>

Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / Haseri's Adventures
« on: June 28, 2009, 11:53:43 am »
My First Adventure.

Just your basic kill 25 of these guys, mmkay?

The first adventure in a series.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Space Opera RP
« on: May 16, 2009, 06:39:07 am »
Episode 0
Everyone, meet Everyone

"This is Prometheus Dockyards hailing SCSS Hawking"

"Captain Maxwell Mason receiving. Do we have permission to disengage from the Prometheus?"

"Boarding platforms are retreating. Platforms clear. You are ready to disengage. Gods' speed."

The PA crackled into life all over the ship. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain, Max Mason speaking. If you access the nearest viewing port, you can see us disengaging from the Prometheus. It'll be few hours before we reach our destination, so feel free to get yourself acquainted with one another. We're going to be working together for quite a while. Captain out."

Charles turned away from the viewing port. The Prometheus was out of shot, so he may as well get back to his work. Before he did, he looked around the room. The bed was currently folded up into the left wall. He scooted over his desk on the right wall, which was covered with little things he had found in various excavations. They were unidentified things, so museums didn't really want them. He had decided most of his free time on this ship would be to identify each and every one of them.

He typed a few notes into his journal, then gave up. Taking his captain's words to heart, he decided to go and acquaint himself with fellow crew members. He decided that the most important places to find were the cafeteria or galley or whatever they called it, and the laundry room. Oh, and the gym. He hated the thought of strenuous exercise, but artificial gravity played hell with joints...

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Space Opera RP OOC and Planning
« on: May 10, 2009, 06:39:43 am »
Space, a very penultimate frontier. Humanity have made their mark amongst the stars, colonising dozens of worlds, more every couple of years. The hope of finding alien intelligence is becoming ever more fruitless. Explorers are lucky if the find microorganisms, let alone intelligent life. Much more common are artefacts of ancient civilizations, the earliest seems to have disappeared just as humanity started to evolve, the latest just as humans invented the radio.

The year is, with our calender, 2709 CE. Much of the first half of the 3rd millennium was spent colonising the Solar System. Sometime in the 26th century, faster than light travel was discovered. Travelling between stars was now feasible, using the warp in space-time caused by the star's gravity to their advantage.

You are part of an exploratory/diplomatic team, on the SCSS (Space Corp (pronounced core) Star Ship) Hawking. Your job is to explore systems, discover relics of the past or to go to the furthest reaches of the federation to settle disputes.

Information Station

Character Template
Role - Occupation: See below
Description: See below
Origin: Born on Earth? Give a general area. A colony? Give it at least a name. A space station? Again, give it a least a name.

Role and Occupation
In the Space Corp there are six 'roles', shown by the colour of the required uniform.
Command - Those who control the ship. Includes navigation. Wears green uniform.
Security - Clad in white, they maintain peace on the ship or station.
Enginering - Yellow. Keep the ship running and in good repair.
Medical and Science - The doctors, psychologists, chemists, geologists, xenoarchaeologists, etc wear blue.
Marine - When not in combat gear, a marine wears black.
Civilian - When aboard a Space Corp vessel, usually a transporter, all civilians must wear red until arrival.
(The difference between Security and Marines? Security are more like police, i.e. non-lethal force; Marines are more combat focused.)

Then describe their occupation within that role.

Some humans despaired at the lack of alien life in the universe, and so took it upon themselves to make them look alien. Popular changes include alternate skin pigmentation, green being very popular; or skeletal changes, changing the shape of bones, most popular being changes to skull shape. Mass media have dubbed these 'Gennies', although most of the time the change is cosmetic, rather than genetic, although real genetic changes are possible and not uncommon. The true 'Gennies' do group together as a separate race most of the time, but there usually aren't enoughed to sustain themselves genetically. However, despite these changes, humans and 'Gennies' can still interbreed, causing little to no problems, especially with cosmetic changes.

That said, many humans have not had any such changes, and 'Baseline' humans are still in the majority.

The RP will be Arc (or 'Episode') based, like the Superhero RP. Like Superhero RP also, each episode will need someone to play the antagonist. We will sort out antagonist roles when enough people join.

For now, make characters and feel free to ask questions.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / CYO Adventure Game
« on: April 14, 2009, 07:48:55 am »
This is (hopefully) going to be a lot simpler and more free-form than the Hero's Guild game. No poll for one.

You wake up. You are in a prison cell.


Your responce will help me decide the setting.

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