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Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / A voice in the void: OOC thread
« on: March 21, 2007, 10:40:27 am »
The OOC thread for a voice in the void. The thead is about the emergence of the Catalyst into the galaxy (see the Jang thread for details on them). The whole thread begins with a little piece of the Catalyst escaping the Jang containment decades before the rest is due out. It then tries to expand as quickly as possible and comes into conflict with every race it encounters. This will coincide with the larger mass of them breaking out at the end.

At the moment in the thread the Catalyst has taken over one ship and is looking for the nearest inhabited world to try to grow in. Are there any takers on that?

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / A Voice in the Void...
« on: March 20, 2007, 09:13:06 am »
The void was silent in the gap between stars. Nothing moved, nothing was present besides the light and radiation from objects lightyears away. Then in an instant something came into being in this lifeless void.

It looked like a triangular shard of jagged metal that rippled with tiny portions of living lighting that danced on its surface. If there had been any observers they might have thought that the metal itself seemed as if it was shifting and bulging, as if it were trying it grow. But the tiny shard stayed the same size and after a few moments grew dark. Then with a splash of light on its surface a message was blasted out on all frequencies:

Help. Assistance is required immediatly. Help me.

The message continued to repeat itself over and over as the shard stopped emitting light and hung in the darkness...

Spore: Creation Corner / The Jang
« on: March 09, 2007, 12:07:03 pm »
Well, here's my first attempt at a creature, I hope you guys enjoy it. I can't draw for anything so unfortunately for now there is just text. First posted this on the Spore Wiki as a concept creature.


Picture by a14gt of an early Jang

Morphology and General Information

Name: Jang (Known outside their world as the Stalkers)

Type: Warm blooded creatures descended from Octopoda

Morphological Description Jang are curious creatures only vaguely resembling an octopus. Each one has in total fourteen limbs which are comprised of: four defensive grasping claws with two large blades each covered in a paralytic toxin; six limbs in the middle of the chest with highly developed fingers and opposable thumbs; and four trunk-like limbs spaced out two to the front and two to the back. Their torso is vaguely cylindrical with no visible neck. Their heads are capped in a single large multi-faceted eye. Along the upper half of their bodies are two developed eyes on both the front and back of the creature. This is repeated again closer to the legs. The Jang possess three mouths, two located directly beneath the upper two eyes on the front of the creature which serve as means for breathing and communication. Lower between these two mouths is a single larger mouth with a set of omnivore teeth. Their body is covered in a thick carapace that is a combination of naturally occuring iron they ingest along with thick calcium deposits. The upper half of the body has many spiny protrusions that act as ears.

Lifestyle: Intellectual Omnivore

Habitat: Jang can be found in most places on their planet from Desert to Plains. While Jang can survive for a time in water they cannot exist there indefinetely.

Size: Adults are usually around 12 feet tall though there have been cases of Jang up to 16 feet. Sexual dimorphism is not present.

Weight: 2000-2500 lbs.

Diet: Domesticated herds, farmed produce, and the occasional large game hunt.

Armor: They are covered in a thick carapace of iron and calcium. Modern Jang have used technology to further enhance this.

Defenses: Sharp grasper claws and blades on their large arms. The blades are covered in a secreted paralitic toxin.


        Natural: The aforementioned grasper claws and paralitic blades.

        Manufactured: The Jang produce a variety of weaponry, vehicles, and technology based on their own research and that gleaned from alien civilizations. Their specialty is stealth technology which works to the extent that they can cloak entire planetary bodies.

Tools: The six grasping arms end in six delicate fingers and opposable thumbs.

Method of Eating: Food is ingested through the main mouth and goes through their digestive system. Food is sent through their system several times before waste is produced.

Lifespan: Seven hundred years is the average for a healthy Jang.

Reproductive Rate: Once Jang are sexually mature at age twenty-five they can produce children at any point in their year.

Gestation: Six weeks within the mother before the eggs are laid.

Offspring incubation: The eggs are then incubated by either the mother or father (it can be done in shifts) in their abdominable sacks.

Number of Offspring: Generally ten to fifteen Jang are born to a clutch, though this number can increase/decrease depending on how much room there is to expand.

Offspring Survival Rate (before age of maturity): 97%


The Jang homeworld is one divided roughly in half between water and land. Jang exist on all areas of their diverse world in cities that match their surroundings. The capital is a coastal city called "Truth".

Skeletal Structure

The Jang skeletal structure is one that is yet again mixed with iron and calcium. These heavy yet strong bones help the creature stay together and be so stable. Jangs very rarely break their bones due to this

Sociological Structure

Jangs are democratic intellectuals who relish discussion and debate. While not inherently violent or pacifist species, Jang instead like to weigh and debate every situation that comes up. Their relationships with alien species are always started by several years of observation and research before any sort of diplomatic channels are opened. The Jang have very advanced weapons but tend not to use them. When a hostile race attempts to harm them their first step is to hide themselves from sight using their stealth technology then debating with the community about what must be done. Being male or female is something that does not matter until it comes time to lay eggs.

Breakdown of Family Structure

The Jang are raised in "year clutches" small communities of Jang that are raised together depending on time of birth. During their early years they are brought into the larger Jang community through constant schooling and instruction. Parents are unheard of and breeding only exists to bring about more points of view and debate and to make the Jang community as a whole a bigger and more diverse organism.


Jang produce a wide variety of technology and products that help their civilization expansion throughout the galaxy. Once a Jang is sexually and emotionally mature they are allowed to choose a profession and from there help the community. A high percentage of Jang industry is geared for the production of new colonies on new worlds, along with terraforming devises for dead worlds.


Jang are atheists on large and only truly believe in universal truth and debate. Perspective is something that the Jang love to talk about to the extent that outsiders might believe the Jang are quite religious.


There are several individuals who have championed the cause of alien gods or deities. These members are usually derided daily but are generally accepted as long as they retain their ability to debate about their new faith. If they do these individuals are sometimes the most respected in a give Jang community.


The Jang's one and main ritual is that of public debate, one of which occurs each day in any given Jang community. To miss a debate is to become listless and unhappy, while to attend on is to be given a new lease on life and a new purpose.

Spore: General / Planetary Shielding and Cloaking
« on: March 09, 2007, 05:06:01 am »
Heya all, thought I might try an interesting (hopefully) discussion as my first post here. Used the search button as well and couldn't find this stuff there... So without further ado...

I know that most of us have seen the vids of the UFO weapons and terraforming devices that render either entire cities or planets into vast wastelands. What I was curious about was whether the game will allow our civilizations to develop to the point of having entire planetary shields, or even a cloaking device so other alien species wouldn't know where to look.

I know in one video that a city defended itself with lasers but I know personally I would like to see something a bit less offensive and a bit more passive as a defense, especially for non-aggressive races. I would like to see the technology that your races can develop in spore at least be as diverse as the creature editor. And no, I'm not talking about just designing the frames of vehicles and such and slapping on weapons. Any thoughts?

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