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Spore: General / Spore Origins Returns!
« on: August 30, 2008, 11:33:30 am »
The Ipod version of spore (to my knowledge is basically the cell game modified of course) is back up on Itunes! (after having been removed for causing lock up issues on some ipods) So here you go guys! its back up, i'm downloading it right now!

Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / Randios187's Baddies
« on: June 25, 2008, 02:28:11 pm »
Hey guys, my creatures are being looked over a tad :( I haven't really received any comments or ratings, so please feel free to go to sporepedia and search the tag randios. My user name is randios187, but the tag on my creatures in randios. I'd appreciate it guys. Thanks, Any comments here are appreciated too! Anyway, here they are guys, lemme know what you think.

My First!  Calet. He was just a wing at it. I didn't have a vision, i just started and kept what I liked :P

Next: Nataris. A little social guy. I had made a prototype for him before I even heard of spore.

Promethius: Ahh. Promethius. He was just a attempt to use some of the tips and tricks I saw on the boards. He turned out an alien type, who is interested purely in knowledge of religion.

Treelurker: The Treelurker is supposed to be able to stay still and just sit by an herbavoire food source and wait for his prey to come to him.

Belkling: The Belkling is my attempt at a biped, with a shell, and 6 massive arms. Basically a mix between an insect and a turtle. Turned out pretty alien looking.

Cliff Crawler: The furry backed cliff crawler stays high on the cliffs away from preditors. It chases down weaker prey that can't see it coming from such a location.

Dantona:  Dantona is a spitter who attempts to kill his prey from a distance, and then close in for the gathering with its two front claw-graspers.

Fluffkin: Fluffkin are small social guys who tend to charm even the most vicious preditors.

Kandios: Kandios is my most vicious killer. The large spikes are ideal for the big finish, and his six legs give him a nice strong base to attack from.

The Loneling: Lonelings are a depressing bird who tend to stay together in packs and rarely stray from their nests.

Makob: Makobs speak for themselves. They are toad-like in texture, and rely on their spitter and charge for offense.

Omegallo-X: Omegallo-X is a pack runner. They stay in packs of 3-5 when hunting, and they usually take some of their young with them for training.

Quark-Z: Quark-Zs are a complete military based creature.

Slavid: Slavid is one of my first creatures, not much to explain about him.

Talician: My attempt at a flying creature. Turned out well I think.

Venus Creature Trap: They are a highly evolved form of a venus fly trap. They now need to eat entire creatures to survive.

Romper: My first quite large creature. They ahve 2 tusks and 2 large fang-type teeth. They are massive, and hence have enormous leg mass, though short.

Well there is my "Zoo"/"Showcase" so far. Hope you guys like it! Please feel free to say what you like/don't like. Just please don't steal any :P. Thanks again guys for your time!

Spore: General / Am i missing something from my download?
« on: June 18, 2008, 11:49:13 am »
How many parts does the official full version retail (the 10 dollar one) have in it? I DL'ed it from the EA download manager, after i paid for it... it downloaded, and had a button to click play. I clicked it and it opened up the free version. Yes, i'm positive the one i downloaded is the 10 dollar one. I looked where it said it downloaded it to, and there is like nothing there, except a file called Spore_SCC_main except that is a .viv file. I have no idea what to do with a .viv file... what do i do?

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