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Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / The Communicant Invasion
« on: September 09, 2007, 02:25:28 am »
Sounds of shrieking cries for help rang throughout the corridors of the Core Fortress. The sickening thud of flesh on steel floors capped each wail, with laughter and enraged roars as it's only company. Eventually the screams stopped, and only the repeatitive, thundering echo of massive footsteps could be heard.

The towering stone doors of the Royal Throneroom swung open; a ghastly visage walked in. It was the Walking God, drenched in the black blood of his fellow Doramases. His footsteps created great pools of the ichor, and he seemed more a creature made of entrails and shattered bones. Each sloshing step was made with earnest and energy, almost running as he makes his way to the throne. Following closely behind this grisly mass was a much shorter Communicant, obviously an adolescent, who was not adorned in a Fanatic Mask and still had a pair of mandibles which were twitching in excitement. Were he not covered in the remains of the dead, or his once-vibrant armor, the Walking God would look strikingly similar to it. Still behind them came a wave of heavily armored Communicants, the marks on their Masks denoting them as the Holy Guard.

Reaching the throne, the Walking God scanned the entirety of the room. The Communications Matrix to the right, the Holy Loft to his left, and pillars abound, but not the thing he wanted. He raises his gargantuan fist in the air, bringing it slamming down onto the throne, twisting it into a tangled mass of shrapnel.

"Where are you! Show yourself Zerone! Enough hiding like a coward, I've come to kill you for what you've done!", said the Walking God, his voice strained in anger and desperation. He slammed his arm into one of the pillars, bringing down tons of finely crafted rock sculptures on his head. Unphased, he franticly resumed his search.

"If you show yourself, I wont torture you to death. I'll do it quickly! You have my word as a professor!"

"He's not here anymore", calmly stated one of his Holy Guard, "There's been a Disjunction calculated here". The large Neiderk Communicant pointed towards a small ripple in the air near the Holy Loft, barely larger than an inch across. The Walking God scrambled over to the disturbance. He eyed it closely, searching it for a small bit of it's code, a minute amount of information that might tell where it leads.

"Damn that Zerone, he's clever", the Walking God whispered as he rubbed his claws together. "I can't tell where this portal was heading. Must be an encryption modification." His calm focus broken once again into rage. "Disjucntors, come here!", he roared, and shortly several Communicants covered in white ceremonial robes pushed their way through the throng of Holy Guards. "I want you to break the encryption on this and find out it's target location! Do it quickly, we don't have time!" The Disjunctors jolted into action, each aware of the consequences should they fail or not finish in time.

The Walking God slowly strode over to a wall, his back turned against his minions. He slumped down, almost as if he were dead, which would have been fitting considering he was covered in corpses. The small Communicant that had been acting as his shadow for so long walked up to him and kneeled down beside him. They stayed that way for some time, the Walking God barely breathing, his companion watching silently. The silence was broken at last by the innocent words of a child.

"It wasn't your fault, Father", the tiny creature said in a squeaky voice, "You couldn't save Fouronefive. That nasty demon Zerone is the killer". The words at first did little to effect the lamenting deity.  Slowly, The Walking God stirred, and began to stand, dwarfing his son beside him. He lowered his head to meet the young one's gaze, his eyes twitching, as if on the verge of tearing up.

"I could have saved Fouronefive", he said, the words fractured and trembling. "I could have saved them all. I could have brought them back here, and torn that Demon in half before he had a chance to do any of this". He clenched his fist in frustration, his whole body shook with the anger welled up inside him. Once again he struck out with his fist, burying it deep within the smooth stone walls of the throneroom. "But i was too scared to do it!", he screamed as he brought another blow to the wall. The bits of remains that had collected on his body flew in all directions, splattering against his son beside him. The young communicant never moved to avoid the bloodbath, apparently he had inherited his father's fascination with gore.

"Infinity of life, and it gives me no protection from such an idiotic fear!", another strike sending cracks along the wall, the entire room creaked and one more punch would bring it crumbling down. Luckily, there were no more strikes. The Walking God slumped down as before, his breathing shallow and irregular. "Fouronesix, I'm sorry that I couldn't save Fouronefive. She had not been a terrible consort, and it was due to my actions that she is gone". The Walking God had trouble speaking in such a way, even to his son. He had never apologized for any of his choices. As a deity, he felt he could do no wrong.

Not giving any emotion in the slightest, Fouronesix simply stared into the fallen lord's eyes. His apathy had only made the Walking God sink lower into despair.

A cacophony of moving gears and whining servos shattered the tension, as the disjunctors rushed up to them. "My Savior! We know where Zerone has gone!"

The Walking God sprang up, his sadness now masked with the thought of revenge. "Where? Where is that beast?"

"We cannot tell his exact location, that data has corroded past the ability to evaluate. But we do know that he has used his disjunction to reach the Other galaxy. The one with our allies! This is great news indeed!", the Disjunctor said in excitement.

In the blink of an eye, the Disjunctor laid on the gound, each bone broken and blood cascading out of gaping lacerations along his body. The Walking God's arms glowed with mathematical sigils sprouting as if they were brilliant red living veins. The geometric markings slowly floated off and disintegrated, the telltale signs of a Disjunction being used.

"Great news!?!", the Walking God's voice reached new heights of madness. "My empire is crumbling, I've had to fight to regain my own home, and you think that is great news!?!" The mound of flesh and metal that was the Disjunctor didn't respond, as he was now a mound of flesh and metal. Another disjunctor took a step forward and flung himslef to the ground, hoping that he would not be the next to be crushed.

"Our allies could help us find Zerone, my Lord", the prone follower cried, in complete terror of the wrath from his god. The dark red sigils began to grow from out of the Walking GOds arms again, the same one as before, but before it was unleashed, they receded. The Walking God decided to spare him, as he did not have as many disjunctors as he once had, and he needs as many as he can keep.

'Our 'allies' have forgotten us", he gravely stated. "Where were they when I was stranded on that forsaken planet?! Where were they when Zerone usurped my throne and proclaimed himself the leader of all Communicants?! They did not care for our way of life, and even refused to become part of my people! The joining of the Alliance was Fouronefive's suggestion, and look where it got her! For all we know, they helped Zerone and aided in his coup. It was during the attack of that REDSTAR that I became trapped, an attack that was propagated by them! If it wasn't for that alliance, Fouronefive would still be here!"

He raised himself to his full height, and commanded the mob of Disjuntors before him with all the authority he had left, "Send a message out to all the races of that galaxy that if they do not give Zerone to us, that we will destroy everything and everyone until he is caught! There will be no quarter given, no one would be spared, and if they resist in the slightest way, they will be decimated! They have one week. Now go".

The Disjunctors hurriedly began the equations to teleport each of them to the different capitals of the other galaxy, each unsure of the response they would get, or if they would ever return at all.

He turned towards his assembled Holy Guard. "Prepare the troops. All of them. Have them ready for battle within a week. There will be no capturing this time. Their order is to kill." His guards sprinted out of the throneroom en masse to deliver the dark orders.

The Walking God looked down at Fouronesix. He slowly picked up the child with his tail and placed it on his back. Fouronesix settled onto one of the armored plates of the his father's armor, rolling a bit in the blood that still covered him, squealing in joy the entire time.

"Fouronesix, I think it's time for you to learn how Father became a Walking God".

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Communicant Invasion: the OOC thread
« on: September 07, 2007, 06:33:09 pm »
K, made this thread so we could post ideas and plan for the big incoming invasion here, instead of the RP Suggestion thread.

So, if you'd like to be part of the invasion, as either a defender or an ally, just post which races you'd like to contribute, particular planets they have (such as capitals or some other important places or settings), and a general overview of their combat abilities. You could go into as much detail as you want.

All are welcome, new or old members. This thread will shift to the O.O.C. thread once we get the RP thread up and going.

And any old-hats at War RPing that feel the need to correct me on something that I royally mess up on, please feel free to do so  ;D.

So here we go, the main aggressors:

The Communicants
Owned Worlds Involved: All Applicable
Strengths: Numbers, Melee Combat, Heavy Powered Armor, Disjuncting
Weaknesses: Low Space, Air, or Mechanized support, relatively low ranged support, inclination to capture than to kill.
Main Characters: The Walking God, Fouronesix, and Fourtitoo

(Note, if you want to be a supporter to another force instead of yourself actively fighting, that's fine too).

here's a list of the combatants so far, thanks to the work of Brandonazz:

Communicant Forces
Tavenknaughtlin: Communicants
Josasa: Iinknii
Plank of Wood: Mon-Krai
Dr. Croccer: The Barroc Confederacy
Kratok: Kratok

Anti-Communicants and Neutrals
Operaghost21: Torpals
Brandonazz: Tal'po
Little: Sherdias
Darth Grievi: Noasaurs
Kcronos: K'jal
Snake: Miali
Silverfish: Folicans
Inkling: The Fredonian Alliance
Martyk: Kratair
Josasa: Forthi
Haseri: Has'ri
Alwayswatching: Omic
Plank of Wood: Austians (Rebels)

Spore: General / The spice must flow!
« on: August 24, 2007, 08:07:11 pm »
Here's an excerpt from the GameInformer article that i found particularly Informative (lolz, pun) and none too comforting:

Once build, the harvester tooled around looking for puffs of smoke, which are sure signs of buried spice in Spore’s world. This spice is the centerpiece of the game’s economy, which will be familiar territory to anyone who’s played an RTS in the past.

Apparently Arrakis isn't the only planet with priceless spice on it. Anyone who has ever read Dune or seen some of the movies will know what i'm talking about, and anyone who has ever played one of the RTS's based off of it will really find that familiar.

I now that there has to be some kind of resource in the civ stage that is universally accepted, since some planets might not have traditional resources.

But spice?!? If it's an homage to Dune and it's many incarnations (and i'm sure it is), it should be as an easter-egg kind of thing, not what the economy is centered around. We don't need any more games with spice as a resource, especially spice that's gathered with a 'harvester'.

If anything really erks me about this, it's that a game coming from some of the most imaginative minds in the buisness stoops to such a generic and already-done system for resources.

And yes, i know this was discussed in the GCDC topic, but i felt it deserved it's own for those who don't feel like reading through all of those posts.

Spore: General / I have no hands!
« on: August 23, 2007, 03:24:03 pm »
I just thought of something that hasn't been discussed yet (I think, I've been absent from the boards for a while).

In the recent previews of spore from Gamespot and Gamespy, they said that in order to get parts for your creature, such as hands, legs, and other things of that sort, you have to either find them or take them from opposing creatures. Now, there are scores of different parts to get, and in the same previews they said that there will be about 15 different species that you will have to compete with during the creature stage.

What if each of those 15 creatures doesn't have the particular part you want, such as maybe a club tail? And how exactly do you 'find' parts? I know they might give you parts when you complete tasks in the game, but will it be enough to fill out your selection of parts? I'd hate to have my options limited by what fate has chosen to seed my planet with.

Spore: Creation Corner / The Sneckt
« on: March 25, 2007, 06:34:42 pm »
Well, here's another race that I have from the same PnP story and game the Communicants are from. Now these guys are a big 180 from the Commnicants. No slave-hording or holy wars from these guys. I like to think of them as, well, vegan tree hippies.

The Sneckt:

Profile pic, which is why it has one arm and leg, lol

Physical Characteristics: The Sneckt are a large race. Measuring 12 ft. at the shoulder when walking on all fours, they can rach a height of 20 ft. when standing on their hind legs. The average Sneckt weighs approximately 7 tons, with much of that being muscle and bone structure. They are a quadrupedal race by nature, but for periods of time can walk as a biped, but this is straining for their legs. With a large walking stick or other conveyance they can walk comfortably upright for much longer.

A Sneckt's body is covered with thick, tough skin and numerous armor plates. Some of these plates can be up to two inches thick, and protect the Sneckt from harm. The tail of a Sneckt ends in a bony protuberance that is unique in design to each Sneckt. Some are spikes, some clubs, and some are axe-like blades. Their horns are also unique to each Sneckt, but the most common is two horns, one behind the other on the top of the head.

A Sneckt's hand has two fingers and two thumbs, each ending in a sharp, shovel-like hoof. This helps them dig out burrows and climb the massive trees of their homeplanet. Their feet also have two thumb-like toes that aid in climbing and walking upright. The plates on the forearm are used to house seeds and other small provisions.

Homeplanet: Nodakiro is the homeplanet of the Sneckts. It is a temperate planet, with deserts, frozen polar caps, lush jungles, and massive pine forests. The Sneckt inhabit these large pine forests. They live around, under, in, and on the tremendous trees that can reach up to almost half a mile up. Expansive cities dot the arboreal landscape, with subterraneous tunnel works and homes hanging from sturdy boughs.

The equatorial zone of the planet harbors the most cities, with small smotes of civilization closer to the poles. This is mostly due to the Sneckt's semi-warmblooded nature, and their dislike of chilly climates. Other sapient species have claim to the northern and southern lands, making their central homeland a contested hotzone, at least for a time.

Technology: In terms of high-tech machinery or electronics, the Sneckt are the last horse accross the finish line. They use almost no metal in their day-to-day lives, and rely on wood, stone, and rope for their construction needs. While they are not ignorant to the advances that high technology offer, they prefer to live a simpler life. Their advances in agriculture and plant husbandry are their only major technological accomplishments.

The Sneckt never discovered space travel. They saw it as neither neccessary nor feasible, due to their great size. The only Sneckts to leave their homeworld travel with their one-time-enemies the Neiderk, who are rudimentarily skilled in space travel. Only one or two are able to accompany any excursions, and even then only in the cavernous cargo holds.

Despite this there are young Sneckts who wish to break away from the old ways and embrace all the benefits that technology brings. These are know as Iron-Heads to the majority of the Sneckt, and while are not villified or hated, they are an oddity and are treated with shame for leaving the natural ways. These Iron-Heads get their technology from the neighboring Neiderk or Largax, who teach the 'ways of tech' in exchange for the Sneckt's expertise in agriculture.

Culture: The Sneckt believe in a way of life devoid of distractions and artificial enjoyments. They group themselves into tribes with elders who lead the young. These tribes can be far reaching, or they can be small enough that several distinct tribes will inhabit the same forest-city. These tribes, although different from each other in history and power, almost never fight amoungst themselves. When there is dispute over land, they will share the land, and pool their efforts to make it livable for both. This can lead to the merging of tribes, during which the stories and histories of both are combined. These stories are held in the memory of the Elders, and are told at social gatherings to teach the young about their ancestry.

And it is these social gatherings that make the Sneckts who they truely are. Every week the tribe will collect themselves to the forest floor and have their grand celebrations. Songs are sung and stories told, with the hatchlings free to play and dance. A form of beer is drank prominently at great excess, and standing-contests are the greatest form of entertainment (and the main reason they celebrate at the forest floor). The night is filled with the thunderous sound of Sneckts falling over followed by riotous laughter. There is a saying used by the Sneckt when dealing with people they feel are foolish, and it translates to "You love to stand behind people at parties", since only a fool would do such a thing at a Sneckt gathering.

Family bonds are the most important aspect of the Sneckt culture. They are taught of their heritage and are brought up to be respectable individuals in the eyes of their lost ancestors. Most Sneckts can recite their ancestors' names for as far back as a hundred generations. It is this family bond and upbringing that make them a generous and kind people.

Religion: The Sneckt have no centralized religious beliefs. It is often seen as folly to beleive that food is gifted by the gods and not the farmer's arms, or that miracles are done by an outside force and not the hearts and wills of those involved. This being said, they do beleive that the spirits of the dead look after and incourage their actions. An ancient family member who died in a fire will be the one to stoke the courage in your heart to save someone from a burning building. An ancestor who drowned will be the one to instill strength in your arms to swim to the surface and survive. While the strength of the individual in question is the most respected aspect, they still believe they get a little help, no matter how little, from those before them.

Military: Althought they are massive juggernauts of muscle and armor, the Sneckt are a gentle race by nature. They have never attacked any other race in hostility, but have defended themselves several times. And in times of conflict, they can be brutally efficient warriors. They prefer to use thick wooden and leather armors that aid their already sturdy natural armor. Wielding massive weapons and swinging their immense tail clubs, they can clear whole ranks of enemies in seconds. When they have to attack from range, polished boulders accented with their tribe's language are used (With a common message being something akin to "You've been crushed by the Highleaf Tribe").

Warfare is one of the few times when the Sneckt use metal, and is one of the reason why it is considered an immoral element. When the enemy has advanced weaponry and normal armor and wepons are no longer reliable, a select few will accept the dishonor of using metal gear and armaments. These terrors are a sight to behold. Enclosed in titianic plated armor and wielding warhammers the size of trees, these goliaths are near-invulnerable. After the war is over, these suits of armor and weapons are held in a sacred place, in hopes the evil it contains can be cleansed until the next time it is needed.

Language: The Sneckt language is a collection of deep, resonating bellows. Outsiders say it sounds like a orchestra of horns and trumpets. While it is relatively simple to learn the language, only Sneckts have the dedicated vocal system to speak it perfectly. Ther voice can carry for miles and still be understandable by those fluent in it. Several Sneckts living in between tribes are used as a method of conveying messages quickly by parroting the message to the next messenger down the line.

And that's it, for now: lol :D

Well that's the Sneckt. Not as deranged and evil as the Communicants, so I don't how popular they'd be, lol  ;D. More to come later, with info on what I left out.

Spore: General / Special Attack (futile) Wishlist
« on: March 23, 2007, 01:13:06 pm »
What are some kinds of attacks and strategies would you want in Spore but most likely wont be put in?

Personally i would love it if your creature could grapple with another. Wrestling, choking, throwing them around, if it was on WWE i wish you could do it in Spore. The larger your arms are the more powerful your grappling attacks would be. Would never work though because of colision and clipping problems, but would be kinda cool. Nothing like piledriving a Willosaur into a rock  ;D.

Another that I wish was in the game but most likely isn't due to design difficulties is Swarming. Now I don't just mean your creatures run up to the enemy from all sides and start hitting him. I mean they jump on his body, and sting and bite as much as they can in hope of bringing him down, like a swarm of ants on a larger animal. Of course this would only work on small creatures, but might give players some incentive to make such tiny guys. It would be difficult to implement because of the same problem with grappling.

Any others that you guys would think are pretty neat but most likely wouldn't be in Spore for various reasons?

Spore: Creation Corner / The Communicants + Enslaved Races
« on: February 16, 2007, 06:00:30 am »
Hey everyone, this is my contribution to the Spore community. This is a race that i've been working on for some time, and one that i'm incorporating into a Pen and Paper RPG, but I thought it would be cool to make them in Spore as well :). I hope you like them, because they don't like you  ;D Trust me, these guys are intergalactic jerks. (And please excuse my artwork, it was done on paper with mechanical pencil, and I don't know how to refine things with photoshop even if my life depended on it, lol).

The Communicants:

Homeplanet: The Offering, a supermassive artificial planet, created out of the shattered remains of The Communicant's true homeworld Tsii. Built in honor of their Walking God, the one who found it in his benevolence to spare them from the cataclysmic destruction of the planet in his attempt to rid the world of nonbelievers. It is a dark place orbitting a dying sun, and is covered by the twisted, abstract obsidian towers which are connected by brambles of mangled cables. Massive crags and splits line it's surface, revealing it's artificial nature. The planet is actually dead, relying on technology to merely spin. Food is delevered to the planet almost constantly, in order to feed it's large population. This is easily accomplished via The Communicant's many outlying slave planets and use of Disjunction (more on that later).

Physical Characteristics: The Communicants are a moderately tall race, measuring approximately 6 ft. when walking on it's hands, and can reach to about 9-10 ft. when balancing on it's powerful tail. It's hands have evolved from the point when The Communicants where once arboreal, having four grasping claws excellent for climbing. When not traveling with it's tail while on the ground, they retract the entire finger, leaving only the claws exposed and walk upon their new "foot". If at all possible, they prefer to swing and slither their way along trees or tall constuctions instead of travel along the ground. Their long tails are used as both secondary manipulator, climbing aid, and alternate method of locomotion. They have four eyes, which are able to see both in normal and ultraviolet light.  They have large nostril slits on the front of their "face", yet their sense of smell is actually quite bad.

Their long manes are actually very coarse hairs connecting to a vibration-sensative nerve cord, functioning as an ear. The Communicants can actually change which tones and pitches of sound they can hear by cutting the hair on their back. Long hair for deep sounds and short hair for high pitched. This allows them to hear a vast range of sounds, including infrasound and ultrasound. Most have their hair-ears cut short in the front, and letting it grow long in the back so they can hear the largest selection of noises. The mane-ear is very vulnerable to strong winds, nearly deafening them, so many wear a Listening Hat (a long head piece with openings for sound that protect the mane)

Their mouth is located on the bottom of their head, and is a very small mandible assembly that melds almost perfectly with the rest of their neck. Although this, along with other key physical structures, are often "Recycled" (i.e. removed) by the Walking God's followers upon birth, while adding other "enhancements".

They are by nature hermaproditic, being both males and females. In mating the two involved fertilize each other's eggs, making each one both mother and father. They each individually often lay around 30 eggs, and can mate approximately three times in a standard year. Because of this, they are constantly overpopulated, which is one of the reasons why the Walking God mobilizes his army in such a way. (see below)

Culture: Culture and art is strickly forbidden by decree of the Walking God unless it consists of His glory and depicts him in a glorious image. There will be no more talk of this lest you raise his ire.

But seriously, they are not allowed to partake in cultural or artistic forms of expression, unless it's about the Walking God, and only then if it flatters him. Religious ceremonies are except from this rule, for obvious reason. Although it is not in use as an art form anymore, Mathematics has always been a great interest for them. Their brains are structured to understand even the most complex algorithms and equations. It used to be the highest form of art during the Days Before Salvation, but now it is a strongly guarded and enforced secret, due to it's involvement with Disjuncting.

Religion: (By now your probably wondering who the hell this Walking God jerk is). The Communicants live only for their one and only God, the Walking God. He is called that since he is an actual living diety, and has the odd preference of walking on his "feet" instead of climbing. He looks just like the Communicants, except that he still has his mouth, and has no mechanical protrusions or connections on his body. The old stories of the church say that he made The Communicants in his image, only smaller and less powerful. He is borderline insane from the eons of life he as endured, granted to him by his mastery of Disjunction. He is possesed with the insatiable hunger for new peoples to convert and new worlds to enslave.

The Church is systematically ordered by the trustworthyness of the worshipper, with normal Communicants at the bottom, the Revealers in the middle (along with associated Holy Templars), and the Devoted at the very top, the only ones other than The Walking God that are allowed to Disjunct.

Technology: The Communicants are extremely advanced in the fields or mathematics and engineering. They have passed beyond all boundaries in the fields of Theoretical Mathematics. At the height of their old civilization, they understood and developed a system of physics that is know known as Disjunction. Using this system, they can alter, distort, even break the laws of normal physics, accomplishing feats unheard-of and seemingly impossible. Simple Disjunctions are often called Distorts, and are practiced often by the Devoted. The more powerful Disjucntions, such as levitating objects and teleportation, are extremely difficult, and require long periods of calculation, sometimes taking months for an advanced equation.

Using this powerful tool, they created many impressive structures and inventions, not the least of which is The Offering, their artificial planet. They also use this innovation for their complicated teleportation systems, allowing millions of tons of equipment and supplies to be transported anywhere, most specifically to their homeworld. It is also used for mass invasions, often involving billions of troops.

One of their most unusual inventions is thier mechanical legs that they use when travelling to places without trees or other overhead structures. The strange triple-jointed legs are incredably strong, very rarely break down, and can split from the "knee" down to provide a quadrupedal stand useful for stability. These are used by the Communicant battle troops, so that they may march unendlessly to the enemy.

Their most devious and unmoralistic inventions of all are the Faith Masks. These are a helmet that fits over the head and drapes over the backs of it's wearer, and delivers treatment based on the user's thoughts. If they would think of unacceptable thoughts of the Walking God, they would be shocked and/or burned by the mask's inner workings. Prolonged thoughts of such always end in death. Removal of the mask would also end in death, both by a super-potent neurotoxin injected in the face, and a small explosive device attached to the base of the neck. Frankly, he doesn't like insubordination. Once a species' brain patterns have been studied and analyzed, they could devise a more permanent mask called a Fanatic Mask. This doesn't repremand thoughts and actions, but changes them instead. The wearer would be forced into servitude, bereft of any willful thought other than the WG's wishes.

Every Communicant wears these.


 The Communicant military is immense, spanning countless worlds and fielding hundreds of billions of troops. They don't utilize many vehicles, instead opting for massive columns of troops equipped with powerful battle armor and mechanical legs.

They are armed primarily with a special weapon called a Ribbon Sword, which is wielded on the wrist in a special housing. It is a molecule-thin lenth of metal which can be altered with varying abilites depending on it's intended use. It stays as a flexible ribbon when needed to quickly decapitate or dismember an enemy, by wrapping the length of the sword around the intended target and pulling back on it violently. It can be stiffened into a rigid blade when needed for swift strikes and deflections. The end of the blade is tipped with a sharpened wieght, useful for an opening close-range shot if it's propelled from the holding case quickly. It can also wrap around it's self along the length of the blade, making a sturdy rod useful for disciplining slaves and keeping order. Along all these, the Ribbon Sword can also be coated with a substance to increase it's usefullness. These can range from anticoagulants, tranqualizers, poisons and acids. It is a very versatile weapon, though it often leaves the warrior vulnerable.

Every military victory in the history of The Communicants was won by sheer attrition. They would be out-armed, out-manuvered, and out-classed by nearly every opponent they faced. But is was the overwhelming numbers of the Communicants that would end the day in victory. Millions upon millions of Communicants would fall in battle, a fact just fine by the Walking God. To Him they were mouths to feed, bodies to shelter. If they die, that means the recycling of the valuable battle armor and the flesh of the dead soldier, used to feed the many others. He would start interplanetary wars just for more slave labor and the prospect of some of his own soldier's deaths.

Some of the slaves, if they take The Walking God as his own, would be allowed to become Communicant soldiers themselves, although it is not much better than being used for labor and cattle as all the other slaves are used.

History: The history of the Communicants is a long and prosperous one (surprise suprise, sorry if your eyes are tired), up until the Days of Salvation. They lived as arboreal creatures, with massive homes built from Tsii's lush trees. Philosophy and the mechanics of Mathematics where the cornerstone of their civilization. There were wars, but it was primarily small affairs, and commonly about what the Race's name should be (which is ironic, since the arrival of the Walking God made the old name forbidden, now lost to the ebb of time). Most were content in living peacefully with his neighbor, and co-operating with study of the new fields of Disjuntion physics. Wonderous buildings and awe-inspiring technologies where created at this time, including the Teleportation nodes. Each saw the use of Disjunction as a great tool to better their lives.

Except for one

Before he was known as The Walking God, he was a brilliant Disjunction Physics professor name Oneight (pronounced Oh-nite). He had many great equations, focused on the inner workings of the body, instead of the extroverted beliefs of his peers. He soon found the calculations for greater strength, increased speed, and most importantly an expanded mind. Each one took decades of research and computations to accomplish, but he was still short of his ultimate goal: Immortality. He worked nonstop for his greatest wish, and near the end of his life, he stumbled upon it. After running the equation through his mind, with him as the input, he found his body was no longer wrinkled, his arms and tail no longer sore. He had awakened the power of immortality in his body, and became something that has never been before.

A Walking God.

He quickly destroyed his research. If any others should find it, they too could be as powerful, and worse, could possibly reverse it. He displayed his powers to his people, and became a hero in their eyes. He had done what no other could do. He used these abilities at first to help help his fellow being, stopping wars, saving those in need, and being the hero that they all thought he was. But then suspicion was raised. There was truly nothing that could be done to stop him. The different kingdoms of his world asked him to undo the process, their world could do without him. When he refused, they demanded his abilites be undone, under penalty of imprisonment until they could find a Disjunction capable of reversing his immortality. He destroyed the entire assembled dignitaries, adamant in his resolve.

He soon founded a following of those he had saved, and in truth thought of him as a god, to resist the onslaught of the surrounding kingdoms. He had built such an army that along with his powers, were unbeatable. He quickly defeated the global powers, and taking his devoted worshippers with him in a massive ship of his own construction, soon made it clear he would not allow any to control him again.

And with that came the Day of Salvation, where the world was ripped assunder and rebuilt under his guidance, as The Offering. The old race was gone forever, left in scattered pockets along the galactic colonies, where they too would be exstinguished. From then on was The Communicant, and the numerous worlds that they have conquered in their 3 million years under the control of the Walking God.

Done, I think, Lol, ok, I have more to the backstory, but that's enough for now. Most, if not all of this stuff can't be done in Spore (or at least untill the space stage), but I still plan to make them just for kicks.

Tell me what you think of them, and if you ever meet them in-game, be sure to roast the hell out of them  ;).

Spore: General / Building Utilities
« on: February 15, 2007, 04:24:15 am »
Now we all now that there will be a building editor. But i've been thinking, will each building have a purpose? Will there be a granary, town center, schools, etc.? Or are they just generic buildings, there for only cosmetic reason? And if the buildings do have a purpose that impacts gameplay, what determines their purpose?

Obviously shape wouldn't really determine what a building does, we have lots of different types of buildings that do the same job. Perhaps some sort of assignment option from which you choose what the building is for. And if so, maybe multi-purpose building are possible. Like a police/fire station. Or a jail/hospital (boy that would be interesting).

What's everyone's thoughts on this?

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