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Console Games / PS3 Specs Revealed! More to follow....
« on: May 16, 2005, 04:32:01 pm »
Sony also confirmed the PlayStation 3, will use Blu-Ray discs as its media format. The discs can hold up to six times as much data as current-generation DVDs. It will also support CR-ROM, CDR+W, DVD, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD+R formats. It also confirmed the machine would be backward-compatible all the way to the original PlayStation. It will also have slots for Memory Stick Duo, a SD slot, and a compact flash memory slot. It will also sport a slot for detachable 2.5 inch HDD somewhat similar the Xbox 360's.

Out of the box, the PS3 will have the capability to support seven Bluetooth controllers. It will also have six USB slots for peripherals--four up front and two in the back.

Sony also laid out the technical specs of the device. The PlayStation 3 will feature the much-vaunted Cell processor, which will run at 3.2 Ghz and feature 2.18 teraflops of performance. It will sport 256mb XDR main RAM at 3.2 Ghz, and have 256MB of GDDR VRAM at 700mhz.

Sony also unveiled the PS3's graphics chip, the RSX "Reality Synthesizer based on Nvidia technology. The GPU will be capable of 128bit pixel precision, 1080p resolution, some of the highest HD resolution around. It also has over 300 million transistors lager than any processor available commercially today. It was manufactured using the 90nm process with 8 layers of metal. The RSX is more powerful than two GeForce 6800 ultras, which would cost rough $1000 if bought today.

The PlayStation 3 will also sport some hefty multimedia features, such as video chat, internet access, digital photo viewing, digital audio and video. Sony Computer Entertainment head Ken Kutaragi introduced it as a "Super computer for computer entertainment."

Well I walked into Wal-Mart last night at about 11:30 and there was not a soul to be seen. Dropped $250 for the value pack along with $40 for Twisted Metal Head On. Drove home at warp speed.

1.Opened all the packaging, plugged in the battery, mem card (crap are they small), headphones & remote, hand strap, started a fire with the 400 page manual and flipped the switch to on with the included demo sampler disc and watched with amazement.

2. Picked my jaw up off the floor, changed underwear.

3. Played Twisted Metal for about 6 hours.

4. Repeat Step 2

5. Watched Spider Man 2

6. Repeat Step 2.

Anyways this thing is flippin gorgeous. I have never seen anything like it. External speakers kinda stink but w/headphones it rocks. Will write up some more later, must sleep. Thank you Sony  ;D

PC Games / WOW
« on: March 17, 2005, 12:23:41 pm »

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